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The toddler age is an interesting one for most parents. For the first time they are watching their child grow from a completely dependent baby into something more. They are developing their first hints of independence, possibly defiance during the terrible twos and even becoming less dependent on them, which can be hard for parents to accept. It’s also an exciting time as they begin to take their first steps, potty train (often a huge relief for parents) and start talking. It’s an incredibly important age for developing the skills they need to be ready to start school in just a few short years which is why getting the right stuff for them is in important!

If you are a parent looking for toddler related stuff whether it be gifts, educational toys, swing sets, walking toys, or even clothes then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got your covered with a wide range of buying guides and we’re always adding new ones.

In this section we have gone all out to created the most comprehensive toddler products guide around and we’re not settling for second best in our quest to help you get the best products for your little one. We’ve dedicated this section to stuff that isn’t toys but we also include a few toddler toy guides from time to time if we think they are especially relevant! Think of topics like toddler gifts around Christmas time, which could be a mixture of toys and non toy gift ideas!

We know how hard it can be finding great stuff for your little boy or girl whether they’re just beginning their toddlers years (1 year old) or at the end of them (3 years old). And that’s why we’ve put together this section, to help save time by only considering the best stuff for your little one instead of having to dig through loads of low quality products from the other review sites out there just trying to make a few bucks off of you!

At this age, safety is of paramount concern so it’s incredibly important to select age appropriate stuff for your child. We are careful to only include stuff that is for toddler aged children so you don’t have to was time and do the extra research in confirming it’s safe for them.

Another key thing to remember is that toddlers are growing and developing very quickly so something that fits them (or that they like) one day may be completely useless the next. Due to this we suggest that you get stuff that is slightly big or a little bit advanced for them so they can grow into it and get more than just a few months of use out of.

Our research is based on several factors including manufacturer provided information, reviews left by real moms and dads who have used the products we have included and our judgement based on years of expertise in reviewing toys.

So have a look through the Pigtail Pals guides and shop with confidence knowing that we’ve included only the absolute best of the best!

Toddlers are generally classified as being an age of 12 months to around 3 years. In this period of rapid growth and development Toddlers have many educational and entertainment needs. What stimulates their mind can completely change in a matter of days and that makes buying for them an extremely difficult job for parents, family members and friends.

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