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7 Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers in 2020

Balance bikes can be a fantastic way to introduce your toddler to getting used to being on a bike while being able to keep themselves more supported. These bikes come by design with no pedals, instead, kids keep themselves upright by using their feet while also using the seat for added support. This is a great way to develop your child’s balance and coordination.

Finding the right balance bike for your child can be tricky as there are many different types available. Take a look through our review below to learn more about these bikes and which one is right for your little kid.

Our List of the Best Balance Bikes

The guide below includes reviews of some of the best toddler bikes with no pedals. After the reviews, you can find a buyers guide section that provides you with more details on these no pedal bikes so that you can feel confident about making a final decision.

Strider Bike


This bike by Strider comes with a seat and handlebars that can be adjusted in height. As a result, you can ensure that the bike is comfortable for your child to ride as they grow.

Parents have been liking how you don’t need any tools to adjust the handlebars and seat. You can also add upgraded items at a later date, such as foot brakes.

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  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Small handlebars that are easy to grip     
  • No owner’s manual included     
What age is this recommended for?

18 months old to 5 years old

Banana Bike Lightweight Bike 


We liked how they’ve designed this bike with a low center of gravity. This enables toddlers to have an easy time having control over the bike. It’s also lightweight which makes it easier for toddlers to ride.

The seat can also be easily adjusted in height. As a result, you can make sure that the bike feels comfortable for your kids as they grow.

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  • Different colors available
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Easy assembly     
  • Plastic wheels could be more durable     
What age is this recommended for?

2 to 4 year olds



Th pink kids balance bike was specifically designed with girls in mind. The frame has been made with a step-through design which makes it easier for toddlers to get on and off the bike. We also liked how the frame has been constructed using high quality steel materials.

As a result, you can expect the bike to last your child for a long time. The tires have a feature that means you don’t need to fill them up with air. So, there’s no need to worry about punctures as they’ve got foam on the inside.

  • Seat can be easily adjusted
  • Soft hand grips      
  • A little smaller than some were expecting     
What age is this recommended for?

18 months to 5 years old

2 In 1 Strider Bike Set


If you were interested in a bike for balance that could also be used as a regular kids bike, this would be a great option to consider. It comes with a pedal kit and chain cover that lets you transform it from a bike used for balance to a normal bike.

Therefore, your child can use the bike to build up their balance and confidence for a while before moving onto riding it as a regular bike.

  • Lightweight design
  • Seat & handlebars can be adjusted 
  • Seat is padded     
  • Tires can be prone to losing air     
What age is this recommended for?

3 to 7 years old

XJD Baby Bike 


This is an excellent baby balance bike option for babies to be able to work on their balance safely. The bike has 4 wheels to keep your little one stable while working on their coordination and steering the bike.

We liked how the frame has been made with high grade carbon steel materials as it keeps the bike durable for longer. Babies can also remain comfortable while riding due to the soft seat.

  • Easy assembly
  • Soft grips      
  • Some would prefer if the seat height could be adjusted     
What age is this recommended for?

10 months to 24 months old

Bike By GOMO 


The seat that has been fitted to this bike is soft to ensure that toddlers remain comfortable while riding across different surfaces. This seat can be adjusted in height as well so that it grows with your child.

They can also prevent the bike from tipping as the handlebars have a design that stops them from being turned too much. With through-wheel axles, the bike can remain durable while being ridden on rougher surfaces.

  • Lightweight design
  • Durable steel frame      
  • Variety of colors available 
  • Some aren’t fans of the foam airless tires     
What age is this recommended for?

18 months old to 5 years old

Swagtron Bike 


Swagtron’s bike has a lightweight design that enables kids to have an easy time controlling it. The tires can be pumped up with air as it provides toddlers with the realistic sensation of riding a bike.

In addition to this, you can adjust the height of the seat between 12 and 16 inches. As a result, your little one can continue riding the bike as they grow older to get more use out of it.

  • Strong aluminum alloy frame
  • Available in blue or pink colors   
  • Easy assembly  
  • Paint can be chipped easily     
What age is this recommended for?

2 to 5 years

Top Picks

Buyers Guide to Choosing Good Pedal Less Balancing Bikes

While reading through our list of some of the best bikes for balance for kids, you will have been able to get a better idea about what features to keep an eye out for and which one is best for your toddler.

However, if you were interested to learn a little more about these bikes to feel more assured about which one to pick for your child, check out the buyers guide below.

What Are The Common Types Of No Pedal Bikes?

After doing research of your own and taking a look at our review, you may have seen that there’s a range of different children’s bikes for balancing available. Here’s the various types and what makes them different.


The wooden options are usually best for being used indoors. This is because the weather and outdoor conditions can wear down the wooden materials over time. These ones may be best for 1 year old children who are still developing their balance and can have an easier time doing so indoors with your assistance if needed.

No Pedal Upgradeable Bike

The pedaless bikes that are available are usually made out of steel or alloy materials that are more durable and can withstand wear and tear from being used outdoors. There are also bikes with no pedals that come as a kit or let you upgrade the bike.

So, once your toddler has gained their confidence with using it as a bike for improving their balance, you can upgrade it by adding a chain and pedals. These upgrade features can be great for allowing the bike to grow with your child as they develop so that they can use it for years.

What Age Is The Best for a Balance Bike?

These bikes can be fantastic for children who are 1 years old all the way to 5 years old and over. The earlier you get your child on a bike for balancing, the quicker they’ll be able to move onto riding 2 wheeled bikes independently.

Having said that, bikes for balance for kids who are just learning to ride can also be great. It builds up their confidence with being able to balance themselves and steer the bike before they move onto regular bikes.

Are Balance Bikes Good For 2 Year Olds?

2 year old boys and girls can benefit greatly from these bikes. They’re able to work on their balance and coordination while steering the bike. Furthermore, it’s a fun activity that you and your toddler can experience together outdoors.

What Should I Look For In a Balance Bike?

When it comes to finding the ultimate balancing bike, we recommend that you look for the following features:

  • Adjustable seat & handlebars
  • Limited handlebar steering to prevent tipping
  • Soft hand grips & seats
  • Bikes that are compatible with upgrade kits
  • Lightweight designs that are easy for toddlers to design
  • Durable frame to last longer
  • Ones with a step through frame design that makes it easier for toddlers to get on & off

Final Thoughts On Toddlers No Pedal Bikes

Picking the right toddler balance bike out of the options mentioned in this list can enable your kid to have a ton of fun being active while also working on critical skills, such as their balance and coordination.

Hopefully, the information found throughout this review has provided you with a better insight into what these bikes have to offer and the kinds of features to lookout for to pick the one that’s best for your child.

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