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50 Unique & Cute Baby Girl Middle Names: Female Names

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Most people are excited about having a new baby and often spend a good deal of time considering different names until they find the perfect name for their child. While first names are often fairly easy, many parents agonize over choosing the perfect middle name for their baby girl.

Here is a look at 50 unique middle names suitable for any girl.

Best Unique Middle Names for Girls

1. Bree

The name Bree is of Irish, Scottish and means ‘strong or honorable’ and ‘full of virtue.’ Ironically the name Bree first became popular based on the 1971 movie “Klute” which won Jane Fonda an Oscar for playing a prostitute with that name.

2. Dawn

Dawn is a name of English origin and essentially means ‘break of day’ and is often given to little girls born around sunrise.

3. Fawn

Fawn is a girl’s middle name of both French and American origin and means a ‘Young doe.’

4. Jae or Jaye

The Name Jae or Jaye is Korean, Latin and English and also has several meanings including ‘Jay like the bird’ or ‘Sweet and Beautiful.’

5. Aryn

Aryn is of Hebrew origin and is a beautiful girl middle name. It means ‘messenger.’

6. Jaidyn

Jaidyn is a female baby middle name of Hebrew origin and has a couple of different meanings including ‘He will judge’ or ‘Precious.’

7. Katheryn

Katheryn is a common girls middle name that is English in origin and another cute baby girl middle name. It means ‘Pure.’

8. Brooke

The name Brooke is one of those popular nature names for girls, comes from English and means Stream.’

9. Hope

Hope is a name that is English in origin and was popular both as a first and middle name among the Puritans. The name means ‘Full of hope, trust or rely’

10. Love

Love is a middle name of English origin that was extremely popular in the late 1800s. It comes from the name Louve, which means ‘female wolf.’ Modern name the name Love is meant to express the emotion of ‘great caring.’

11. Merle

Merle is a unisex middle name often used for girls and is Latin origin. The name means ‘ blackbird.’

12. Raine

The girl’s middle name Raine has many origins including French, Latin and Native American. The name may mean ‘Queen’ or be a deviation of the word ‘Rain’

13. Rose

Rose is a pretty common middle name that simply means ‘sweet flower.’

14. Rylie

Rylie is a somewhat unique girl middle name of Irish origin that simply means ‘Brave.’

15. Breean

Is another middle name for a girl that is of Irish origin and the name has the meaning of ‘Brave and Noble.’

16. Caylen

Caylen is a somewhat unusual girl middle name of Old French origin. The name means ‘Pure.’

17. Devon

The name Devon was once primarily a male name, but more recently it has become somewhat popular as a middle name for girls. From the English the name origin comes from the village of Devonshire.

18. Ocean

Another one of the nature names that has been gaining in popularity the name Ocean is originally of Greek origin and actually means ‘Big Heart and Pure.’

19. Raven

Raven is a nice sounding middle name for a girl. As one would expect the name means ‘crow.’

20. Robin

Another birdlike female middle name for girls, Robin is of has a meaning of ‘songbird.’

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21. Zoe

A name of Greek origin Zoe is a name that quite literally means ‘Life.’ It has also been translated to mean ‘vibrant’ as well.

22. Allison

Allison is a rather common English name that is often given as a middle name to girls. The name itself means ‘Truthful and Noble.’

23. Noel

A cheerful and merry middle name for girls Noel is French and means ‘Christmas.’ This name is exceptionally appropriate for those infant girls born in the month of December.

24. Naomi

Naomi is a name of the come from Hebrew and means ‘Pleasant.’ The name is associated with the mother-in- law of Ruth in the Old Testament.

25. Susannah

Although the middle name Susannah is associated with the pioneers, probably due to the song “Oh Susannah” it is actually Hebrew and means ‘Pretty and Sweet.’

26. Gillian

Gillian is an English name and the feminine form of the male name Julian. It means ‘Full of Youth.’

27. Sophia

Sophia is a sophisticated girl’s middle name and is of Greek origin. The name simply means ‘wise or wisdom.’

28. Amity

The origin of the girl’s middle name Amity is Greek and means ‘friendship.’ It is rather a lovely name to give to any newborn girl.

29. Irene

Another girl middle name of Greek origin The name Irene means ‘Full of Peace.’ Originally Irene came from the name Irini.

30. Viviann

The name Viviann is of Latin and French origin and is a rather chic and sophisticated girls middle name that actually has a nice meaning since it means ‘Alive.’

31. Belle

Made popular by “Beauty and the Beast” the middle name Belle for girls is actually from the French and means ‘Beautiful.’

32. Blue

Blue is an American name that can either be male or female and simply means ‘the color blue.’

33. Faith

Faith is a name of English origin and this cute middle name for girls was made popular by the Puritans. It means ‘Trusting in all things.’

34. Jade

Jade is a lovely middle name for girls and is of Spanish origin the name means ‘jewel or Precious stone.’

35. Skye

The name Skye has its origins in Ireland, the UK and the United States. It was an extremely popular name during the civil war mostly as a boy’s name. Today it is quite common as a girls middle name and can mean ‘Sheltering’ or ‘Sky.’

Skye is a great one syllable middle name for girls.

36. Amber

Amber is a middle name for a girl of American origin the name quite simply means ‘Golden jewel.’

37. Zaylee

There seems to be two stated origins for the girls middle name of Zaylee one is said to be of Australian origin with a meaning of ‘Flower.’ The other is said to be of American origin and is a made up name and is believed to mean ‘Dry.’

38. Ireland

Of Irish origin Ireland is a name made popular when Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin gave their daughter that name saying that Geographic names were a family tradition.

39. Iris

If you are looking for a bright and happy girl’s middle name then Irish may fit the bill. The name is of Greek origin and means ‘beautiful rainbow.’ What could be more lovely than that.

40. Ivy

An American name the name Ivy is a name for actual vine Ivy.

41. Lark

The name Lark is of American origin and brings to mind someone who is cheerful and outgoing. The name means ‘melodious songbird.’

42. Joy

Joy is a name that originates again from the English and comes from a generation of names such as Bliss and Merry. It is a happy sounding middle name for any baby girl.

43. Lake

A somewhat unique girls middle name of English origin is the name Lake. Named for someone who lives by a ‘Lake’ the name is rather unusual and pretty.

44. Winter

Winter is a lovely middle name for baby girls born during the colder months of the year. Of English origin the name reflects the season of snow.

45. Summer

The name Summer first became popular during the 70s and has remained fairly popular ever since as a female middle name.

46. Sunset

Sunset as a name seems to be of American origin and is a unique girls middle name. It is believed that the meaning of the name means ‘Beauty at the end of the day.’ It is definitely a lovely middle name to bestow on a girl.

47. Fleur

Of French origin the name Fleur is a lovely middle name for baby girls. The name means ‘Flower’.

48. Sage

Sage is a name of French origin and has a meaning of ‘wise one.’ Sage is a flowering herb and an excellent masculine flower name for boys.

49. Ivory

Ivory is a middle name for girls and is of American origin and means ‘pure and white.’

50. Dakota

The name Dakota is of Native American Origin with a meaning of ‘Friend or ally.” Once primarily a man’s name it is now often used as first or middle name for baby girls.

Final Thoughts on Splendid Baby Girl Middle Names

If you are searching for a cute middle name for girls then one of these names may fit the bill.

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