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20 Masculine Flower Names for Boys

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Many people believe that their baby’s personality is in part influenced by their name, which is why many parents name their boys after flowers. By giving a boy a flower name, parents not only seek to give their child a more unusual name, but also have the hope that the child will grow up to be gentle and appreciate the beauty in the world.

Of course when choosing a name for their son, parents don’t want a name that sounds girly or will get their child teased so here is a look at some great manly flower names for boys.

Unique Boy Flower Names

Cool & Unique Male Flower Names for Baby Boys

1. William

There is little doubt that William is considered a masculine name after all not only is William the name of a current British Prince, it was also the name of William the Conqueror. However, Sweet William is also a beautiful flower and makes a great name for any baby boy.

2. Basil

Basil is an exotic sounding name, like a character in a romance novel. It is also the name of a flavorful flowering herb used to season food. Although the name sounds a bit old fashioned it is a strong name that carries with it a bit of sophistication.

3. Sage

Another flowering herb, Sage is another of those great male flower names. This name reminds you a bit of the old west leading those who hear the name to associate with it with strength and masculinity.

4. Jared

Jared is a nice strong name that does have a certain popularity. However, it may surprise you that Jared is actually the Hebrew name for a rose. This is a perfect name for parents who want to give a manly flower boy flower name to their son that most people won’t know is a flower name.

5. Florian

Florian is Latin name that simply means flowering. While it does not pertain to specific flowers it still gives the feeling of beauty while retaining it’s masculine flavor.

6. Hawthrone

Hawthrone is a flowering plant that is also used for medicinal purposes. While you may not want to give your son the first name of Hawthrone, it would make a fine middle name for any parent looking for flower boy names.

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7. Oleander

The name Oleander is both sophisticated and somewhat playful. It is also the name of a flowering shrub that has beautiful flowers. This is a great name for those parents looking to give their son a name that is a little less common.

8. Ren

Ren is another among masculine flower names that is perfect for naming a son. The name Ren means Lotus in Japanese and the lotus flower stands for perfection and purity.

9. Rowan

Rowans are beautiful flowers that grow in dense clusters. While the flowers themselves may be somewhat delicate when viewed individually, the name Rowan certainly has a very masculine ring to it.

10. Ash

Ash is a flowering tree that is certainly suitable to be a popular boys flower name. The name Ash has a nice masculine ring to it and in addition the name is short which makes it attractive to many parents.

11. Arnit

A rather unusual, but strong sounding name for a boy this male flower name simply means beautiful flower. Arnit is one of those unisex names that can be given either to a girl or a boy and when given a girl actually means “mountain of strength.”

12. Crisanto

Not the common name, statistics suggest that only about 28,600 people in the world bear this exotic sounding name which means “Flower of Gold.” The name is of Greek origin making it even more exotic choice for some people in the United States.

13. Elm

Elm is a strong normally tall tree that bears lovely delicate looking white flowers that are actually quite robust. Bestowing elm as a middle name for your son will lend strength to his name.

14. Trevor

Trevor is a shorter version of the word shatrevar, which is a Persian word for flower. The name Trevor itself is a strong name and very masculine.

15. Yarrow

Yarrow is actually a strong fragrant herb that bears a bright yellow flower that reminds one of sunshine. Yarrow makes a great boy flower name that is both unusual and attractive.

16. Bud

Bud is most commonly used as a nickname, but it can be used as a first or middle name and is a masculine flower name simply meaning blossom. The appeal of the name Bud, is that it is a short simple name that is easily paired with longer more sophisticated names.

17. Oak or Oakes

The name Oak doesn’t refer to a flower, but rather refers to a tree that is known for its strength. The name is old English and has a powerful ring to it.

18. Gentian

The name Gentian is a take on an Illyrian King named Gentius. Gentians are brilliant blue flowers with fringed petals. The name itself actually brings forth visions of gentlemanly conduct, which many parents may find appealing.

19. Florent

This name is quite popular in Europe although far less popular in the United States where the name may seem to have a bit too much flourish. The name simply means flowering.

20. Moss

Moss is another of those names that is not a flower boy’s name, but is named for those soft dark green dark ground covering you often see in the woods or growing near the roots of trees. Moss is an old fashioned name for a boy that has a nice simple ring to it.

Final Thoughts on Good Boys Flower Names

If you are looking for a flower boys name that still has a sense of masculinity and strength then one of these options may be just the name you are looking for.

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