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Hello and welcome to Pigtail Pals! We are a parenting site that offers experts reviews of awesome toys & gifts for kids whether they’re babies, toddlers or teens. All gift guides are organized by age and include mostly toys but also some non-toy gift ideas. As far as gender goes if you see presents in the boys gift section that you’re confident your girl will like we welcome you to go for it! Each selection is verified as safe for children of the age it’s recommended for, childhood inspired and mom approved!

We have also included a bunch of informational content including a guide to toy safety, unique baby names and even a section to help parents with an Autistic child. We are especially qualified to write about Autism since I personally grew up with an Autistic brother and spent several years working as his full time personal care assistant.

Established in 2009 as a Gift and T-shirt shop for kids Pigtail Pals was acquired 2019 and is shifting its name and focus. We’ve dropped the “Ballcap Buddies” from our name and are now focusing on educating parents about the importance of preserving creative educational play and to not bombard them with technology, electronics, phones and TV. Our goal is to reduce ever increasing screen time and get your boy or girl engaged in active and developmental play, whether it be through playing sports or reaping the benefits of educational toys.

In our attempt to reach this goal our attention will be directed towards helping parents find the best gifts for children of all ages that provide the maximum benefits whether it be educational, social or something else that contributes to their overall health. Our gift guides are primarily focused on the top presents for Christmas and birthdays but the stuff included also makes for great options for kids whether it’s any other holiday or just because you love them. Besides Christmas, we offer other seasonal gift guides including guides to the best stuff for Valentines day, graduation gifts, Easter basket ideas and many other toy guides by type.

So, if you’re a parent who has been struggling to find the awesome toys for your girl or boy whether it be their birthday or Christmas time we’re here to help! We invite you to check out our guides, save some time and eliminate stress all the while making this the most memorable holiday season for your family. We’ve covered everything you can imagine including exciting kids stuff such as musical instruments, books, ride on toys, and even gift baskets!

Criteria for Awesome Toy and Gift Selections

To be included in our shopping guides products must be verified as safe and age appropriate for children of that particular age and also provide for a strong educational experience. They also much be the absolute best of the best with the highest ratings from real users and available from reputable retailers such as Amazon, Walmart or Toys R Us. All of our gift and toy guides are written by Sheryl Jackson, an experienced mother and toy reviewer.

Featured On

In the past Pigtail Pals has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Today, CNN, Buzzfeed, NPR, Fox News and many other sites.

Why Pigtail Pals?

We have the highest standards for the products we’ve included in our toy guides and all of our content adheres to a core value set of trust, independence, accuracy and freshness as seen below.


This is very important to us and we’re not out simply to promote products and make a buck. We want to earn your trust and have you come back time and time again by including only the best toys for your kids in an easy to understand format that truly saves you time! This way you don’t have to question what we’ve included but can be confident that it’s actually good stuff!


We are a 100% independent gift website and our toy reviews are not influenced by manufacturers asking us to promote their products. From time-to-time we are approached by manufacturers about featuring their products in our gift guides and in rare occasions we do agree to include them but this is only after a rigorous investigate process where we determine that their products would otherwise qualify to be included in our list and we simply overlooked them in our initial research.

Accurate & Up to date

We make every effort to validate that the information in our toy guides is accurate and updated. We also update all guides on an annual basis and remove toys that no longer qualify as the top options if new toys that are better have become available in that time or if new information reveals that certain toys aren’t actually the best.

To sum it all up it’s important to remember that what the best toys are is very subjective and something one child may like, another may not enjoy. For girls one must redefine what it means to be girly and not force a bunch of pink princess toys on your daughter they actually may not prefer. With older kids and teens it may be as simple as asking them but for younger toddlers and babies you’ve got to spend the time to get to know what your son or daughters interests are, observe them and see what they take a liking to.

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