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Pigtail Pals is a parenting site that reviews the best toys & gifts for children whether for babies, toddlers or teens. Our gift lists are designed to provide inspiration for gift giving while also saving you time!  We have a section for toys by type and a gift guides section which is split up into gifts for boys and gifts for girls. In regards to the gender sections we urge parents to allow their children to explore their interests and avoid restriciting their child to only stereotypical gender specific toys

All products added to our list are mom approved and verified as safe for children of the recommended age!

If you’re a parent who has been struggling to find the good toys for your boy or girl whether it be their birthday or Christmas time we’re here to help! We invite you to check out our informational blog and our buying guides to save some time and eliminate the stress of gift shopping all the while making this the most memorable holiday season for your family. 

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