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31 Best Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys in 2020

If you’re having a tough time finding the best Christmas gift ideas for 14 year old boys, you’ll be glad to hear that you’re in the right place. We’ve researched the what the top items available for teenage boys are and reviewed them below to provide you with all the details that you need to know.

If you have a boy this age you know how fickle he can be about his interests from one day to the next. So it’s important you listen closely to what he says he wants and also take into consideration what teens that are a little bit older typically like so he doesn’t out grow his new gift right away.

If at the end you’re still not sure what to get you can find find a detailed buyers guide section which provides you with some fantastic additional information. By the end, you’ll be feeling confident about which gift a 14 year old boy will love the most.

Top Sellers

Our list of the Best Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys

So, we’ve covered a bunch of the top age appropriate options that young teens will love. Have a read through our guide, it’s sure to save you some time and help you make this holiday season a memorable one for your son.

Backpack by Tocode 


Teenagers will love being able to use the USB port to keep their phone charged whenever they’re out. There are also lots of compartment areas available on the interior an exterior of the backpack. So, boys can store their large and smaller items conveniently.

A laptop that’s a maximum of 17.3″ can be slotted into the special compartment that’s available. This compartment is padded and can keep a laptop safe.

  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Water resistant fabrics 
  • Breathable materials     
  • Feels a little heavier than some were anticipating      
What makes this option stand out?

We liked how a secure zipper and lock are included with this bag. Boys can use this lock for a pocket where they’re storing their most valuable items to stop thieves from easily having access.

Drone by Altair 


This drone features a camera that lets you take videos and images in 720p HD quality. We liked how the camera has been implemented with a wide angled lens to let you fit more in the picture.

You’re also able to see the view of the drone by connecting it wirelessely to your phone. Furthermore, there’s a long distance of 100 meters between the remote and the drone. So, boys are free to fly it around outdoors in open spaces.

  • 1 key takeoff & landing 
  • Headless mode 
  • Altitude hold available 
  • Plastic arms are thinner than some were expecting 
What makes this option stand out?

When the drone starts going out of range or is low on battery, it will notify you. Therefore, boys can always be sure to bring it back to land in time.

RC Boat Toy 


Teen boys can have fun using this remote control boat on lakes or in pools and being able to take it to top speeds of 20 mph. One of the reasons why this boat is so fast is due to the single prop motors that work to turn rapidly and power the toy.

We liked how the remote has a 4 channel system. This is because it enables multiple people to race their RC boats together on the water with minimal interference.

  • Durable design 
  • Easy controls
  • Battery life could be better 
What makes this option stand out?

There’s a capsize recovery feature that’s great for when boys are first learning how to use this boat toy. It causes the toy to flip back to the right way up if it ever flips while in the water.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle 


The insulation features available inside this water bottle are superb. They let teens hold warm liquids that can remain warm for up to 6 hours. Furthermore, cold liquids will stay chilled for up to 24 hours.

This could be a fantastic present for boys who are out and about and looking for simple ways to keep their drinks warm or cool. The lid features a straw which makes it easy to drink out of.

  • Durable stainless steel materials 
  • Coating prevents condensation 
  • Anti slip exterior 
  • Setting up the puzzles can take a lot of time
What makes this option stand out?

A loop has been integrated to the lid which allows boys to connect it to their backpacks for convenience.

Wireless Headphone & Beanie


This beanie has been incorporated with Bluetooth technology that lets boys connect it to their devices. It has also been fitted with speakers on the interior. Therefore, you can listen to music wirelessely while wearing the beanie.

It’s a pretty unique present that boys can make great use out of during the colder months. People have been mentioning that the beanie feels super comfortable to wear. This is because it has been made with high quality acrylic fibers and cotton materials.

  • Easily washable 
  • 10 meter Bluetooth range 
  • Built-in mic for hands free calls    
  • Some find the hat flops around too much when running      
What makes this option stand out?

The battery life available with this beanie is impressive. It can last for up to 6 hours of being continuously use after being fully charged for 2 hours.

Magnetic Dart Board


This dart board is a super fun gift for teenage guys 14 that will have a lot of fun with. It’s a fantastic way to bring the family together and have mini game nights. Teen boys also love to play it with their friends, so it’s a great gift that encourages them to play in groups more often and improve their social skills.

It’s also an excellent way for them to improve their hand-eye coordination. We liked how they’ve created the darts to have a magnetic design. This is because it ensures that your son is always safe while playing. The lightweight design of the darts is also excellent for allowing you to make accurate shots.

  • Improves social skills
  • Safe magnetic design
  • Cardboard material could break easier than expected
What makes this option stand out?

The magnetic feature makes these darts safe for teens to play with friends and family. It’s a fantastic group game which can also develop your son’s social skills. These features make this game one of the best gifts for 14 year old boys.

Altair Power 4×4 RC Truck


An RC Truck makes a great gift for a teen boy and the Altair Power Pro 4×4 is a great option. This high-powered truck comes with two-speed modes so your teenager can start out slow and learn the controls before moving into the faster mode. 

Plus, the Power Pro gives you 15 minutes of playtime before needing to recharge which is great for any beginner racer. Your boy can race this RC truck at speeds up to 30 mph and a range of 250 feet. They can even try their hand at rock crawling across more difficult terrains and obstacles, creating an even more exciting driving experience. This is a great gift for getting your son or grandson outside and active. 

  • Easy to control
  • Reaches high speeds
  • Well-made and durable model
  • Somewhat short battery life 
What makes this option stand out?

The two speed modes are great for any teenager who is just learning the controls of this RC truck. After he gets comfortable in the slower speed mode, he can try his hand at racing in the faster mode.

Pro Basketball Hoop 


The high quality tempered glass that has been used to construct the backboard is incredibly durable. Therefore, it can withstand hard shots and remain durable for years to come.

We also liked how the rim has been made with a pro-like design. It has a feature that lets it become flexible when it’s put under pressure. However, it also remains very sturdy.

  • Strong steel pole 
  • Great for practicing layups     
  • Some notice that it can accumulate rust over time 
What makes this option stand out?

You can adjust the height of the pole between 7.5 and 10 feet. This makes the hoop great for your son as they grow older and taller or want to challenge themselves more

Lego Mindstorms EV3


Lego’s Mindstorms robot set features a range of 601 pieces. Teens have a lot of fun building this Lego robot kit in anticipation of how they can play with it afterward. The building process is great for their motor skills and coordination.

We were impressed with how there is a total of 17 different designs that teens can choose to build. Each one has their own features for teens to experiments with.<

Once they’re done, they can use the Robot and its IR sensors, servo motors, touch sensors, and remote control. you can download an app which enables you to control the toy from a smartphone! You can control it to walk, talk, pick things up, and shoot targets.

  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Improves coordination
  • Can be used with other Legos
  • Can be difficult for teens to use on their own
What makes this option stand out?

This is a pretty unique Lego set that enables kids to control it using their smartphones. They can also build 17 different robot models, which each have their own features to keep your teen entertained for a long time.

Marble Run Game


This game features an impressive total of 60 challenges. We liked how these challenges range in difficulty from beginner to expert as it means you can get more people involved. It’s an excellent game to play in groups with friends and family, which is great for any teen boy’s social skills.

The set includes a game grid, target piece, 9 towers, and 3 marbles. With easy to follow instructions, you can start playing right away. The game makes you focus and use your critical thinking skills in order to come out victorious.

  • Develops critical thinking
  • Improves social skills
  • Varying difficulty levels available
  • Some of the pieces could be stronger
What makes this option stand out?

The range of difficulty levels available make this a game that any teens can start playing. It’s also great for developing their critical thinking and social skills.

Electric Scooter by Razor 


Teenage boys will be able to have a ton of fun riding this electric scooter by Razor around outdoors because it can reach speeds of up to 10 mph. This is awesome for enabling them to keep safe while having a blast and experiencing higher speeds.

After the electric scooter has been fully charged, boys can play on it for 40 continuous minutes. This is plenty of time for them to enjoy riding the scooter before recharging it.

  • 120 lb weight capacity 
  • Hand operated brake
  • Easy to assemble      
  • Doesn’t work so well with tight corners      
What makes this option stand out?

The twist grip throttle that has been fitted is super easy for boys to use. It has a gradual speed feature that lets boys speed up at a more controlled pace.

Lego Ideas NASA Saturn Building Set


Lego sets are a good option that boys love and this NASA version is no exception. It includes an incredible 1,900 pieces. Therefore, your teen boy will be kept busy for quite some time while assembling this kit. We liked how there are so many pieces available because it provides teens with a challenge. Their problem-solving abilities and coordination are put to good use. Not to mention, with such a wide range of pieces, the finished product has a lot of fantastic details to admire.

There’s a removable s-ii second and first rocket stage which both have details regarding the engines. There’s also a s-ivb third rocket which can be removed too. Users have been liking how there are a total of 3 stands available to prop the rocket horizontally where it looks the best.

  • Develops problem-solving abilities
  • Improves creative thinking
  • Awesome display piece
  • Some find parts are missing upon delivery
What makes this option stand out?

The sheer number of pieces will have your teen building the set for a long time, making this awesome among gift ideas for 14 year old boys. With 3 stands available, they can put it on display and be proud of their accomplishment.

Biranco RC Car Building Set


The remote control car enable kids to build and play with the car. This makes it an excellent gift as teens have a lot of fun with the building and playing. Building the car is a fun project which requires them to piece together the 353 pieces that are available.

When they’re done, the RC toy includes front, forwards, left, and right movements. In addition to this, there’s also a fun 360-degree spinning feature which is awesome to play around with. We also found that the RC car is able to go across bumpy surfaces without any issues.

It can be easily charged via a USB cable and it takes around one and a half hours to fully charge. That provides you with 25 minutes of play.

  • Easy USB charging
  • Fun 360-degree spinning feature
  • Excellent building process
  • People have been having a blast with this toy set
What makes this option stand out?

Teen boys have a lot of fun building this RC car toy and being able to play with it afterward, making it a gift they will love on their 14th birthday. The freedom to control it in any direction they like enables them to have a blast for years to come.

Altair Beginner Camera Drone 


This beginner drone comes with an awesome 720p HD camera. This enables you to fly the drone around and take some breath-taking videos and pictures. Teen boys have a blast flying this drone around and being creative with the kinds of shots that they can capture.

We also liked how flying this drone is easy. Therefore, your son can get out and start flying it around straight away due to how easy the controls are. There is also a range of flight modes available too. these include altitude hole, and a single button take off and landing procedure. They have even included a headless mode which means if the drone ever goes out of range, it will automatically make its way back to you.

  • Easy to fly
  • 720p HD camera
  • Different flight modes
  • Battery doesn’t last as long as some were expecting
What makes this option stand out?

Teens have a lot of fun flying this drone around and taking some incredible pictures and videos. We liked how the controls are super easy to get to grips with as well.

Outdoor Survival Kit


This kit comes with a range of 13 items that boys can learn to how to use when outdoors. There’s a swiss card, compass, whistle, flashlight, emergency blanket, and more. Boys are provided with everything they need within a sturdy black case.

We liked how the box is compact and lightweight at under 1 lb. Therefore, boys are able to carry it around with them easily as it fits into backpacks.

  • Survival bracelet with fire starter
  • Great for camping & hiking      
  • Some were hoping instructions on using the items would be included      
What makes this option stand out?

The tactical pen that’s included has a range of uses. It can be used to break through glass in case of emergencies, as well as for self defense and and writing.

Lego Star Wars Fighter



This Star Wars set provides kids with an impressive total of 1,658 pieces. Therefore, your teen boy will be occupied with assembling this kit for a while. It’s an excellent way for them to develop their coordination and even their problem-solving skills if they ever get stuck. 

When the set is completed, they’re left to play with an iconic Tie fighter. They also receive a fun mini figure Tie fighter pilot that has a blaster. This enables teens to use the set to play with a lot of imagination. 

The set can also be used with other Lego sets. So, you’re given the chance to expand your building skills and be even more creative by combining different sets. 

  • Develops problem-solving  
  • Improves coordination  
  • Some find the box is damaged when delivered  
What makes this option stand out?  

This is a fun Lego set that Star Wars fans have a blast building and playing with afterward. It enables them to improve their coordination and problem-solving abilities. 

Beginner Tool Kit


This tool kit could be a great 14 year old boy gift for those that want to learn how to do DIY jobs around the house. It comes with all of the tools that they need to complete a lot of smaller jobs.

With 39 pieces, you can be sure that they’ll be able to make lots of repairs. We liked how the tools have been treated with heat. It’s effective at preventing them from corroding to ensure they last longer.

  • Unique gift idea
  • Meets ANSI critical standards       
  • Some notice there’s an odd smell when they first open up the case     
What makes this option stand out?

The case has been blow molded which makes it very strong. There are also different compartments inside for boys to keep all of the tools organized without any hassle.

Biranco Build A Remote Control Car


The RC car features a range of 194 pieces for teens to assemble. This is excellent for their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. It’s also an awesome way for them to use their creative thinking and problem-solving skills if they ever get stuck.

Once they’ve finished putting the RC car together, they can have a blast racing it around using the remote control that’s available. They have the freedom to move the car left, right, backward, and forwards. It’s also super easy to control which ensures that teens can have fun racing it around without any hassle.

The USB charging feature is very simple to use and takes just 30 minutes to fully charge. This provides you with around 30 minutes of play.

  • Fun building process
  • Easy USB charging
  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Boys have been loving this set
What makes this option stand out?

Teen boys have a blast building this RC car toy and being able to race it around afterward. It gives them a great sense of accomplishment, while also boosting their creative thinking processes.

NBA Replica Basketball 


If you’re buying a present for a boy who loves to play basketball, you can feel confident in knowing that they’ll make good use out of this present. We liked how it’s available in a range of sizes.

Therefore, you can pick the one that you think would be best for your boy. Furthermore, the ball has been made with an NBA replica design. So, it has been made to look just like the real thing which fans of the sport have been loving.

  • Encourages active play 
  • Gets teens outdoors more     
  • May need to be pumped up quite regularly      
What makes this option stand out?

People have been noticing that after using this basketball for a while, it doesn’t become slippery on the outside, regardless of how much it wears down. So, boys can get a good grip on the ball and play with it for a long time to come.

Backpack for School 


We were impressed with how this backpack comes with a USB charging slot. This allows boys to keep their phones charged throughout the day without having to carry additional portable chargers.

Furthermore, they can fit a laptop into the special compartment that’s available on the inside. This compartment is padded and works to keep your boy’s laptop safe. It can be used with laptops that are up to 17″.

  • Lightweight design
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Water repellent materials 
  • Backpack doesn’t stay upright when place with the bottom on the floor 
What makes this option stand out?

With a wide variety of 9 small pockets on the inside, 3 large pockets, and 2 sealed pockets, boys are provided with plenty of space to store all of their bigger and smaller items.

RC Car by Bestamber 


With an impressive top speed of 20 km/h, you can be sure that teenage boys will have an absolute blast racing this car around outdoors for a long time. We also liked how they can be standing up to 80 meters away and still have total control.

The 4 wheel suspension spring system works effectively to keep the toy car stable across rougher surfaces. This is fantastic for minimizing vibration and maintaining the interior wires for durability.

  • Easy controls
  • Water resistant tires   
  • Some were hoping the battery would last longer than 15 minutes 
What makes this option stand out?

Boys have been surprised to find how powerful this toy RC car is and how it can climb up hills that are up to 45-degrees!

Manual to Manhood Book 


Boys who are turning 14 may be very interested to read this book as they’re starting go grow older and go through different changes in their lives.

It includes a wide range of things that teen boys could find useful. This involves things like cooking and how to go about impressing girls.

  • Available in paper back, Kindle, Audiobook, & CD
  • Awesome for single moms with sons 
  • Some found it to be a little boring at times 
What makes this option stand out?

We liked how this book doesn’t just give boys general information. It takes them through all of the tips with a detailed process that they can actually implement into their lives.

K’NEX STEM Building Set 


The K’NEX construction set comes with a range of 486 pieces. This is plenty to keep your teenage son engaged in an activity for a while. We also liked how the pieces are available in vibrant colors as it makes the set more exciting to use.

The different parts include connectors, gears, and various rods. This provides teens with the freedom to build an incredibly wide range of structures. As a result, you can expect their creative side to flourish.

When they’re finished, they can watch how the swing ride moves around as a result of the motor that’s available. You’ll need AA batteries for this to work and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

  • Fully functional swing function
  • Color pieces
  • Encourages creativity
  • Not as many designs as some were expecting
What makes this option stand out?

Teens have a lot of fun building this Swing Ride set and being creative. We were impressed with how the swing moves due to the battery-powered motor.

Educational Solar Powered Robot


This educational solar robot comes with a range of 14 different modes. Each of these modes has their own movement for teens to play around with. For example, they can be used as a running beetle or a walking crab!

Building the toy is a challenge that requires kids to use their problem-solving and motor skills. We were also impressed with how this toy is powered by the sun. The solar energy source is unique and provides a teaching point for teens to learn more about.

  • 14 different robots available to build
  • Improves problem-solving
  • Teaches teens about solar power
  • Plastic parts could be stronger
What makes this option stand out?

This is a unique gift idea that will keep teens busy for a long time since they can build 14 different robots. They’re also able to learn more about how solar energy works.

3D Musical Robot Puzzle


The 3D puzzle music box is a unique Christmas gift that can play music and light up. We liked how teens are required to build the set first by using the wooden pieces that are available. As teens are assembling the toy, they’re able to improve their motor skills and coordination.

Once it’s finished, there’s a fantastic hand-crank feature which enables you to crank the music box to hear the music play. This also makes it light up and causes its legs and arms to move. It’s a lot of fun to play with and encourages teenage boys to be more imaginative.

  • Encourages imaginative thinking
  • Develops motor skills & coordination
  • Unique music & lights
  • Some pieces can be difficult to assemble
What makes this option stand out?

This is an incredibly unique gift that 14 yr old boys love building and playing with after. The hand-cranked music system is a lot of fun – as is watching how its arms and legs move around.

Capture the Flag REDUX 


This Capture the Flag game is a ton of fun for teens and their friends to play in groups. As a result, it’s excellent for improving their social skills. There is a range of 33 pieces which all light up and make playing in the dark a lot of fun.

You can split people up into groups to play and see which team can work together to win. It’s an excellent game for improving collaboration and teamwork. We also found that teens use their strategic thinking abilities as well.

In addition to this, it’s an exciting game that gets teens playing outdoors and being more active.

  • Encourages outdoor activity
  • Improves social skills
  • Exciting light-up features
  • Lighted balls could be stronger    
What makes this option stand out?

Teens have been loving getting together with their friends and playing this game in teams to see who win. It’s awesome for their social skills and strategic thinking abilities.

Remote & App Controlled Quadcopter Drone


This drone by Contixo has an excellent return-to-home function, meaning that whenever the battery is running low or it’s starting to go out of range, it will automatically make its way back to you! This is a great feature that beginners have been appreciating.

We liked how this RC Toy comes with a brushless motor on the inside to power this drone. It works effectively to speed up and slow down the drone with precision and pace. This motor also enables the drone to have a longer flying time than most of up to 20 minutes.

A 1080P HD live view FPV camera is included too. This enables you to take breath-taking images and videos from high up in the sky.

  • 1080P HD camera
  • Great for beginners
  • Good battery life
  • Remote isn’t as sensitive as some were hoping for
What makes this option stand out?

The fantastic 1080P HD camera allows you to capture fantastic images and videos from way up in the sky. Moreover, the Return-to-Home feature gives beginners some added reassurance while flying the drone for the first time.

VOGEK Brand Headphones


These headphones have a headband that has been fitted with padded materials. So, boys are able to wear it comfortably for hours as it removes the pressure from being on their ears.

A microphone has been included with the headset too. This can be handy when it comes to taking hands free calls as it’s super convenient. Moreover, the sound quality is balanced and reduces the noise you can hear in the environment when you’re out.

  • Sleek design 
  • Easily portable 
  • Plastic parts don’t feel as durable as some were hoping for 
What makes this option stand out?

There’s only one wire included which prevents the hassle of multiple wires becoming tangled.

Squashed 3D Strategy Game


Games are a fantastic gift for 14 year old boys and this strategy board game lives up to the hype. The set includes die, pawns, and a cube which has a fun rotating feature. The aim of the game is for each player to roll the die and move the pawn in order to try and reach the top of the cube. When someone gets to the top, they can rotate the cube to squash their opponents. Therefore, it’s a game that requires a lot of focus and strategic thinking. All of the pieces can also be easily stored inside the cube for easy clean ups.

It also encourages them to play in small groups of 2-4 people. As a result, it’s great for improving their social skills and ability to work in a team.

  • Improves strategic thinking
  • Develops social skills
  • Helps teens focus
  • May be too easy for some
What makes this option stand out?

This is a fun board game that requires teens to use their strategic thinking skills to win. It’s also a fun way to help your son become more comfortable in group situations.

Lego Architecture The Eiffel Tower


This Eiffel Tower set comes with a range of 321 pieces. This provides teens with plenty to spend some time putting together and using their motor skills. They have a lot of fun constructing the set as a project and seeing how it all comes together. It’s an awesome way to develop their ability to focus better.

Once the set is finished, it stands at 12” tall and 4” in depth. Therefore, it’s a decent size which they can put up on display and be proud of.

We also liked how they included a booklet which contains information surrounding the building. It’s highly educational and interesting for teens to learn about.

  • Informational booklet available
  • Improves ability to focus
  • Promotes creative thinking
  • May be a little too easy for some
What makes this option stand out?

Teens have a blast building this Eiffel Tower set and being creative, while also being able to learn more about it via the booklet.

Extreme Air Stilts 


These stilts enable boys to stand on them at different heights that make them between 12 and 17″ taller. This can make for a unique gift that teenage boys could find super entertaining.

The high grade tubular steel materials used to construct the stilts are effective at keeping boys stable. They’re also durable to ensure the stilts can withstand some wear and tear over time.

  • Rubber feet for added stability 
  • 210 lb weight capacity 
  • Can feel a little heavy to use 
What makes this option stand out?

There’s an ergonomic feature towards the top of the stilts that makes it comfortable for boys to hold onto and walk around.

Our Top Picks


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Buyers Guide to the Best Xmas Presents for 14 Year Old Boys

So, those were some of the best Christmas presents for fourteen year old boys. As you can see, there are plenty of options for you to choose from and we hope that we’ve made it easier for you to narrow down your options.

However, if you’re still feeling a little stuck, don’t worry as we have put together this buyers guide section to provide you with some additional information. By the end, you’ll be feeling more confident than ever about the kind of present to pick out for your teen son.

What to Get a 14 Year Old Boy for His Birthday?

Finding a 14th birthday present for a teenage boy can be tricky so we recommend that you try to focus on things that they’ve shown a keen interested in. For example, if they’re into design and architecture, the Lego Architecture range of sets mentioned in this review could be great.

Alternatively, if they can’t stop going on about Star Wars, one of the Star Wars-themed toys that we’ve reviewed could also be excellent. At this age they may be able to enjoy something like an advanced drone if they have had experience with beginner ones.

Practical gifts work too, so finding something useful such as fancy water bottle to keep them hydrated while out with friends is great. No matter what you choose all of the ideas in our guide are age appropriate and something that most teen boys will really enjoy!



What to Buy a 14 Year Old Boy for Christmas?

When it comes to Christmas time, there a bunch of different kinds of gifts that you could get for your teenage son. We recommend that you find something practical such as a cool backpack, tool set or a basketball ball goal as opposed to more toys since they’re getting older. Or if you’re looking for a gift for their stocking you can consider headphones or other small gifts.

Alternatively, you could go with presents that involve the family. Since everyone’s together over the holidays. Teens have a lot of fun playing games that the entire family could be involved in together. So, any type of board or card game would be awesome.

Regardless of what you decided to get all of the gifts in our review are appropriate for teens!



What Stuff Do Boys Age 14 Like?

Guys who are 14 like all kinds of stuff but especially practical things such as sports gear or things like a bike or scooter. At this age they also still enjoy toys but to a lesser extent. Consider the building sets and robot toys we reviewed as your son is sure to love these and gain educational value from them.

If you were feeling a little unsure as to what the differences were, take a look at the section below to learn more.

Building Sets

Some of the most popular stuff for 14 yr old boys include building sets. This is because they have so much fun assembling the different pieces and being able to play with the toy afterward.

They are awesome sets that encourage teens to improve their problem-solving and creative thinking processes.

Robot Toys

Robot toys are a lot of fun for boys since they are a little more unique than some of the other gifts that they may be used to receiving. They can use them in super creative ways and program them to play with them in ways that no other toy can compete with.

Group Games

Party type games that involve groups make for excellent gift ideas. This is especially the case if you’re trying to get your teenage boy to improve their social skills. If they’re able to play in groups more often, they’ll start to become more comfortable in social situations.

Outdoor Exploration Kits

Outdoor exploration kits are fun gift for 14 year olds who are interested in nature. These kinds of gifts provide them with the opportunity to go out into nature and gain some first-hand experience with collecting different plants and insects to learn more about them.

Active / Sports Gifts

Gifts that encourage teens to be active and playing sports are great, such as the basketball goal are great! As a result, your teen feels encouraged to play with them more since they’re so fun. This is highly effective at keeping a lazy teen active!

Art Gifts

If you’re buying a present for a fourteen year old teenage boy who is into art, an arts and crafts kind of gift would go a long way with them. They have a lot of fun letting their creative side run wild.

What Are Unique Gift Ideas for a Fourteen Year Old Boy Who Has Everything?

Finding the top gifts for boys who already seem to have everything can be incredibly challenging. However, we advise that you pick a unique gifts that are more practical. For example, a basketball, headphone or an electric scooter to get around make useful and fun choices.

The RC Monster Truck we covered is also a great option that guys this age get excited about!

Most gifts in our review are unique and among the best presents for 14 yr teen old boys who already have everything.



Final Thoughts on What Stuff to Get for a 14 Year Old Boy

Buying gifts for a boy can be tricky. There are so many options available online that finding the right one often seems impossible. Well, now that job is a lot easier for you. All you need to do is take a look at the review above and you can be sure to find something awesome.

We’ve included a variety of gifts throughout this review to ensure that you’re provided with a solid selection to choose from. Therefore, you’re more likely to find something that stands out to you as being great.

Hopefully, the information found in this review has helped to make you feel more assured about the type of present you’re going to get for your special teen boy.

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Sheryl Jackson & Jesse

Sheryl is a grandmother who resides in Michigan. She has 3 adult children, many grandchildren and a large number of nieces and nephews. Sheryl is especially equipped to write about toys because she has been reviewing kids stuff for years and also buying toys for decades as a mother, grandmother, aunt and great aunt.

Sheryl has a keen eye for and extensive experience in selecting popular and high quality toys and gifts not only for her kids as they were growing up but for her grand children since her children are still having babies to this day, making her equally qualified in selecting good toys for not only teen and tweens but also babies.

She takes pride in not only finding the best toys for her grand kids but also in staying up-to-date on trends in the toy industry and keeping up with the latest new toys that come out each year.

Sheryl has extensive experience reviewing toys over the years and she excited to join the Pigtail Pals editorial team as their main contributor for their toy and gift guides from June 2020 forward! Sheryl has reviewed and updated all content written prior to her joining the Pigtail Pals team and made modifications where appropriate.


Jesse is a full time Internet Marketer with over a decade of experience reviewing products and toys in particular. Growing up in a large family with many little cousins and nephews he has a keen eye for picking out great gifts for kids. Over the years Jesse has developed an understanding of exactly what consumers want to see in a review in order to help them in their buying decisions. Sheryl and Jesse have worked together to craft the toy and gift guides here on Pigtail Pals!

Jesse also spent several years as a full-time personal care assistant employed at "The Dream Works" working with Autistic adults including his older brother.