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29 Best Gifts for 17 Year Old Boys in 2020

If you’re after a Birthday or Christmas gift for a 17 year old boy we know it can be a complicated. At this age what a boy likes can vary widely. Some boys still like toys while others are more like young men and are more interested in adult stuff. 

There’s nothing wrong with either but it’s important you understand who you’ve buying for and what they like so you can ensure that they can enjoy and appreciate the gift you get them!

In order to help we’ve created this list of what we think are the very best gift ideas for 17 year old boys. In the gift list below we selected many unique gifts not seen on other sites in order to give you some fresh ideas!

Our List of Some of The Best Gift Ideas for 17 Year Old Guys

Below you can see some amazing stuff that most teen boys of this age would love! If after going through the list you’re still unsure keep reading further into our buyers guide for tips to choosing the best stuff for the teen you’re buying for!

Razor Ripstik Ripsurf


The Razor Ripstick works like a land surfboard, giving those far from the ocean the feeling of surfing on dry land. Lightweight and made from a single piece fiber reinforced industrial-grade polymer construction with a textured traction pad deck and a kick tail. This land surfboard also has 360 degree inclined caster wheels and can bear user weights up to 220 pounds.

  • The traction pad helps with grip
  • Encourages older teenage boys to spend more time out of doors
  • Can perform tricks with practice


  • Doesn’t work well on surfaces with a lot of cracks and crevices
What Makes the Ripstik Ripsurf Stand Out?

The 360 degrees caster wheels gives the feeling of surfing or snowboardingg

Altair Outlaw SE GPS Drone with Camera


The Outdoor SE Drone makes a great birthday gift for a 17 year old boy since this drone comes with some great features. This drone has a GPS flight mode and high definition camera when taking aerial photographs. It is also loaded with easy to use and helpful features such as: A headless mode, altitude hold, One touch take off and landing, and 3 return to home functions.

  • A variety of flight modes
  • Range of 600 meters
  • High quality photographs
  • You have to re-calibrate the GPS each time you use the drone
What Makes This Drone Stand Out ?

The fact that this drone is easy to use for beginners with a good battery life and a nice quality camera making this a good drone for first time users.

Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle


If you are looking for a more practical gift for active 17 year olds then this stainless steel water bottle may prove the perfect gift for working out, hiking, camping, or simply going about their day. This water bottle comes in several colors, keeps hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours.

  • Sports cap with straw
  • No condensation
  • Some people say the bottle dents easily
What Makes this Water Bottle Stand Out?

Powder coating gives you better grip on the bottle

Cravebox Care Package 60 Count


Whether your boy is heading into college or finishing up high school they certainly enjoy their snacks which is what makes this Cravebox care package a great birthday or Christmas gift. Snacks range from salty to sweet, fruit snacks and even a few healthy snacks giving them a variety of munchies to help keep their energy up.

  • Snacks for every taste bud
  • Gift Package option
  • Some people wish they had a choice of snacks
What Makes this Care Package Stand Out?

It is possible to order a monthly subscription of these snacks.

Fitbit Watch


Looking for the perfect gift for a 17 yr old guy who is into health and fitness? Young men can track their sleep patterns, heart rate, calories burned and more. Cool enough to wear as a watch.

  • Long battery life
  • Easy to read display
  • Alarms are available
  • The wrist band could be better
What Makes this Fitbit Watch Stand Out?

The GPS feature lets you track your fitness in real time.

Nike Tanjun Sneakers


Name brand footwear makes excellent gifts for teens boys and these Nike sneakers are perfect for sports or simply for day to day wear. These shoes come in several sizes and a wide choice of colors making them a perfect gift.

  • Super comfortable
  • Stylish and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap foam inserts are disappointing for many
What Makes these Shoes Stand Out?

These shoes stand out because they have the comfort teens needs and the style teens want.

Philips Norelco Series 7000 Trimmer


An awesome gift for 17 year old guys, this Norelco Groomer can be used to shave the entire body. With 23 attachments and dualcut technology young men get the precision cut they want and need whether cutting their hair, shaving their face, or grooming their body.

  • 5 hours of run time per charge
  • Rubber grip helps guys keep a good hold on the groomer
  • Comes with a nose and ear trimmer
  • Trimmer guard can be finicky to put on and take off
What Makes this Groomer Stand Out?

The trimmer is water resistant making it easier to clean

Victorinox Swiss Army Rambler Pocket Knife


More than a pocket knife this Swiss Army Rambler has a total of 10 tools including a wire stripper, screwdriver, Scissors bottle opener and more. This knife is great for camping, hiking or making small home repairs on the fly.

  • Made of high quality steel
  • Small and compact
  • Can’t take on planes
What Makes this Knife Stand Out?

The compact size of this knife lets you carry in your pocket comfortably

Beats Pill Portable Wireless Speaker


This portable bluetooth speaker is small enough to carry in a backpack. When charged, this speaker can last 12 hours making it the perfect gift for teens on the go who love music.

  • Speaker can charge other devices
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Nice rich sound
  • Some units quit charging after few months of use

Lego Star Wars Yoda


With millions of Star Wars Fans around the world this Lego Star Wars Yoda is sure to make an ideal 17 yr old boy’s gift with 1771 pieces this Lego model is sure to be a fun and challenging build.

  • Model looks quite realistic when finished
  • Movable parts are neat
  • Smaller than expected when completed
What Makes this Lego Model Stand Out?

This Lego Yoda stands out due to it’s realistic looks once it is put together.

Bluetooth Beanie Hat


A great winter gift for any teenage boy, this beanie hat with built-in headphones is perfect for music lovers. The bluetooth features allow you to connect the beanie to your headphones so you can listen to music while keeping your head warm on those cold winter days.

  • Can make hands free calls using this beanie
  • Up to 5 hours of battery life
  • Beanie may be baggy on some heads
What Makes this Headphone Beanie Stand out?

This headphone beanie stands out because young men can exercise in cold weather keeping their heads warm and listening to music.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker


Since this speaker wirelessly connects to your bluetooth device young men can listen to their favorite tunes while they shower. The powerful suction cup allows you to attach speakers to any flat surface.

This speaker produces great sound and even lets you answer phone calls.

  • 50 feet range between your device and speaker
  • Great battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Not super durable
What Makes this Shower Speaker Stand Out?

The powerful suction cup makes this speaker ideal for any flat surface in your shower

GoPro Hero5


What 17 year old boy wouldn’t want to get a GoPro Hero5 for a Christmas or graduation gift. With the Hero5 they can take stunning 4K videos while mountain biking, kayaking, swimming or taking part in other fun activities.

The single button control makes using the Hero5 easy to use.

  • Waterproof up to 33 feet
  • Can send video footage directly to your cell phone
  • Video stabilization for smoother videos
  • There have been some video issues at times
What Makes the Hero5 Stand Out?

It is easy to change settings using the small 2 inch display screen

Beef Jerky Snack Pack


The excellent gift idea for any teenage boy who likes to snack, this Beef Jerky snack pack makes for a tasteful treat. With flavors such as Hickory pepper, Honey pepper, Maple pepper, original, Teriyaki and more. This snack pack comes with 12 individual 1.5 ounce packages in their own reusable cooler.

  • Cooler bag with handle is great for traveling
  • Meat snacks which most young men love
  • The Jerky is saltier than many people expect
What Makes this Beef Jerky Stand Out?

The reusable cooler makes this a gift that can be used time and time again.

Proraso Vintage Gift Set


This Proraso Gift set is a cool gift idea for 17 year old guys with sensitive skin. The 3 creams in this gift set can help reduce irritation when the young man is shaving leaving their skin feeling healthy and well groomed.

  • Each cream comes in a full size container
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions for use
  • Some users seem to have an allergic reaction to the cream
What Makes this Proraso Gift Set Stand Out

This is a limited version of this product and the vintage design is really cool.

Champion Hoodie


What teenage boy wouldn’t want to get a great Hoodie as a gift? This Champion hoodie is great looking and very stylish and will be worn again and again.

  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Very comfortable
  • Great Length
  • Not as well made as previous Champion Hoodies
What Makes this Hoodie Stand Out?

The wide variety of colors means you can give a sweatshirt in the teens favorite color

3D Basketball Lamp


This 3D basketball shaped lamp will add a cool lighting effect to any teenage boy’s room. With 16 changing colors this light is either powered by 3AA batteries or a USB cable.

  • Nice bright light
  • Really adds a nice touch to room’s décor
  • This light is smaller than some people thought it would be
What Makes this Basketball Light Stand Out?

A Nice bright light adds a great effect to the overall room’s decorations.

Casio G Shock Digital Sports Watch


This sports watch makes a great stocking stuffer for any sports minded teen. This watch can measure net time, split time, 1st and 2nd place, auto calendar and much more.

  • Can read watch even in the dark
  • Water resistant
  • Seems to be quite scratch resistant
  • The Small size of this watch is disappointing to some
What Makes this Watch Stand Out?

The price of this watch combined with its variety of functions makes this watch a good choice.


If you know a teenage boy who is into gaming then a pair of gaming headphones may be an ideal birthday or Christmas gift. These headphones are compatible with most if not all gaming systems.

  • Good Noise Cancellation
  • Comfortable for hours of play
  • Durable
  • Some users had problems with the mics working
What Makes These Headphones Stand Out?

This is a high quality gaming headset with excellent sound quality and built to last.

Hunting Bow


Whether that teen on your gift list is an avid hunter or simply is looking for a bow for target practice or archery competitions this high quality wooden bow is great for both beginners and advanced bow hunters. This bow can be used by both left and right hand bow users.

  • Drawback weight selections range from 15 to 55 pounds
  • Good quality bow
  • String wears down overtime
What Makes this Bow Stand Out?

This bow has brass bushings that allows you to add upgrades over time allowing you to increase both accuracy and skill.

Segway Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter


A fun gift for any teen guy is a Segway Ninebot. This fun form of transportation has a great battery life and with an IP54 rating this Segway is waterproof. Great for cruising around a college campus, park or just around town.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to operate
  • Goes up to 10 mph
  • Poor customer service if something goes wrong
What Makes This Segway Stand Out?

This Segway stands out because it is a fun and useful form of transportation for shorter distances.

3 Piece KettleBell Set


Any high schooler who is into sports and fitness will love getting this kettlebell set as a Christmas or birthday gift. It comes as a set with 3 Kettle Bells weights of 5, 10 and 15 pounds. This kettlebell can be used by a growing teen for a variety of different exercises and 15 pounds should plenty for most kettlebell type lifts unless your son is very big and very strong.

  • Stable base
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of room
  • Can be somewhat noisy at times
What Makes this KettleBell Stand Out?

The handles of this kettlebell are made out of heavy duty material that is both wide and comfortable to grip meaning it’s more durable so it should last for years of use.

Lightning Reaction Reload


This Lightning Reaction Reload game makes a shockingly fun gift for older teens. This game consists of 4 handles connected to a base. Press the center of the base and a red light comes on and music plays, when the light goes green players hit the button on their handle. The last person to hit their button receives a shock. This is a favorite game of teens as it tests their reactions and their nerves.

  • 3 different shock levels are available
  • Improves social skills
  • Some of the plastic parts are not as durable as expected
What Makes this Game Stand Out?

This game provides a lot of laughs for teenage boys and gets them away from the video games for a while.

Calvin Klein Chinos


A cool pair of chinos always makes a stylish gift for 17 year old guys since they all seem to live in chinos day in and day out. These chinos come in several colors and sizes and most young men like the fact that they are a name brand.

  • Great looking and stylish pants 
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Some users don’t like the fit
What Makes These Chinos Stand Out?

These pants stand out due to their classic style and nice looks, which makes them a hit with most teens.

Star Wars Lightsaber


Teens who are Star Wars fans will love this collector quality lightsaber with a stand. They love the realistic lights and sound effects of this light saber. You do need 3-1.5 AAA batteries for this sword.

  • Durable metal hilt
  • Nice bright lights
  • Can Use Up Batteries Quickly
What Makes this LightSaber Stand Out?

The stand that comes with this light saber allows teenage boys to put the saber on display in their room.

Apple Smart Watch Series 3


This Apple Smart Watch makes the perfect Graduation gift for a 17 year old boy. This is a great watch a teen can wear when showering or swimming, see text messages, do challenges with friends and make hands free phone calls.

  • This is a great watch for an on the go teen
  • Looks great on the wrist

Some Watches are difficult to pair up

What Makes this Apple Watch Stand Out?

This watch comes with interchangeable bands and you can add Apple Care that may help you save money should the watch need repaired.

Murtoo Men’s Leather Bracelet


Leather bracelets make trendy jewelry for many young men these days and this leather bracelet by Murtoo is a combination of several layers of leather with braided rope and a magnetic clasp. The bracelet comes in about 4 different sizes and in either black or brown.

  • Masculine and classy looking
  • Can get magnetic extensions to make the bracelet slightly longer
  • The magnet is not as strong as some people think it should be
What Makes this Leather Bracelet Stand Out?

The leather is soft and supple feeling and the bracelet can be worn both for casual and dress.

Colster by Yeti


This individual drink holder is designed from quality stainless steel with double walled insulation that keeps hot drinks hot longer and cold drinks cold longer. This Yeti holds 12 ounce cans and bottles.

  • Rust proof
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fits in most cup holders
  • Tends to fit soda and beer cans better than bottles
What Makes the Yeti Stand Out?

The Yeti is great for keeping drinks cold at the beach or when traveling in a car.

Lego Arc De Triomphe


This 386 piece Lego building set makes a great gift for any teenage boy interested in architecture and building sets will be thrilled to receive this kit for a gift since it gets teens up close and personal with features of this iconic building.

  • Comes with informational booklet about the Arc De Triomphe
  • Encourages imaginative thinking
  • This model is smaller than some people hope
What Makes This Building Set Stand Out?

This Lego Architecure building set has educational value for any teen who enjoys building.

Buyers Guide to Finding Great Gifts for 17 Year Old Boys

If after reading through our list of fantastic gifts for boys aged 17 you are still uncertain about which gifts to buy for the young man in your life then this buying guide may be of some help.

Consider the Young Man’s Interests

The number one tip for purchasing gifts for 17 year olds is to really consider their interests. If the young man is into fitness, then fitness equipment or a gym membership may be the type of gift they will appreciate. If they are into sports then look into sporting equipment, If they love the outdoors, then fishing or camping equipment may make a great gift and so on and so forth.

Encourage the Teens Natural Instinct to Socialize

Teens have a natural drive to socialize with friends so you can choose gifts such as board games and other items that will allow them to have fun times with friends.

Consider Where the Teen is in Their Life

A teen who is starting college in the next year will have different needs than one still in high school. Those that have an after school job may have different wants than someone who doesn’t work after school. So when choosing gifts for 17 year old boys it can depend on their individual station in life as well as their interests and needs.

What Are Great Christmas Gifts for a 17 Year Old Boy?

If you’re buying an xmas gift for a teen guy of this age you’ll want to consider their interests and all the fact that it’s winter and if you get them a gift for use outdoor they’ll likely have to wait months to use it. 

Boys this age like drones, Bluetooth speakers and even sports stuff if they’re an athlete on one of their high school sports teams!


What is a Good 17th Birthday Gift Idea for Boys?

17th birthdays aren’t that different than Christmas. Teens of this age like things like gaming, unique and tasty snack packs or even a complex Lego set such as the Lego Architecture set we covered in this article.


What Are Unique Gifts for a Seventeen Year Old Boy Who Has Everything?

If you’re buying for that seventeen year old boy who seems to having everything then you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle when it comes to gift shopping. That’s why we covered many unique gift ideas any boy of this age would love.

Below you can see 3 cool and unique ideas that most boys of this age will love!

Final Thoughts on Cool Stuff for 17 Year Old Boys

So there you have it! We hope our list of some cool gifts for teen boys aged 17 has helped inspire you in your gift shopping and ultimately get that guy you’re buying for an awesome gift whether he’s your son, grandson, best friend, nephew, cousin or boyfriend!

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