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50 Cool Middle Names for Boys: Unique Baby Names

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The same name that some parents give their boys as first names, may be given as a middle name by other parents. While there is no hard and fast rule normally if a child is given a short first name the middle name tends to be longer and vice versa. In other cases if the first name is of medium length then the middle name may be of medium length as well. Here is a look at 50 cool middle names for boys.

Middle Names for Boys

Good Boys Middle Names

If you are looking for a unique baby boy middle name for your coming son then here are 50 great male middle name ideas to choose from.

1. Blake

Blake is a name that has a nice ring to it and means “someone who is dark haired or has a dark complexion.” The name is considered to be of old English origin. The name Blake blends well with quite a few first names.

2. Grant

The name Grant means “one who is great or has big achievements.” It is of French-Anglo origin and is a take on the word Grand. Grant is a nice strong name that will beef up any first name it is paired with.

3. Rhett

Rhett is a name that is Welsh in origin and means “fiery.” In the United States many people choose this name after the famous character in “Gone with the Wind.”

4. Luke

Luck is a Greek name that is said to mean “a person who comes from Lucania,” however, many parents choose the name since it comes from the Bible.

5. Reese

Reese, like the name Rhett, means “fiery” and is an old English name. This is a middle name for boys that seems to go well with some of the more common first names such as Thomas or Andrew. Reese can also make a great one syllable middle name for girls.

6. Trey

Trey is an old English name that originally meant the “number 3.” While this boy middle name can easily be given to the third child in the family it can actually be used for any child.

7. Cash

The name Cash is believed to be a shortened version of the name Casper. It is an English name and means “one who is wealthy.”

8. Grey

Grey is of English origin and is actually based on the color gray. It makes for a nice sounding middle name that goes with most first names.

9. Judd

Judd is a name of Hebrew origin and the name means “one who is worthy of praise.” This name is old fashioned and has a reliable sound to it.

10. Lane

Lane is a name of English origin which simply means “path or roadway.” The simplicity of this name makes it a middle name that should go well with almost any first name.

11. Clark

Clark is a name with a nice ring to it. The name is of English origin and actually stands for one who clerks. Clark is also a common last name that makes a great first name.

12. Drew

Drew is a name of English origin and means “one who carries a weighty load.” Drew could also be a shortened version of Andrew.

13. Heath

The name Heath sounds like the hero from a romance novel. The name is of British origin and means “one who lives on or very near the moor.” (Can’t you just picture a tall, dark brooding man strolling across the moors deep in thought!)

14. Finn

Finn is a name of Irish origin that means “one who is fair.” The name itself seems to be a name filled with good humor and laughter.

15. Seth

A name of Hebrew origin the name Seth means “one who is placed or appointed.” The name Seth seems to have a sense of calm about it.

16. Neil

A name that is Gaelic Neil means “passionate.” So if you are looking to give your boy a middle name that may instill a love for life into him then Neil may be a good name to choose.

17. Zane

A name of Hebrew origin, the name Zane means a “gracious gift from God” This would be a great middle name for a boy whose birth had been hoped for a long period of time.

18. Troy

Troy is an English name based on the ancient city in Greece and means “strong and brave.” While Troy isn’t the most common name it isn’t so unique to make a new parent shy away from the name.

19. Jace

Jace is a Greek name the meaning of which is “to heal.” In the US Jace can also be a nickname for Jason.

20. Wade

Wade is a name of English origin and it simply means “someone who crosses the river.” The name Wade has easy fill to it.

21. Damon

The name Damon means “to tame or gentle” and is of Greek origin. This name appears in many stories of ancient Greece.

22. Devin

A name of Irish origin, the name Devin means “Bard or Poet.” The name may be great to be bestowed on a child that you are hoping will have an artistic bent.

23. Noel

Noel is an English name derived from a French name and simply means “Christmas Season.” This is a great middle name for any baby boy born in the month of December. Noel is also a popular girls middle name!

24. Byron

Byron is a name of English Origin that has a sophisticated sound to it. Ironically, the name means “Someone who lives near a cowshed.”

25. Quintin

Quintin is a Roman family name that literally means “the fifth.” The name was traditionally given to the fifth son in the family, but today the name can pertain to any child regardless of the order in which they are born.

26. Noah

Noah is a Hebrew name associated with the Bible. The name means “ One who is calm and quiet.” The name has a solid sound to it, which may be appealing to many prospective parents.

27. Caleb

A name of Hebrew origin Caleb means “One who is like the heart.” You can almost picture a baby who is given Caleb as a middle name will grow up to be a kind and loving person.

28. Cody

The name Cody means “One who is helpful.” and although the name is of Irish origin it brings to mind cowboys of the old West.

29. Ryder

Ryder is another name that sounds like it is straight out of an old west novel and this name in fact, is actually of American origin. However, it is said that this name means “ Like a Knight.”

30. Denver

Denver was originally a name of French origin and referred to someone who came from “Anders.” However, when American parents choose Denver as a middle name, they may be naming their son after a city in Colorado.

31. Gavin

Gavin is a Welsh name and means “white hawk.” Although Hawks are considered birds of prey and have a fierce reputation some hawks are also quiet and gentle.

32. Jared

Jared is a Hebrew name and has two meanings. One meaning is “Sweet and loving like a rose.” and the other meaning is “descending.” Jared is a very strong sounding name that will go well with many first names.

33. Leo

Leo is a name of Latin origin and means “strong as a lion.” This short name combines well with longer names and has a nice ring to it.

34. Dezi/Desi

Dezi is also a name of Latin origin and it actually means “To be filled with yearning or sorrow.”

35. Drake

Drake is a name that means “dragon” and is of middle English origin. The name bestows a certain fierceness on the male carrying this as a middle name.

36. Trevor

Trevor is a Welsh name that means “one who lives on a large settlement or homestead.” The name has a sophisticated sound to it and goes well with short strong first names.

37. Tyson

Tyson means a “strong and fiery person.” The name is English and is not overly common nor so strange as to turn potential parents away from choosing the name for their boys middle name.

38. Damien

Damien is a Greek name and means one who “tames” The meaning of this name suggests a person who has a strong personality and a firm command of situations.

39. Boone

The name Boone means “a blessing” and is one of those names that is of French origin, but brings forth thoughts of strong and independent men who were the early frontiersmen who settled the United States. Quite possible because the name is associated with the famous Daniel Boone.

40. Wyatt

Wyatt is another name of French origin that has come to remind most people of cowboys of the old west. The name Wyatt means “brave warrior” and seems to be the name of a person you can depend on.

41. Tait

The name Tait is of Greek origin and means “Happy and Cheerful.” One might expect a boy with the middle name of Tait to be a joy to be around and someone who will keep others smiling.

42. Ian

Ian is a name of Scottish origin and means “God is gracious.” Ian is a pleasant sounding name that will go well with a number of first names.

43. Dakota

Dakota is a name of Native American origin and means “friend or ally.” It is also another name that brings thoughts of the old west to mind.

44. Guy

Guy is a name of German and French origin and simply means “wood” or “wide.” Guy is a name that is simple and fun and will match well those incredibly long first names.

45. Edgar

Edgar is an old English name that means “fortunate and powerful.” It also means “wealthy spear.” Edgar seems to be a name that has a sense of reliability about it.

46. Sage

Sage is a name of French origin and means “wise one” or “the spice of the prophet.” This name seems to have a bit of western flavor to it like so many other names on the list.

Sage is also a flowering herb making it a fantastic flower name for boys.

47. Logan

Logan means “hollow” and is a name of Scottish origin. The name has a strong sound to it and makes a good middle name or even a great first name.

48. Rowan

Rowan is a name of Irish origin and means “tree with red berries.”

49. Crew

The name Crew is of Welsh origin and means “Fortress by the water.” The name is unique enough to appeal to parents who are looking for a slightly different middle name for their son.

50. Hunter

Hunter is a name of English origin and simply means “One who hunts.” The name is both interesting and has a certain strength to it that makes it a name that has been increasing in popularity.

Final Thoughts on Splendid Baby Boy Middle Names

If you are looking for a cool middle name for your upcoming baby boy maybe one of these 50 boys middle names will hold some appeal.

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