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Here at Pigtail Pals we set out to create something special, to make us stand out from the crowd. More specifically to stand out from all of the other toy review sites that simply make long gift lists without putting any real thought in to them. We set out to save moms and dad time on something that stresses them out, something that is a time suck and make it a fun experience instead!

This something is finding gifts for your kids and to help make this a better experience we have created some amazing gift guides split up by boys and girls and toys for ages 1 to 12 years old. Yep, that’s a ton of gift guides so every parent is certain to find something their child or young adult will love, no matter how old they are or what their interests are.

In doing so we decided to keep our guides short and sweet including only the highest rated toys and practical stuff for older kids so that you can quickly and easily take a look through our site and get ideas, even if they are just that, ideas that stimulate further thought and ultimately better gifts and a more a enjoyable birthday or holiday time for you kiddo.

Children have a such a wide range of interests that it’s nearly impossible to cover all types of toys so we encourage you to use our guides as a starting point in your research and not an ending point, unless of course you find that perfect toy your son or daughter will love. In that case we suggest you double check that it’s appropriate for their age and remind yourself of their interests and then go for it if everything matches up!

We have included all types of typical gifts below and even some unique gift ideas for children who seem to have everything, so go on ahead and get started and find the best gift for your child no matter their age!

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