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31 Best Toys & Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys in 2022

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If you’re trying to find the best gifts for your 7 year old son, we know it can be quite a difficult challenge. Boys this age are often enjoy so many different kinds of toys that it can be confusing trying to find the ones that they’ll love the most and play with for more than a few short months.

If this is you then there’s no need to panic anymore because we’ve researched what the top toys for 7 year old boys are and included a complete gift idea list below. All of the main details, advantages, and even the disadvantages to these popular gifts can be found right here.

At this age, a Lego set, ride on toy or something that gets them to start to develop on interest in sports (like a baseball glove, a bat or even a football) would be a great idea for your son!

Our List of the Best Toys for 7 Year Old Boys

So if you have a growing boy and you need to find him a great gift have a look at the list below where you’re sure to find something he loves. Also, if you’re still stumped by the end we’ve included a buyer’s guide section to further help you come up with more ideas on your own.


Lego Robot Building Kit


With an impressive total of 840 pieces available, you can be sure that any boy will have a blast assembling this robot building kit. Since there are so many pieces available, kids will feel like it’s their new after school project which can help them develop their ability to focus better.

Boys may need a little help to completing this so it can make for a great opportunity to spend quality time with your child and teach them how to work with others.

This unique robot includes a Bluetooth Low energy feature for connectivity, two motors that are encoded, a button for activation, a built-in sensor, and light.

The sensor words to pick up motion, color, and distances, which is pretty awesome! We liked how the software included is easy to use as it implements a simple drag and drop coding system.

  • High-tech features available
  • Can be prone to falling over easier than expected
What makes this option stand out?

This is a high-tech toy that includes sensors, Bluetooth, lights, and coding motors. All of which can be easily accessed and used to play with it in unique ways.


Ride On Toy by Rollplay


Boys have been having a blast riding around on this toy due to how they can make super sharp turns by twisting their body from one side to the other. The design of this toy is pretty unique and lets boys be involved in controlling to be more active.

We liked how they’ve included handlebars on either side of the toy. These are excellent for providing your child with safety and stability while riding around. A red flag it also available so that your child is always easy to spot.

  • 6 mph top speed
  • No assembly needed
  • Some find the toy is delivered in a damaged state
What makes this stand out?

There are pedals in the foot well that kids can easily access with their feet. These pedals can be pressed to cause the toy to slow down so that kids can come to a safe stop.


Baseball Practice Set


This is another fantastic present for boys who play baseball, or are interested in it. It comes with a net, stand, and training ball that provides your son with the ability to work on their striking abilities.

The stand can be adjusted in height between 27.5 and 44″ to make it suitable for your child’s height. We also liked how the net has a marked out center. This is because it provides boys with something to aim for. As a result, they’re able to work on improving their accuracy.

  • Develops coordination & motor skills
  • Encourages exercise
  • Builds strength
  • The tee could be more durable
What makes this stand out?

Parents have been pleased to discover that this set is easily portable. You can simply fold it down to a more compact size and fit it into the carrying bag that’s included. This lets you take the set to different places for your child to practice.


K’NEX Building Set

K’NEX’s kit comes with a total of 705 pieces which includes a range of connectors and rods which all fit together in a specific way. Since there are so many parts, you can be sure that they’ll be occupied for hours.

Kids are given the freedom to make all kinds of structures and shape. Therefore, it’s an excellent gift for encouraging them to play imaginatively. There are also rotors, wheels, tracks, and wings available.

  • Super interactive structures
  • Encourages creative play
  • Lots of tiny pieces that could easily go missing
What makes this option stand out?

Children love being able to make a wide range of structures using the 705 pieces available. We were impressed with how they can implement things like wheels and rotors into their creations too. They’re incredibly interactive and help kids be more creative.


Simon Memory Game


This memory game is an updated version of the traditional game that was created in the 80’s. This version features a fantastic LCD counter which you can use to keep track of the score. It works by flashing various sequences of lights. You then have to try and repeat the sequence that you saw correctly. It is fantastic because it’s visually stimulating and helps them to recognize different sequences.

Moreover, their memory abilities are challenged, which helps it to improve over time. We liked how the difficulty of the sequences increases with each right answer. We liked how there’s a multiplayer mode as it enables children to play in groups. As a result, their social skills and ability to play fairly in groups is improved.

  • Develops memory recall
  • Improves sequence recognition skills
  • Great for group play
  • No volume control available
What makes this option stand out?

This game manages to combine fun and some excellent cognitive skills in one. Kids are able to develop their memory recall and sequence recognition abilities.


LEGO Ninjago Master Falls Kit


This LEGO kit is a good gift for 7 year old boys who are fans of the movie. There are 312 pieces available to build which provides your son with plenty to be stimulated by for hours.

Once they’re done, children can play with the jungle bridge, hidden cave and skeleton, opening cage, tropical leaves, and other accessories. We liked how they included 3 toy figures which kids will recognize and love playing with.

They include Kai, Master Wu, and Jungle Garmadon. Children love using these mini figures to re-enact scenes from the movie.

  • Promotes imaginative play
  • Enhances problem-solving abilities
  • Some parts feel a little too delicate
What makes this option stand out?

This could be the perfect present for a seven year old boys who loves Legos. Building this boosts their creativity and develops crucial cognitive skills.


Flexible Flyer Metal Snow Disc


This metal snow disc is made of high quality powder coated Bethlehem steel and has rope handles for your son to hold onto as they spin and slide down snowy hills or sand dunes. This disc is sure to last years with proper care making it a great value and a fun toy for any child.

All in all this is a good Christmas gift for 7 year old boys that will make them feel cool when sleding with their friends!

  • Much more durable than plastic saucers
  • Goes really fast
  • Dents easier than expected
What makes this stand out?

This metal snow sled is a durable fun sled for kids. In addition, many people have used one of these sleds to make Captain America shields for their kids.


37 Key Electronic Piano


This 37 key piano comes with an LCD screen, an adjustable sound control, and comes complete with 128 tones and rhythms as well as 4 drums and 5 song tunes. This is a great musical toy for kids because it allows them to explore different sound and musical combinations, helps them develop fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination, and the use of two hands at the same time engaging both sides of their brain.

  • Extremely nice for the price of the piano
  • Good for learning simple songs
  • One customer complained that the piano broke after the return period
What makes this stand out?

This small piano offers young children a chance to experiment and explore the world of music in their own way, while providing them hours of fun.


LEGO Robot Toy


We liked how the eyes with thisLego robotlight up in a bright green color. This is visually stimulating and develops their color recognition skills. Furthermore, we were impressed with how the eyes can track and move its body according to what it’s looking at.

They can position the arms and claws in various positions to have more creative freedom over how they play with it.

  • Improves color recognition skills
  • Highly interactive
  • Smaller than some were hoping for
What makes this option stand out?

The movement and glow-up eye features make this robot incredibly interactive and fun.


Turbo Bot


Turbo bot is a speedy little remote control robot that even has a turbo speed switch to make him move even faster. This robot has a voice command system you can use to make him spin and dance and even explore the world around him. You can also record someone talking or record and playback a message of your own. This is a fun way for 7 year old boys to explore the educational world of robotics while having a fun toy to play with.

  • Easy for young children to use
  • Does more than most people expect
  • Talks about body functions which many people dislike
What makes this stand out?

Kids love remote control toys and they also love robots so to combine the two is sure to make most young children happy. This robot is made for young children so that they can learn the basics of remote control operations and how robots function.


Premium Ring Toss


This ring toss game is a game of skill that is easy for young school age children to learn the rules. This game comes with both plastic and rope rings, and allows children to play with other players of different ages, making this a great family game. This game can also help children improve their math skills as they add up their score.

  • Fun for all age groups
  • Great storage bag to keep the game safe when not being used
  • Rings are small making it difficult to score
What makes this stand out?

This ring toss game is easy to set up and to play helping children improve their hand/eye coordination and fine motor and math skills. A great game for the entire family.


Paint Your Own Turtle Stepping Stone


Let your child put their own creative imprint on your property by allowing your child to paint this turtle stepping stone to place in your garden on your walkway. This cement turtle comes with 12 bright paint colors making this turtle easy to paint.

  • Very vibrant colors
  • Encourages children to be creative
  • Some of the paints come dried out
What makes this stand out?

This stepping stone is a great project for young kids aged around 7, because it allows them to use their creativity to make a decoration for their yard that they can enjoy for a long time to come.


N-Strike Nerf Blaster


ThisN-strike Nerf gunallows boys to fire up to 6 darts in a row at a fast pace. Therefore, they’re able to keep up with the people they’re playing with. We also liked how the barrel can be flipped open easily.

It enables kids to reload the barrel conveniently and quickly. In addition to this, the distance that the foam darts can reach when shot from the blaster is 90 feet. So, it’s a great blaster for being used in more open spaces.

  • Hollow tip design
  • No batteries are required
  • Not as accurate as some were anticipating
What makes this stand out?

We liked how they’ve included a slam fire function that lets boys shoot all 6 darts at the same time. This is particularly useful when it comes to close range situations.


Baseball Glove & Foam Baseball


If you’re looking for presents for boys who play baseball, this glove could make for an excellent idea. It has been made with mesh fabrics which allow your child’s hands to remain breathable to stop them sweating.

We also liked how the materials feel soft. As a result, boys are able to wear the glove and feel comfortable. A ball is also included with this present. Therefore, your child has everything they need to improve their game.

  • Encourages active play
  • Range of colors available
  • Glove is a little larger than some were expecting
What makes this stand out?

The throwing and catching elements involved with this present make it effective at helping your son to develop their motor skills and hand eye coordination.


Mini Skateboards for Kids


This skateboard is 22 inches long and 6 inches wide and has 3 ¼ inch wheels. It comes in a whole bunch of different colors and is short enough that younger children can learn to ride. Riding a skateboard will help your son improve their sense of balance and coordination and provide plenty of fun for the driveway or the park.

  • Tough for a plastic made skateboard
  • Rolls well
  • Smaller than some people expected
What makes this stand out?

This smaller size skateboard is easy for younger children to control while they learn the fundamentals of skateboarding.


Junior Edition 5 Second Rule


This makes for one of the best gifts for a 7 year old boy that gets family and friends involved.

It works by reading out a card and coming up with an answer to it. However, you only have 5 seconds to do so! This is another game that encourages your son to think fast while under pressure. Due to everyone being under pressure to think of an answer, you can be sure to get some hilarious responses from people.

Furthermore, we liked how it helps boys todevelop their reading skillstoo. There are 400 questions available so you can be sure to have tons of fun on family game nights.

  • Improves social skills
  • Develops reading abilities
  • Encourages quick thinking
  • May be too simple
What makes this option stand out?

Since this involves reading from cards, children are able to develop their reading skills in a unique way. The answers tend to be silly due to the 5-second rule, which makes it incredibly enjoyable for all the family.


STEM Engineering Blocks


There are 361 pieces available to build with these blocks. Therefore, your child will be engaged for hours. However, this could also be a great opportunity for them to involve other people and build the set in a group. As a result, their social skills and ability to work in a group are both improved.

We liked how you can build multiple things includes planes and trucks. They’re a blast to build and kids like playing with them afterward. They’re great for stimulating your child’s creative side.

  • Improves social skills
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Users have nothing negative to say about this toy!
What makes this option stand out?

Parents love getting involved and building this with their kids. Playing with the toy cars is great for boys imaginative side.


LEGO Jurassic World


This building kit comes with an impressive total of 577 pieces. This provides kids with many different parts to construct. Once constructed it consists of a 2-seater cab that has a sunroof, a mobile control center truck, 2dinosaur figures, dinosaur eggs, and a stud shooter. In addition to this, there are also Franklin, Owen, and Claire mini figures which kids will recognize from the movies. They are awesome at encouraging your son to play with more creativity and re-enact the scenes that they’ve seen in the film.

  • Encourages creative play
  • The tail on the dinosaur is looser than some were expecting
What makes this option stand out?

Kids who love the Jurassic World films will have a blast building and playing with this.They’re able to play with plenty of imagination during the building process.


Space Shuttle Explorer by Lego


This includes 285 pieces, meaning your child will be occupied for quite awhile playing with it. We found this to be effective for improving their ability to concentrate.

Once they’ve constructed the set, they can play with a robotic arm, opening payload bay, a cockpit, and a satellite that has wings that can fold outwards. In addition to this, there is also an astronaut mini figure available.

As a result, you are able to enjoy this mini-figure and use it with what they’ve built with a ton of creativity.

  • Promotes creativity
  • Helps improve focus
  • Some find pieces are missing upon delivery
What makes this option stand out?

Boys who love anything to do with space will have a blast building and playing with this Lego set. Playing with it after building it is awesome for their creative side.


Blink Card Game by Mattel


This is agreat game for 7 year oldsthat involves trying to match up the cards to the two discard piles that are set up. These cards include colors, shapes, and numbers. Therefore, it’s awesome for improving your child’s number, color, and shape recognition skills.

The winner is the first one to use all their cards up. We liked how it involves quick thinking and lightning fast reflexes. It’s super stimulating for your child’s cognitive development.

Furthermore, the cards have been created with bright colors.

  • Develops colors, shape & number recognition skills
  • Improves social skills
  • Brightly colored cards
  • Cards can be prone to sticking together
What makes this option stand out?

This will have your child on their toes and improve their ability to think quickly under pressure. It’s also fantastic for improving their recognition skills when it comes to colors, shapes, and numbers.


Electronic Piggy Bank


This piggy bank that helps children to save their money and can also also be used to save a range of different items such a collectible cards and jewelry.

You can insert their coins into the top of the bank and put their notes into the side. There’s also a password feature which children can use to make their own code. This gives them a great sense of independence. Not to mention, it improves their memory as they have to remember the code every time they want to open it.

Furthermore, when you enter the password correctly, there will be a green light. If you enter the wrong code, a red light will show. This is a clear indicator that’s also visually stimulating.

The piggy bank can hold up to 100 pieces of paper money and 600 coin pieces. The materials used are also durable to ensure it lasts your child for years.

  • Improves memory recall
  • Visually stimulating lights
  • Gives a sense of independence
  • Some have difficulty resetting the pin
What makes this option stand out?

Kids have been loving how they can use this piggy bank to save their money. It’s a cool toy that encourages them to save money early on and develop a good habit.


Unique Solitaire Game


This Solitaire game has more than 200 puzzles available to solve. This makes it for improving your child’s problem-solving abilities. It’s also fantastic for improving their strategical thinking skills.

The aim of this is to try and decide where certain pieces fit to complete the puzzles. However, there are hundreds of possibilities available with only one answer being correct. We also liked how they’ve included a difficulty level feature. It ranges from basic to hard. Therefore, kids and parents can get together and have a great time.

There’s an illustrated book which provides you with the 200 puzzles. It can be easily carried around in the carrying case provided. Therefore, it’s a great game to take with you to keep children entertained on the road.

  • Develops strategic thinking skills
  • Travel-friendly
  • Setting it up can take time
What makes this option stand out?

Boys have been having a blast solving the puzzles available with this. It improves their problem-solving and strategic thinking skills. Parents have also been liking how it’s easy to take while on the road to keep your son occupied.


Kids Camping Set


This camping set comes with a range of 12 pieces that includes a tent, telescope,walkie talkies, a shovel, whistle, flashlight, and more. Therefore, boys are provided with everything they need to camp out.

The 2 wakie walkies that are included are a lot of fun for boys to use and play with other kids. This can lead to some pretty fun pretend play games that stimulates your boy’s creative thinking skills.

  • Compass teaches kids how to navigate
  • Can be a fun group activity
  • Encourages outdoor play
  • Walkie talkies can go through a lot of batteries
What makes this option stand out?

The space inside the tent is pretty large. Therefore, multiple kids can camp inside at the same time which can make for some fun sleepovers in the backyard!


Truck and Airplane 2 in 1 Building Toy


This toy comes with a total of 361 pieces. This provides your son with plenty of pieces to be occupied for a while. We liked the 2-in-1 feature as it enables kids to have more freedom with what they build. They can construct an airplane or a dump truck.

Parents have been glad to find that the materials used are completely free from toxins and are safe to play with. These materials are also incredibly durable which ensures they will last your child for years.

  • Encourages creativity
  • Safe & durable materials
  • May be too complicated for some
What makes this option stand out?

The 2-in-1 feature means boys have the choice to make a dump truck or an airplane. Once they’ve played with one of them for a while, they can dismantle it and build the other. This is great for their creativity and ensures they won’t get bored.


Magic Musical & Light Up Cube


The cube toy is a highly educational and fun, making it the perfect birthday gift for seven year olds. We liked how it plays music which included instruments such as the French horn, harp, flute, piano, and violin. It’s incredibly stimulating for your child’s audible senses and helps them to learn more about music.

We liked how the different sides of the cube light up with different bright colors according to the music that’s been played. Not only is it great for their visual senses, but it also helps kids to develop their color recognition skills. Not to mention, the bright light-up effects make the toy more fun to play with and promotes their imaginative thinking abilities.

  • Teaches about music
  • Develops color recognition skills
  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Some wish it had more songs
What makes this option stand out?

If you were looking for a gift to get your child interested in music, this could be the one. It’s super fun and encourages them to listen and learn about different instruments.


Hide and Seek Rock Painting Toy


This is one of the best toys for 7 year old boys to spark his creative side. Children love being able to paint and decorate the rocks provided. It gives them the chance to be completely creative and come up with unique designs. We liked how they provide you with all the equipment you need to be imaginative.

The supplies provided are also waterproof. Therefore, the decorations on the rocks will last for a long time. We also appreciated how all of the art supplies included are free from toxins. It ensures that your child will be completely safe while using the set.

You could also use this to get boys together to play with one another and paint. It could be a great way to get them more accustomed to playing in groups and being more social.

  • Encourages creativity
  • Can be fun to decorate in groups
  • Waterproof supplies
  • Some of the rocks provided may be too small
What makes this option stand out?

This is a different kind of gift that provides your son with a very creative outlet. They’ll love being able to paint and decorate the rocks in whatever way they like. It’s awesome for their creative thinking skills.


Piggy Bank with Password


This toy is great for your 7 year old son since it encourages them to learn the good habit of saving money from an early age. We liked how kids can create their own codes as it gives them a sense of freedom and independence.

The function of putting money is a lot of fun. For paper money, there’s a sensor which detects the notes and swallows the cash. Kids love watching this process and it helps them feel motivated to carry on saving.

We also liked how this piggy bank has 2 lights available. If you type in an incorrect code, a red light will show up. However, when you enter the correct code, a green light will show up. This is stimulating for your child’s visual senses and helps them to develop their color recognition skills.

The plastic materials used are also of a high-quality. Therefore you can be sure that it will last your child for years.

  • Encourages kids to save money
  • Stimulating light-up feature
  • Durable plastic materials
  • Some find the noises & music slightly irritating!
What makes this option stand out?

This can make for a great gift that will have benefits for years to come. Boys will feel more encouraged to save their money, which is a great habit to learn from an early age.


Rock ‘EM Sock ‘EM Robots


This toy includes two boxing figures which are colored red and blue. This color difference between the 2 is clear and helps to develop their color recognition skills.

The aim of it is to knock your opponent off their block by using the buttons available. Players have a ton of fun mashing the buttons as quickly as they can to beat their opponents.

We liked how this toy creates realistic sounds. It makes it more fun to play and is audibly stimulating.

  • Improves social skills
  • Develops color recognition abilities
  • Some are disappointed by the lack of sounds available
What makes this option stand out?

This is a classic toy that boys and their friends can have a lot of fun with. Since it requires 2 people to play, children are encouraged to use their social skills and improve their ability to play in groups.


Wilson Football


Boys who love to play and watch football would love receiving this as a present. We were impressed with how it comes with a tee.

This provides boys with a fantastic opportunity to work on their kicking abilities. In addition to this, they’ve included a pump with the set. As a result, you can be sure to always keep the ball well inflated for your son.

  • Encourages active play
  • Officially licensed NFL design
  • Needle on the pump could be stronger
What makes this stand out?

The PVC construction that has been used to make this football is fantastic at keeping it strong. Therefore, your child will be able to play with it for a long time to come.


Backpack with Fun Designs


Young boys have been loving the design of these backpacks as it includes things like vehicles, space, monsters, and more. We liked how the backpack is 15″ because it’s a great size for most 7 year olds.

They’re able to use it when going to school to keep all of their books and stationary safe in one place. There are zippered compartments to keep their items organized easily.

  • Comfortable padded straps
  • Top handle for hanging the bag easily
  • Doesn’t stay upright as well as some were hoping for
What makes this option stand out?

We liked how high quality 600 denier polyester materials have been used to make this backpack. It provides the bag with a lot of durability to ensure that it lasts your child for a long time.


Action & Contraptions Building Toy


The kit is a great option as far as toys for 7 year old boys goes. It that comes with a total of 105 pieces which provides boys with plenty of pieces to be occupied with building. We liked how they’ve included an instruction booklet to help you along the way. This is also awesome for helping children to improve their reading skills.

Furthermore, the pieces available can be used to make a wide range of things. The booklet includes 16 different building projects.

  • Improves reading abilities
  • 16 different projects available
  • The rubber bands don’t work as well as some were hoping
What makes this option stand out?

We liked how kids can make a total of 16 different structures using the 105 pieces available.


Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys
Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls
Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls
Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Top Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys

If you want to learn more about some of the major factors to take into consideration, as well as the benefits of playing with the toys mentioned in our review above, have a read through the section below.

Advantages of Playing with Toys

There are a number of fantastic benefits that you can experience from simply playing with toys. Since they’re having a lot of fun, improving crucial cognitive processes doesn’t feel like a boring task. As a result, they’re more inclined to develop these skills more often.

Let’s take a look at what some of these main advantages include.

Cognitive Development

Boys are at the stage in their lives where they’re refining and still developing their cognitive abilities. This includes everything from critical and strategic thinking, to fine motor skills and even coordination.

Many of the toys in our review offer children the chance to improve upon these skills while strategic games are also excellent for their critical thinking abilities.


Your sons ability to be creative at the age of 7 is incredibly important. Not only does it ensure that they’re able to have fun and be happy, but it also gives them the ability to think of more creative solutions to problems.

So, while your child is busy acting silly and having a blast, there is more going on that’s beneficial for them than you may think.

Social Skills

We’ve made sure to include gifts that encourage 7 year old boys to play in groups. This is because learning to cooperate and work in teams is a vital aspect that they’ll need later in life.

But instead of making it seem like a chore, it’s best to use games in order to make it more fun. Children will then be able to naturally improve their social skills over time while playing with others.

What to Get a 7 Year Old Boy for Christmas?

Christmas presents for boys can include a wide range of options. Hopefully, you’re able to narrow down the selection from our review.

However, we recommend going with a few specific types of gifts on xmas. For one, any type of board game that gets the family involved would be fantastic. Kids love spending time with their parents and siblings, so getting them a game that makes this happen more often will have them smiling from ear to ear.

Another great option might be something like a LEGO set that they can enjoy since it’s winter time and they will be playing inside A LOT for the next several months.

Really at the end of the day, anything in our guide would make a great present on Christmas except for outdoor toys since your son would have to wait until the spring to use them.

What to Get Your Son for His 7th Birthday?

Finding 7th birthday gifts for your son doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Simply take a look through the gift ideas in our review and zero in on the ones that you think they’re already interested in.

Finding something for them to play with on the day is always a good idea! We find that kids love to dress up in costumes on their birthdays. So, finding them a costume that they can run around in for the day is sure to be a hit. Plus they can keep it and use for Halloween next October!

Another cool option if your boy has anything but a winter birthday would be a ride on toy they can use to be more active outside! Boys also like robots, which we’ve included several options of in this guide.

What Are Unique Gift Ideas for a 7 Years Old Boy Who Has Everything?

If you’re struggling to find a present for your son because he already seems to have everything, you may feel like you’re in a tougher position. However, there are actually a ton of great unique gifts that you could give him.

We recommend unique stuff that include any arts and crafts. This is because they encourage kids to be more creative and develop their artistic sensibilities. As a result, whatever they create can last them for years and make them proud!

What Are The Best Types of Gifts for a Boy Age 7?

Boys like so many types of toys that it can be confusing so we’ve included a short list and details about the different types of gifts they love!

Board/Card Games

Gifts that involve cards and board games are a lot of fun for boys. This is because they bring friends and family together and they can create laughs all around. These gifts are also great if you’re looking for something to encourage your child to be more social and be able to play well in groups.

Building Kits

Any gifts that involve building things are sure to be a winner. Boys love being able to construct things and be focused on a project. It’s a ton of fun and improves their coordination, attention span, problem solving and motor skills greatly.

Not to mention, playing with their creations afterward is incredibly rewarding.

RC Cars

If you’re looking for a top gift for your 7 year old boy will love the an RC drift car would be a great option especially if there are multiples ones that they can race their friends with. Driving around RC cars is a fun activity that can get your son outdoors more often.

Piggy Banks

Piggy banks are a pretty unique gift idea for 7 year olds. We’ve included a couple of them in our review because we believe they teach kids to get in a good habit of saving their money. It gives them a sense of independence too as they can set the pass codes and use it as they please.


Costumes are gifts that boys absolutely love. It also gives parents the chance to snap some photos for unforgettable memories that can be talked about years later. Costumes also give kids the chance to create pretend play scenarios and let their imagination run wild.

Arts & Crafts Sets

Arts and crafts sets are gifts that your child cherish as they love being able to be creative and putting their artistic skills to use. They inspire children to be more imaginative and improve their ability to focus on projects.

Final Thoughts on the Popular Toys for 7 Year Old Boys

So, those were some of the best presents for your 7 year old son that are currently available on the market.

We’ve included a wide variety for you to select from. Therefore, you can feel confident in finding something that your son will love playing with. It may also be a good idea to check out our buyer’s guide section to get a better idea on how to narrow down your search.

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with all the information that you need to go and select the best options from our reviews above. Be sure to consider all the main features, pros, and cons before making a purchase.

Your child will have a ton of fun with any of the gifts mentioned above!

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