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10 Excellent Books for 7 Year Olds (Boys & Girls)

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The best books for 7 year olds will encourage them to want to read while having fun at the same time. Our list includes a wide selection of books to ensure that you can find the one that you think your seven year old boy or girl will enjoy and benefit from the most.

There are picture books, biographies, fact books, chapter books and even ones that inspire kids to be creative and make things.

Our List of the Best Reading Books for 7 Year Olds

Once you’ve had the opportunity to read our guide of the top books for 7 year olds, you may be interested in the buyers guide section that’s available afterwards. It includes more information on the recommended reading stages and ways that you can help your child to develop their reading skills.


World Map Book


This world map book can be a fantastic way to provide your little one with a fun way to learn about the countries around the world. We were impressed with how the book contains excellent illustrations.

These enable kids to have a visual aid while reading and learning about the different cities, animals, and historical locations around the globe.

  • Great paper quality
  • Inspires conversations about the world
  • Some found the book is too cluttered

Lego Bricks Idea Book


If your little one has lots of Legos, this book can provide them with a total of 365 ideas on different ways that they can use them. Children can read the book to learn how to use their Lego bricks for magic tricks, pretend play treasure hunts, and more.

With so many ideas included in this book, you can be sure that your child will be entertained for hours on end.

  • Colorful illustrations
  • Inspires creativity
  • Doesn’t included instructions on how to build the Lego sets

World Atlas Book


With a total of 6 chapters included, your child will be able to keep themselves engaged with reading this book for hours. they’re able to learn about different creatures, landmarks, and even shipwrecks.

The information throughout the book is accompanied by superb images that keep thing exciting.

Where on Earth?introduces brand new 3D maps to bring each and every page to life in unprecedented detail. This is the perfect reference to bag top marks in a school project, but if you’re keen to set off on an around the world trip, put away your passport and pick up this book instead.

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  • Easy to digest information
  • Good size for kids to hold
  • Some noticed that the information on Ethiopia needs updating

Legend of the Star Runner Adventure Book


If you were interested in finding a book for your little one that inspires them to think creatively, this could be a good choice. The book follows the story of Timmi Tobbson goes on a quest to save a friend, along with help.

Kids can have fun reading how Timmi follow the various clues that trace back in his family centuries back. We were impressed with how each chapter has a puzzle at the end for kids to solve as it makes them feel more involved in the story.

  • 31 chapters included
  • Visual clues available
  • Awesome illustrations
  • Some aren’t fans of the bad language in parts of the book

Klutz Airplanes Crafting Book


Your kids can have a lot of fun reading through this book and learning how to make a total of 10 different paper airplanes. We liked how the book features 40 sheets of paper that have various designs.

With 56 pages available, you can be sure that your kids will be able to keep themselves occupied with this book for a while.

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Inspires creative thinking
  • Some find the paper is damaged when delivered

Where’s The Wookie? Star Wars Book


Kids who love Star Wars can have an absolute blast reading through this book. It has been filled with 30 scenes from the Star Wars movies in illustration form for kids to look at to find Chewie.

The amount of detail that has been put into each illustration makes it super exciting for kids to flip through the pages.

  • Sturdy binding
  • Challenging for kids
  • Some notice the images are cropped when trying to find characters

National Geographic Fact Book


With the 5,000 facts book for kids children can keep themselves occupied for hours. We liked how the facts vary wildly from animals and sports to history and robots.

Along with the facts, the book also comes with some excellent images These images are bright and provide kids with a visual learning aid.

  • Makes learning fun!
  • Can inspire great conversations
  • Print could be larger
  • Some aren’t fans of the pages in the book that mention ghosts

Stephen Curry Book


This is a wonderful book based on the story of Stephen Curry, the NBA superstar. It details his life during school and how he came to make it into the NBA.

We liked how the message of the book can inspire kids to not give up. The story details how Stephen beat all the odds being told he was too short and weak, but still wouldn’t take no for an answer.

  • Fantastic illustrations
  • Great lessons throughout the books
  • Book is shorter than some were expecting

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I Am Amelia Earhart Biographical Book


We liked how this book is part of a series that details the story of a heroic character who faces the odds and doesn’t let it deter them. This particular book follows how Amelia Earhart wants to become the first even woman to fly a plane across the Atlantic ocean which can leave kids feeling super inspired.

  • Superb illustrations
  • Teaches children about history
  • Some find the story misses out important details of Amelia Earhart’s life

Questions & Answers Book


You can have fun reading this book with your little one by asking each other questions and testing each other on the answers. The book features 192 pages that cover a huge variety of topics from minerals and rocks to ancient civilizations and science.

  • More than 500 images included
  • Highly educational
  • Kids have been loving this book?

Buyers Guide to Choosing Age Appropriate Books for a Seven Year Old

After reading through our review section, you will have been able to learn more about what the top books for 7 years old girls and boys have to offer. If you wanted to discover more about how to pick the right book for your seven year old, the buyers guide below could prove useful.

What Stage Reading Should a 7 Year Old Be On?

At 7 years old, your child should be reading at levels 7 and 8. It’s typical for kids to reach Stage 7 when they’ve just turned 7 years old. When it comes to getting to stage 8, your child may be part way through being 7 years old or close to turning 8.

Can Most 7 Year Olds Read?

At 7 years old, your little one is still developing a wide range of skills with one of them being their reading and language abilities. You may have noticed your child using more and more words once they reach 7 years old.

Therefore, it’s pretty common for most 7 year olds to be able to read. Its encouraged for kids at this age to read due to the school system and how it can positively impact their understanding of language. However, your child may have some problems when it comes to pronouncing certain words.

How Can I Help Teach My 7 Year Old To Read?

One of the best ways to help your child improve their reading abilities is to encourage them to read out loud often. While your little one is reading, you can ask them questions about the story to develop their comprehension abilities.

The more your child reads out loud and is able to answer your questions, the more confident they’ll become when it comes to reading more challenging books and being able to properly understand the words and stories.

A great product you can use to help your child with reading is the Learning Dynamics Book set. It features 50 books that have been created to help your child develop their reading skills over time.

Kids can fill the books with what they’ve learned about reading and have fun with the range of activities that are included.

What is Our Top Book Pick for Seven Year Olds?

The Questions & Answers book is our top pick because of how it encourages your little one and you to read together by asking each other the questions and discovering the answers together. It’s superb for your child’s comprehension and enables them to learn about tons of facts about science, the weather, animals, and more.

Final Thoughts

So, that wraps up our review on what some of the best books for 7 year old boys and girls have to offer. Make sure that you consider the main features, pros, and cons of each book so that you feel more confident about the kinds of benefits they can offer to your child.

Hopefully, the details found in our review have been useful for helping you find the book that encourages your child to improve their reading skills while having fun in the process.

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