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12 Best Books for 1 Year Old Boys & Girls

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Once your child turns one year of age, they’ll start developing a variety of skills involving their movement and thinking abilities. Reading is one of the crucial abilities for your little one to learn and finding the best books for 1 year olds can be an exciting way to help them become more familiar with words.

It can be tricky trying to figure out which books are age appropriate for your infant, which is why we’ve put together this review. By the end, you’ll have a better idea about the different kinds of books that are available and how to pick the one that’s right for your child.

Our List of the Best Books for One Year Olds

In the list below, we cover the main details, pros, and cons of each book so that you can find the best books for your 1 year old boy or girl. If you were looking for further guidance, you can take a look at the buyers guide section that’s included after the list.


LeapFrog Learning Book


We liked how this books comes with fun characters that include a turtle, monkey, and tiger as it makes reading more fun for your 1 yr old girl. There are a variety of word categories included too.

These categories include food, animals, colors, vehicles, and more. Among these categories, your child is able to learn about over 100 words that have been picked by experts.

  • Interactive sound effects
  • Exciting lights
  • Pages can be difficult to turn

10-Pack of Board Books


With the 10 books included throughout this book, children are able to learn about a wide variety of topics while enhancing their reading skills. The book also features bright images that provide your little one with a visual aid.

  • Durable box set
  • Great images included
  • Smaller than some were expecting

4-Pack First Words Book Set


The books included in this set enable your child to become more familiar with first words. We liked how they’ve filled the book with awesome illustrations as they’re great for keeping your baby’s attention.While reading through the book, children can learn about colors and animals.

  • Great size for small hands
  • Sturdy design
  • Some would prefer if the flaps had more space to flip pages easier

Box Set of First 100 Words


With a total of 100 first words included in this set, you can be sure that your little one has plenty to learn from. Moreover, the books include a range of topics that let your child learn about colors, numbers, shapes, and animals.

  • Soft padding on the cover
  • Durable pages
  • Some notice duplicated words in the book

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes


This book included fantastic images that enable your little one to learn to read with the help of illustrations. The text in the book also has great rhymes that can make reading time more exciting.

  • Diversity included throughout
  • Easy for 1 year olds to read
  • Book is larger than some were expecting

25th Anniversary Edition of Guess How Much I Love You


One of the highlights from this classic book is the dialogue between a child and their parents. It’s a relatable story that your little one will have fun reading through and learning from.

This is a great book your little boy or girl will enjoy!

  • Great illustrations
  • Fantastic bedtime story
  • People have been loving this book!

Farm Animal Sound Book


This Farm Animals book enables your little one to have a super interactive reading experience due to how there are so many sounds available. Your little one can have a blast pressing the buttons and listening to the sounds that the book makes.

  • Teaches kids about animals
  • Great illustrations
  • Page material isn’t so durable

The Little Blue Box of Bright and Early Board Book Set


This Dr. Seuss book board set includes a range of stories that include Hop On Pop, the Shape of Me and Other Stuff, Ten Apple Up On Top, and more. Each book has excellent illustrations that ensure your little one has visual aid to have help while reading.

  • Box included for easy storage
  • Handle for portability
  • Smaller than some were anticipating

First Words Baby Book


Parents have been loving how this book provides their little one with an introduction to first words with the help of brightly colored artwork. There are simple sentences throughout that enable your child to start understanding sentence structures.

  • Flaps for turning pages easily
  • Great size for small hands
  • Binding of the book could be more durable

First Words Let’s Talk


A range of buttons are available with this book that enable kids to listen to different sounds from animals, vehicles, and different objects. It’s an excellent feature that makes reading time more exciting. When listening to the sounds, your child is able to start developing their speech when listening to the audio.

  • Develops coordination & motor skills
  • Improves auditory learning abilities
  • Some found the audio quality was lacking

Animal Sound Book


Your little one can improve their reading skills while having fun listening to the sound effects that are available. We were impressed with how they’ve included 30 animal sounds that lets kids listen to the sounds by pressing the buttons.

As a result, your child is able to learn about different animals while developing their reading and language skills.

  • Fantastic illustrations
  • Improves auditory learning abilities
  • Not as durable as some were hoping

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sing Along Book


With classic Disney characters including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and more, your 1 years old son or daughter can have a blast reading this book. This is especially since it comes with exciting sounds that aid your child when it comes to reading.

Having such an interactive experience can be an effective way to encourage your child to want to read more often.

  • Develops motor skills & coordination
  • Colorful illustrations
  • Batteries require frequent replacing

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Buyers Guide to Choosing Age Appropriate Books for 1 Year Olds

After having the chance to read through our review of the top books for your 1 year old boy or girl, you’ll be able to have an easier time when it comes to finding the one that you think is right for them.

The sections below provide you with more information on these books so that you can feel more confident about making a final decision.

What Makes a Good 1 Year Old Book?

At 1 years old, your child is in the process of developing a multitude of skills, one of which being reading. Therefore, it’s a good idea to find books that enable them to have a more interactive experience.

That’s why out review includes a variety of books that come with buttons for kids to press to listen to sounds and observe how lights turn on and off. These features, along with illustrations, also provide your child with a learning aid when it comes to reading.

When there are images, sounds, or light effects included, your child will be more likely to pay attention to the book. In addition to this, books that have a focus on first words and simple sentence structures are best to prevent your little one feeling overwhelmed.

What Level Books Should a 1 Yr Old Be Reading?

As a young toddler, your child will be at the stage where they can understand around 50 words or more. They also start to express themselves more with sounds and gestures and become more responsive when you speak to them.

Encouraging your child to start reading books is great for helping them feel more confident with words. However, it’s not until infants turn two year’s old that they start being able to understand sentences better and start asking questions.

How Can I Help My One Year Old Learn to Read?

One of the best ways to help your 1 year old learn to read is by reading to them and using sounds. Once you start reading to your one year old and implement different sounds, they’ll begin to respond and strengthen their understanding of language.

Placing the book in front of your little one and letting them see the pages is a great way to help them become more familiar with words, even if they’re unable to say them or fully understand their meaning.

Being sure to stay on top of reading on a regular basis is also important. It keeps your child in the good habit of seeing and hearing words more often.

Final Thoughts on Great Books for 1 Year Old Girls & Boys

Finding books that help your 12 month old become more familiar and confident with reading is incredibly important for their development. Hopefully, you can use the details found in our review and buyers guide to find the book that’s best for your child.

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