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Best Toys & Gifts for a 12 Month Old Baby in 2024

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If you’re a parent on the searching for the best toys for a 12 month old then you’ve come to the right place. Your sweet bundle of joy is about to turn one which means not only do you get to plan for their birthday but now you have to shop for gifts that fit for your little prince or princess. For parents, this can be a real chore.

At this age your boy or girl is likely starting to walk and getting into literally everything. You’re probably running around behind them constantly plucking things from their hands, getting them down from things they’ve found to climb on and pulling your hair out. So the right gifts for your 12 month old can truly save your sanity.

There are literally hundreds of toys on the market so finding the right one, or several can be an exhausting task. Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered.

Our Top Picks

Our List of the Top 12 Month Old Baby Toys

Below is our list of the best toys on the market to keep those tiny hands busy for hours. We’ve included the benefits of these 12 month toys as well as a buyers guide to help you make the most informed purchase possible. With these toys in your little ones reach you will finally have a chance to sit for more than five minutes, maybe have a glass of wine while you watch them play.


Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone


The Hape Pound & Tap Bench is the winner of the 2018 Cribsie Award for the Best First Musical Toy. With this multifunctional musical instrument, your kids can have hours of endless fun fetching balls as the pounding sends the balls rolling over. They can also pull the xylophone and play tons of wonderful music.

This is a great option for birthday or Christmas present because it develops fine motor skills such as dexterity, hand-eye coordination, manipulation and cause, and effect. It also encourages musical development and exploration.

The Hape Pound and Tap Bench is durable and safe, designed with water-based paint and a non-toxic finish.

  • Can pull the xylophone out and have it as a separate activity
  • Balls don’t fall through the holes easily requiring the child to press on them
  • Can hit the xylophone with the hammer or leave under the ball tray and hit the balls to fall onto the xylophone
  • Not in tune
What makes this stand out?

It can be hard to find a multifunctional musical toy of this design. The setup creates a fun way for your child to develop their fine motor skills while having loads of fun.


WolVol Musical Activity Cube Play Center


With six sides and fifteen different activities, this toy offers endless fun for your baby. The Wolvo Musical Activity Cube features rotating gears, musical notes and star buttons, and a ringing bell so your child can make their own music.

With so many fun things to do, it will not only promote creativity and learning but is designed to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination.

This is a popular toy for any little one because of the array of eye-catching colors and developmental activities designed to keep those little hands busy for hours. It operates on 2 AA batteries.

  • Sounds are not super annoying to the parents like most musical toys for little ones
  • There are tons of activities packed into this one little toy
  • Very durable and lightweight
  • Ear plugs are not included for the parents
What makes this stand out?

The fact that this toy has way more activities than traditional toys of its kind makes it stand out from the rest. Your child will literally be entertained for hours without getting bored making this the perfect present for a twelve month old girl.


TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube


Developing your child’s cognitive abilities is an essential part of development. With the TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube, your little one can have loads of fun while learning.

This toy features six different activities such as spinning gears, interactive clock, a shape shorter and more keeping your child busy for hours.

This is a great toy for any baby that meets all their developmental needs and is parent – approved.

  • Multiple activities designed to help with development and prevent boredom
  • Sooth polished edges
  • Durable quality
  • Shapes may to too small for some children
What makes this stand out?

This product stands out from the rest because of its design and ability to encourage essential development of your child’s cognitive and fine motor skills. It’s one toy with a number of possibilities.


VTech Touch and Teach Elephant


This adorable toy book features 16 interactive pages full of letters, shapes, and more surrounded by colorful pictures that are sure to catch your child’s attention.

With an easy carry handle, large colorful buttons, and over 150 song, melodies, and sounds are the perfect first educational gift. Early education is important to your babies development so introducing interactive toys such as this will keep your child occupied for hours.

  • Pages are laminated making them very durable for your rough and rowdy baby.
  • Lightweight and easy for little hands to hold and carry.
  • Switch has a hole for tiny fingers to easily turn on and off as they wish
  • Will randomly start talking and playing in the middle of the night if left on likely scaring the crap out of you.
What makes this stand out?

This toy is incredibly educational and loads of fun for any curious baby. There are hundreds of highly rated reviews for this toy making it the perfect option. Lights, sounds, and music to entertain your little one for hours.


VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight


What little kid doesn’t love a cool flashlight, I know mine do! With the Vtech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight, you’re baby will be entertained for hours. With over 50 sing-along sounds, fun phrases, and five changing light colors, this is the perfect flashlight for little hands.

Your baby will learn numbers, colors, and shapes while having a blast playing with the fun light features. The flashlight even interacts with your child by pressing the ladybug button

It comes in three colors, pink, green and yellow making it a top rated 12 month old toys. The Spin and Learn Color Flashlight is not too bright, but bright enough to have fun in a pillow for or evening play in the yard.

  • Color of the light changes as you turn the outer ring on the flashlight lens and tells your child which color is showing
  • Durable construction means it will withstand anything those little hands can put it though
  • Easy to hold in tiny hands and not heavy at all
  • If left on with will randomly start playing animal sounds from your child’s toy box a creepy animal sound at 2 am
What makes this stand out?

It’s a small toy with big features that are sure to fascinate your child for hours. It’s more than a flashlight, its a complete learning center in one handheld flashlight.


Baby Balance Bike


A balance bike is the perfect toy for those children learning to walk. It provides them with a fun way to improve their balance. This bike comes with a soft seat, enclosed wheels and 135 degree steering. The bike comes in a variety of colors and graphics and allows small children to enjoy their first ride on a toy.

  • Helps children improve their balance and strengthen their gross motor skills
  • Close to the ground so even if children fall they will not get injured
  • Some children tip over this bike easily
What makes this stand out?

Balance bikes help encourage children to strengthen their leg muscles and improve their balance making walking easier for those young children just beginning to walk.


Vtech Pull and Sing Puppy


Pull around toys have been around for ages and have always been a favorite among young children. The Vtech Pull and Sing Puppy is a playful puppy designed to build upon your child’s gross motor skills.

Pulling the puppy by its cord activates music and sounds. The puppy’s legs even move and the keys swing from its mouth. The nose lights up and flashes along with its voice and music sound to keep a babies attention.

This toy is recommended for children ages 6 months to 3 years and is built with durable materials to withstand the abuse your child will put it through all those fun-filled years.

  • Encourages the development of your child’s language, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills
  • New batteries last a very long time in this toy
  • Great toy that can be used by crawlers and walkers
  • Cord should be a little longer than it is
  • Has a small base which tends to cause the toy of fall over easily if pulled too quickly
What makes this stand out?

This toy stands out because of its many amazing benefits to your child’s learning. It gets your child moving and keeps them busy for hours. Not to mention you don’t have to clean up after this puppy!


Top Bright Toddler Race Track


This race track ramp comes with 2 launch pads. Simply put the cars on the ramp and watch them go from ramp to ramp. The cars are made from solid wood and are different colors with numbers painted on them. There is even a parking garage for storing the cars. You can use the cars to introduce your 12 month old to both colors and numbers.

  • Helps improve visual and fine motor skills
  • The garage storage is handy
  • Cons
  • Cars are small so parental supervision is needed until child quits putting objects in their mouth
What makes this stand out?

This car race track is small in size and is durable enough to withstand toddlers rough and tumble play.


VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop Toy


Let’s start with the fact that it comes with frustration free packaging. As parents, we can appreciate the fact that we don’t have to fight to get this toy out of is original packaging. The Baby’s Learning Laptop by Vtech features three modes of play. It teaches shapes, common objects, feelings and has adorable and fun music.

The keyboard comes with jumbo keys for little fingers and gives the look and feel of a real laptop. With over 90 sing-along songs, music, sound, and fun phrases, you’re little boy or girl will be entertained for hours.

It operates on 2 AA batteries that seem to last forever. Some parents say they only replaced the batteries once in a year.

  • Looks and feels like a real laptop to a baby with its keyboard, light up screen and a cute red mouse
  • Batteries last quite a long time for a toy with so many functions
  • Easy to hold, carry, open and close
  • Power button slides to the off position very easily which can be frustrating for little ones trying to have fun
What makes this stand out?

This toy stands out for several reasons but mainly for how educational it is and the fact that it seems so much like a real laptop to a baby.


VTech Smart Shots Sports Center


This 2 in 1 sports center is perfect for your highly active baby. The digital screen keeps score as your child scores goals or hoops up to 10 and plays encouraging sounds, phrases, and animations. You can restart the scoreboard with the purple slide lever.

There are various shape buttons that introduce not only shapes but sounds and numbers with over fifty sounds and songs. It comes with the basketball and soccer ball perfectly sized for little hands.

The Vtech Short Sports Center is designed for ages up to 3 years old and operates on 3 AA batteries which are not included.

  • 3 different volume modes; off, low and high
  • The toy will shut off after no more than 2 minutes of inactivity
  • Easy to put together and set up as most of the pieces just snap together
  • Smaller than most toys of this kind
What makes this stand out?

it’s more than just a sports center. It’s a complete educational experience for your child that allows them to learn basic counting, colors and songs.


Vtech Push and Pop Bulldozer


This Push and Pop Bulldozer is a great toy for a 12 month old who is walking. Children use the handle to push the bulldozer while they walk behind as the balls pop out of the chimney and into the bucket. As the child pushes on the handle it activates tunes that fun for toddlers. This bulldozer uses 2AA batteries.

  • A number of play options and buttons to push
  • Kids love being able to scoop of toys with the bucket
  • If a toddler walks to fast the balls go all over rather than in the bucket.
What makes this stand out?

This is a fun toy for babies that offers them some different play options. Pop and catch balls or scoop up other toys. Helps children to improve their gross and fine motor skills.


Little Tikes Rocking Horse Blue


This is a classic toy brought to you by Little Tikes. The Little Tikes Rocking Horse is perfect for indoors but also makes for a great outdoor toy for a 12 month old. The seat is specifically designed to prevent kids from falling backward off the horse while playing. It features easy grip handles and a maximum weight limit of fifty pounds.

Your child’s imagination will run wild as they “gallop” through your home. It arrives fully assembled and has smooth, rounded edges and comfortable design. This baby toy allows your child to learn balance and coordination through play.

Its sturdy construction and design make it completely safe for little ones who are on the go. It’s sure to keep your kids busy for hours to come.

  • High back on the seat allows the child to ride safely without the fear of falling backward
  • Perfect for backyard playground or indoor playroom
  • Lightweight so if by chance your child falls over there are no boo-boos
  • Seams where materials are joined together may require smoothing as they could potentially be sharp enough to scrape your child
What makes this stand out?

Many rocking horse toys are not designed for young boy or girls but this one is. It’s strong, durable and designed to keep your child safe during play.


Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset


Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset is an awesome multi-functional play center that helps your kiddo to have fun while giving them a safe, durable and enclosed place to play. You can easily transform the play center without tools to an open, two-sided play area or keep it enclosed to keep your tot in one place while you clean.

The play panel can also be adjusted to sit horizontally for sitting play. The play panel also detaches for taking along and features a bead tumbler, spinner with a mirror, gears, clicking buggies, and a large button that plays fun songs.

There is a crawl through the archway, a cool shape sorter mailbox movable telescope and a working piano. Your child can even open and close the window’s shutter that allows for a ball drop flower pot. You will need 2 AAA batteries which are not included with this toy.

  • A toy full of adventurous activities to keep your little one occupied for hours
  • Grows with your child allowing them to enjoy it for several years
  • Easy to assemble with no tools
  • As your child grows they will become more able to climb over this toy and possible fall or get stuck
What makes this stand out?

The Little Tikes Activity Garden stands apart from the rest because of its unique design. You can place your child inside to play while you take care of house chores, or you can open it to allow for all-around mobility and fun.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car


What kid doesn’t love a fun car? The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car is one of the perfect toy on this list. Your baby will stay busy inside and out of this car with music, lights phrases and lots of hands-on activities. Honk the horn, open and close the door and turn the steering wheel just like a real car.

It features Fisher-Price’s Smart Stages technology which encourages your child to sit, crawl, pull-up, stand and moves all around it. Smart Stages also has three levels; level 1: Explore, Level 2: Encourage, Level 3: Pretend.

It features over 75 sing-along songs, tunes, phrases as well as an interactive dashboard with lights and busy activities.

  • Sturdy and very interactive
  • Highly entertaining keeping your child busy for hours
  • Fun for children between 6 months and 5 years of age
  • Volume tends to be lower than most toys
What makes this stand out?

When shopping for a toy that can grow with your child, it’s hard not to notice this one. Its amazing design is sure to be the perfect present for your little girl or boy, keeping them entertained for hours.


VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


The interactive Vtech Sit to Stand Walker encouraged two of our children to be walking well before their first birthday. It features a removable play panel which is perfect for babies who are not yet crawling but loves grabbing things and pushing buttons.

Add the play panel back to the walker when your child starts to sit up. The wheels lock so the toy will remain stationary while they sit and play. When your child is ready to stand, they have something to pull themselves up and stand to play.

Unlock the wheels and watch as your child starts walking in no time. It does require that you be nearby when they first start walking because they’re legs are a bit shaky and they can lose their balance, pulling the toy into their lap as they land on their bottom.

  • The rubber band on the wheels keeps the walker from going faster than they can walk
  • Both the walker and the play panel are lightweight and easy for your child to maneuver
  • Grows with your child from 3 months to 3 years of age
  • Lightweight design makes it easy for little ones to knock over when they are just beginning to walk
What makes this stand out?

This toy stands out and makes the list because it grows with your child, encourages mobility and offers tons of interactive features. There are over 70 sing-along songs, sounds, and phrases designed to keep your active baby busy for hours and years to come.


LeapFrog My First Learning Tablet


If your baby is anything like mine, they are constantly grabbing my phone and pressing everything they can on the screen or drooling all over it. The LeapFrog My First Learning Tablet is designed to look, feel and perform just like a real phone or tablet. This will keep your baby off your devices, guaranteed!

Pressing the buttons or sliding your finger across the screen creates a fun light show for your baby. Every action performed on this tablet create unique patterns with the lights, colors, and sounds.

Your child can play with the apps as if it were a real tablet. Music mode gives your child the opportunity to create their own musical masterpieces or simply listen to a wide range of songs and melodies.

  • One solid toy, so no worry about losing parts
  • Built strong, durable and drool-proof
  • Each button has its own features creating hours of entertainment
  • If left on it will randomly start playing music and making sounds in the middle of the night
What makes this stand out?

This toy stands out for the simple fact that it is going to keep your child distracted for your devices for a very long time. It’s like their own personal tablet that can withstand the beating they are definitely going to put it through.


HOMOF Baby Toys Musical Learning Table

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


The HOMOF Musical Learning Table is a complete early education music activity center. This learning table offers a beautiful start to music, colorful images, and sounds to draw kids attention to exploring.

Rotating the colorful gears with play an array of beautiful music. Lights on the horse will flash with the music sparking curiosity and encouraging color recognition.

Built safe and durable to withstand intense play and comes with a 90-day manufacturer warranty. It uses 1.5V AA batteries that are not included.

  • Start baby off playing on the floor and add the legs as your child learns to stand
  • Remove the legs and tie it to the bed with included straps
  • Portable and easy for your child to carry
  • Hard to clean between the buttons
What makes this stand out?

It’s hard to find baby toys that actually grow with your child. This table can start off as crib play and adjust to when your child starts standing or walking.


VTech Musical Rhymes Book


This simple yet fun interactive book has tons of features that make it the perfect present for your girl or boy. The Vtech Musical Rhymes Book has big, easy to turn pages and comes with six classic nursery rhymes.

Your child can build their fine motor skills by twisting and turning the fun play pieces and learn over forty songs, melodies, sounds and phrases. There are five colorful buttons that make various sounds such as guitar, drums, maracas, violin, and horn.

The bright pages and light up star flashes with the sounds played from the buttons pressed keeping your child’s attention for hours. It is the perfect early learning toy. Its recommended for ages 6 months to 3 years.

  • Comes in multiple color options
  • Small and easy for little hands to hold and handle
  • Adjustable volume
  • Songs do not have words, just music which seems to be a turn off to some parents
What makes this stand out?

There are many things that make this toy stand out but the biggest factor is that it keeps your child engaged for hours while being small enough to take with you on the go.

Popular Picks

Buyers Guide to the Best Toys & Gifts for 12 Month Old Boys & Girls

We know that searching for the perfect 12 month baby toys can be frustrating. Their personality is just starting to develop so it’s hard to know what they want and what they’re interested in.

Your baby is newly mobile and exploring everything around them. Everything is new and exciting to them, so getting toys that spark curiosity and tingle their senses is always your best bet.

Popular Types of Toys

There are various types of toys that are designed to help babies this age further develop their cognitive abilities. Early education starts at this age so finding toys that focus on basic numbers, colors, shapes, and letters is a good place to start.

Ride On Toys

There are several benefits of ride on toys for 12 month girls and boys. These benefits include encouraging physical activity, exploration and independent play, builds confidence, and sparks creativity. There are also some great ride on cars for babies, if you’re child isn’t ready for the toddler options.

Educational Toys

Educational toysare extremely beneficial because they teach problem-solving and learning using cause and effect.

They also develop fine motor skills, nurture creativity, imagination and teach little ones to play with others through compromise and sharing.

Musical Toys

Babies this age love rhythm, music, and songs. Because of this, they benefit greatly from musical toys. Musical toys encourage memory, comprehension, and creativity.

Studies have shown that music affects the development of children on many levels including physical, emotional, and intellectual development.

Toy Cars

Pushing toy cars around helps with development of physical skills through play. They develop stronger organizational skills as they sort through cars during play, as well as the development of emotional intelligence through sharing cars with their peers.

Role Play

Role playing baby toys greatly impact a child’s imagination at any age but is more effective on children twelve months and up because they are starting to develop their personalities. Role Play toys enhances language development, strengthens creativity, improves social skills, and allows for self-expression

Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys make a great option for toddlers, especially stuff that gets them more active and developing physically. Specific gifts toddlers love include things such as a slide, swing set or even a jungle gym.

Final Thoughts on the Top Toys for a 12 Month Old

Hopefully, with this review of the best toys for twelve month olds, you are able to find the perfect toys for your little one. Take all the features, pros and cons of each toy into consideration to find the perfect present for your boy or girl.

The buyers guide section is available to help you make the best decision in your purchase. It is our hope that all the information provided give you everything you need to make an informed purchase and choose the best option for your baby.

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