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Best Kids & Toddler Slides to Play With in 2020

Are you searching for children’s indoor slides? If so, you’re in the right place as we’ve researched, reviewed and created a guide of what the top slides for kids are and what they have to offer.

Finding the slide that’s right for your child can not only make it super fun for them but it can also have some wonderful benefits that improve their creative thinking, balance, social skills and more.

Being able to set up these slides indoors is a great benefit during winter or scorching summer days times when the weather isn’t suitable for outdoor play. Meaning you can still keep your little one entertained and active regardless of the weather conditions.

At the same time when you some fantastic spring weather most slides can handle the wear and tear of being played with outside.

Our List of Top Rated Toddler & Kids Slides

After the review section below, you will find a buyers guide that includes more details surrounding the different types of baby and toddler slides along with the benefits that they can offer your little one. You can use the buyers guide at the end to feel more assured on which slide to pick for your child.

Little Tikes Indoor & Outdoor Slide 


This slide is 3 feet long which makes it an excellent choice for children who are beginners. It’s not too long or scary for them to play with and kids can focus on having fun.

Parents have been liking how the slide can be folded down into a much more compact size. There are no tools required and it makes the slide easier to put away into storage.

  • Can be used indoors & outdoors 
  • Handrails easily snap into place 
  • Can improve balance & coordination   
  • Some of the edges are sharp     
What age is this recommended for?

18 months old to 4 years

Hide & Seek Slide By Little Tikes 


We were impressed with how a mini rock climbing wall has been implemented to this slide. This makes it more exciting for kids and toddler to climb to the top. It’s also easy to climb up so that kids can play independently.

The slide has also been designed to have a slight slope to make sure that kids can slide down safely and come to a stop without hurting themselves.

  • Crawl tunnel inspires creative play
  • Encourages kids to play in groups 
  • Light & easy to move     
  • Tends to only work best on carpet     
What age is this recommended for?

12 months old to 4 years old

Simplay3 Car Slide & Climb Set 


The Jeep design used to create this set comes with a ladder, slide, and a range of things for kids to climb and crawl through. Therefore, you can expect your little one to remain busy for hours.

We liked how up to 3 kids can play on this set at the same time. It encourages your little one to work on their social skills and come up with more creative pretend play scenarios.

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  • Bright colors
  • Rounded edges for safety
  • Side rails are easy to grip     
  • Some experience assembly issues     
What age is this recommended for?

18 months to 6 years

Step2 Sports Climber & Slide 


We liked how this set comes with a mini bball hoop as it provides kids with a different element to play with. While shooting into the hoop, your child’s motor skills and hand eye coordination can develop well.

Furthermore, the there’s a climbing frame for kids to get to the top of the structure where they can go down the slide. The stairs are easy to climb and the slide has a smooth design.

  • Crawl thru spaces available 
  • Encourages active play     
  • Not as sturdy as some were hoping     
What age is this recommended for?

2 years old to 6 years

Hopwin 3 In 1 Climber & Slide 


We liked how this set comes with a slide, a basketball hoop, and a swing. This gives your little one plenty of options to play with and keep themselves occupied for hours.

The slide has been made with a slight slope so that kids can come to a gentle stop at the end. Moreover, the stairs have a design that’s easy for kids to climb to the top and the rope for the swing is of a high standard to keep it durable for longer.

  • Non toxic materials 
  • No sharp edges 
  • Can develop motor skills & coordination    
  • No seat belt included with the swing     
What age is this recommended for?

3 years to 9 years old

Step2 Activity Climber & Slide 


Step2’s climber and slide is packed with activities that include steering wheels, a mini rock climbing wall, slide, a ladder, and crawl thru spaces. Therefore, kids can have a blast playing with this set for hours at a time.

Due to how much there is for your little one to play with, you can be sure that their creative thinking skills will come into play while they come up with exciting pretend play games.

  • Develops motor skills & coordination 
  • Encourages kids to play together     
  • Not as sturdy as some were hoping     
What age is this recommended for?

2 to 8 years old

Junior Little Tikes Slide 


This Little Tikes slide is an excellent choice for toddler boys as it has been made with a smaller design that’s less overwhelming for your little one to play with. The steps are wide which makes it easier for toddlers to climb to the top.

We also liked how the based has been made with a wide design to provide the slide with more stability. This makes it safer for your child to climb up the steps and slide down.

  • No tools needed for assembly 
  • Develops balance & coordination 
  • Can be folded down for easy storage    
  • Slide is a little steeper than some would prefer     
What age is this recommended for?

18 months to 4 years

LAZY BUDDY Basketball Hoop & Slide 


The basketball hoop and ball that’s included with this slide set enables kids to play with it in different ways. Throwing the ball into the hoop is awesome for your little ones hand eye coordination and motor skills.

We liked how they’ve designed the stairs with a design that makes it easier for young children to climb up without falling. In addition to this, there are two pads on the bottom for reinforcement and stability.

  • High quality plastic construction
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Simple to clean with wipes     
  • Top of the slide is a little narrower than some were hoping     
What age is this recommended for?

20 months old and over

Musical Bus Slide Set


Kids can have a blast with this set as it plays music for your little one to listen to while playing. Furthermore, they can honk the horn and listen to realistic engine sound effects.

These are all features that inspire children to play with lots of imagination and create their own pretend play games. Furthermore, the slide has a slight slope so that kids can land gently.

  • Water resistant 
  • Develops motor skills & coordination 
  • Brightly colored design    
  • Assembly can be tricky     
What age is this recommended for?

12 months old to 4 years

Costzon 4 In 1 Slide Set 


This set comes with a slide, basketball hoop, stairs, and crawl thru spaces. Therefore, kids can have a blast with this set for hours on end. Shooting the ball into the basketball hoop is excellent for your child’s motor skills and hand eye coordination.

In addition to this, there’s a space that kids can use for a variety of activities where they can be highly creative. The slide is also wide and smooth so that children can slide down it safely and comfortably.

  • Anti skid stairs 
  • Easy assembly 
  • Raised guard rails for safety    
  • Some were expecting it to be sturdy     
What age is this recommended for?

1 month and over

Bounce & Slide Set By Little Tikes 


We liked how this set comes with 2 slides on either end of the bouncing area as it enables multiple kids to have fun going down different slides at the same time. The bouncing area has mesh sides which work to keep your little one protected.

There are also stake anchors that you can use to keep the bouncer securely in place. The materials are also puncture resistant to keep the structure more durable for longer.

  • Repair kit included
  • Slides have safety side rails 
  • Storage bag available     
  • The included blower could be more durable     
What age is this recommended for?

3 years old to 8 years old

Top Picks

Buyers Guide to the Top Slides for Toddlers & Kids

Now that you’ve had the chance to read through our review of the best children’s slides that are available, you can be sure to find the one that’s right for your little one. If you’re still not feeling 100% on which one to pick, check out out buyers guide below to feel more confident about making a final decision.

What Are the Different Types of Slides Available Purchase?

While searching for child slides and reading our review, you will have noticed that there is a good variety of indoor / outdoor slides available. To learn more about what makes the various slides different from one another, check out the section below.

Bouncy Slides

Bouncer slides are incredibly fun for multiple children to play on at the same time. They usually come with everything that you need to have the bouncer blown up and set up securely.

Kids can have an absolute blast being able to bounce around and having the option to go down the slides.

Activity Centers

Activity center sets are not only fun but highly beneficial for your little one to play with. This is because they come with a wide selection of activities for children to interact and play with.

For example, there are sets in our review that include a hands on approach to playing with steering wheels and things to press. These activities are excellent for developing your child’s motor skills and hand eye coordination.

In addition to this, many of these children and baby slide sets have sound and light effects, as well as music. This makes it incredibly exciting for children to play with for hours on end.

Mini Slides

We’ve made sure to include a number of mini slides for toddlers and babies as they come with different designs to the models that are made for older kids. The base and steps available with mini slides are usually quite wide to make sure that your baby has plenty of stability.

Furthermore, the slides are shorter and have a more gentle slope. This ensures that your child can have a soft landing to avoid hurting themselves.

What Are The Benefits Of Kids Slides?

Toddlers and children can experience some fantastic benefits while playing with slides indoors and some of the benefits may be unexpected. Check out the benefits below to learn how your little one could make improvements to various skills while also having fun.

Active Play

One of the biggest benefits to these sets is that it encourages children to play more actively. They’re able to climb up the steps, crawl through various spaces, and go down the slide which is great exercise.

Social Skills

For the larger sets, multiple kids are able to play on it at the same time. This provides children and toddlers with a good opportunity to learn how to socialize in groups. This can have a positive impact on their ability to work in teams as they grow older.

Creative Thinking 

Another excellent advantage to play with these sets is that it can inspire children to think and play more creatively. This is more so the case among the sets that have crawl thru spaces and fun designs with more to look at and interact with.

Your little one can keep themselves entertained for hours by making up their own pretend play scenarios. Playing in groups with other children is superb for encouraging even more creativity.

Final Thoughts on Our Favorite Children’s Slides

That wraps up our review on the best kids and toddler slides that you can use indoors. Many of the options can also be used outside to provide you with more choices when it comes to where you want to have it set up.

Make sure to consider the main details, pros, cons, and age recommendations of each slide. We hope that you can put the information from our review and buyers guide to good use to find a indoor our outdoor slide that your little one can have lots of fun with.

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