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Best Earbuds for Kids in 2024

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Are you looking for the best earbuds for kids to listen to their favorite music or take part in online classes? If so you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up some of the best options in our list below.

This guide will show some of the features of the very best earbud style kids headphones on the market today. You’ll also find out everything you need to know about choosing between the many different models on offer, so you can find a great pair of headphones for your little one.

Our List of the Best Kids headphones and Earbuds

If you’re after a pair of headphones for your boy or girl simply have a look at our list below, by using our reviews you’re sure to save time when shopping!


Devil Horn Earphones (Best Overall)

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The first of our earbuds for kids are these fun and quirky devil true wireless earbuds. These won’t break the bank, yet they offer some pretty impressive features that your kids are sure to love.

These earbuds have active noise cancellation, so kids will be able to block out any unwanted noise – don’t blame us if they start to ignore you! They are also waterproof with an IPX5 rating, so they are splash-proof at any angle.

The buds are super light and comfortable, with three pairs of ear tips to ensure a snug fit for everyone. The battery life is very good – six hours on a single charge, and they can be recharged several times using the case.

  • Splash-proof
  • Very lightweight
  • Could easily be lost by children
  • More expensive than some other options
What makes this stand out?

The lightweight, true wireless design and active noise cancellation are impressive features usually found on more expensive models.


Cat Emoji Kids Earbuds (Close 2nd)

Another excellent pair of kids earbuds are these cute kitty-themed headphones. Coming with a choice of several different colors and styles, these are simply perfect for any young cat lover.

The in-ear headphones even come with a carry case to keep them protected when not in use. While the audio performance might not be the same as a $200 pair, these are more than worth it for the price.

You can control the volume output from the cable, so you don’t even have to reach for your device. Cat lovers are sure to be delighted with this cute, fun gift.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Adorable design
  • No volume limitation
  • Only compatible with 3.5mm headphone jack
What makes this stand out?

The cute and colorful designs are perfect for kids to express their personality – they’re great for children who love to stand out!


Unicorn Earbuds for kids

Another great pair of in-ear headphones with animal designs, this gift set is perfect for any little unicorn lover.

Not only do you get the earbuds, but the set also comes with a keychain and a small purse, as well as a gift box and gift card to make this easy to give as a gift to the special child in your life.

Whilst these don’t have noise isolation or hearing protection features, they do offer excellent audio quality. Kids can experience deep bass notes as well as clear, crisp trebles to ensure their favorite music always sounds amazing. The cable is designed to be tangle-free, which is a feature moms and kids alike are sure to love!

  • Cute gift set
  • All-round good quality sound
  • Lack of color options
  • Not volume limiting
What makes this stand out?

The set contains everything you need to make an excellent gift for any youngster who loves unicorns, and the sound quality is great, too.


LilGadgets Best Buds Headphones

Our next pair of kids headphones have a maximum volume limit to protect your child’s hearing. This means the volume level is lower than on adult earbuds, but the earbuds also have noise reduction so you can hear more detail in the music.

There are other kid-friendly features on these headphones, too. They have a tangle-free cable and are made from durable materials to withstand some rough handling from kids. And, they come with a splitter so another child can connect their earbuds, so both can listen to one device. They won’t need to have one bud each anymore!

  • Volume limited
  • Tangle-free design
  • Might not fit younger children
  • Some customers report they break easily, however, the company provides a replacement
What makes this stand out?

These volume-limited earbuds are safe for kids to use, and they come with useful accessories, including a carry case and a splitter.


JVC Memory Fom Earbuds

These are perhaps the most comfortable and best-fitting headphones a person can buy! The tips are made from soft memory foam – nicknamed ‘marshmallow’. This means they can be shaped to fit any sized ear.

They might not be volume limiting to protect against hearing loss, as they are designed to be enjoyed by the whole family.

These make great kids headphones because they come in a huge choice of colors – there is sure to be something here your child will love. And, the cord is designed to be tangle-free.

  • Loads of great color options
  • Very comfortable and fit just about any ears
  • Not volume limited
  • Slightly cheap plastic construction
What makes this stand out?

These earbuds are very comfortable thanks to the ‘marshmallow’ memory foam tips, which fit almost everyone.


L.O.L. Surprise! Earphones

Our next pair of headphones are sure to go down a treat with kids who love LOL dolls. Parents are sure to be popular after buying their kids these!

They might not have a volume limit or decibel limitation to protect little ones against hearing loss or hearing damage, but they do offer impressive 3D stereo sound.

These headphones are incredibly comfortable, and there are different sizes of rubber tips to ensure the perfect fit no matter what size your kids’ ears are. The wireless headphones are compatible with a wide range of devices, and your kids won’t be limited by the length of a cable.

  • Can be recharged five times with the case for 25 hours total playback
  • LOL Surprise theme is sure to be popular with youngsters
  • Can’t limit the volume levels
  • More expensive than some other models
What makes this stand out?

Kids are sure to be thrilled with the LOL Surprise design, and the sound quality is incredible, too. These would make a great gift for kids who love collecting LOL dolls and merchandise.


Voguish Headphones

Our final pick is a pair of wireless headphones that allow you to limit the volume levels to help prevent damage to your child’s hearing.

They have a comfortable, ergonomic design with a ‘hook’ to keep them securely in place. There are many controls on the cable, so kids can adjust the volume or pause their music so they can talk to someone.

The headphones are equipped with a microphone so kids can keep in touch with their friends, game online, or take part in online lessons. The back of the buds have magnets on, so they can stick together and not fall off when worn around the neck.

  • Designed to stay securely in the ear
  • Magnets help prevent the headphones from slipping off the neck and getting lost
  • Battery doesn’t last too long
  • Bluetooth range isn’t huge
What makes this stand out?

These ergonomic earbuds are sure to stay in place for as long as you need them to, and the overall sound quality is great for the price.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Headphones for Kids

Just like when choosing adult headphones, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure you get the best pair for your childs needs.

Choose the Right Earbuds for You

While we have picked out what we feel are the best kids headphones above, they might not be suitable for your child for some reason. So, do some research and think about the features that are important to you and your child along with safety considerations.

True Wireless Earbuds vs Wireless

You’ve probably heard these terms when describing earbuds, but what exactly do they mean? Here are the key differences between the two types of earbuds.


These earbuds don’t use a wire to connect to the device where the music comes from, but they are connected to each another with a cable.

True Wireless

On the other hand, true wireless earbuds are not connected to one another – Apple AirPods are an example of a true wireless design.

What’s the Difference?

True wireless buds have no wires meaning they can be more convenient. However, for children, they can be easier to lose, so they might not be ideal.

How to Pick the Best Earbuds for Kids?

There are loads of factors you can use to decide which are going to be the best headphones for your children. Here are some things you might like to look into.


If your considering whether or not earbuds for kids with volume control is important – The World Health Organization recommends that children don’t listen to music at over 85dB, which is why many kids headphones come with a volume-limiting function and is very important to limit.

Size & Material of Ear Tip

The ear tips should be smaller than on earbuds for adults to ensure they fit well into your child’s smaller ear canals. Make sure to choose a soft and comfortable material, such as silicone or foam.

Durability, Water Resistance & Quality

All parents know how careless children can be at times, which is why it is important to choose durable headphones for kids. If they will be used outside, it might be worth choosing water-resistant earbuds in case your kid gets caught in an unexpected downpour.

Wired vs. Wireless

If your child’s device has a Bluetooth connection, wireless headphones are probably more convenient. However, it is down to personal preference, and some feel the sound quality is slightly better when using an audio cable.

Hours of Battery Life

Bluetooth headphones need to be recharged between uses, but kids can sometimes forget to recharge their gadgets. So, it’s worth looking for headphones with a long battery life or true wireless earbuds with a charging case to quickly boost the battery on the go.

Active Noise Cancelation

If your child will be wearing their earbuds when they are studying, noise canceling headphones are the way to go. This will block out background noise and ensure your child can focus on what they are doing.


You might not want to spend hundreds of dollars on the latest, top-of-the-range headphones for your child, especially if they tend to lose or break their headphones quickly.

Sound Quality

Your child might not be looking for industry-leading audio quality, but they will probably notice if you choose the cheapest headphones on the market. Look for a good mid-range option to balance sound quality and budget.


Perhaps your child is looking for a headset to take part in online classes or for gaming with their friends. In that case, it’s worth investing in a set with a good-quality mic, so their friends can hear them clearly.

Cabled Backup

Some Bluetooth headphones come with a backup cable, so they can still be used even when the battery runs out.

Comfortable Fit

The earbuds should not cause earache or ear fatigue even after many hours of use.

Ear Tips

Look for a set of earbuds with different sizes of ear tips to ensure they fit as your child grows.


Which are the best earbuds for kids?

Our favorite in-ear headphones for kids are the devil earbuds, which were first on our list. We love these because they offer powerful sound with noise cancellation. And, they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The battery life is excellent, too.

Which are Better, Wireless or Bluetooth earbuds?

Bluetooth headphones might be more convenient, as kids don’t have to have their gadgets out when they are listening, and they also won’t get tangled up as they wriggle around!

Some devices don’t have Bluetooth, whilst others don’t have a headphone jack, so check your child’s device before making a choice.

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