Everyday Ways to Get Kids Engaged with Science

The importance of science for society and our understanding of the world cannot be ignored. UNESCO describes it as our “greatest collective endeavor”, and there is no time like childhood to develop a love for and an interest in the sciences. Likewise, successful STEM Education states “Studies have identified the elementary years as the period when students form their interests in STEM identities and careers—much earlier than many people probably believe to be the case”. As parents and careers, everything we can do to impact our children’s views of science positively is essential.

A poll by NPR found that nearly 25% of parents and careers do not believe their child’s school emphasizes science education enough. It is therefore worth considering what more you can do as a family to promote science and to encourage a love of the subject in your kids.

Some parents may worry about their child’s ability and whether scientific information is actually sinking in. However, research carried out by the Bay Area Discovery Museum, The Roots of STEM Success: Changing Early Learning Experiences to Build Lifelong Thinking Skills, brings together a range of studies of children aged ten and under. It finds that while younger children may not be able to sift through information and share it effectively, they can understand complex scientific concepts and draw valuable conclusions. Children can do more than we think, so it is our responsibility to provide them with the scientific experiences they need to maximize their potential.

The Benefits of Scientific Education in Childhood

The earlier you introduce scientific ideas and theories into your children’s lives, the more they stand to gain. There are a wide range of benefits that come from prioritizing scientific education.

These include the following:

1) Foster a Lifelong Love of the Sciences

Children are naturally explorative. They want to learn and discover new things. Tapping into your children’s natural predisposition for discovery and experimentation will help to set the ball rolling for a lifelong love of science. Classroom-based learning can have a positive or negative impact on children. So, the more foundations you lay, the better the chance of a positive outcome. Nurturing a positive attitude to scientific learning positions your kids positively for their future education.

2) Provide the Base for a Scientific Mind

Scientific and critical thinking is a valuable skill across all areas of life. Simple day-to-day activities give many opportunities to introduce scientific ideas and a scientific approach to thinking. Encouraging and directing children’s natural curiosity and bringing basic scientific vocabulary into play at an early age makes this feel more natural and intuitive for your children as they grow.

3) Enrich Wider Learning and Education

A good basis of education in science has many transferrable skills and opportunities. Children have the chance to develop and practice a wide range of skills and attributes. For example, as already mentioned, scientific language can help boost their vocabulary. Similarly, other core skills such as communication, collaboration, and perseverance are developed in examination and investigation-based tasks. Once your child shows an interest in any area of science, you can nurture and push this forward with additional support and wider-related activities such as reading and literacy tasks and math-based exercises linked to the science.

There are many different ways of introducing science in day-to-day activities or planning days out to engage your kids with the science all around us.

Proactive Ways to Get Kids Engaged with Science

It is possible to be overly regimented and to expect too much of young children. If you have a passion or interest, it is natural to want to share this with your children, but different approaches may be suitable for your children to help ensure they enjoy the process. Keep these points in mind:

Process over Results

Introducing scientific concepts and engaging your children in scientific tasks is more about the process than results and correct answers. There should be no pressure on children to perform, and while you want them to gain some scientific understanding, the activity itself is the focus. Focus on channeling their curiosity and building their investigative skills.

Encouraging Child-Led Activities

Early science education is all about giving your children the chance to explore. Organizing activities is great, but if things go off on a tangent and the kids want to explore something else, let them go with it. Providing the opportunity to learn and investigate in their own way is much more likely to be a success than rigid classroom-like activities.

There are many everyday ways you can bring science into your home and introduce it to your kids. One option is to buy them a simple science kit or one you can go all out with some of the wonderful ideas discussed below. 

1) Make a Mess

Children of all ages will delight in the chance to make a huge mess, and there are scientific ways of doing so. With a couple of shrewdly-selected materials, mess-making can become a scientific project and activity for kids of all ages. For example, the youngest kids can enjoy shaving foam play, giving them the chance to touch, feel and mold the foam. In addition, you can ask questions to encourage their scientific thinking, such as:

  • What does the foam feel like?
  • What shapes are you making?

You can make it even more fun and explorative by adding food coloring and looking at the paths the colors make through the foam. Kids will love the chance to make a huge mess.

Exploring the popularity of slime and the online craze it has generated is the kind of scientific project older kids will love. Making slime involves a range of different scientific processes. There are hundreds of recipes online as well as ready-made slime making kits that test the kids’ abilities in measuring and mixing. You can also use it as an opportunity to ask questions about the slime. What makes it slimy? What makes it gooey? These kinds of questions get the children’s scientific minds whirring!

2) Explore Water

Water play can be enjoyed from birth, and as children grow, you can begin taking a more scientific approach to things. A few toys, plastic bottles and a bowl full of water is enough to engage young minds and will prompt them to approach water from a new scientific angle.

Playing with water in its different forms helps children understand and get to grips with what it is and how we use it to determine our understanding of other materials. Water is the easiest way to introduce children to the concept of liquids, solids, and gases. As you freeze and boil water, you can show them how it changes into its different forms.

A bowl of water is also a fantastic way of teaching children about floating and sinking. Test different toys and objects and make predictions. Which will sink and which will float? You can also ask why and see who is right. With your water bottle, you can cut a few holes and test the speed of water trickling through. As the water levels drop, what happens to the speed of the trickle? These are just some ways you can make the most out of a day’s water play.

3) Build Ramps

A building activity always gets the kids excited, and structural engineering counts as a science. Building ramps is a chance to explore motion, gravity, and planning. You can build ramps from anything you like – LEGO sets, cardboard, or a dive in the recycling trash should be enough to get everything you need. Once made, get a ball or marble to roll down the ramp. Challenge the kids to use what they have to create a fast, smooth surface for the ball to roll down. See who can get their ball moving fastest and for added scientific value, let them record their findings with your cell phone. This creates even more opportunities for discussion and interest.

4) Count Electrical Objects

Give the kids a lesson in both science and history with the story of Benjamin Franklin. In 1752 Franklin made his scientific breakthrough combining a key and a kite in a storm. Definitely don’t attempt to replicate his work, but you could look around the home and see how many items require electricity to work. Explain to them the history of our understanding of electricity, Franklin’s work and also see if they can begin to consider life without any electricity at all! That will surely be a challenge.

5) Explore building designs on a neighborhood walk

Architecture is another area of science that could be a way to get the kids talking. Take a drive or walk around the neighborhood and look at the different buildings. Show them the differences between different types of structures. For example, skyscrapers rely on specific building elements to ensure they can withstand strong winds, and coastal properties are often built high to avoid waves. You can show them different types of structures, and after the walk or drive, you can replicate the structures you’ve found at home. Whether you take another dive in the trash, bring out the building blocks, or simply draw, the kids can create their favorite style of structure at home.

6) Play sports and discuss physics

Not all kids are sporty, but those who love the chance to get stuck in can also take a great scientific lesson from their endeavors. Ball sports are great for teaching the principles of physics and discussing ranges of motion. Different sports also allow you to introduce anatomical science and discuss the different muscle groups in action in various games. Baseball, for example, involves a range of different core muscle groups, including anterior deltoid, triceps brachii, abdominals, obliques, quadriceps and pectoralis major. While you may not want to list the muscles in action during a big game, it is a great way to start a scientific discussion while training or playing at home.

7) Look around you and explore nature

A walk in the country is a great learning opportunity as well as lots of fun. It’s the perfect way to introduce the kids to a wide range of different types of trees, plants, insects and animals. You can introduce them to your local and indigenous wildlife and compare this to different areas when you vacation or visit family. You may know of local nature trails in your area, and national parks are a great place to experience nature and find new types of plants and animals.

Something as simple as turning over logs or rocks in the park can be a great starting point for a science project. What creatures can you find? Do you know the difference between various types of bugs? Bright days are perfect for sunbathing in the yard and looking at the different clouds in the sky. Can you tell your cirrocumulus from your cumulonimbus?

8) Bring biology to life with a fruit and veg garden

If you have space in the yard, then give your kids the gift of gardening. It’s an excellent way for them to experience basic biology principles in action, and you can introduce a range of scientific concepts as the garden begins to grow. Whether you opt for flowers or vegetables, the kids have a chance to learn about photosynthesis and the lifecycle of a plant. You can also introduce meteorology and weather, with weather predictions and forecasts built into their gardening plan and how they plan to organize their garden.

9) Take time to understand medicines

Next time the kids have a cough or need paracetamol, take the time to look over the bottle and explain just how this medicine works. The chance to understand at an early age can spark an interest in this area for some kids, and it can also help to convince them that taking their medicine is a good idea. If they do show an interest in medical science, you can introduce further concepts such as vaccinations and their importance, how x-rays work and how the body can heal itself after many types of injury and illness. This could be your first step in nurturing a future medical professional.

10) Talk chemical reactions over soap making sessions

Practical experiments are always the most effective, and as you’re always asking the kids to wash their hands, why not give them a lesson in the history of soap? Written down, it doesn’t sound very interesting, but a soap making session is a great way to introduce some basic chemistry. Soap making consists of chemical reactions that can be great fun when taught. For example, bringing together fat or oil, water, and a choice of alkalis soap begins the saponification process. When you make your own, you can also discuss bacteria and how to prevent the spread, another great scientific message to get across. 

A lifelong love of science and developing a scientific mind is something you can foster from an early age. These are just some of the ways you can introduce scientific concepts to your kids before they even start school and help encourage scientific learning for later life.

15 Best Fake Press On Nails Your Daughter Will Absolutely Love

Little girls love playing dress up including experimenting with makeup, nail polish and even fake nails. Press on nails for young girls are fun to use and makes girls feel glamorous when dressing up for picture day or just for playing dress up.

To help you when shopping for fake nails set we have put together a list of the best fake nails for kids just below.

Tips for Finding the Best Fake Nails for Kids

If you are looking to purchase some cute fake nails for the little girl in your life then here are some tips that will help you to find the best nails available.

Our List of the Best Press-On Fake Nails for Kids


240-Piece Nail Art Set


This large fake nail set for kids comes with 10 boxes of short faux nails with each box containing 24 nails. These nails come in a number of different patterns and are pre-glued and press on nails that are easy to put on.


  • Kids love how these nails look when they are on
  • The designs in this set are extremely cute and colorful
  • Great variety of patterns that appeal to kids of different ages


  • Some people have difficulty getting these nails to sticks

What age is this recommended for?

These press on nails are best suited for children ages 5 years and up


120-Piece Children’s Press on Nails


This 120-piece nail set is made from toxic free high quality ABS material. The nails come in 12 different sizes. If the glue on your set isn’t activated then heat the nails with a hair dryer to reactivate the glue.


  • These nails are easy to put on and take off
  • The nails come in a variety of cute designs
  • You can mix and match the nails from the different packs


  • These fake nails fall off some children’s nails quite easily.

What age is this recommended for?

This nail set is recommended for children ages 5 years and up


Maity’s 120-Piece Press On Nails Set


This press on nail set comes in 5 separate boxes of nails with 24 nails per box. These nails come in 12 different sizes and are made from ABS plastic.


  • These nails come in cute designs
  • The variety of sizes makes it possible for these nails to fit different age children
  • These nails are easy to put on


  • The glue on these nails do not stick on well

What age is this recommended for?

These nails are made for children 4 years and up


144-Piece False Nail Set For Kids


This press on nail set for girls comes with 6 boxes of nails containing 24 pre-glued nails in each box. These nails are made from ABS material that is not easy to break. These nails come in bright colors and graphics.


  • These nails have bright and cute designs
  • Easy enough for young girls to apply themselves
  • Makes great party favors for girls


  • These nails do come off easily

What age is this recommended for?

These nails will work for many children ages 3 years old and up


Vivace 4-Pack Junior Sticker Nails


This sticker nail set comes with a total of 48 pre glued nails in a variety of colors and graphics. Just press on these nails and shape.


  • There is a good variety of nails
  • The nails in this set are really cute
  • These nails are good quality and can be worn more than once


  • You really need 2 sets of nails to do both hands

What age is this recommended for?

These nails are best suited for children ages 7 years old and up


Melliex 96-Piece Nail Set


These cute fake nails are made from lightweight ABS material. These are colorful press on nails that come in 4 patterns including colorful ice cream, hearts, fish and polka dots.


  • Easy to apply these nails
  • The quality of these nails is good


  • Nails come off too easily

What age is this recommended for?

These press on kid’s nail are best suited for children ages 5 years old and up


Cute Animals Designs Press On Nail Kit


These little girls press on nails come in a set of 10 boxes with 24 nails in each box. This set has cute animal designs such as cats, rabbits, foxes and bears. Made of ABS material.


  • These press on nails are bright colors and graphics
  • These nails fit children of different ages
  • Nails are easy for children to put on


  • These nails are not very sticky

What age is this recommended for?

These fake nails for girls are suitable for children ages 5 years old and up


Juniors Artificial Nails Kit


This 7-pack set of fake nails for girls come with a total of 84 nail tips in a variety of bright colors and fun designs. These are press on nails that are pre-glued with an adhesive.


  • These nails don’t bend or break easily
  • The designs are very cute and bright
  • The nails are easy to apply


  • There are not enough of each nail design for both hands

What age is this recommended for?

These nails are suitable for most children ages 4 years old and up


Beautia 3-Pack Kids Glue On Nails


This set of acrylic nails for tweens comes in 3 packs of french tip nails for a total of 72 nails in various sizes so that they will fit several different age children.


  • These nails are good quality for kids nails
  • The French tips with glitter are really cute and well done
  • These nails are easy to apply


  • Many of these nails don’t hold for an extended period of time

What age is this recommended for?

These nails are best suited for children ages 9 years old and up to 13 years old


120-Piece Pretty Glitter Press On Fake Nail Set


This 120-piece Glitter Nails Set is made from ABS material and comes in 24 different sizes and 5 different colorful designs. This set of nails are easy to trim and file making a perfect fit for young girls fingers.


  • These nails are well shaped
  • Cute colorful designs for young children
  • Can be reused


  • Some people feel that the adhesive on these nails don’t stick well

What age is this recommended for?

These nails are recommended for kids ages 5 years and up


Pink Flamingo Nail Set


This set of Flamingo nails for young girls are short and come in 9 small sizes. Made of ABS material these nails won’t break easily. These nails come in 3 different themes Flamingo, Unicorn, and Hamster.


  • Easy to use
  • These fake nails won’t damage your natural nails
  • Bright colors and cute designs


  • Some people have problems getting these nails to stick

What age is this recommended for?

These nails are recommended for children 5 years and up.


Townley Girl Disney Princess Nails for Girls


This set of Disney press on nails is great for little girls since they are easy to apply and you get your choice of 4 great themes including Frozen 11, Disney Princess, Minnie Mouse, or My Little Pony.


  • These nails are easy to apply and take off
  • Kids can mix and match designs
  • Great graphics that kids love


  • The adhesive does not hold well

What age is this recommended for?

These fake Disney nails for girls are recommended for kids age 6 and up


96-Piece Cute Designs Kids Fake Nails


This false nails set comes in 4 boxes of 24 nails each. The nails are extremely durable and flexible and come in bright colors with clear clean lines.


  • Easy to apply no mess
  • These nails have cute designs
  • The nails have wonderful clear colors kids love


  • The adhesive on these nails don’t stick well

What age is this recommended for?

These nails are best suited for children 7 years and up to 10 years old


60-Piece Mermaid & Glitter Nails


This Mermaid and glitter nails set for kids consists of 60 short disposable nails for children. The nails come in 4 cute designs and contain adhesive right on the nail.


  • Easy to use
  • Bright colors
  • Clear graphics on the nails


  • These nails don’t remain on the nails well

What age is this recommended for?

These nails are recommended for children ages 3 and up to 12 years old


Gradient Color Rainbow Children’s Fake Nails


These rainbow colored acrylic infused nails are designed to be long lasting and are perfect for little girls who enjoy playing dress up.


  • These nails come in great colors
  • Easy to apply because of self adhesive
  • These fake nails stay on the natural nails well


  • These nails are a poor fit for many young kids

What age is this recommended for?

This set of nails is best suited for children ages 6 years and up

Conclusion to Finding The Best Fake Nails for Kids

If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer, Small gift for a Valentine’s basket, or party favors for young girls who love fake nails then one of these nail sets may be just what you are looking for.

Best Earbuds for Kids in 2022

Are you looking for the best earbuds for kids to listen to their favorite music or take part in online classes? If so you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up some of the best options in our list below.

This guide will show some of the features of the very best earbud style kids headphones on the market today. You’ll also find out everything you need to know about choosing between the many different models on offer, so you can find a great pair of headphones for your little one.

Our List of the Best Kids headphones and Earbuds

If you’re after a pair of headphones for your boy or girl simply have a look at our list below, by using our reviews you’re sure to save time when shopping!


Devil Horn Earphones (Best Overall)

Product Currently Out Of Stock!

The first of our earbuds for kids are these fun and quirky devil true wireless earbuds. These won’t break the bank, yet they offer some pretty impressive features that your kids are sure to love.

These earbuds have active noise cancellation, so kids will be able to block out any unwanted noise – don’t blame us if they start to ignore you! They are also waterproof with an IPX5 rating, so they are splash-proof at any angle.

The buds are super light and comfortable, with three pairs of ear tips to ensure a snug fit for everyone. The battery life is very good – six hours on a single charge, and they can be recharged several times using the case.

  • Splash-proof
  • Very lightweight
  • Could easily be lost by children
  • More expensive than some other options
What makes this stand out?

The lightweight, true wireless design and active noise cancellation are impressive features usually found on more expensive models.


Cat Emoji Kids Earbuds (Close 2nd)

Another excellent pair of kids earbuds are these cute kitty-themed headphones. Coming with a choice of several different colors and styles, these are simply perfect for any young cat lover.

The in-ear headphones even come with a carry case to keep them protected when not in use. While the audio performance might not be the same as a $200 pair, these are more than worth it for the price.

You can control the volume output from the cable, so you don’t even have to reach for your device. Cat lovers are sure to be delighted with this cute, fun gift.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Adorable design
  • No volume limitation
  • Only compatible with 3.5mm headphone jack
What makes this stand out?

The cute and colorful designs are perfect for kids to express their personality – they’re great for children who love to stand out!


Unicorn Earbuds for kids

Another great pair of in-ear headphones with animal designs, this gift set is perfect for any little unicorn lover.

Not only do you get the earbuds, but the set also comes with a keychain and a small purse, as well as a gift box and gift card to make this easy to give as a gift to the special child in your life.

Whilst these don’t have noise isolation or hearing protection features, they do offer excellent audio quality. Kids can experience deep bass notes as well as clear, crisp trebles to ensure their favorite music always sounds amazing. The cable is designed to be tangle-free, which is a feature moms and kids alike are sure to love!

  • Cute gift set
  • All-round good quality sound
  • Lack of color options
  • Not volume limiting
What makes this stand out?

The set contains everything you need to make an excellent gift for any youngster who loves unicorns, and the sound quality is great, too.


LilGadgets Best Buds Headphones

Our next pair of kids headphones have a maximum volume limit to protect your child’s hearing. This means the volume level is lower than on adult earbuds, but the earbuds also have noise reduction so you can hear more detail in the music.

There are other kid-friendly features on these headphones, too. They have a tangle-free cable and are made from durable materials to withstand some rough handling from kids. And, they come with a splitter so another child can connect their earbuds, so both can listen to one device. They won’t need to have one bud each anymore!

  • Volume limited
  • Tangle-free design
  • Might not fit younger children
  • Some customers report they break easily, however, the company provides a replacement
What makes this stand out?

These volume-limited earbuds are safe for kids to use, and they come with useful accessories, including a carry case and a splitter.


JVC Memory Fom Earbuds

These are perhaps the most comfortable and best-fitting headphones a person can buy! The tips are made from soft memory foam – nicknamed ‘marshmallow’. This means they can be shaped to fit any sized ear.

They might not be volume limiting to protect against hearing loss, as they are designed to be enjoyed by the whole family.

These make great kids headphones because they come in a huge choice of colors – there is sure to be something here your child will love. And, the cord is designed to be tangle-free.

  • Loads of great color options
  • Very comfortable and fit just about any ears
  • Not volume limited
  • Slightly cheap plastic construction
What makes this stand out?

These earbuds are very comfortable thanks to the ‘marshmallow’ memory foam tips, which fit almost everyone.


L.O.L. Surprise! Earphones

Our next pair of headphones are sure to go down a treat with kids who love LOL dolls. Parents are sure to be popular after buying their kids these!

They might not have a volume limit or decibel limitation to protect little ones against hearing loss or hearing damage, but they do offer impressive 3D stereo sound.

These headphones are incredibly comfortable, and there are different sizes of rubber tips to ensure the perfect fit no matter what size your kids’ ears are. The wireless headphones are compatible with a wide range of devices, and your kids won’t be limited by the length of a cable.

  • Can be recharged five times with the case for 25 hours total playback
  • LOL Surprise theme is sure to be popular with youngsters
  • Can’t limit the volume levels
  • More expensive than some other models
What makes this stand out?

Kids are sure to be thrilled with the LOL Surprise design, and the sound quality is incredible, too. These would make a great gift for kids who love collecting LOL dolls and merchandise.


Voguish Headphones

Our final pick is a pair of wireless headphones that allow you to limit the volume levels to help prevent damage to your child’s hearing.

They have a comfortable, ergonomic design with a ‘hook’ to keep them securely in place. There are many controls on the cable, so kids can adjust the volume or pause their music so they can talk to someone.

The headphones are equipped with a microphone so kids can keep in touch with their friends, game online, or take part in online lessons. The back of the buds have magnets on, so they can stick together and not fall off when worn around the neck.

  • Designed to stay securely in the ear
  • Magnets help prevent the headphones from slipping off the neck and getting lost
  • Battery doesn’t last too long
  • Bluetooth range isn’t huge
What makes this stand out?

These ergonomic earbuds are sure to stay in place for as long as you need them to, and the overall sound quality is great for the price.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Headphones for Kids

Just like when choosing adult headphones, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure you get the best pair for your childs needs.

Choose the Right Earbuds for You

While we have picked out what we feel are the best kids headphones above, they might not be suitable for your child for some reason. So, do some research and think about the features that are important to you and your child along with safety considerations.

True Wireless Earbuds vs Wireless

You’ve probably heard these terms when describing earbuds, but what exactly do they mean? Here are the key differences between the two types of earbuds.


These earbuds don’t use a wire to connect to the device where the music comes from, but they are connected to each another with a cable.

True Wireless

On the other hand, true wireless earbuds are not connected to one another – Apple AirPods are an example of a true wireless design.

What’s the Difference?

True wireless buds have no wires meaning they can be more convenient. However, for children, they can be easier to lose, so they might not be ideal.

How to Pick the Best Earbuds for Kids?

There are loads of factors you can use to decide which are going to be the best headphones for your children. Here are some things you might like to look into.


If your considering whether or not earbuds for kids with volume control is important – The World Health Organization recommends that children don’t listen to music at over 85dB, which is why many kids headphones come with a volume-limiting function and is very important to limit.

Size & Material of Ear Tip

The ear tips should be smaller than on earbuds for adults to ensure they fit well into your child’s smaller ear canals. Make sure to choose a soft and comfortable material, such as silicone or foam.

Durability, Water Resistance & Quality

All parents know how careless children can be at times, which is why it is important to choose durable headphones for kids. If they will be used outside, it might be worth choosing water-resistant earbuds in case your kid gets caught in an unexpected downpour.

Wired vs. Wireless

If your child’s device has a Bluetooth connection, wireless headphones are probably more convenient. However, it is down to personal preference, and some feel the sound quality is slightly better when using an audio cable.

Hours of Battery Life

Bluetooth headphones need to be recharged between uses, but kids can sometimes forget to recharge their gadgets. So, it’s worth looking for headphones with a long battery life or true wireless earbuds with a charging case to quickly boost the battery on the go.

Active Noise Cancelation

If your child will be wearing their earbuds when they are studying, noise canceling headphones are the way to go. This will block out background noise and ensure your child can focus on what they are doing.


You might not want to spend hundreds of dollars on the latest, top-of-the-range headphones for your child, especially if they tend to lose or break their headphones quickly.

Sound Quality

Your child might not be looking for industry-leading audio quality, but they will probably notice if you choose the cheapest headphones on the market. Look for a good mid-range option to balance sound quality and budget.


Perhaps your child is looking for a headset to take part in online classes or for gaming with their friends. In that case, it’s worth investing in a set with a good-quality mic, so their friends can hear them clearly.

Cabled Backup

Some Bluetooth headphones come with a backup cable, so they can still be used even when the battery runs out.

Comfortable Fit

The earbuds should not cause earache or ear fatigue even after many hours of use.

Ear Tips

Look for a set of earbuds with different sizes of ear tips to ensure they fit as your child grows.


Which are the best earbuds for kids?

Our favorite in-ear headphones for kids are the devil earbuds, which were first on our list. We love these because they offer powerful sound with noise cancellation. And, they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The battery life is excellent, too.

Which are Better, Wireless or Bluetooth earbuds?

Bluetooth headphones might be more convenient, as kids don’t have to have their gadgets out when they are listening, and they also won’t get tangled up as they wriggle around!

Some devices don’t have Bluetooth, whilst others don’t have a headphone jack, so check your child’s device before making a choice.

An Online Education: Protecting your Kids from the Dark Side of the Web

No parent wants to think about their child being vulnerable to predators of any kind, but ignoring the fact is much more dangerous than being aware and proactive. This is especially the case when it comes to protecting our kids online and with one third of the world’s internet users being under 18, parents have to play a part in protecting their kids and helping them understand the risks of our increasingly digital world.

As many as one in five US teens who regularly use the internet admits to having received unwanted sexual solicitation via the web and younger children can also become targets. It is important parents act accordingly and help children understand the risks of internet usage and learn to use it responsibly from a young age.

This is an image of a boy using a tablet

Understanding Online Grooming

While parents of under 18s in 2022 are much more au fait with the web than older generations, none of us is immune as technologies develop so quickly. Grooming or sexual grooming is the act of befriending and/or influencing a child with the aim of preparing them for sexual activity. Online grooming simply uses the internet as a key tool for this process and it can result in non-contact and contact sexual interaction between the instigator and the child. The worry this brings to any parent’s mind cannot be underestimated but being afraid and not preparing our kids is much more dangerous than hoping it simply won’t happen to them.

A Note about the Law and Online Grooming

The relative new nature of the idea of online grooming means laws in this area are not necessarily as clear as they should be. Few taskforces target the crime on a global scale and the main body for dealing with grooming, as opposed to sexual acts which follow, is the Convention on the Protection of Children Against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. At the time of writing only two states across the country, Illinois and Arkansas, have specific statues in place to address the problem of online grooming and experts in the field, the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children assert grooming should be considered an “offense-specific process” rather than preparation for the true crime. While this can sound quite complex and make a worrying issue even more worrying, it is important as if your child were to be groomed, you’d want justice, even if it hadn’t got as far as a physical act.

There is also the Violent Crimes Against Children International Task Force in place which brings together 68 online child sexual exploitation investigators from 46 countries around the world. This is a highly specialized unit who can and do help in many circumstances and they have annual case coordination meetings for task force members to pool resources and support each other in their shared battle. Understand the dangers of online grooming and what it actually is, really does matter for parents so they can spot signs and act appropriately in the worst-case scenario.

How does Online Grooming Begin?

Most grooming will begin on a popular app or social network which children are already using comfortably. It may even happen through games, including many high profile cases involving the games Roblox and Minecraft. This doesn’t mean children should be banned from using technology, but transparency is important and helping your child understand the basics of how to protect themselves is too.

Online grooming often begins with someone discussing the game or getting to know a child on their level, talking about school, sports and other common areas of interest. Many predators choose to mask their age so they can easily get close to children online and become their “friends”. Gaining trust before introducing any sexual or dangerous element is a common pattern and one which children may not easily identify.

Social networking sites are particularly popular with perpetrators as they can access a wealth of information about children with relative ease. Children are often shockingly open with strangers online, especially if they’re enjoying games together or believe they’re talking to another child and unfortunately, predators are more than aware of this and are able to manipulate the situation to their advantage.

This is an image of a boy looking at his phone while sitting on a bench outside

Recognizing Signs of Online Grooming

Many kids are regularly rebuffing grooming attempts and we don’t even know about it. As mentioned, many teens have turned down sexual advances online and not even thought to talk to their parents about it, which has made it seem a normal occurrence which can make it even more of a danger. Some of the clearest signs of online grooming may seem like typical teen or preteen behavior but it’s important to remember – you know your kid, so if there is a change in their behavior – take it seriously.  Below are some of the most commonly recognized signs of online grooming to watch out for:

  • Asking to spend more time on the internet or actively doing so
  • Switching off screens or changing tabs when you check to see what they’re doing
  • Being secretive around their online activity
  • Discussing new friends you aren’t aware of or haven’t heard of before
  • New electronics being “given” to them and no explanation of why or how
  • Use of sexual or explicit language you wouldn’t expect them to know or don’t consider age appropriate
  • Mood swings and volatile emotional reactions

All of these may not be signals you recognize and some genuinely might be typical or hormonal reactions you expect from your child. However, if anything seems unusual it is worth delving deeper and keeping closer checks on their behavior and activities online.

Grooming and inappropriate sexual online behavior isn’t something we ever want to think about but it is something we can be aware of and help our children understand is wrong before it becomes a problem for them. Below we’re looking closer at what you can put in place to prevent grooming and to protect your children as they become confident internet users.

Grooming Prevention Strategies

It’s a sickening reality that no child is too young to be groomed and so no child is too young to be taught how to understand what is right and wrong when it comes to others and their body. These simple strategies can be implemented as early as you feel is appropriate with your own kids:

  1. Body Safety

Children can be taught body safety as early as three years old. Children should know the correct words for body parts, what appropriate touch is and the importance of consent. If they say no, it means no and any child can be made aware of this as soon as they begin to use the word appropriately themselves.

  1. Grooming Behaviors

While its scary, it is important to teach children about grooming behaviors such as isolating them from their friends, using sexual and inappropriate language and encouraging them to keep secrets from their parents and people they trust.

  1. Reporting Gifts and Alone Time

Any unsolicited gifts a child gets, you should be told about. This can be hard for children to understand as presents are great and if they’re told “Mommy won’t like that I’ve given you this” they may be scared to tell. The same goes for snacks, treats or even one-to-one time they spend with adults who aren’t you, as this is something you should be aware of, even in the most innocent of situations.

  1. Remove Blame Culture

Kids are scared of getting in trouble with their parents, but when it comes to this issue, you need to ensure they feel 100% comfortable with you and how important it is to tell you anything that is worrying them. Don’t minimize their feelings or their fears and let them know they will never get in trouble for telling you about any worries about people they’ve spoken to online.

  1. Be Open and Honest

No one wants to terrify their kids or give them the idea that they’re not safe, but it’s a hard fact and by telling them, you’re protecting them. Never be afraid to talk to your kids about difficult issues and help them protect themselves.

This is an image of girl sitting at a table on her laptop

Get Web Savvy to Protect from Predators

As we’ve said, the parents of today’s under eighteens are fairly internet savvy themselves, but there are new apps and technologies launched every week and online predators make it their business to know them as well as any kid. As well as ensuring your kids have strategies in place to protect themselves from grooming, put the following in place to ensure you are doing enough with the web to protect your kids as much as you can too:

  1. Understand Privacy Settings

Spend time with your children exploring the privacy settings on their favorite apps and chosen browsers. Ensure they understand the absolute minimum levels of privacy you expect and to always assume anything new has public as its default setting, so take time to set it to private. Many of the most popular social media apps want things to be public, so drill it into them to check every app or even do it yourself, a condition of them being able to download it at all.

  1. Review and discuss apps, games and website choices

While your children are going to want some privacy, the internet really isn’t the place to find it. A condition of having their own cellphone, tablet or computer should be you are allowed to have full access to check in their app and website use and ensure it is safe and secure. Setup your own accounts on their favorite apps so you can keep an eye on their usage but also ensure you have a good understanding of the apps functions. Younger kids may be begging for Snapchat or Instagram but you should also respect the age limits on these sites and consider one of the many child-centered social networks instead like Gobubble or Popjam.

  1. Know Their Friends

If you have a good understanding of who your children’s friends are, you’ll notice if a new name pops into the mix. You can also make sure they understand how powerful the internet can be for making you feel like someone really is your friend, but in reality, you don’t know them as well as you think. It’s very easy for anyone to become quickly connected to someone who seems to share all their interests online but consider why someone would mirror your exact likes and dislikes and what this could mean. Being suspicious of online friends may seem extreme but it helps set a useful precedent and ensures your children understand the importance of their own online safety.

  1. Keep Personal Information Private

Usernames should never include your child’s real name and if they want to talk about themselves online, they should avoid real places, times and dates. Obscuring every detail about themselves may seem false, but it ensures no one lurking online with ulterior motives captures anything of their real identity. Opt for fun cartoon images and favorite characters for profile pictures over family photos or anything which identifies your child.

  1. Encourage Open Communication

As our kids enter their teens they often feel less comfortable speaking to us about personal matters. If something makes your child uncomfortable or scared online then ensure they know there are people they can talk to, and it doesn’t have to be you, as there are many charities and resources ready to help and provide that listening ear.

This is an image of a childs hand using a mouse with computer

Online safety is a topic which many people switch off from, especially teens who think they know best. However, if you are sure to instil a healthy and cautious approach to online friendships and behaviors from their earliest internet usage, you should have additional peace of mind about the choices they might make. Transparent and open communication in the home is essential for protecting your kids as they grow up using the net on a daily basis.

8 Best Board Games for 1 Year Olds in 2022

Most board games for 1 year olds are not what you consider to be a board game and some may not even actually be game. However, when you stop to consider that the definition of a game it is simply “a form of play or sport” there are an abundance of all types of games for one year olds and chances are that you have already been playing games with your child almost from birth without realizing it.

To help you select the very best options for your little toddler we have put together this list of some age appropriate “games” for 1 year olds.

Our List of the Top Fun & Educational 1 Year Old Games


Melissa & Doug Fishing Game


This cloth fishing set containing 9 fish is a great game for a 1 year old. Young children simply lower the Velcro baited hook onto one of the felt fish and pull it out of the pond. Younger children may not prefer to actually “fish” at first, but will eventually catch on. In the meantime parents can use the game to familiarize kids with colors and counting.

  • Made with non-toxic materials
  • Can use this toy for a number of learning experience, shapes, colors, counting, fishing and more
  • Small pieces that young children can choke in
What makes this stand out?

This is a fun fishing game is both fun and educational for 1 year olds.


Roll and Play


This roll and play game is actually a board type game for children who are slightly over 1 year old. The game consists of 48 cards and a soft die that is simply 6 different colored sides. In order to play the die is rolled and then a card of the same color that comes up on the die is selected and the child must act out what is on the card. This game does require the help and supervision of a parent

  • Teaches children to take turns (if more than one child is playing.)
  • Makes for great bonding time between parent and older sibling and younger child
  • Some people got the Spanish version
What makes this stand out?

This is a fun game that allows children to act out actions that they understand making the game fun for very young kids whose language skills are limited.


Wooden Puzzle Set


While puzzles are not actually considered to be a traditional board game, this set of 3 wooden puzzles is ideal for not only helping children develop their fine motor skills, but can be used to create a number of parent/child games as well. There is an animal, shape and number puzzle. Parents can have their children make animal sounds, teach them shapes, introduce numbers and colors.

  • Holes on the side of puzzle pieces makes it easier for small children to remove the pieces
  • Kids can really enjoy these puzzles with the aid of parents
  • Some puzzles had missing pieces
What makes this stand out?

These puzzles are colorful and simple for children to remove pieces. It may take some time before a younger child can place the pieces back in without help.



Color Sorting Ring Board Game


This color sorting board can be made into a fun game for small children. Parents can select a peg and have their child place it onto the same colored ring on the board. The rings also have flat sides so that you can play stacking games with your child. You do need to supervise your child when they play with toys.

  • Helps children develop fine motor skills and color recognition
  • Everything is made from wood so this is a solid toy
  • Small pieces can pose a choking hazard if your child is not supervised
What makes this stand out?

This is really an open ended toy making it possible to use for a number of imaginative games.


Pound A Ball


Pound a ball is actually a toy that young children can play on their own, but it is also easy for parents to turn this toy into a fun game for their 1 yr old toddlers. There are 4 brightly colored balls and a series of ramps and a hammer. Parents can name a color of ball for the children to hammer. Most children will love the parent/child interaction and can begin to recognize colors.

  • This toy holds up well
  • This also makes a matching game as kids match the balls to the same color holes
  • Balls are small so requires parental supervision if they put objects in their mouth
What makes this stand out?

This toy is simple and does not require batteries and it is easy to make up games to play with your child with this toy.


Hide and Squeak Eggs


Young kids will love Hide and Squeak eggs and will love playing find the chick under the top of the egg. When kids press down on their chicks head the chicks will chirp. There are also special shapes on the bottom of the egg that match shapes on the bottom of the egg carton for children to match up.

  • Young kids love playing hide and seek with these eggs
  • Great for counting, color matching and shape matching
  • Sturdy toys
  • The squeaking sound is very slight
What makes this stand out?

This is a fun game that small children love lifting the lid off the egg and finding the chick underneath. This is a great toy for parent/child games, color and shape recognition.


Hide and Seek Farm Animals


These farm animals and barns are ideal for making a number of parent/child games. There are 5 barns with lids and 5 finger puppet farm animals. You can have your child find which barn the ‘duck’ is hiding in, or have your child put the pig in a certain colored barn. Of course you can use the finger puppets and have the child make the sounds of the animal.

  • There are a lot of different ways to play with this toy as well as many different parent/child games that can be played.
  • This is a durable toy
  • The barns are difficult for small children to open
What makes this stand out?

This toy has cute finger puppet farm animals and offers children a number of different games they can play as well as being able to play with them on their own.


Peek-A-Boo Elephant

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


Peek-A-Boo is one of the first games infant’s learn to play with their parents. At first simply laughing when their parents cover and then uncover their eyes and say “boo.” In many cases, by the time a child is one they learn to cover their own eyes and play along. This Peek-A-Boo elephant can play peek-a- boo with your child entertaining them for endless minutes. In addition, the elephant is a fun stuffed animal that your child can cuddle and play with.

  • This elephant has some nice safety features such as embroidered eyes
  • The elephant’s voice is pleasant to a child’s ears
  • Not the best quality
What makes this stand out?

This elephant actually interacts with your child making it much more interesting that many other stuffed animals.

Buyer’s Guide Choosing Games for 1 Year Olds

If you are looking for some games for a 1 year old child here are some things you are going to want to consider.

1 Year Olds Don’t Play Games Like Older Kids Do

Little kids this age have neither the physical or language development to play traditional games. The best games for small children are those that are simple and include parental involvement. Try playing peek-a -boo, rolling a ball back and forth, games where children act out emotions, or animals.

You Can Turn a Standard Toy Into a Game

As parents you need to keep in mind that as a parent you can take a standard toy and make a game out of it or parts of it. If a parent uses their imagination then there are a number of ways that you can turn most toys into a simple game for your one year old. So look for toys that you can use to make simple games out of to play with your child.

Don’t Get Hung Up on the “Game” Aspect

Parents should not worry too much about trying to get a child of this age to play a game. Kids this age have not quite got down the entire idea of playing and should be allowed to explore toys and learn from them. At this age you should simply play with your child and enjoy this precious time with them.

Boys vs Girls Games

At most ages there is little difference between the best games for boys age 1 and the best games for girls who are 1 but this is especially true at the age of 1, so we recommend you just get the game that you think will be the most educational and fun for your little one!

Final Thoughts On the Best Games for 1 Year Olds

If you are looking for games or toys that can be used for games for 1 year olds then one of the options in this list should be a good start.

Top Board Games by Age
Two yr olds
Three yr olds
Four yr olds
Five yr olds
Six yr olds
Seven yr olds
Eight yr olds
Nine yr olds
Ten yr olds
Eleven yr olds
Twelve yr olds

30 Cute Flower Names for Girls

Many people view their newborn daughters as delicate and sweet. For those parents who want to give their child an ultra feminine name there is no better choice than to name their little girl for one of nature’s beautiful flowers.

Here is a look at some cute flower names for girls that parents will love.

Our List of Lovely Girl Flower Names

If you’ve got a newborn girl on the way and you’re still struggling to pick out the perfect name for her then you’ll love this list of uniquely cute and fun female flower names!

1. Fleur

Fleur is a French word that literally means flower.

Not only is the name both sweet and feminine it also has an exotic sound to it, which may make it popular with parents who are looking to give their child a slightly different and exotic name.

2. Calla

Calla is the shortened version of the flower calla lily, which is a white trumpet shaped flower with a yellow inside.

The name itself simply means “beautiful.” One of the things that makes this cute name ideal is that it is not a common name so will make the child feel a little more special.

If you’re still trying to decide on a middle name for your girl then check out our list of Cute Middle Names for Girls.

3. Blossom

Blossom is a simple name that means “to flourish.” While it is a cute name for some reason it may make a better middle name than a first name for a little girl.

The name Blossom was made more popular by the television series of the same name that aired in the 1990s.

4. Camellia

Camellia is a lovely name that carries with it a certain amount of strength. The flower itself is named for botanist Georg Joseph Kamel and means Kamel’s flower.

The flower itself comes in different shapes and colors making the flower as unique as the name itself.

5. Clover

Clover is a perky name for a girl and the meaning of the name is simply “key” Clover is a meadow flower.

Clover has trifoliate leaves and spikes of red, white or yellow flowers. Clover is of English origin.

6. Daisy

Daisy is a name of English origin and means “Days eye.” This name has been used for a number of different fictional characters including: Daisy Clover, Daisy duck, and Daisy Duke.

There have also been a number of athletes, actors, and other professionals who have also been named or called Daisy.

7. Dahlia

The Dahlia is a Scandinavian flower that comes in various colors and has a kind of a fluffy petal look.

Given to your baby girl the name will have an exotic sound to it and it is a strong though very feminine name.

8. Flora

Flora is of Scottish and Latin origin and simply means “flower.” Flora was the name of a Roman Goddess of flowers and spring who enjoyed eternal youth.

The name is a bit old fashioned, but is super feminine and easy to pair with a number of middle names.

9. Daphne

The name Daphne comes from Greek Mythology and means “Springs flower.”

In mythology the nymph Daphne escapes the attention of Apollo by being turned into a Laurel tree by her father. The name Daphne has a regal sound to it.

If you are interested in other ideas you can check out our list of one-syllable names for girls.

10. Hana

The name Hana is of Japanese origin and means bud or blossom. What makes this name unique is the spelling as compared to the more popular and familiar Hannah.

11. Holly

Holly is a name of Old English origin and comes from the name of the Holly tree. The name means to “prick.” is often given to little girls who are born in December.

The name Holly has a festive feel about it that many parents love.

12. Ivy

Ivy is a climbing vine and comes from the Old English word for fig. The name itself means “faithfulness” and was often given by Greeks in wreath form to newly weds as a symbol of fidelity.

Ivy is often connected to Holly in Christmas Carols.

13. Lotus

The name Lotus is of Greek origin and symbolizes purity and grace. The name itself is sophisticated and exotic. The lotus grows in ponds and small lakes rather like water lilies.

The lotus was a name given to many different flowers before it came to represent the Egyptian white lotus.

14. Marigold

Marigold is a sunny golden flower and the name itself does seem to be bright and sunny.

At one time naming a girl Marigold was reserved for fictional characters, but today is slowly finding its way among charming girl’s names for those parents who want to name their daughters something a little different from the standard Susan or Becky.

15. Jasmine

Jasmine is a name of perfume scented flower and is of Persian origin.

There are many different variations of the name including Yasmin, Yasmine, Jazmin, and Jessamine. It is also the name of the female Walt Disney character in Aladdin.

16. Rada

Rada is a name with origins in several languages including Yiddish, Latin and Russian. The meaning of the name actually means rose.

Rada is both a simple and lovely name that is truly unique and not overused.

17. Winika

Winika is a lovely and exotic name that is Maori origin. It is the name of a Pacific orchid that blooms around Christmas time and means “Christmas Orchid.”

It is a wonderful choice as a female flower name for any girl born in December and a wonderful choice for any parent looking for a slightly unusual flower name for their daughter.

18. Belladonna

Belladonna is a name of Italian origin and simply means “Beautiful lady.”

The plant belladonna also known as nightshade is a deadly plant, so naming your child this lovely name will also give her a hint of darkness and danger.

19. Tulip

Tulip is a name of Persian origin. The name originally was an offshoot meaning turban because the petals slightly resemble a turban.

Today, the name means “perfect love.” Although Tulip may seem an unusual name there are actually quite a few famous or near famous people who have that name.

20. Iris

The name Iris is of Greek origin and means rainbow.

Although the name seems prim and proper it’s colorful meaning makes this a bright and beautiful choice to name a daughter.

21. Violet

The name Violet is of Latin origin and simply means “purple flower.” When Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck named their daughter Violet the name almost immediately increased in popularity.

The Violet is considered a delicate flower, but may be more hardy than some people think.

22. Jacinda

The name Jacinda is of Spanish origin and is actually the Spanish name for the Hyacinth flower.

The name itself has a lovely unique ring to it and seems to turn a common flower into something slightly more exotic.

23. Magnolia

Magnolia is of Latin origin whose strict meaning is “Magnol’s flower.” It is considered an appropriate name for a Southern belle and is often related to the musical “Showboat.”

Girls given this name are likely to prefer the nickname Maggie to going by this flowery name.

24. Zinnia

The name Zinnia is of German and Latin origin and means Zinn’s flower.

The name Zinnia is not as commonly used as other floral names, but it seems to have an energetic quality to it that could make the name an excellent choice for some parents.

25. Azalea

Azalea is a relatively new name in the world of girl’s names first coming up on Social Security lists in 2012.

The name is said to mean dry, but the beauty of the name may make it especially appealing to parents looking for a floral name for their daughter.

26. Lilac

Lilac is a name of Persian and English origin and means “bluish or lilac.” It seems to be taking the place of the more old fashioned flower names like Lily or Violet.

The Lilac flower has a sweet light scent and is certainly a sweet name to give any girl.

27. Cassia

The name Cassia is of Greek origin and comes from the Cassia tree, which bears a yellow flower.

The tree produces a spice that is much like cinnamon, which is how the name Cassia came to mean “Cinnamon.” It is a lovely name to name that red headed baby girl.

28. Dianella

Dianella is a name of Australian origin and comes from a small star like purple flower of the same name.

It has a beautiful ring to it and is a more elegant take on the name Diane.

29. Lily

Lily is a rather old fashioned flower name that has been given to girls for generations. The name Lily means “pure or passion.”

Although the name is old fashioned it has a sweet ring to it. Other versions of the name are Lilith, Lillian and liliana.

30. Heather

The name Heather is of English origin and comes from a Scottish wildflower. The flower is hardy and thrives in rocky soil that is often considered barren.

If you are looking for a floral name for your little girl that is strong and resilient then Heather may be a good choice.

Conclusion to Lovely Baby Girl Flower Names

If you are looking for a cute flower name for a baby girl then these names should give you a start.

10 Best Educational Gifts & Toys for 9 Year Olds

While almost all toys have some educational value to children those toys that are considered educational toys are ones that are specifically designed to help a child develop a particular skill or learn about a specific subject.

Educational toys make learning fun and are important to a childs growth and developement at this age, which is why we have compiled this list of some fun and exciting learning toys for 9 year olds.

Our List of the Best Educational Toys for a 9 Year Old


National Geographic Light Up Marble Run


This marble run comes with 10 sturdy bases, 55 action pieces and 135 smooth-run tubes to allow the child to build a number of different marble mazes. It also comes with 6 glow in the dark marbles that light up with the flashlight. There is also a mesh storage bag for keeping everything together. This marble run will teach children basic engineering principles, physics and aerodynamics.

  • This set makes a sturdy maze with a little practice
  • Easy to snap pieces together
  • Some kits come with missing pieces
What makes this stand out?

This is a large set with see through tubes and glow in the dark marbles so the child can watch the entire course as the marbles drop through it. With so many pieces kids can make different marble runs.


Inverted Microscope

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This microscope is specifically made for younger users or those who have never used a microscope before. This microscope has 40X-320X magnification and 2 eyepieces. It also comes with a smartphone adapter, 10 blank slides, 5 prepared slides, Measuring cup, metal scalpel, cover glass, and tweezers.

  • Good quality imaging for the price
  • Easy to set up
  • Not the best quality
What makes this stand out?

This is a great microscope for children interested in the microscopic world. The cell phone adapter allows kids to share their discoveries with friends.


Kaboom Lab Kit


This science experiment kit comes with 25 interesting experiments such as a Lava lamp, rocket balloon, an explosive geyser and more. The kit comes with a lab guide to help you successfully complete the experiments.

  • Allows child to complete hands on experiments
  • Really sparks an excitement for science
  • Need to buy most of the supplies to do the experiments
What makes this stand out?

Many kids learn more from being hands on and this set of experiments allows kids to learn through doing.


Structures Lab + Many Other Variations


This Structures lab is a great educational toy for kids. They can build their own bridges, houses and more. Kids learn about how engineering works. There are also several other variations you can get for the 9 year old you’re buying for including a solar plane or solar helicopter kit, buyoant forces lab or even a botanic lab where you child can learn about growing plants!

  • All of these kit encourages a love for scientific learning
  • Promotes learning while offering a high entertainment value
  • Very unique gift idea
  • With some of the kits you may have to buy some of the supplies seperately
What makes this stand out?

This kit stands out because kids get to build their structures and learn about all different types of science. The kit comes with guided experiments to help make the child successful.


Mega Fossil Dig


This kit comes with a dig brick that is filled with 15 dinosaur fossils. It also comes with a small chisel, brush and a magnifying glass. There is a 16 page learning guide that explains how fossils are formed and helps the child to identify each fossil they find.

  • This allows the child to gain insight into what an archaeological dig is like
  • The Kit has real fossils
  • The fossils are brittle and tend to break easily
What makes this stand out?

This fossil dig stands out because there are real fossils buried in the brick. Kids actually get a small taste of what an archaeological dig is like including the fact that many of the fossils are brittle.


Solar Robot Kit

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This Solar robot kit allows the child to make their choice of 12 working solar robots. This kit engages the child while teaching them a bit about Science, engineering, robotics and renewable energy. Once completed the child can play with the robot then take it apart and build another one.

  • Directions are written so they are easy for 9 year olds to read and follow
  • Teaches patience as child needs to take their time to assemble their robots correctly
  • Difficult to put together and get to work well
What makes this stand out?

The sheer number of different robots that can be built makes this a great toy for kids. In addition, kids experience the excitement of seeing something they build come to life.




This classic word game is fun and will help children build their vocabulary and spelling. The game comes with 4 tile holders, a 100 wooden tiles, A drawstring bag and a game guide. The game can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players. This game also encourages improvement of math skills since the score is kept by the number value of the letters.

This is a great option among board games that any 9 year old would love since it perfectly mixes both learning and fun!

  • Helps children increase their vocabulary by hearing new words and learning their meaning
  • Improves mental alertness
  • The board is not as durable as it should be
What makes this stand out?

This game has stood the test of time and has been a favorite of many families for generations. The rules are simple and the game is a bit different every time you play so it keeps people interested in playing again and again.


3D Dinosaur Puzzle


These dinosaur themed puzzles not only help the child develop some STEM skills, they also give the child some idea of what actual dinosaur skeletons look like. These 3D puzzles also encourage a child’s interest in paleontology and learning more about the prehistoric world.

  • Helps child learn patience and attention to detail
  • Encourages an interest in science
  • Some of the pieces don’t fit together well
What makes this stand out?

This kit comes with 6 different dinosaur skeletons, which will allow the child not only the pleasure of putting the puzzles together, but will allow them to compare one dinosaur to another.


Clue Master


This is a fun logic game in which the player uses logic and deduction based on clues. Developing deductive reasons will aid the child in math, science and a number of other fields.

  • Single player game so child can play at any time
  • Compact so makes a great travel game
  • Once the child has gone through all the challenges they lose interest
What makes this stand out?

This game stands out because it requires players to think and come to logical conclusions by making deductions based on the information they have.


Rory’s Cubes Complete Set


This set of Rory’s cubes is a fun way for children to increase their communication skills as well as open up their imagination. There are a variety of different ways to play and the results are often hilarious.

  • Helps children express ideas
  • Helps children develop better verbal skills
  • Some people don’t think these cubes come with enough directions
What makes this stand out?

This story cube set is great because kids make up their own stories and adventures. The more they play the more their verbal skills will improve.

Toys by Age
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Age 2 Toys
Age 3 Toys
Age 4 Toys
Age 5 Toys
Age 6 Toys
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Age 9 Toys
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Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Best Learning Toys for a 9 Year Old

What Skill Do You Want the Child to Acquire or Improve?

When choosing educational toys for a 9 year old decide what specific skill or skills you want the child to acquire or improve and look for toys that will help them develop that skill. Educational toys are designed to help the child develop a specific skill so find the toy that will aid in that development.

Make Sure the Toy is Appealing to The Child

No matter how educational a toy or game may be if the toy doesn’t appeal to the child you give it to then the toy will have no educational value because the child will never use it or play with it. The toy needs to have a certain “fun factor” that will appeal to a child this age. It’s also important not to obesses about boy toys and girl toys but rather let the childs interest guide you in choosing a toy for them

Choose a Toy or Game Appropriate to the Child’s Learning Level

If you are looking for an educational toy for a child keep in mind that you need to find one that is appropriate for your child’s learning or skill level. You want the child to be challenged, but you don’t eat the toy to be so challenging that the child becomes frustrated rather than engaged.

Final Thoughts on the Best Educational Gifts for 9 Year Olds

When learning is fun for kids, they not only learn faster, but retain more of what they learn. Educational toys can be a real asset in helping a child succeed and even excel in certain subjects.

10 Best Educational Toys for 10 Year Olds

Most parents are always looking for ways to help their child do well in school. Finding educational toys that are fun and encourage an excitement for learning is one of the best ways that parents can help their child succeed or excel in school.

To help you parents with shopping for these we have come up with this list of great educational toys for kids who are 10 years of age that can help them develop a love of learning that can become a part of their life.

Our List of the Best Learning Toys for 10 Year Olds

Below you can check our list. We were always careful to only pick highly rated and age appropriate toys that will help you child can experience learning while also having fun!


Sillbird Building Blocks Robot


The robot moves in all different directions on smooth flat surfaces. The head, shoulders, elbows and eyebrows of the robot can be rotated and will run 40 minutes on a 120 minute charge. This robot kit will help a child develop critical thinking skills and learn a bit about robotics.

  • Robot is easy and fun to build
  • Arms and facial expressions of the robot can be changed
  • Some of the units cam missing pieces
What makes this stand out?

This robot is fun to build and fun to operate. It allows kids to get some idea of what it’s like to build a robot and to encourage an interest in robotics and engineering.


3D Globe Puzzle


This 3D puzzle allows children to build their own globe using the 180 pieces of the puzzle. Once put together the puzzle can be set on it’s own stand and the globe can then actually be used.

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The globe is durable when completed
  • Useful tool once it is completed
  • The writing on the globe is extremely small
What makes this stand out?

The numbers on the back of the puzzle pieces helps kids put this globe together correctly. Once completed it makes a great decoration for their room and can actually be used.


Word Play For Kids


This is a fast paced word game where players are given a category and two letters and they have to come up with a word using those letters. They move around spaces on the board based on the number of letters in the word, so the longer the word the more spaces they move.

  • Improves vocabulary and spelling
  • Improves kids quick thinking skills
  • The spinner for the game is poor quality
What makes this stand out?

This word game is fun for family game night and can really help children improve their vocabulary and spelling skills without them really noticing what is happening.


Gravity Maze


Gravity Maze is a combination of a logic puzzle and marble run. The game comes with a game grid, 9 towers, 1 target piece and 3 marbles as well as an instruction manual. There are 60 challenges for players to complete running from easy to somewhat difficult.

  • Helps children develop problem solving skills
  • Challenges go from easy to hard
  • Some of the games came with some of the pieces missing
What makes this stand out?

Gravity Maze is an ideal game for a child who is aged 10 and looking for a challenging game to play on their own. You can even find other solutions than the ones given for getting the marble through making the game even more fun.


K’NEX 70 Model Building


With over 700 pieces kids can create as many as 70 unique models of animals, vehicles, amusement park rides or whatever else they wish limited only by their imagination. Once completed the models can be played with. This kit comes with an instruction book that will give users a number of ideas.

  • Helps children build engineering and creative thinking skills
  • Made in the USA
  • There are many tiny pieces to this set
What makes this stand out?

This building kit helps children use and channel their creativity to build working models of all types.


Green Science Solar Rover Kit


This science kit is educational and fun for child of this age. They will love turning an empty soda can (or plastic bottle) into a working solar powered rover. A great way to teach kids about solar energy.

  • Easy for ten year olds to build on their own
  • Can actually play with the rover once it is built
  • Some units don’t work
What makes this stand out?

This solar rover runs around powered by the sun. Kids love to watch it run and learn something about alternative energy.


Professors Noggins History of the United States


This card game helps kids learn interesting facts about the history of the US. With 2 levels of play this game keeps kids interested and learning.

  • This game fills in gaps that classroom history studies don’t cover
  • Compact game that can be played anywhere
  • Not enough cards for long term play
What makes this stand out?

This game is unique in that there are few games that cover the history of the United States so thoroughly.


Lego Gadgets


This Lego gadget kit is great for teaching kids some basic engineering skills as they build 11 different machines such as a catapult, robo boxer, and flywheel cruiser.

  • Kids can make their own gadgets as well as the ones in the instructions
  • Step by step instructions for completing each project
  • Some kits come with missing pieces
What makes this stand out?

This kit stands out because kids can actually make working gadgets that are as much fun to use as they are to make. They can also use their own creativity to make their own gadgets as well.


Crystal Growing Kit


This kit has everything needed for children to perform 7 different crystal growing experiments. It even comes with a special display case so you can display the crystals once they have grown. Great for anyone who is interested in geology.

  • Fun watching the crystals grow and they grow fast
  • The number of crystals you make will depend on the size you want
  • Some got kits with expired ingredients
What makes this stand out?

The fast growth of these crystals makes this a great kit for children who won’t lose patience since they can see the crystals grow practically from day one.


Smart Circuits


This Smart Circuit kit teaches a child the basics of electricity. The kit comes with an illustrated manual and everything needed to complete the projects with the exception of the 3-1.5AAA batteries. The projects start with simple builds so the child learns basic electronics and then gets more complex.

  • Teaches electronic principles in a way children understand
  • Projects are fun to build
  • It’s often difficult to get the wires into the circuit boards
What makes this stand out?

This kit has 50 projects of increasing difficulty so kids can build upon successfully completed projects and their increasing understanding of electronics.

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Buyer’s Guide To Finding Great Learning Toys for a 10 Year Old

Know the subject or Skill You Want Your Child to Acquire

All toys have some educational value, but educational toys according to the definition are those toys that aid the child in acquiring a specific skill or improving in a specific subject. Therefore, you should choose a toy that speaks directly to the subject or skill you want your child to acquire whether that is improved vocabulary skills, or developing an interest in science or engineering.

Choose A Toy or Game That is Appealing to The Child Regardless of Gender

Just because the toy or game targets a specific gender and is made for the age of the child you are buying for doesn’t mean that you will appeal to th. If the toy or game doesn’t appeal to the child they won’t play with it, so it won’t serve the purpose it is meant to serve. Consider your boy or girls interests rather than forcing them into gender roles that are re-enforced by toys.

Consider Those Toys That Are Hands On

Kids of this age find toys that require hands on participation to build or put together more fun and exciting than those toys that are already to play with. So consider buying a toy that requires some hands on effort before the toy can be played with.

Final Thoughts on the Best Toys for Learning for 10 Year Olds

If you are looking for an educational toy for that 10 year old in your life, then one of the toys we have presented may be just what you are looking for.

10 Best Educational Gifts & Toys for 11 Year Olds

Most 11 year olds are in middle school, which for some children can be a tough transition as the school work is more difficult and children are less likely to seek the aid of their teachers when they are having difficulty in a given subject. With that in mind it can be important to provide the child with educational toys that are fun and exciting.

This can help them to gain a better understanding of the particular subjects they are struggling with or allow them to explore other aspects of those subjects that have piqued their interests.

Below we have compiled a list of some fun and exciting educational toys for 11 year olds that make wonderful gifts!

Our List of the Best Educational Toys for 11 Year Olds


Bridge Construction


If you have a child that is interested in engineering, building bridges or construction this construction bridge kit makes a perfect toy. This kit comes with 9 building projects, a booklet that covers theory and facts regarding building to support massive weight. It also comes with a quiz, some experimental activities, and step-by-step instructions for the building projects.

  • Provides child with a little experience in engineering principles
  • Kids can use the building materials to create their own projects
  • Some children find the building projects boring
What Makes This Stand Out?

This building kit is good due to the additional information that comes with the kit along with the quiz that allows the child to test themselves regarding what they have learned.


3D Windmill Puzzle


This 3d puzzle music box is made of thick cardboard and is designed to enhance the child’s logical thinking and problem solving skills while building a music box that can be given as a gift or kept as decoration for the child’s room.

  • Finished project is beautiful and functional
  • Very detailed
  • There really isn’t enough reviews to make a determination regarding the quality of this puzzle.
What Makes This Stand Out?

This puzzle is great because it makes a wonderful decoration and is also a functioning music box. It is fun to put together although it does require a little patience.


Weather Science Kit


This kit will help any child learn more about weathers and how it forms. Imagine the look on the child’s face when they make a cloud in their hand or experiment with static electricity to understand lightning. This kit is a fun way for children to learn more about weather. Best of all kids can build a home weather station.

  • Kids love setting up their own weather station
  • Several fun experiments
  • The materials are cheap
What Makes This Stand Out?

The great thing about this weather science kit is that kids can build their own home weather station and learn about weather through observation as well as experiments.


Big Boggle


This educational game is good for an 11 yr old since it offers a great deal of fun as players race against the timer and the other plays to see who can make the most words out of adjoining boggle letters.

  • Can be played by different ages
  • Improves spelling and language skills
  • Some people don’t like the double letter cubes
What Makes This Stand Out?

One of the great things about this game is that you play with any age of person. Young children can make 3 and 4 letter words and adults and older children can make words that are 4 letters and up. Helps children improve reading, spelling and vocabulary.


Catapult Wars


This is a great building and play set for kids since kids get to build their own catapult (2 actually) and then play with them using the small sand bags to try and hit targets. Once bit this catapult makes for a fun toy after it is built.

  • Easy to put together
  • Hours of fun play
  • Glue doesn’t hold as well as it should
What Makes This Stand Out

Catapult Wars not only shows the child how catapults work but makes for a fun indoor toy that the child can use alone or play with a friend or sibling.


Lego Bird Models

These Lego bird models allow kids to build models of 3 popular birds. The Blue Jay, Robin, and hummingbird. Kids learn about nature due to the accompanying booklet that gives information on each of the birds as well as assembly instructions.

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  • Makes a great display for any child’s room
  • Fun, but challenging build
  • Some sets come with missing pieces
What Makes This Stand Out?

This set is great because the bird models are really beautiful as well as unique. Helps children with logical thinking and problem solving as well as learning a little about each of the 3 species of birds.


Wind Power Turbine Kit


This wind turbine kit will allow the child to learn more about renewable energy and how wind can be used to provide electricity. Not only can the child build a wind turbine they also get information on different types of turbines and windmills, which is interesting and easy to digest.

  • This wind turbine actually makes electricity
  • The turbine is a good size
  • Some of the kits have missing pieces
What Makes This Stand Out?

This kit encourages children to get excited about science and green energy while giving them basic information on how wind turbines function and what they can do.


Master Detective Toolkit


This is a great detective kit that will teach a child the basics of forensic science and evidence gathering. Kids learn about securing a crime scene, gathering and documentary evidence. This kit comes with a 32 page full color experiment book.

  • Teaches Kids to pay attention to details
  • Kids learn about investigating crime scenes
  • Some of the kits came without the manual
What Makes This Stand Out?

With all of the crime scenes on television these days this kit will give kids a real look at what goes into investigating a crime scene. There are even some fun mysteries to solve.


Sphero Mini


With computers being so much of modern day life this mini ball robot that kids can code themselves makes a great gift for those children into computer science. There are 2 ways to use this robot. Kids can choose Sphero play to play various games with their robot or choose Sphero Edu for learning a bit about coding.

  • Small size makes it easy to transport to play anywhere
  • The mini games are tons of fun
  • Doesn’t connect to very many devices
What Makes This Stand Out?

About the size of a golf ball this miniature robot is something middle school kids will love since they can use this little ball to play games or try their hand at coding.


Oregon Trail Choose Your Own Adventure

This is a great set of books to encourage a reluctant reader to read more and improve their reading skills, while gaining a view on a period in history at the same time. By allowing the child to make choices along the way they gain a knowledge of how many perils the pioneers faced.

  • Helps children consider how important making good choices can be
  • Gives children a little insight into what the lives of pioneer children were like
  • Could be more character development so the reader cared more about what happens to each character.
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Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Educational Toys for an 11 Year Old

Cater to the Child’s Interest

While most children don’t excel at every subject, finding a subject that the child enjoys and is truly interested in will help them to excel at that subject. A child gains self confidence from doing well at one or two things. By catering to your child’s interests you give them the opportunity to find something they feel truly passionate about.

Don’t worry about Gendered Toys or Colors

Get your boy or girl what they have an interest in and don’t worry about their gender as it relates to what toys (or color of toys) others think your child should be playing with!

Find A Toy That is Fun

When a child is having fun they learn faster and easier and it doesn’t really feel like they are studying. Games and toys that are interactive are more fun for kids allowing them to participate more fully in the learning process. When you take part with your child and they see you having fun they are likely to have more themselves.

Choose A Toy That Builds On Skills Your Child Already Has

When choosing an educational toy, you should choose one that builds on skills your child already possesses. Choosing a toy or game that repeats skills the child has already acquired will be boring, while choosing one that builds on the skills your child already has will make learning challenging, but far more interesting.

Final Thoughts on Educational Gifts for Kids Age Eleven Years Old

If you are looking for a great educational gift for the 11 year old in your life, this gift guide and list of gifts should help you achieve that goal.

10 Best Christmas Gifts & Toys for 8 Year Olds

By the age of 8 most kids are beginning to enjoy both being active and board games that are competitive in nature, tend to like to collect things such as matchbox cars, rocks, shells or numerous other things. Spending time with other children their age is also extremely important to children this age as is having a sense of independence.

When choosing toys for children this age you want to choose something that will meet the child’s growing interests and need to stay active.

Below we have reviewed a list of some of the best 8 year old toys!

Our List of the Very Best Toys for 8 Year Olds

Rock Painting Kit


A great gift for encouraging a child who is aged 8 creativity this rock painting kit is fun and allows a child to express themselves while making some cute objects to collect or for their room décor.

  • Great transfers that makes painting easier
  • These man made rocks are smooth 
  • Comes with less designs than expected  
What Makes This Stand Out?

Instead of using river or natural rocks this kit uses man made rocks that are smoother and have less flaws than natural rocks do. The transfers for these rocks only add to the ability to create really interesting rock paintings.



This skateboard is only 22 inches long and makes a great toy for any 8 year olds who enjoy cruising down the sidewalk or in the park.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Helps young children improve their balance while getting some good exercise 
  • May feel too small for some children  

Gravitrax Starter Set


Gravitrax is the perfect gift for any child who enjoys marble runs and science. This 122 piece building set allows children to build their own tracks while learning some basic engineering, science and spatial reasoning.

  • Lots of possible building combinations will keep children occupied building and testing their marble run
  • Comes with some suggestive builds to get kids started 
  • Some of the tracks are missing from some of the units 
What Makes This Stand Out?

This marble run is great because it not only offers children hours of building fun, but it also teaches them about gravity and basic engineering and problem solving skills.

Slackline for Kids


A slackline makes a great toy for kids because it keeps them active while helping improve balance and help build core body strength. This slackline comes with an overhead guide rope to make traveling across the slackline easier while helping to build self confidences

  • Slackline is strong
  • Reasonably easy to set up and take down 
  • Some sets were missing the training line  

Wooden Puzzle Animal Set

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This wild bird set makes a great educational toy for an 8 year old. Each puzzle comes on a wood sheet ready to punch out complete with directions for assembly, which will encourage the child to both read and follow written directions. Best of all each puzzle can be displayed in natural wood or painted.

  • Fun to assemble and makes a great décor for child’s room
  • Several puzzle kits to choose from 
  • Some kits came with missing puzzles 
What Makes This Stand Out?

Getting 6 individual animal puzzles will challenge a child’s puzzle building skills, encourage their interest in the animals they put together and provide them with unique displays for their room.

Bow and Arrow Set


Archery is a great hobby for people of all ages so giving a young child a safe bow and arrow set as a gift to begin learning the fundamentals of archery and to have fun while perfecting their skills just may be a perfect gift.

  • Great for shooting at targets like cans
  • Shoots a nice distance 
  • The drawstring tends to break  
What Makes This Stand Out?

The arrows have foam tips instead of the standard suction cup tips. The arrows also fit right on the bow to keep everything together.

Labyrinth Board Game


With Kids spending so much more time at home these days a board game makes a great toy for an 8 year old and encourages him to spend time with parents and siblings. Labyrinth is a board game that is easy enough for an a child who is 8, but challenging enough that older siblings and parents won’t become easily bored.

  • Every game is new
  • The game board changes as you play requiring you to use strategy and luck 
  • Like any game some people don’t like this game 
What Makes This Stand Out

This game will help children think ahead, employee strategy and learn good sportsmanship both when winning and losing.

The Borrows Book Set


Books always make a great gift for kids as they encourage children and learn about the world or use their imagination. This Borrows book set is a combination of a little bit fantasy and a little bit adventure that will capture your child’s attention and imagination.

  • Characters in these books grab children’s attention
  • The Stories are engaging 
  • Some of the book sets come damaged 
What Makes This Stand Out?

Set of 5 books that are easy to read and keeps children interested in finding out what happens next

Weighted Blanket


If you are looking for a useful gift for an 8 year old then what could be better than a weighted blanket? One of these blankets will help a child sleep better and will allow them to feel like they are wrapped in a hug.

  • Helps children fall asleep faster
  • Not overly hot to sleep under  
  • The weight beads tend to fall out over time 
What Makes This Stand Out?

Having a weighted blanket can help children feel less anxious and fall asleep easily and sleep better throughout the night.

ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Set


This set provides an authentic laser tag game for children who are 8. Unlike other similar models, this particular model includes target vests, invisibility mode, night vision flashlight, voice-guided directions, a variety of shooting modes, and as much as 150 feet of shooting range. They also utilize child-safety infrared signal emission.

  • Up to 4 players can participate at the same time with each kit
  • Long shoot range means the playing field is much larger
  • Each vest uses 3 AAA batteries
  • Each blaster uses 3 AAA batteries
What Makes This Stand Out?

This is a great option since it allows for your child to engage in group play and be active burning off access energy.


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Buyer’s Guide for Choosing Gifts & Toys for 8 Year Olds

Let the Child Be Your Guide

When buying gifts for a child, why not let the child be your guide? Talk with them and find out what things they enjoy doing and what new things they would like to explore and gear your gifts to those interests.

Don’t Push A Child Into Gender Specific Toys

Despite our best efforts we all have our idea of what are a girl’s toys and what are boy’s toys and all too often we push our beliefs onto a child sending them a silence message that some toys are appropriate for them and some are not. This is a bad message to send our kids and may keep them from exploring toys that really interest them. Children will when left to their own devices and encouraged to do so let you know where their true interests lie.

Choose Open Ended Toys

Toys that can be used in more than one way not only allows children to have more fun with that specific toy, but also allows them to explore and engage in self learning.

Conclusion to Wonderful 8 Year Old Toys

Buying toys for an 8 year old doesn’t have to be stressful and it is our hope that this buying guide will help make your gift shopping easier and more fun.