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15 Best Toddler Climbing Toys & Jungle Gyms

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Toddlers absolutely love to climb on everything from furniture to cabinets to just about anything else parents can imagine, meaning that a climber toy is a great option for your little boy or girl.

However, with an incredibly wide range of toddler climbing toys available, it can quickly become a daunting task trying to pick the best option. There are many different factors to take into consideration before you decide on a climbing toy for your toddler, such as whether you want a indoor, outdoor or multi use jungle gym that is good for both inside and out. In this guide most of the options we have included can be used indoors as well as outside.

If you’re a parent trying to decide which option is best for your little one then read on for our guide to the best climbing toys for toddlers as we’ve taken care of the hard part for you and researched what the top options have to offer.

Our List of the Best Toddler Jungle Gyms

So now that you know a little bit more about toddler climbing toys lets have a look at the top options. If you’re still stumped by the end you can find a buyers guide to help you learn more about the various benefits of these toys and what sets them apart from one another.


Foam Crawling & Climber


The foam materials used to make this climb and crawl set are of a high quality. Therefore, they feel super soft for little kids to play with and remain safe.

We also liked how the covers available over the top of the foam shapes are durable. You can be sure that it will last your little one for a while.

Due to the soft nature of this choice and the lower profile it is another great option as a baby climbing toy.

  • Easy to clean
  • Free from toxins
  • Great for day cares & home use
  • Some pieces are prone to sliding around more than some would prefer
What makes this stand out?

This is an awesome little foam climb and crawl set that can be highly effective at developing your toddler’s coordination and balance.


Step2 Slide and Ball Set


Toddlers have been loving how this set comes with a slide. It enables them to climb up the set and slide down it to keep themselves occupied for hours on end.

We liked how there is a total of 10 balls available as well. Your little one can have a lot of fun using these balls to play in different ways.

  • Fun ball pit included
  • Improves coordination
  • Great for outdoor play
  • Assembly can be tricky
What makes this stand out?

Underneath the set, there’s an area that toddlers can climb and crawl through. This provides them with another space to play in and be active.


Little Tikes Hide & Seek Climber


This climbing toy is ideal for young toddlers providing them with hours of fun adventures while keeping them safe. This Hide and Seek climber has a small easy to climb rock wall, a crawl tunnel, a platform and a slide. The rock wall is curved making it easier for young children to climb than a straight up and down wall would be. This climber is small, relatively lightweight, and can be used indoors or out. It has a total weight capacity of 45 pounds. This climber does require some assembly.

  • This set is a good size for younger toddlers
  • Durable play equipment and holds up well
  • Easy to assemble
  • Some people feel the slide is a little too steep
What age is this recommended for?

This climber is best suited for children between the age of 1 and 3 years

What makes this stand out?

This climber is Little Tikes so it will outlast your child’s need for it allowing you to pass it down to other family members or friends or sell and get some of the cost back.


Easy Outdoor Space Dome


This jungle gym is made from quality steel, and is designed to be rust and UV resistant. This dome measures 91”X46”X91.” This dome climber provides children various ways to play including climbing up, under, through, and around this structure. They can also place blankets or tarps over the climber and use it for a fort. Several children can play on this structure at once since it bears a user weight of 1000 pounds. Some assembly is required.

  • This jungle gym is solidly constructed when assembled correctly
  • It is light enough to be moved for mowing purposes
  • Grows with the child
  • Parts of this climber do rust within one season
What age is this recommended for?

This climber is best suited for children ages 3 through 9

What makes this stand out?

This climber is durable and good size and designed to provide the child with years of use.


Eezy Peezy Active 3-in-1 Jungle Gym Play Set


This 3-in-1 play set consists of a climbing structure, ball pit with some balls, toss target and slide. This lightweight set is made from interlocking plastic tubes and connectors with double locking springs. The set measures 56”X62”X29.” Assembly of this play set is required. This climber has a user weight of 150 pounds.

  • Lots of activities to keep toddlers happily playing
  • Helps children improve their gross motor skills
  • Some parents find assembly of this play set difficult
What age is this recommended for?

This climbing set is recommended for children ages 1 through 3

What makes this stand out?

This is a colorful play set with a lot of activities to keep young children happily occupied for long periods of time.


Costzon Toddler Set 4-in-1 Climber Slide Play Set


This cute play set consists of a climber, slide, basketball hoop, ring toss, swing, and easy climb steps. The set measures 66”X59”X47.” There are a variety of activities for children to engage in allowing for more than one child to play with this set at one time.

  • This play set is easy to assemble
  • Lots of activities to keep toddlers happily playing
  • This play set tips easily unless weighted down
What age is this recommended for?

This play set is best suited to children from about 9 months and up

What makes this stand out?

This climbing play set is a great indoor toy for older infants and toddlers allowing them to improve their gross and fine motor skills.


Step2 Outdoor Wood Themed Climber


We liked how this activity toy has been made with a larger design. This is because it provides toddlers with plenty of space to play with and stay engaged for longer.

In addition to this, they’ve included a rock molding design that looks realistic. It’s great for enabling the set to look great in your backyard.

With a maximum weight capacity of 240 lbs, your toddler is able to have fun playing with others. Therefore, their social skills are able to improve greatly.

  • Durable construction
  • 2 pretend steering wheels included
  • Some would prefer if it was sturdier
What makes this stand out?

There’s a rock climbing wall that’s more challenging for toddlers. As a result, it can develop their strength and balance.


Soft Climber by Constructive Playthings


If you were looking for a climbing toy that your toddler could play with indoors, this could be a great option. It comes with 5 pieces that allows your little one to have fun climbing and moving them around.

Toddlers are able to get creative while playing with this set. They can use it to crawl on, or to build structures with.

Furthermore, the vinyl materials that have been used to make the pieces are of a high quality. Therefore, they’re soft and safe for toddlers to play with.

  • Easy to clean
  • Encourages active play
  • Colorful design
  • Smaller than some were anticipating
What makes this stand out?

The different shapes that are available with this set provide toddlers with the opportunity to work on their shape recognition skills.


Dome Climber


The construction of this toy is of a very high quality. It has been made with polyethylene materials that are remarkably durable.

Therefore, you can feel confident in setting this climber up outdoors. It can effectively stand up to harsher weather conditions.

We liked how there are climbing grips available as well. This enables toddlers to properly hold onto this climber and develop their strength.

  • Rust resistant
  • Easy maintenance
  • Free from lead materials
  • Assembly can take a while
What makes this stand out?

With an impressive weight capacity of 600 lbs, your toddler is able to play on this set in small groups. This group activity can be great for their social skills and teamwork abilities.


Climber & Tent Set


This is a more unique climbing toy as it comes with a play tent that’s available on the top of the structure. Therefore, your toddler and their friends can have a blast climbing up and hanging out inside the tent.

It has a weight capacity of 220 lbs, which makes it great for multiple toddlers to play together. We also liked how they’ve used galvanized steel to construct the frame.

This material is remarkably strong and can last your child for years of play.

  • Breathable mesh vinyl materials
  • Develops strength
  • Adjustable frame
  • Some find the assembly is difficult
What makes this stand out?

Toddlers have been having fun being able to look out of the windows and roll up the doors that are available. It can be a lot of fun to implement the features into their pretend play scenarios.


Monkey Bars Set


Little children have been having a blast playing with this monkey bar set in the backyard. We liked how there are a range of connectors that you can use to attach the plastic tubes to each other.

This provides the set with a strength to keep them strong. While being durable, this set can actually be easily moved around.

the lightweight design and quick assembly process makes this possible. Therefore, you’re able to set it up easily indoors, outdoors, or at a friend’s place for all the toddlers to play on.

  • Can improve social skills with group play
  • UV protection
  • Double self locking springs included
  • Some would prefer if it was a little larger
What makes this stand out?

We were impressed with how this activity gym can handle a maximum weight of 150 lbs. This allows multiple toddlers to play on it at the same time.


ECR4Kids Soft Climber


The ECR4Kids climber set comes with 5 pieces that are made to be used indoors. The pieces have been made using polyurethane foam and polyurethane leather fabric.

These materials are incredibly soft to ensure that your little one is able to crawl around comfortably. They’re also safe for toddlers.

With the 5 pieces available, the set can also be a lot of fun for little kids to play along with others. As a result, their social skills could improve.

  • Easy to clean
  • Develops coordination & motor skills
  • People have been loving this set!
What makes this stand out?

With the non-slip strips on the bottom, you’re able to keep the 5 pieces in this set in place with minimal shifting of them.


Step2 Sporty Climber with Slide


Step2’s set comes with an awesome sports theme that lets toddlers use the score tracker. This can be a fantastic way for them to become more familiar with numbers. Another fun thing about this toy is that it is a climber with a slide, but the cool thing about this one is that it actually has a second slide,meaning 2 kids can both enjoy the slides at the same time.

There’s a basketball hoop and soccer goal that little girls and boys enjoy. This is excellent for ensuring that they don’t get bored and are able to play with plenty of activity.

  • 60 lb weight capacity
  • Develops coordination
  • Sports ball available
  • Not as large as some were hoping for
What makes this stand out?

The slide is a lot of fun for toddlers to go down once they’ve reached the top. You can be sure that they’ll want to be going up and down it all day long!


Step2 Outdoor Climber


With a tunnel available for toddlers to crawl through, a slide, and archway, they’re provided with plenty to keep themselves entertained for hours on end.

You can feel confident in knowing that your child will be safe while playing on this set. This is because there’s a safety rail available on the climber.

  • Instructions for assembly could be better
What makes this stand out?

People have been liking how this set has been made with a larger design. It enables toddlers to have lots of room to have fun.


Simplay3 Climber


We noticed that the slide available with this one is pretty wide. This provides your little one with lots of space to slide down and have a blast.

Furthermore, the vibrant and colorful design is awesome as well. It’s an excellent way to get your child more excited to play with the set.

The UV resistant materials also make this a great choice for using outdoors. It can resist being damaged by the sun to ensure that it lasts you for longer.

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  • Pretend steering wheel included
  • Inspires creative play
  • Easy to grip side rails
  • Some would prefer if the overall size was larger
What makes this stand out?

The rounded edge design is a fantastic feature that adds to the safety features.

Buyers Guides to the Best Climber Sets for Toddlers

Now that you’ve had the chance to read through our review of the top outdoor and indoor toddler climbers, you’ll be able to have a better idea of which one to choose.

Having said that, if you’re still feeling a little unsure, don’t worry. We’ve put together this buyers guide section to provide you with some more information.

You can learn more about the different types of climbers that are available, as well as what benefits the best toddler options can provide for your little one.

Popular Types of Toddler Climber Toys

While reading through our review of the best indoor and outdoor climbing toys for toddlers, you will have noticed that there are range of types available.

To gain a better understanding of what makes these climbing toys different from one another, check out the section below.

Climbers with Slide

These types of climbing toys are incredibly fun for toddlers to play with. You can feel confident in knowing that your little one won’t be getting bored of it any time soon.

They’re able to have an absolute blast climbing up the structure and getting the top before sliding down.

These options are great for being used mostly outdoors as they tend to be a little larger. However, there are also some toddler slides and climbers that can be great for indoor and outdoor use as well.

Climbing Towers

There are some awesome choices for 1 year olds, 2 year olds and even 3 year olds that come in the form of towers.

They’re awesome for enabling your little one to simply focus on climbing. As a result, it provides them with a great opportunity to develop their strength.

Foam Climbers

The foam climbers for toddlers that we’ve reviewed are awesome for being used indoors. They usually come with a range of pieces that can be rearranged.

These ones may be best for younger toddlers who are still developing their confidence when it comes to balancing themselves.

Rock Climbers

There are some options available that come with a rock climbing wall. These sets are best for toddlers who are older and have had more experience with climbing.

While they go up and down the rock climbing walls, they’re provided with an excellent chance to develop their strength.

Not to mention, their problem solving abilities may come into play as well. If they get stuck in a certain position and are struggling to find a way to move upwards, they’ll be able to think more critically and come up with a solution.


We liked how there are some options that come with more than just a climbing section.

There are some awesome choices that have a range of interactive features. Some of the ones mentioned in our review include pretend steering wheels and dashboards with buttons and things for children to play with.

These make the sets even more exciting for toddlers and can inspire them to play with more imagination. As a result, you can expect their creative thinking skills to develop well.

Folding Design

There are some indoor and outdoor jungle gyms for toddlers that have a folding design. This feature can make it incredibly easy to set up and take the structure down.

Therefore, these folding sets could be awesome if you were looking for something that you could set up and take down easily to keep in storage when it’s not being used.

Benefits of Playing with Activity Climbers

What kind of benefits can these toddler toys have for your little one? Well, we’re about to delved into what the main benefits are in the section below.


One of the most notable benefits that your child can experience while playing with these sets is developing their strength.

Climbing up and down these toys is awesome for helping your toddler to work on their leg and arm strength. Not to mention, their core also comes into play.

Active Play

If you’ve been looking for ways to encourage your toddler to play more actively, these toddler climbing gyms and slide sets could do the trick.

They enable your child to have an absolute blast while they’re climbing up and down the sets. This can be great for helping them to continue being more active as they grow older.

Coordination & Balance

Younger toddlers may still be working on their balance and coordination. In this case, we recommend that you use the foam climbing sets that we’ve reviewed. They’re soft and comfortable for toddlers to crawl around on.

During the process, it enables them to improve their balance and coordination without feeling too overwhelming.

Social Skills

The toddler activity gyms and larger sets that we’ve reviewed allow your toddler to play with others in small groups.

This can be a remarkably effective way to help your child to improve their social skills. Furthermore, it can have a great impact on their ability to work well in teams.

Indoor & Outdoor Climbing Toys

There are a number of different options in our review that are best for both indoor and outdoor use. These include the ones that are a little smaller in size and easier to assemble.

This is because it makes the setup process a lot simpler, regardless of whether you’re putting it up in the backyard or in your home.

However, there are also certain options that are best for outdoors and indoors. The larger structures, such as the toddler play gyms, are primarily made for being used outdoors.

They’ve been made with durable materials and special coatings that protect it against being damaged by the weather. Furthermore, the coatings help the structure to be resistant to rusting.

There are also other options that are best for being used indoors. These include the toddler sets made with foam and softer materials. They would deteriorate in quality pretty quickly if you left them outdoors.

However, these toddler soft climber sets are great for being used indoors and at day cares.

Final Thoughts on Top Rated Toddler Climber Playsets

So, that brings our review of the best toddler climbing toys that are currently available.

These toys can be a lot of fun for little little children and even babies to play with. They’re also incredibly effective at helping your little one to work on crucial skills.

Be sure to consider the main features, pros, cons, and the aspects that make each option stand out. That’s what will enable you to zero in on the one that suits your toddler the best.

Hopefully, all the details provided for you has helped you to make the best decision possible!

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