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11 Great Power Wheels for 2 to 3 Year Old Toddlers

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If you’ve been looking for a good power wheels for 2 or 3 year olds, you’re in the right place as we’ve researched and reviewed what the best ones are and what they have to offer for your son or daughter.

If you’re child is a 4 year old and is rather inexperienced with electric ride on cars these can also make a great option they will enjoy!

Toddlers can have a ton of fun playing with these toys for hours on end. Not to mention, your little one’s love for active and outdoor play will be greatly enhanced!

Our List of Highly Rated Power Wheels for 2 Year Olds and Up

The reviews section below includes the main features, pros, and cons that the top Power Wheels for toddlers come with. After getting a better idea of what the top options are, you can check out our buyers guide to learn additional information so you feel more confident about making a final decision.

These toys are one of the best gifts for summer birthdays!


Power Wheels Dune Racer


This dune racer is large enough to seat two small children and comes with a monster traction system that will allow this racer to run well on hard surfaces, grass, sand and rough terrain. The dune racer travels 2.5 or 5 mph in forward and 2.5 mph hours in reverse. It has metal side handlebars, power lock brakes and a 12 volt battery and charger.

This duner race is a wonderful toy for any 2 year old boy.

  • This dune racer is low to ground making it safer for small children
  • Plenty of room to grow with the child
  • Some people find that batteries don’t hold a charge.

Chopper Trike Ride On


The Chopper design used to create this toddle power wheel looks spectacular and child can have fun pretending to ride a real motorcycle. They’ve included wing mirrors and decals that make the toy super exciting for toddlers.

We also liked how the 3 wheel design is easy for your little one to ride. There’s a pedal that toddlers can press with their foot for the toy to move forwards while using the handlebars to steer.

We love this chopper trike as a 3rd birthday gift for your little girl!

  • Can be used indoors & outdoors
  • Durable design
  • Assembly can be difficult

Land Rover Ride On


We liked the Land Rover design used to create this toy as it’s super realistic with headlights and wing mirrors. Therefore, toddlers can have fun using the toy to play more creatively.

A 4 wheel suspension system has also been fitted to this toy. This is excellent for providing your little one with the stability to ride across different terrain smoothly. Furthermore, two kids can ride in this toy at the same time which is super fun!

This Land Rover is just what you need if you’re after a power wheels for 2 year old since has a low max speed and the ride on car comes with a parental remote control.

  • AUX input for music available
  • Durable PP plastic materials
  • Parental remote could be more responsive

Tobbi Licensed Mercedes Benz


This 12 volt version is a scaled down version of a real Mercedes Benz. This car has a parental remote control as well as manual operated modes. The car goes in forward and reverse, has a safety belt and lockable doors.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Lots of great features children love
  • Electrical problems

Jurassic World Jeep Ride On


Two year olds can have a blast with the Jurassic World theme that has been used with this ride on. It features realistic sound effects that make it seem like the toy vehicle is being chased.

This is super interactive for toddlers to play with for hours on end. There’s a top speed of 5 mph going forward and and 2.5 mph in reverse. These are safe speeds that 2-3 year olds can manage without going out of control.

  • Parental remote available
  • Power lock brakes
  • Storage space available at the rear
  • Some of the plastic materials could be more durable

Mercedes G36 Ride On


We were impressed with how this Power wheel allows you to put the windows down on either side to alter the height of the doors. As a result, you can tailor the toy to your little one’s size and improve their playing experience.

An AUX input has been fitted to this toy as well. This is awesome for letting your toddler listen to music while riding around. Furthermore, a horn and LED lights are available that make the toy super realistic to play with.

  • Parental control available
  • Spring suspension system included
  • Some notice the toy struggles to go up hills

Uenjoy Jeep Ride On

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This Jeep Power Wheel for age 2 and up has a built-in suspension system which is fantastic for providing your little one with stability and traction while riding around. This means that they can be more adventurous with riding across different terrain, making this a great Power Wheels for off-roading and grass.

Parents have also been liking how a remote is included. You can use this remote to keep control of the speed and direction of the toy to keep your toddler out of danger.

  • Built in Bluetooth speakers
  • Adjustable seat belt
  • Battery life is disappointing

Go Kart Ride On


This is a fun option for toddlers to ride around and be more active as there are pedals included. The steering wheel allows for quick steering and toddlers can have a blast with this toy outdoors.

They’ve fitted placeholders where Nerf blasters can be placed for toddlers to ride around with. Therefore, it could be a fun option for toddlers to use when playing with friends or siblings.

With high speeds this is for experienced toddlers but may be best suited and a power wheel for 4 year olds and up!

  • Handbrake system is easy to use
  • Comfortable seat
  • Assembly can take some time

Kid Motorz Police Car


Toddlers have been loving how they can use the hand accelerator to make this toy move forwards. Your little one can travel at up to 5 mph going forward and up to 2.5 mph while in reverse.

We liked how they’ve included sound effects with this toy as it makes it super exciting for children to play with. It also encourages your child to play with more imagination.

  • Realistic headlights
  • Storage compartments available
  • Smaller than some were expecting

Ride On Truck


We were impressed with how this toddler power wheels comes with realistic features that include LED headlights. These features make the toy feel more realistic to play with which is super fun for toddlers.

In addition to this, there are top speeds of up to 2.8 mph which is great for keeping your little one safe. Parental controls are also included that can give you peace of mind in keeping control of the toy.

  • Built-in AUX outlet for music
  • Adjustable seat belt
  • Suspension system included
  • Battery life could be improved

Sports Car Ride On


With 2 speed settings this sports car is great for an inexperienced toddler who is 2 years of age (on the low speed settings). Then is also a good power wheels for ages 3 and up on the high speed settings. This means your child can enjoy it now and grow into the higher speed setting making it a toy that will last them several years.

They’ve fitted LED headlights and included lots of details on interior that encourage toddlers to play with more imagination.

Your child can also listen to their favorite music while riding around. This is due to the AUX outlet that has been implemented.

The pink design makes this one of the best options for 2 year old girls, though it’s important to remember not to get your girl a pink ride on toy if she prefers other colors!

  • Parental control included
  • Low & high speeds available
  • Assembly instructions are a little complicated

Buyers Guide to Finding the Best Power Wheels for Toddlers

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to read through our review, you’ll have a better idea about which one to choose for your child. However, you may want to check out our buyers guide section below to learn more and feel more confident about making a final decision.

What Age is Best for a Power Wheel?

The best age range to buy your child one of these toys is anywhere between 12 months old and 7 years of age. After 1 year, most children are able to have an easier time balancing themselves and has better motor skills.

Playing with these toys can also help to develop their balance and coordination during their toddler years. Some of these models will grow with your child so that they can continue using them as they grow older.

In other cases, you may need to look for larger models for older children to ensure that they can play comfortably.

Are The Power Wheels Really Safe for 1-2 Year Olds?

For inexperienced and slower developing children it is always safets to start with a non-powered riding toys however most of the models that we’ve reviewed in this list can be used by the age of 2. This is great for enabling your child to play with the toy when younger and continue to use it when they turn 3 years old and beyond!

What is the Best Power Wheels for Under $200?

One of the top options is the Xtreme Quad by Kid Motorz. It enables children to travel at speeds of up to 1.5 mph which is awesome for ensuring that your child can play at safe speeds. With speeds this low you could even consider this power wheel for a 1 year old.

People have been loving the decals that have been used to design the toy as well as how there’s an easy to use pedal control and durable structure.

It comes in blue and yellow, red and also a pink giving you options depending on your boy or girls favorite colors.

Final Thoughts

So, that wraps up our review on what these ride on toys have to offer. Be sure to consider the main features, pros, and cons before making a final decision. Hopefully, the details found throughout our review have been useful in helping you to pick the toy that’s right for your little one!

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