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39 Best Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Boys in 2024

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If you’re having a tough time finding the best gift ideas for your 1 year old boy you’re not alone. It can be a difficult task for parents and other family members alike, especially when you don’t know where to begin. There are so many choices for 1-year-olds and it’s incredibly important to pick something that is not only safe and fun for but also something that aids your baby boy in his development.

So to help you, we’ve researched and created this wonderful gift list that includes the top toys for 1 year old boys, to save you some time. We’ve made sure to include a wide range of different toys and gift ideas so that you can be sure to find the perfect gift for any 1 year old boy!

Details regarding the main features, pros, and cons have been included for each product. As a result, you’re better able to gauge which options are best for the 1-year-old you’re buying for, whether it be for their 1st birthday or Christmas.

Our List of Toys and Gifts 1 Year Old Boys Will Actually Like

Below you will find some super fun options that also provide a great educational experience to help your toddler boy develop. To provide you with additional guidance, there’s also a buyers guide at the end if you’re still unsure of what to get. So let’s get on with it and find out what the top gifts for 1 year old boys are.


Dancing & Singing Robot BeatBo by Fisher Price


The first option on our list is an award winning toy for 1-year-olds that comes in several different color combinations. As you may already know, children love getting their groove on. With this toy, they will have a highly interactive dancing partner to play with.

Fun, catchy songs are activated as your kid touches any of the buttons on the feet and belly of BeatBo. Your kid’s new buddy wiggles its head and hips to the rhythms of songs. There are bright LED lights as well to cheer up your child. The lights even illuminate and pulse with every beat. For a custom sing along, you can record phrases so BeatBo can remix them into lively beats. This one’s definitely a crowd pleaser.

  • Capable of playing various songs
  • Great for learning and getting boys up their little feet
  • Has the ability to record short sentences
  • Will go through a ton of batteries
What makes this stand out?

Different modes keep 1-year-olds entertained. In “games” mode, this incredible toy introduces colors, numbers, and the alphabet! It’s certainly not just fun, but one that’s educational at the same time.


Jumperoo Activity Toy by Fisher Price


The Rainforest Jumperoo is a great gift idea for a 1-year-old that you can buy at a reasonable price. With a rotating seat feature that allows for a 360 degree movement it stimulates gross motor skills among boys who are the. We also liked how it lights up for added visual stimulation and entertainment.

When your baby jumps, music and lights activate to reinforce your young one’s fascination on cause and effect. With the added feature of adjustable height, this fun, comfy, and safe seat is guaranteed to keep your baby engaged. Also, the rain forest seat can be detached for easy cleaning. You’ll be happy to know that the seat material is machine washable. As for the legs, they can fold to allow for compact storage.

  • It’s interactive and stimulating
  • Allows certain muscles of your child to rest and take a break from repetitive use
  • Children may find it tough to rotate its seat during use
What makes this stand out?

As we’ve seen this jumper in action, we’re impressed with the several fun activities this product promotes which NEVER fail in engaging a baby. It’s set up is quick and easy too! As it’s portable and suitable for outdoor use, it can be taken to your next trip to out. Exciting, right?


Laugh & Learn Play Foodtruck


1-year-olds love to roleplay what it’s like to cook food and drive. There are various shapes and colors available which can all be sorted for cognitive development. Baby boys can also play “shop” with realistic sounds available.

We were also impressed by how it sings songs and says phrases which teach them all about sequencing, sizes, and numbers! It’s not just a super fun toy truck, but it’s also allows children to develop collaboration skills too. This is because it allows for several boys to play at a time.

  • Offers two sides of kid friendly play
  • Comes with removable play pieces
  • The food preparation area is interactive and it includes a service bell, light up grill, and a sink
  • The dashboard is packed with fun features such as a gear shifter, a steering wheel, and a clicker key
  • The set doesn’t come with the required batteries
What makes this option stand out?

Apart from being educationa, we love how it allows 1-years-olds to engage in role play as they’re manning the grill, cash register, and steering wheel.


Developmental Ball


This development ball is one of the best options and a great addition to a 1-year-old boys toy chest. We like how the different sides of this ball toy come with various patterns. The colors are also bright and the textures vary. This provides your child with a lot to play with. As a result, their sensory development skills are improved.

With ans easy to grasp design that develops your baby’s gross motor skills, your child will want to take this ball with them everywhere.

  • It comes in several sizes
  • The easy to grasp bumps allow the baby to roll, toss, and hold the ball
  • Bold patterns and bright colors help engage a baby’s sense of vision that’s just developing
  • The soft construction of the ball is ideal for a baby’s environment
  • Young boys may find it to be a bit heavy
What makes this stand out?

This bumpy ball offers different colors, patterns, and textures for a 1-year-0ld to explore. The smallest available size is perfect for little hands. But, what we love the most is how it piques a baby’s interest.


Mega Bloks Builder Bag


This best seller comes with 80 iconic block pieces as well as a portable, stackable base for building blocks storage! The large, chunky, lightweight blocks come with long studs so that they stay attached to each other. Unlike Lego or other brands, Mega Blok blocks don’t snap but rather  stack. The Big Building Bag also comes in different color themes.

The Blue bag, in particular, can be a fun set for a 1-year-old boy with the brightly colored blocks in red, yellow, blue, light blue, and green.

  • The blocks have a size that’s ideal for a child’s little hands;
  • It encourages imaginative play;
  • The blocks aren’t a choking hazard because they’re large enough unlike blocks from other brands
  • A young child may require your guidance
What makes this gift stand out?

Building blocks are some of the most iconic toys, making this a great toy for baby boys. They allow them to create any shape they can think of. From towers, dragons, rockets, cars, and more. The set ensures boys can explore their imaginative skills and test the limits of building blocks.


Basketball Hoop by Little Tikes


This is a super fun toy for 1-year-old boys who  can be setup both indoors and outdoors. This is great since it means your child is able to play with it regardless of what the weather’s like.

You can also adjust the height in different increments that are between 2.5 and 4 feet. This is great for letting your baby continue to play with the set at suitable heights as they grow taller.

  • Oversize rim for babies
  • Develops coordination & motor skills
  • Net can be prone to coming loose
What makes this stand out?

Parents have been liking how they can keep the hoop stable by using the weight stand. It can be filled up with sand to prevent it from toppling over.


Oombee Cube Shape Sorting Toy by Fat Brain


As you can see in the picture, this toy for 1-year-olds allows them to sort out shapes with a rubber finish. It’s a shape sorting toy that helps in promoting visual spatial skills, sensory learning, and fine motor skills.

Although the item is made of a rubber textured material, it’s still squishy which is perfect for little soft hands. If you’re worried about BPA, this toy is completely BPA free. It’s also made of a material that’s 100% food grade, which is great for teething kids.

  • Enhances shape sorting skills
  • Durable and safe
  • Bright & colorful
  • Can initially be hard for kids to use on their own
What makes this stand out?

Apart from the strings that ensure no shape is lost, we love how this toy’s concept inspires learning through pure and authentic play.


Pewi by Y Bike


This is a ride on toy that’s been a favorite among parents for years. The manufacturer did an exceptional job with this product. 1 year olds who are learning to walk find this toy incredibly supportive. It helps them to develop the strength and balance they need to eventually walk on their own later down the line.

Pewi can be used in virtually any direction to ensure kids have the freedom to move however they like. This ingenious concept of a toy also functions as a baby’s seat.

  • Allows a child to have ample support while walking
  • Develops coordination, space awareness, postural control, and balance
  • Made of durable materials
  • Child friendly design (no sharp edges)
  • The casters require cleaning after long term use
What makes this stand out?

The sheer variety of uses this toy has on offer is remarkable. Kids are able to learn how to walk independently, while also developing their coordination and balance skills.


Musical Rhymes Book by VTech


Your 1-year-old can learn classic nursery rhymes by using VTech’s popular musical book. He will also learn or develop their motor skills as it twists and slides the fun pieces that come with the set. As it comes with easy to turn, bright colored pages as well as a star that lights up and flashes as the music plays, it certainly makes for an interactive storybook. The colorful piano keys are also perfect for introducing a boy to instruments and colors.

  • It’s suitable for kids up to the age of 2 years old
  • This classic rhyme book features six popular rhymes;
  • It helps kids develop early reading and language skills.
  • It requires batteries.
What makes this option stand out?

For an interactive book for a 1 year old boy, there’s so much to like about it. It introduces sounds, colors, and instruments. Plus, it features six popular nursery rhymes. As if that wasn’t enough, VTech included several modes of play and fun sliding buttons for baby boys to play with.


Wooden Boat Rocker Toy by Hape


This Hape High Seas Rocker sparks the imaginative side of a child’s mind. They begin to imagine what it’s lie to be on a boat out on the sea. As a result, they’ll start to roleplay and create their own scenarios. If you’re looking for a unique toy for your toddler, then this would be it.

As it’s a wooden rocker that’s designed to replicate an actual boat, a kid can enhance their imagination further.

Holding and playing with the boat also enables them to develop their gross motor skills.

We like how it has been made using sturdy wood to ensure the safety of your kids.

  • Has vibrant colors
  • Can be decorated with a kid’s favorite toys
  • Allows a kid’s imagination to run wild
  • May be a little on the pricey side for some
What makes this stand out?

The sturdy construction and easy assembly make this a unique toy. We were especially impressed by how much it encourages the creative side of a 1-year-olds brain to start firing.


Activity Cube by VTech


The Busy Learners Cube is one of the best toys for 1 year old boys that’s always ready to give them enough fun and stimulation. It features five sides of discovery play, so you would think that it’s already perfect for your growing man. But, it also comes with four buttons that play animal sounds. This function also mentions animal names and shapes while illuminating at the same time!

It comes with a motion sensor that plays funny, catchy sounds as a baby moves its cube around. What’s more, it has volume control and automatic shut off feature which parents have been thankful for!

  • The motion sensors play sounds to catch the attention of your child
  • The learning cube motivates a baby to play
  • It features five sides of engaging activities
  • Boosts and stimulates a baby’s fine motor skills
  • It has a low volume even when it’s set to the highest level
  • Requires two AA batteries
What makes this stand out?

It is packed with interactive features. If you’re on the lookout for a toy that’s sure to grow alongside your developing child, you can’t go wrong with this one. The best thing about it? Its motion sensors which play fun and enticing sounds to motivate a kid to crawl towards its toy!


Baby Balance Bike


This balance bike comes with 4-wheel meaning it’s the perfect starter bike for 1-year-old babies. Parents have been relieved to find that they’re able to have this bicycle toy fully assembled within just a couple of minutes. There are no additional tools needed either!

To keep your baby safe while riding around, there’s a steering limit of 135-degrees. This works to prevent your little one from leaning too much to one side and falling out.

  • Develops balance
  • Great exercise
  • Durable steel frame
  • Smaller than some were expecting
What makes this option stand out?

The seat has been made with materials that are super soft. Therefore, your baby is able to feel comfortable while riding around.


Learn and Spin Aquarium


This play aquarium contains a cute little fish, crab and starfish along with some seaweed. Kids push down on the water spout to get the animals to spin. There are also three buttons in the front that introduce colors, animals and numbers.

  • There are some nice songs that don’t annoy most parents
  • Lights, color, sound and movement all hold a toddlers attention
  • Doesn’t appeal to every toddler
What Makes This Stand Out?

The spinning creatures combined with the lights and sounds makes this an eye catching toy to older infants and young toddlers.


3-in-1 Radio Flyer Folding Wagon


This foldable and rideable wagon is one of the best toys for a 1-year-old. It can be used for bench seating, hauling, and, yes, even riding. The wagon is collapsible and its storage facilities are awesome. This makes it a great toy to take out with you for days out. The zippers help in collapsing the wagon’s sides which turn it into a bench.

What’s a fun day outdoors without the prefect cuppa or juice box? The wagon comes with two cup holders, so you and your child can stay happy and hydrated while taking a stroll outdoors

  • It’s a collapsible wagon which opens and stores in a snap
  • Great for bench seating, riding, and hauling
  • Comes with a telescoping handle for easy pulling
  • The tires come pre lubricated to remain quiet
  • It comes with cup holders
  • You need to supervise kids when they use the wagon
What makes this option stand out?

We love how the tires of this children’s wagon remain quiet as they roll unlike other wagons from other brands. Also, we love the telescoping handle which makes pulling the wagon very easy.


Plush Stuffed Elephant


There’s nothing cuter than Flappy the Elephant! This creation has movable ears that can cover the elephant’s eyes, so a kid can play peek a boo with its stuffed toy. It can also sing songs when you press the feet.

As the speaker or power box is added to the bum of Flappy, it will sit upright on any surface. Once you need to switch off the toy, you can access the power box via a Velcro added to the bottom.

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  • The flapping of the elephant’s ears is entertaining
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Sings songs for audible learning
  • No volume controls available
What makes this stand out?

The adorable ears of this move every time it speaks or sings. Boys will be astonished as to how the ears of it swing back and cover its face! The songs also capture their attention and develop their listening skills.


Toy Bench w/ Xylophone


We recommend this gift for parents who want a toy that they can play with together their 1-year-old boy. The brightly colored balls which can be removed add another element of fun to this. It also encourages children to learn about color and shape differentiation. We can’t help but take a second to appreciate how this musical toy is constructed using forest friendly maple.

As for its package, it’s made of recycled paper that’s printed with soy based ink. It’s certainly a musical toy that’s one of a kind as it isn’t just great for a kid but also for the environment!

  • Sounds and noises produced
  • It comes with several color options
  • Free from contain harmful materials
  • Removable balls for more playful options
  • Sounds may be a little out of tune
What makes this stand out?

Apart from encouraging play and musicality, this is also something that you can use in teaching a kid about colors and shapes.


Munchkin Float And Play Bath Toy Set


This is a set of 4 round bubbles (plastic balls) that are designed to float in the bath and stimulate the child’s sense of sight, sound, and touch. There are two characters and two whirly characters that spin and rattle stimulates the child’s sight and hearing. The textured ring on the outside of each bubble stimulates the child’s sense of touch.

This is another toy which makes a great gift for 1 year old boys.

  • Can be played with in and outside of the tub
  • Kids like shaking the bubbles and hearing the sounds
  • Water can collect inside
What Makes This Stand Out?

These bubbles have cute characters inside and they are good at capturing the attention of very young toddlers and makes a great gift for a 1 year old boy.


See, Touch, Feel Sensory Book


This board book is perfect for spending bonding time with a small toddler. There are a ton of things for the child to see and explore including a mirror to gaze into, raised textures to feel, and colorful pictures to capture their attention.

  • Creates an early interest in books and reading
  • Lots of different textures for the child to touch and explore
  • Some parents don’t find the book as durable as they would like
What Makes This Stand Out ?

The pictures of different babies and the textures on the pages makes this a great first book for a 1 year old.


Stack Up Cups


These Stacking cups are simple toys, but that is one of the things that make them so appealing to one year olds. These cups can be nested, stacked, filled with water and then watch the water drain and be used in a number of other fun ways.

  • Extremely versatile and given to open ended play
  • Easy to clean
  • Smaller than expected
What Makes This Gift Stand Out?

These cups are versatile and will entertain a 1-year-old for hours on end.


Cloth Book And teething Ball


This book and teething ball is a great way to give a 1 year old toddler two gifts in the one. The cloth book comes with pages that crinkle, a duckie squeaker and a soft hanging ring that also works as a teether. The ball is soft, BPA free and lightweight easy for your little one to hold.

  • Both the book and ball are easy to clean
  • Kids love the crinkling sound of the book
  • Some sets come either missing the ball or the book
What Makes This Gift Stand Out?

This toy set is a great gift for any 1 year old boy because both the book and ball toy are safe for small children to chew on and they come at a reasonable price.


Hide and Squeak Eggs


These little eggs make a great toy for a 1 year old boy. Each egg has a cute little face, and squeaks. Each of the eggs crack open to reveal a colorful egg inside. The bottom of each egg is a different shape that matches the shapes in the bottom of the egg container.

  • Will grow with child helping to teach them emotions, colors and sorting
  • Durable
  • The squeak is not as loud as some parents should like
What Makes This Gift Stand Out?

These Hide and Squeak eggs give children a variety of ways to play. They can take the top of the eggs off, push on the chicks head to make them squeak, learn about colors and emotions and sort by the shape on the bottom of the egg. Helps develop fine motor skills, Hand/eye coordination and cause and effect.


Plus Dinosaur Toys + Volcano House


This adorable set of stuffed dinosaurs isn’t just handcrafted; the cute toys are also incredibly soft. This is because they’ve been made with plush materials.

The cave house that’s in the shape of a volcano is also as soft as the dinosaurs. As the set is six inches long, it is a perfect size for little to play with comfortably and independently.

You’re able to use this set to begin teaching children about prehistoric times with dinosaurs and volcanos.

  • Super soft texture
  • It comes with a soft cave house
  • Some would have liked some lava details added to the volcano toy
What makes this gift stand out?

This is a great gift idea for 1-year-old boys who are interested in dinosaurs. You can also use it as an opportunity to start teaching them more about volcanoes and prehistoric animals.


Rattle & Teether by Manhattan Toy


This toy is made with soft, brightly colored tubing and it consists of hoops that overlap and link together from a central cube. Because the tubes are flexible and hollow, they create a soft teething toy, but also one that’s not too squishy. The tubes are thin enough that young babies can grip, move, and grab it without exerting too much effort. As it has a sphere shape, a baby can toss and turn it using both hands to allow for plenty of stimulation.

  • The soft and continuous tubing is perfect for your teething baby
  • Toxin free materials
  • Bright colors
  • Highly stimulating
  • Some would prefer the rattle sound to be a little louder
What makes this option stand out?

The is lightweight, which makes it easier for a 1-year-old to play with. With special materials used for the tubing, baby boys can also chew on the toy for teething benefits.


Building Table Set by Mega Bloks


If you’re a grandparent this portable playset is a good option for your grandson. It allows a 1-year-olds to build anything that it wishes with only his imagination as the limit. The table provides your baby with a handy platform where it can independently play with their First Builders blocks. The set also includes colorful stickers, which are always a hit among babies.

As this table from Mega Bloks is bright and colorful, it’s eye catching which means it draws in boys looking for something to play with their hands. The legs of the table easily slide into place. As for the top, it simply opens up which means the set only takes a few seconds to set up.

Once the fun is over, simply store the pieces away inside and fold it up for easy storage. This feature also makes it great for traveling with.

  • Colorful stickers available
  • It’s an easily portable playset
  • Gives boys plenty of stimulation with their hands
  • Encourages imagination
  • One set may not include enough blocks for some
What makes this stand out?

This Mega Bloks set makes learning fun for a 1-year-old. As its quite large, it offers enough space for several kids to play and create structures using the First Builders blocks.


Steering Wheel Toy by VTech


This is a toy steering wheel from Vtech that has a cute dog. Every time you turn the steering wheel, the dog moves along with it. On the pretend dashboard, five colorful buttons can be played and pressed by your baby boy. The buttons, when pushed, teach little boys about different vehicles and animals.

The car also has three play modes to ensure they’re open to tons of interactive play. Boys age 1 love the colorful and playful design of this steering wheel. It encourages imaginative play. As you know, it’s part of a child’s early childhood education. So, if you’re searching for an entertaining option that’s educational at the same time, this is a great gift idea for a 1 year old boy.

  • Entertaining and educational
  • 3 playing modes
  • Its design promotes imaginative play
  • Colorful & fun
  • It requires batteries to function
What makes this option stand out?

This age appropriate learning toy for 1 year olds comes with all the features that ensure a kid gives their full attention to it. We liked how it encourages imaginative play too.


Singing Puppy by VTech


By now, you already know that VTech is known for creating great toys and with the Pull & Sing Puppy, they’ve made something that’s a sure winner among little boys. It won’t fail in mesmerizing a kid with the flashing nose feature. The colorful buttons also keep a baby on its toes.

Although a 1-year-old may not fully understand what the toy puppy is saying, it helps them to learn over time. We liked how it moves around too. This encourages children to learn how to crawl and eventually walk.

  • Movement features for entertainment
  • It’s an interactive toy that will follow a baby around
  • Pulling the cord will activate sounds and music
  • The buttons introduce kids to colors, body parts, and numbers
  • The plastic construction isn’t the most durable
What makes this stand out?

First of all, it has a playful dog design which little boys are loving. It also plays over 60 songs, phrases, and sounds to help boys develop their learning skills.


Toy Flashlight by VTech


VTech’s Spin and Learn Flashlight is a part of the company’s infant learning toys series. It features buttons which trigger the flashlight and play educational songs for a kid to sing along. The light from it shine through colored lenses, which a child can change by twisting a ring.

When switched on, it will flash a picture of an animal and stay on for five seconds. The music will also be activated. After 45 seconds of inactivity, it will shut down until the kid pushes a button or twists a ring.

For a small toy it has tons to offer and makes a lovely gift for a 1 year old boy. Apart from having two modes, it also plays phrases and songs which makes for a great learning opportunity for a child. You’ll also find buttons that play nursery rhymes that can introduce a child to colors and letters.

  • Automatically shuts off in order to preserve batteries
  • Can be used as a real flashlight
  • Easy to carry with the chunky handle
  • Instructions could be clearer
What makes this stand out?

The feature that we loved the most is the toy flashlight’s “book” mode It offers a child both play and learning opportunities.


Toy Piano by PlayMonster


If what you’re looking for is a simple and portable toy, then this product from PlayMonster is an excellent choice. Mirari Pop Piano has a classic design, music theme, and simple play mechanics.

It works as a great as a sensory toy for an early learner.

This toy piano has multi colored keys on its face. Inside the toy, you’ll find small sized star shaped balls and colored tubes. As a toddler presses the colorful keys, the tubes inside launch balls which bounce around the acrylic. Although it’s a simple, straightforward toy, it’s a tool that teaches children the concepts of cause and effect.

  • Play music & sounds
  • Promotes early understanding on the concept of cause and effect
  • Amusing for a child
  • The keys can get stuck after long term use
  • It needs several batteries to function
What makes this stand out?

Everybody loves good, classic toys including this one which is for young piano players. It also makes tons of noise which can be comical for a little boy. However, what’s most fascinating about this is the silly noises which are designed to entertain baby boys and parents alike.


Musical Stacking Toy


This toy from Fisher Price is recommended for young musical players up to the age of 3 as per the instructions on the package. However, we think it’d last beyond the 3 year mark, which is one of the many reasons why we’re recommending it to you.

This isn’t just a toy that’s going to be well loved by your boy for years, but it’s also one that proves to be a great investment. It improves hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

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  • Rattle beads available for kids to shake
  • A song or beat builds up as children stack the pieces
  • Parts require pressure which may be difficult for a kid to operate
What makes this gift stand out?

The bright colors, upbeat music, and flashing lights give a kid’s hearing and sight a boost,


Wooden Pop Up Toys


This Galt America classic pop up toy comes with four bright colored pop up faces. They can be pressed and pop back up to provide a lot of stimulation and fun. This play set also enables them to recognize and match different colors.

We think it’s a great option as it encourages 1-year-olds to learn how to differentiate between colors. It’s important for a parent to aid a child in developing their concentration as well as their problem solving skills.

Fortunately, this classic pop up toy can help while being incredibly entertaining.

  • It develops a child’s color recognition ability
  • Teaches a kid cause and effect
  • Will encourage hand eye coordination
  • Could’ve been better if the characters had different facial expressions
What makes this stand out?

The pop up character are fantastic for helping children develop their motor skills. It’s also a lot of fun for parents and little boys to play together.


Wooden Activity Center


With a total of 7 different activities available in one set, you can be sure that your 1-year-od will be able to keep occupied with this activity cube center for many hours and days.

The wooden materials used to construct the toy are of a high quality. They’re durable and safe for babies due to the rounded edge design.

  • Improves problem solving abilities
  • Develops motor skills & coordination
  • Easily portable
  • Some were hoping the set would be larger
What makes this stand out?

This is more than just an entertaining set for a 1-year-old It enables them to learn more about colors, shapes, and animals.


Toy Dump Truck


Does your 1-year-old boy love playing with toy trucks like most this age? If so, then he will love this dump truck! Put a massive smile on his face by surprising him with this toy. It comes with brightly colored rocks, so your child can dump them into the trunk bed as much as he wants.

When he does, he will learn about colors, counting, and numbers from the talking dump truck. It plays fun songs while flashing lights to grab your toddler’s attention and encourage him to engage with his educational toy.

  • Plays songs
  • Flashing lights
  • Very colorful
  • Develops motor skills
  • Requires batteries
What makes this stand out?

This good toy for 1 year old boys provides you with far more features than the average toy dump truck. it plays songs, teaches a child about numbers and colors and develops their motors skills.


Octopus Bath Toy


We already touched on this toy in our girls gift guide for 1 year old girls and it’s also a great option for boys. This colorful octopus toy is an excellent way for boys to have fun during bath time. It floats in the water so your baby can throw the little hoops on the tentacles which work as hooks.

The octopus has a non threatening, super friendly face, therefore, your little one will think of its bath time as playtime!

The three hoops have different designs: a fish, star, and lifebuoy. Apart from encouraging hand eye coordination, the shapes and colors of the hoops promote imaginative play. Most importantly, the product is BPA free. You won’t have to worry every time your baby uses the toy for chewing!

  • Made of BPA free materials;
  • Great for bath time
  • Bright colors
  • Friendly design
  • Only has 6 legs, which is inaccurate
What makes the gift stand out?

This octopus toy from Nuby makes bath time a breeze. It’s already proven by lots of parents to be effective at keeping little boys occupied while they’re being cleaned off. Overall, this brings lots of hours of fun for a toddler


Baby Remote Control Car


This remote control racing car by Liberty Imports comes with a racing theme as well as a car racer character for imaginative play. The set includes a brightly colored circular remote control, which mimics a car steering wheel.

  • The car racer/driver is removable
  • It’s easy to play with for younger kids
  • Sounds & flashing lights
  • A parent may find the music a bit disturbing
What makes this gift stand out?

This R/C toy is highly interactive and fun to play with. The steering wheel and button controls help can help your son to develop his motor skills.


Ikea Play Tent


Play tents are fun gifts and the Cirkustalt from Ikea is exactly that. It’s priced at a great value and is very the durable meaning it will last your toddler for years to come. You an easily transport this anywhere making it a fantastic choice that boy can play with outside and inside as well.

When the tent is indoors, it can have a large footprint, so make sure you have at least 39.4 x 39.4 x 47.2 inches of space to accommodate it. The reason why this IKEA tent made it on our list of the best 1st birthday gifts for boys is because it gives your child their own space to play and create their own stories. Just fill the tent with teddies and cushions to make it more comfortable and cozier.

As for the product’s assembly, it’s as simple as setting up a mini tent. The unit also collapses for a quick and easy storage.

  • It’s large and spacious for a baby
  • The tent is made of 100% polyester with a strong and durable frame
  • Since it’s portable, it can be taken anywhere – even to the beach
  • Doesn’t come with a carrying bag
What makes this stand out?

This gorgeous, Circus themed tent can transport a child to a fun place while being in the comfort of their own home.


Mini John Deere Hayride Figures by TOMY


It comes in black, yellow, and green finishes, and features several different animals including a cow, horse, sheep, and a pig. This is an awesome toy to teach your 1-year old about different farm animals.

The animals are removable, so they can be taken from their seating positions. When a kid puts the animals back to their seats, they’ll begin to understand the concept of shape matching as each animal must be fitted to its proper seat.

When you push the animals into their correct positions, they create a sound. This is entertaining and reassures boys that they’ve got it right.

This chunky John Deere vehicle also has soft touch surfaces as well as rounded edges to ensure safe play.

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  • The matching task develops concentration
  • Promotes imaginative play
  • Builds upon an understanding of farming
  • Plays sounds
  • Requires batteries
What makes this gift stand out?

The tractor proved to be a hit among young boys. We were impressed by this toy’s interactive features as kids are able to learn about shape matching.


Recognition Board by BettRoom


This wooden recognition geometric board is a unique gift that lets them stack their blocks as long as they’ve got the right shapes. This is a great exercise for helping them develop their shape skills.

The block pieces are also a fantastic size for 1-year-olds to hold onto easily.

All of the pieces included are free from harmful toxins too. So, you can be assured that this set is safe for boys who are about to turn 1.

  • Promotes shape matching skills
  • Develops little kids imagination
  • Encourages hand eye coordination
  • Toxin free materials
  • Some of the instructions could be clearer
What makes this stand out?

As it’s a recognition board, it develops boys size, color and shape differentiation skills.


Ball Rolling Game


This 1 year old boy toy is an excellent way to strengthen a babies motor skills. It has been created with a colorful design to stimulate babies.

It’s a pounding game which is great at catching a baby’s attention and encouraging play time. The package already includes everything that you need to entertain a your little one. This includes a hammer, maze, and colored balls.

After playing, you can stow the balls away on the maze’s left size for easy storage.

The holes have just the right resistance, so your toddler is encouraged to pound the ball and develop their muscles. Grabbing the hammer also enforces their grip abilities.

  • It’s BPA free for safety
  • Teaches the concept of cause and effect
  • Very colorful
  • Easy storage for balls
  • Size of the pieces are big enough to avoid choking hazards
  • Balls are harder than some would prefer
What makes this stand out?

Young boys will learn that hammering a ball will send their down a maze and end up at the bottom. This makes it an excellent toy for helping kids understand the cause and effects concepts early on.


Turtle Sandbox by Little Tikes


This Turtle Toy makes for an incredible Christmas present or 1st birthday gift for boys. Kids, as you know, thrive on fascination. So, if the boy you’ll be giving a gift to loves animals, he will definitely find this gift to be a lot of fun!

The sandbox comes with a smiling turtle design. The turtle’s hard shell serves as the lid of the sandbox. From the picture, you can see that the sandbox was given the texture or finish similar to that of a turtle which is ideal for a child that’s just learning about the world around it. Since it’s a massive sandbox, it can hold sand up to 150 lbs.

  • Has a maximum capacity of 150 lbs
  • The turtle shell serves as the sandbox’s protective lid
  • It features two seats so tiny tots can sit on them when they play
  • The bottom part of the sandbox has molded details to encourage kids to dig
  • The protective lid is light, so the wind can easily blow the sandbox open
What makes this option stand out?

This sandbox can also work as a mini paddling pool for younger kids too.

Buyers Guide to Suitable Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys

Finding unique gifts for a 1 year old boy who has everything can be a tough task if but by using our top toys list above and our buying guide below it should be greatly simplified. We strive to offer the very best guides to make shopping easier for parents like yourself.

As you may already be well aware, boys are incredibly active. They’re full of energy and constantly moving around, eager to learn in this stage of rapid develop. This age is an important time for them to refine their developmental skills including their motor, sensory, social, and walking abilities.

All of the toys mentioned above can help your child develop in one way or another.

To learn more about how to go about choosing a present for your 1 year old son, take a look at the section below.

Safety Guidelines

All toys that included above follow the Consumer Product Safety Guidelines and required by United States, European countries and other major governments.

If you want to take extra precautions in ensuring the toys you get for baby are 100% safe, here are some guidelines to follow so that you will end up with the safest toys:

  • Toys made of any type of fabric should be flame retardant or flame resistant
  • Painted toys must utilize lead free paint
  • Stuffed toys must be washable (by hand or machine)
  • All art materials must be are non toxic.
  • Paints and crayons must have a label of “ASTM D 4236,” which means they have been evaluated by the proper authorities

We advise parents to avoid giving hand me downs to children as they may not meet the current safety standards.

What Are the Best Types of Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys?

There are many toys that 1 year old boys love so to help give you further guidance we’ve put together a list of some of the types of toys that almost any 1 year old boy would love. These types include baby ride on toys, building blocks, toy cars and trucks and many others!

Ride On Toys

Riding on Toys are awesome for helping babies work on their balance abilities which is very helpful for when it comes to learning to walking. All in all ride on toys make a great birthday gift idea as long as they are age appropriate.

Building Blocks

Using toys that include blocks and pieces are excellent for enhancing the cognitive development of little boys. When using them boys are able to start differentiating between the shapes and colors. Researchers have found a link between playing with blocks and academic achievement, specifically in math. When researching for them make sure that they are large enough blocks that they don’t present a choke hazard for your baby.

Cars and Trucks

Toy cars and trucks are some of the best gifts for 1 year old baby boys. Specifically small toy car sets such as hot wheels or a matchbox set is good for this age. Most boys are absolutely fascinated with how cars look and work so they will be memorized by a fancy red sports car, police car, fire truck or even a mini monster truck.

What To Get a 1 Year Old for His Birthday?

If you’ve been having a tough time narrowing down your choices on what to give your baby boy on his 1st birthday, any of the options in this review are great options. Take a quick look below to see 3 of the top options that we recommend for your little one’s bday, including a robot who dances and makes music, a mini basketball hoop and even a toy food truck.

The only important consideration is to avoid an outdoor toy if your son has a winter birthday since he likely will want to get to playing with it right away.

What Do 1 Year Olds Like for Christmas?

The holidays are no different at this age on Christmas vs birthdays except that they may be 1 1/2 and be able to handle a toy that is slightly more advanced but in general baby boys enjoy pretty much everything included in our guide above, from ride on toys, to shape sorting puzzles and especially musical toys!

Just below are 3 of the highest rated gifts that are both fun and educational!

Final Thoughts on the Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boys

Little boys learn through play so finding options that have a good balance of fun and learning is your best bet.

1-year-old boys are also in the process of developing hand eye coordination and social skills. So picking toys that they can involve other kids with is a good idea. It’s gets them use to social interactions. This can have major positive effects later on in their life.

That can seem like a daunting task if you don’t know where to begin. However, all you need to do is take a quick look through the products above and pick out the ones that are best.

Regardless of whether you’re buying them for your own child, or as a gift for someone else’s you can now feel more confident in choosing ones that are beneficial for their development, while also being fun.

About Sheryl Jackson

Sheryl is a wife, mother and grandmother who has 3 adult children, many grandchildren and a large family with many nieces and nephews. Over the decades Sheryl has purchased countless toys and gifts for her children, grandchildren, foster children, nieces and nephews. Sheryl has an M.A. in communications and creative writing and loves using her experience as a parent and grandparent to share her picks of the best toys and gift ideas for children, teenagers and young adults.