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32 Best Toys & Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys in 2020

Finding the top gift ideas for 4 year old boys is tough with so many different options available. We know from experience that making sure that you get it right put a lot of pressure on you since you don’t want to let your little son down whether it’s on his birthday or Christmas.

So, in order to help we’ve created this detailed guide including a list of the best toys for 4 year old boys in hopes to alleviate some of that pressure.

Below, you’ll discover more about the wide range of presents that are available, as well as the main features, pros, cons, and what makes each option stand out from the rest.

A buyers guide section is also available afterward to ensure you have all the information you need to purchase the best gift.

Our Top Picks

Our list of the Best Toys for 4 Year Old Boys

Little boys this age love all kinds of things from Legos designed especially for boys, to sports toy like a basketball set and even outdoor ride on toys. Our guide includes the top options no matter what your sons interests are so that you can be sure to find the best gifts for 4 yr old boys!

Smartwatch by VTech


Boys have really been loving how this smartwatch comes in a blue colors. They’re able to use it to tell the time, use a stopwatch, set alarms, and use calendars. In addition to this, they can even use the watch as a calculator!

There’s also a range of activities and games for boys to play with. So, they can keep themselves occupied with this watch for a while.

  • Can take pictures & videos
  • Splash proof
  • Battery life could be better
What makes this option stand out?

Boys have been loving how there’s a voice changing feature available. It’s incredibly fun for them to use with friends and family.

Camo Walkie Talkie Set


These walkie talkies enables kids to communicate with complete clarity. The antenna that has been fitted is also able to receive and send strong signals in places that are crowded. Furthermore, it helps to drown out background noise to make it easier to hear.

There are 22 channels available which mean you can send specific messages to one person, or multiple at the same time. Moreover, they’ve designed the walkie-talkies to have a long range distance of 2 miles.

So, kids can run around outdoors and talk to each other with no issues, meaning it’s an awesome summer toy for boys age 4 to play with outside. This makes these awesome when it comes to playing creatively and making up your own pretend play scenarios.

There are also straps and paracord bracelets included too.

  • 2-mile range distance
  • 22 channels
  • Clear sounds
  • Encourages creative play
  • Bracelets may be too big for some kids
What makes this option stand out?

We liked how this set has a long range and lets you hear the other person with clarity. This makes them easier to implement into pretend play games outdoors to be more imaginative.

Batman Themed Go Kart


Boys who love Batman will love riding in this toy and will feel like they’re in the Batmobile when doing it! It can inspire them to play more creatively.

There’s a 3 point steering system available as well. This is awesome for enabling your little one to steer the go kart with more precision and speed.

  • Handbrake available
  • High quality rubber wheels
  • Some were expecting it to be larger
What makes this option stand out?

To ensure that your child is able to sit and ride around in this toy comfortably, the bucket seat can be easily adjusted.

Toy Workbench


This toy workbench comes with an impressive total of 100 pieces. This included tons of accessories, as well as an electric drill and hammer. As a result, kids are provided with everything they need to be occupied for hours.

We liked how the pretend drill has been made with a battery-powered feature. This is because it creates sounds and helps children feel like they’re using real tools. Therefore, they’re able to roleplay and be more imaginative.

All of the materials have been made with a rounded-edge design to ensure that there are no sharp points that could cause injuries. We were also impressed with how the materials used are resistant to the colors fading over time. So, they will last your child for years and still look great!

  • Resistant to color fading
  • Realistic sounds
  • Flimsier than some expected
What makes this option stand out?

Kids love how the electric drill makes a realistic sound when they press the button as it helps them to play more creatively.

Cubic Fun Race Track


This fun race track game helps children build their hand/eye coordination, problem solving skills, and fine motor skills and they push various buttons in order to complete 8 different challenges. A fun game the child can play alone or with others.

This race track toy is fine gift idea for any 4 year old boys!


  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • Cars run on the track smoothly
  • Not as sturdy as some users would like
What makes this stand out?

This race track appeals to preschoolers because the cars and track are all in one and the game is challenging enough to keep kids interested in mastering the game and seeing how fast they can make their cars complete the entire track.

Whack A Mole Game


This Whack a Mole game is based on the arcade game. The game comes with soft mallets and 7 cute moles that light up signally that the child is to hit the mole on the head. Great for building hand/eye coordination and improving their reaction times. It does take 3AA batteries.

  • Kids love the suspense of waiting for the mole to light up so they can whack them
  • Helps improve concentration
  • Points don’t always score when you whack the mole on the head
What makes this stand out?

This is a fun game for yuung boys who find it exciting to bop the moles on their heads as they light up.

Remote Control Crocodile Toy


The 4 x 4 wheel feature available with this remote control toy enables boys to take it across rough and tricky terrain. They can use it on sand, concrete, grass, mud, and shallow water. The paddle wheel treads are what lets the toy go through shallow water smoothly.

Furthermore, people have been liking how the remote feels smooth to control. A reverse function is included too which makes it easy to get the toy out of areas where it’s stuck.

  • Anti skid features
  • Encourages outdoor play
  • Battery compartment can be tough to open
What makes this option stand out?

The 2.4Ghz remote technology means that there’s minimal interference and improved responsiveness. It also means multiple kids can use their RC toys together in the same area.

Lego Duplo My Town Family House


This Duplo set comes with an excellent 3-level design feature. This adds more dimensions to the building process which helps children to recruit their problem-solving skills.

Moreover, there’s also a car which can be built to put outside the house. We liked how kids are challenged just enough to improve their motor skills and coordination, but not so much that they feel frustrated.

The house and car theme is a lot of fun and encourages children to build with more imaginative thinking. With a total of 69 pieces available, your child will be engrossed for hours!

  • Improves problem-solving abilities
  • Encourages creative play
  • Some are disappointed with the number of pieces available
What makes this option stand out?

We liked how this LEGO DUPLO set encourages children to build with more creativity.

Colored Magnetic Building Tile Blocks

Product not found.


These magnet building blocks come with an impressive range of 100 pieces. This ensures kids can be entertained for hours! These pieces include a range of different shapes too. Therefore, children can develop their shape recognition skills.

The tiles also have different letters on them which helps kids get more familiar with their numerical abilities. As they’re building the structure, kids are able to improve their motor skills and coordination too.

Parents have been liking how the materials used are free from toxins and have a round-edged design to ensure they’re safe.

  • Round-edged design
  • Improves number & letter knowledge
  • Not all the pieces are magnetic
What makes this option stand out?

This is an impressive toy set that manages to combine letter learning and building seamlessly. As a result, kids can be educated while having a lot of fun.

Tool Belt Toy


This tool belt toy comes with a total of 14 pieces. Therefore, children are able to play with a lot of different accessories that will keep them entertained for hours of fun play.

We were impressed with how they’ve made the pretend tools look incredibly realistic. This is to ensure that kids can use the tools and roleplay what they may have seen other people do. As a result, it’s awesome for encouraging kids to play with more creativity.

Since they’re using the set to build things, you can also expect their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities to improve as well.

  • Extensive 14-piece set
  • Realistic tool design
  • May fit too loose for some kids
What makes this option stand out?

By designing the tools to have a realistic look and feel, kids feel more encouraged to roleplay and be a lot more creative in their pretend play scenarios.

Foam Pogo Jumper


This pogo jumper will provide boys with hours of fun. There’s a squeaker built-in which makes sounds that are entertaining. This sound also signals the number of hops that your child is on.

Therefore, they can count the squeaks to find out how many hops they can do in a row. This is great for their number and counting skills.

Since kids are hopping around with this toy, it encourages them to be more active and exercise often. While playing, kids are also able to develop their coordination and balance.

We liked how the base of this pogo toy has been made with soft yet strong materials. This makes it comfortable to play with while also being durable enough to last for years.

  • Encourages active play
  • Makes a squeaky sound
What makes this option stand out?

Kids love playing with this pogo toy and being more active. The more they play with it, the more exercise they’re able to do.

Cornhole for Kids


This two sided bean bag game is a fun game for preschoolers and helps them develop hand/eye coordination and sportsmanship skills. They also learn to follow rules and to take turns while having fun.

  • Bean bags are sized for small hands
  • Comes with its own carrying case
  • The side with the dinosaurs are upside down
What makes this stand out?

A fun game that kids can play inside and out by themselves or with others. Kids enjoy trying to get the bean bag into the hole and get really excited when achieving their goal.

Magnetic Letter Building Set


This magnetic tiles set comes with a total of 36 pieces. As a result, kids are provided with a lot of pieces which will keep them entertained and focused for hours.

We also liked how the pieces have been designed in a variety of different colors and shapes. This helps kids develop their color and shape recognition skills. The different colors make the set more engaging and fun to play with too.

  • Improves color & shape recognition abilities
  • Enhances problem-solving skills
  • Some aren’t fans of the 2-sided tile design
What makes this option stand out?

With 36 pieces available in different colors and shapes, kids will have a blast building a wide range of different structures.

Go Kart with Pedals


The pedals that are available with this go kart provides boys with a lot of control over the speed. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic way to encourage them to exercise more often and be outdoors.

With a 3 point steering system, your little one is able to turn the wheel with speed and precision.

  • Sporty design
  • Strong steel frame
  • Improves coordination
  • Some would prefer if it was a little larger
What makes this option stand out?

Kids can play outdoors in this go kart comfortably for hours due to the seat. It’s adjustable and has a backrest.

Safari Animals Figures


This animal set provides boys with 12 animal figures to play with. They’re small in size and perfect for your little one’s hands. We liked how they encourage kids to play with more imagination.

One of the most common ways that kids like to play with this set is by making their own safari or zoo with the animals. It’s a fantastic pretend play exercise that gets their cognitive processes firing.

The animals included are a giraffe, hippo, moose, polar bear, lion, zebra, elephant, cheetah, camel, gorilla, tiger, and a rhino. As a result, you can use it as an opportunity to teach your kids about the differences between these animals to broaden their knowledge.

  • Encourages creative play
  • Teaches kids about different animals
  • Smaller than expected
What makes this option stand out?

Young boys are able to use these toy animal figures and implement them into whatever kind of imaginative pretend play scenario that they come up with. This is a great exercise for their storytelling skills and creative thinking.

Zozoplay Tube Locks


This 72 piece tube building set with a whistle for making musical instruments will bring out the creativity in your 4 year old. The interlocking tubes make building fun and kids will love making different unique shaped instruments.

  • Great for practicing colors, sorting and even counting
  • Can make a variety of objects
  • Comes with a durable carrying case
  • It would be nice if the set came with directions (step by step pictures) for building a few different items
What makes this stand out?

This is a great building set that is different from standard Legos or other block toys that most little boys already have, allowing children to explore different types of building.

STEM Educational Building Set


This building set comes with various triangles, squares, rectangles, connectors, and wheels. We found this to be a huge benefit that encourages children to play and make structures with more creativity. Not to mention, the different shapes available improve their ability to recognize what makes each one unique.

If children were to make their own structures that were more complex, their problem-solving abilities and creative thinking skills would be used too.

  • Can improve ability to solve problems
  • Enhances ability to recognize shapes
  • Some would prefer if there were more cameras
What makes this option stand out?

We liked how this set encourages children to push themselves and make more difficult structures.

Lincoln Logs Set


This Lincoln Logs set comes with 137 pieces which have been made using maple wood logs in the U.S. We found that this provides the set with a unique feel that kids have been having a blast with. Since there are 137 pieces, you can be sure that your child will be entertained for hours. We liked how the set includes slates, windows, and a door. This helps kids add the more realistic details to the house.

So, they can build the house and then play with it using the figures. This allows them to use their imaginative side to have fun. Building the house itself is pretty easy as boys can follow the instructions which take you through a step-by-step process.

  • Encourages creative play
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • House falls apart easily than expected
What makes this option stand out?

We liked how this set includes slates, a door, and windows as it lets boys add the finishing and realistic features to the house.

Playskool Rescue Transformer Bots


This set comes with 4 bots, a construction bot, police bot, fire bot and flight bot which changes into a construction vehicle, police car, fire truck and helicopter. These toys are great for imaginative play and for helping children develop their fine motor skills.

  • These transformers are nice size
  • Easy to transform
  • Some parents feel that these transformers are cheaply made
What makes this stand out?

Kids get 4 hero transformers that they can play with either in bot or vehicle mode. These toys are perfect for imaginative play and the toys are easy to transform.

Walkie Talkies by Retevis


This walkie talkie set has a super lightweight design. Each walkie talkie weighs 90g, which makes them very easy to hold and run around with. So, they can use them while playing outdoors to be more creative with ease.

We liked how boys can easily operate these walkie talkies too. This prevents any frustration and lets them enjoy their playtime. Moreover, there’s an awesome belt available which you can use to easily hang the walkie-talkie on. So, kids can be handsfree as they run around and use the walkie-talkie as and when they please.

You can use them to communicate with one person or multiple people at a time as long as they’re on the same channel. This is a great feature who are playing outdoors in groups. It develops your child’s social skills and encourages them to play more creatively too.

  • Improves social skills
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Lightweight design
  • Instructions could be clearer
What makes this option stand out?

The lightweight design means boys can strap these walkie-talkies to their belts and run around outdoors. This gives them more freedom to play imaginatively without any hassle.

Farting Poop Emoji Pen


The poop emoji pen is a pretty unique gift idea that is bound to get any young boy laughing. It can produce fart sounds without any of the smell! It’s a super fun pen that kids have been having a lot of fun using.

They’ve designed it to let out 7 different kinds of sounds which can be activated by pressing the head of the pen. This is not only entertaining but also teaches children about cause and effect.

This pen can also be used as a way to encourage kids to develop their writing and reading skills. The design can also help them to be more creative too.

  • Teaches cause & effect
  • Encourages creativity
  • 7 different sounds available
  • Battery runs out quicker than expected
What makes this option stand out?

Boys have been having a ton of fun pressing the head of this pen and hearing it make a range of different fart sounds. It’s a fun gift idea that also encourages kids to be more creative and wants to write more.

Outdoor Explorer Kit


This outdoor exploration set could be the perfect gift for boys who love to be outdoors. It encourages children to explore nature and be more active to learn more about what’s going on in their backyard.

It comes with a case that can be used for carrying and storing the different tools in one place. There are 9 different tools to use. This included a set of 4x30mm binoculars which are awesome for bird watching or looking at animals from a distance.

A magnifying glass is available which enables boys to get a closer look at smaller insects with more detail. They can also explore nature at night time by using the flashlight which doesn’t need batteries to operate.

A handheld fan is available too which can come in handy if kids are out exploring on a hot summer’s day. Furthermore, a compass is available which boys can use to learn more about direction and how to read a map.

  • Encourages kids to be more active outdoors
  • Teaches them how to read maps
  • Extensive kit
  • Smaller than some expected
What makes this option stand out?

Children are provided with all the tools they need to spend the day outdoors exploring nature. It broadens their knowledge of different animals and insects and helps them to be more active outdoors.

Dinosaur Take Apart Toys


This dinosaur toy set comes with 6 dinosaur figures. These include 2 brontosauruses. 2 T-Rex’s, and 2 Triceratops’s. There are also various tools available which little boys can use to take the dinosaur toys apart and put them back together.

These tools include 4 screwdrivers which make the dismantling and reassembly of these toys easy. Taking these toys apart and putting them back together will keep boys entertained for hours..

Since they have a dinosaur design, you can use them to teach kids about the different kinds of dinosaurs that were around. The dinosaur theme is also a lot of fun and encourages kids to play more imaginatively.

  • Teaches boys about dinosaurs
  • Encourages creative play
  • Small screw parts can get easily lost
What makes this option stand out?

We liked how this set has 6 dinosaur toys that will keep boys busy for hours. The process of disassembling and reassembling these toys is a fantastic exercise for their motor skills and coordination too.

Giggle and Go Bowling


This is a fun lawn bowling game that nearly all four year old boys love. The game consists of 6 bowling pins with a sand weighted base and a large 24” diameter bowling ball which makes bowling more fun.

  • Comes with a handy pump to pump up the pins and bowling ball
  • Weighted pins stay standing even in a light breeze
  • Not all the pins inflated in all the sets
What makes this stand out?

The large size of this game makes this game more fun for preschoolers. It helps kids work on balance as well as hand eye/eye coordination.

Interactive Engineering Robot Toy


The 3 in 1 design available with this robot toy means boys can play with it for hours on end. They’re able to assemble it in 3 different ways to play with it and experience the various modes.

A remote has been included that allows kids to control the toy to move around in all directions. This remote is a good size and lets kids control the toy easily.

  • Singing & dancing features
  • Develops motor skills & coordination
  • People have been loving this robot toy set!
What makes this option stand out?

The design of this robot toy set encourages children to use it to play in more imaginative ways. Therefore, their creative thinking skills are able to develop well.

Triceratops Blue Dinosaur Pillow


This dinosaur pillow is available in a blue color which young boys have been loving. We liked how it has been designed with incredibly soft plush materials as well as fuzzy textures. This makes it super comfortable for your child to use. It’s also great for developing their tactile skills.

The dinosaur design makes it more fun to use and can even encourage boys to play with it in more imaginative ways. You can also use the plush toy to teach boys about dinosaurs.

  • Develops tactile skills
  • Travel-friendly
  • Soft & comfortable
  • Easy to wash
  • Some would prefer if they added more colors
What makes this option stand out?

This dinosaur themed plush pillow is remarkably soft and makes naptimes and bedtimes a much smoother process. The different textures are also great for your child’s tactile development.

Kids Play Tent


The play tent is a fantastic gift for boys who love to be active. We liked how it encourages children to play more creatively too. They can get together with their friends and come up with their own games to play inside the tent.

We also found this to be beneficial for their social skills too. They’re able to learn how to work in a team and develop their collaborative abilities.

This tent has multiple entrances with roll-down flaps and various windows to have plenty of freedom. Parents have been liking how easy this tent is to set up too.

  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Indoor & outdoor use
  • Kids may be able to rip through the materials easier than expected
What makes this option stand out?

This is a large play tent that enables kids to get all their friends together and have a blast. Therefore, their social skills and abilities to play more creatively are able to flourish.

GlowCity Light Up Basketball


This basketball lights up, making it a unique toy. It implements two LED lights which are super bright and provide the ball with a powerful glowing feature. As a result, it can be a ton of fun to play in the dark.

The bright LED colors are visually stimulating for littleboys It helps them develop their ability to learn visually. Furthermore, we liked how this Light Up Basketball encourages children to be more active and play outdoors.

All you need to do is fill the ball up with air like you would with a regular basketball, and put the batteries inside.

  • Encourages active outdoor play
  • Improves visual learning skills
  • Lights dim quicker than some were hoping for
What makes this option stand out?

We liked how this basketball includes 2 powerful LED’s which enables kids to play basketball outdoors and be amazed by how it glows up. It also encourages them to play more active outdoors.

Vehicle & Cat Figure Set


This toy car comes with a cat figure that’s 3” in height. We found this to be the perfect size for your little boy’s hands. It also helps them to play with more imagination too.

The stealth vehicle has a fun design which also encourages children to play with more creativity. Kids love putting the figure inside the car and rolling it around to play for hours.

As little boys are rolling the car around, they’re also able to develop their coordination and motor skills too. Moreover, this set can be used as part of a collection which kids can add to over time.

  • Great size
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Fun design
  • Figures need to be pushed hard into the seats to stay in place
What makes this option stand out?

We liked how this toy set is a great size for boys and enables them to play with a lot of creativity.

Pretend Cash Register


This toy cash register is an awesome gift that helps kids to develop their numerical skills. We were impressed with how it manages to combine learning and fun.

Since it’s a pretend play cash register, boys will have an incredibly fun time roleplaying with friends and family. However, during the process, they’ll also be developing their maths knowledge. Furthermore, this gift encourages children to play with others which helps them to improve their social skills. We also liked how it helps kids to improve their creative playing abilities.

The size of the cash register and all the parts available are perfect for little hands. We liked how pressing a button makes the cash register open and make a sound, just like the real ones!

  • Improves social skills
  • Encourages creative play
  • Register pops open quite fast & aggressively
What makes this option stand out?

This realistic cash register encourages kids to play with more imagination while also ensuring that they’re able to develop the way that they socially interact with people.

Imaginext Batcopter


This Batcopter toy from Fisher-Price is an awesome gift for boys who love Batman. The toy is a ton of fun and enables boys to play with a lot of creativity. They can incorporate it into their pretend-play games in many different ways.

One of the best features involves the landing gear. It can be used to pick up villains from the ground while holding the Batcopter in the air!

We liked how the blades have a rotating feature as it’s more realistic and fun. Furthermore, the Batman character figure included ensures boys have all they need to play for hours on end. The figure and Batcopter are also great sizes for a boys hands.

  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Perfect size for children’s hands
  • No villain characters are included
What makes this option stand out?

Boys love playing with this Batman toy set as they can re-enact scenes from their favorite superhero shows.

Astronaut Helmet


This astronaut helmet can be an excellent gift for boys who love to dress up and roleplay. We liked how this helmet has a lightweight design to ensure that kids can keep it on and play for hours comfortably.

They’ve paid a lot of attention to the construction of this helmet too. Therefore, you can expect it to withstand bumps over the years. The visor can also be moved up and down for a more realistic feel.

Kids love the mix and matching this astronaut helmet with their other costumes. It’s super fun and encourages them to play with a lot of creativity. The astronaut theme also inspires children to come up with some wacky pretend play scenarios!

  • Encourages creative play
  • Durable design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • The visor can be prone to fogging up
What makes this option stand out?

Kids have been having a blast wearing this astronaut helmet along with their other costumes. It’s an awesome gift that inspires children to roleplay and be incredibly creative.

Our Top Picks


Gifts for 3 Year Old Boys
Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls
Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls
Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls

Buyers Guide on the Best Gifts for a 4 Year Old Boy

So, you’re now more aware of the kinds of age appropriate toys that are available for a four year old boy. If you’re interested to learn more about these presents and how to go about picking out the best possible one, you’ll want to check out the information we’ve provided for you below.

Developmental Benefits

The toys that we’ve reviewed above will all provide children with some kind of developmental benefit. However, there are ones that will have more of an impact than others. For example, the gifts that involve numbers and letters are going to be best for helping kids develop their knowledge on math and language.

On the other hand, there are toys that are more geared toward helping kids play more imaginatively. These are fantastic at developing their creative thinking side.

So, let’s take a look at what some the developmental benefits of toys are below.

Creative Play

Being able to play with imagination is a developmental skill that many people overlook. This is because it doesn’t seem as important as the educational or more cognitive developments.

However, ensuring that your child is able to play with plenty of imagination is incredibly important for their development. It helps them to think outside the box and come up with more creative solutions to problems.

Moreover, kids who are able to play creatively tend to be happier as they’re having a great time.

Motor Skills & Coordination

Motor skills and coordination are among the two main developmental benefits that parents are most concerned with.

Using the gifts mentioned in the review above is a great way for kids to develop their coordination and motor skills while also having fun. The kinds of toys that will have the most impact on these developments are the ones that involve building things.

They encourage your child to be more hands-on which helps these skills to develop better.

Social Play

Playing in groups is not only a lot of fun for kids, but it also helps them to become more comfortable in social situations. While they’re younger, this may not seem to have as much of an effect. However, as your child begins to grow older and be in social situations more frequently, having the social skills already teed up can be incredibly helpful.

This is especially the case when it comes to being in school and working collaboratively on projects.

What to Get a Four Year Old Boy for Christmas?

Purchasing toys for a 4 yr old boy for xmas can be a lot of fun, so long as you know what you’re looking for. Really any stuff in our guide would be a great option depending on your little boys interests so it’s best to consider what he likes and doesn’t like when making a decision.

If your boy is Batman fanatic the Batcopter toy is a great option. Other great options include educational sets and board games since it’s winter and they’ll be crammed inside for a few months.

Lastly, it is a good idea to purchase a few different kinds of toys, rather the 1 super expensive toy. This is because kids love ripping through the wrapping paper and going from one gift right onto the next and it also ensures that once your son gets tired with a gift he has plenty more to last him for months.

What to Get a 4 Year Old for His Birthday?

Choosing 4th bday gifts for boys is pretty similar to buying for them at Christmas time. It may be best to focus on specific types of toys that he might not have experience with but has shown an interest in

For example, if he loves being outdoors, buying them a sports present or an outdoor exploration kit could make your sons day!

Furthermore, if you’re looking to throw a party, buying toys that encourage social skills and teamwork could be great too. This could include play tents or pretend cash registers so your boy can setup shop with his friends and use the toy to learn about counting money and improve his math skills.

What Are Unique Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything?

If you’re buying a gift for a little boy who seemingly has every toy already then you’re in for a tough task. In this case it may be a good idea to find different types of toy that a 4 year old may enjoy but he has yet to experience. That way you know he doesn’t have it yet and he can grow in to it and gradually become more interested in it!

Unique gifts may include faster ride on toys or a fast RC car if he had slow one as a toddler.

What 4 Year Old Boys Like for Toys?

There are many different kinds of gifts that you could buy for boys this age. However, to ensure that you don’t get confused between the ones that we’ve mentioned in our review, we’ve put together a list of the different types to highlight what makes them stand out from one another. These types include educational toys, plush toys, outdoor toys, building sets, playhouses and even costumes.

Educational Toys

The educational toys mentioned in our review are the ones that involve numbers and letters, for the most part. However, the toys that involve animals and dinosaurs can also be used as educational toys too, teaching kids about the different dinosaurs and animals giving them a head start on what they learn in preschool.

These types of toys also combine a fun activity alongside the educational features to ensure that kids don’t get bored and feel encouraged to learn.

Plush Toys

Soft plush toys can be a lot of fun for boys due to how they can be used for sleeping and playtime. Parents also like how easy they are to take when going on trips. They can keep kids occupied on planes and in cars, while also being able to be used as a soft cushion to sleep comfortably on.

Plush toys are also often designed with slightly different materials on the exterior. As a result, they can be excellent at helping kids develop their tactile abilities.

Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys, such as bikes, sports toys, and exploration kits are excellent choices for children who love to be outside. Furthermore, they can be used as a fun way to encourage children to be more active.

So, if you’re buying presents for a boy who doesn’t spend as much time outdoors as he could, buying him sports equipment, a scooter or a bike could be the push he needs to get excited to play more actively.

Roleplay/Costume Toys

Roleplay and costumes can make for amazing gifts for 4 year old boys. This is because they’re at the age where they love dressing up and running around being imaginative and making up their own pretend play scenarios.

Furthermore, these can be awesome when it comes to fancy dress parties or around Halloween. Ensuring that your child has a killer outfit will help them have more fun and be able to socialize with other kids better.

Toys that involve any kind of pretend play are always going to be effective at stimulating your child’s creative side. Children love playing with toys that are realistic as they can draw from what they’ve seen in the real world and implement it into their games.

Building Toys

Building toys are among the most popular kinds of toys for 4 year old boys. The main reason for this is that kids this age love using their hands and being able to build things challenges them cognitively. The sense of achievement once a building set has been completed is a feeling that kids love to experience.

Moreover, your boy can play in all sorts of imaginative scenarios with the set once he’s done building it!


Playhouses and play tents can make for a super fun gift, especially for your boys birthday. They enable boys to get together and play with one another to come up with imaginative and fun games.

These playhouses and tents tend to be easy to set up and can be used both indoors and outdoors making them good year around.

Final Thoughts on Popular Toys for 4 Year Old Boys

Finding that perfect gift for boys can be pretty tricky because they’re at the age where they’re able to experiment with a wider range of toys, some of which they love, and others that they aren’t such big fans of.

So, making sure that you get it right is crucial and now that you’ve read through our review above, you have a better idea of the kinds of gifts that they like. If you were still feeling a little stuck, the buyers guide section provides you with some added information that will have you feeling more confident as to which gift to choose.

Hopefully, we’ve given you all the details you need to go and pick the best gift possible!

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