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34 Best Gifts for Tween Boys in 2020

If you’re interested in discovering what the best tween boy gifts are and what they have to offer, you’ll want to check out our review below. We’ve researched what the top rated options are so that you can feel more confident about choosing gifts for yourgrowing boy.

Finding the right gift for a tween boy can make his birthday or Christmas a lot more special. In our guides, you can find board games, sports games, magic trick sets, building kits, learning sets, scooters, and more!

Our Top Picks

Our List of the Best Gifts for Preteen Boys

Regardless of whether you’re after presents for your preteens bday or for Christmas, you can be sure to find something great from our review. And if after going through our reviews your still stumped you can check out buyers guide at the end for extra guidance in your gift shopping!

Kan Jam Party Disc Game 


Tween boys can have a blast using this set to play in groups with friends and family. It comes with 2 goals and a Kan Jam flying disc which is everything you need to start playing.

We liked how the goals can be easily portable as it enables boys to use the set to play at different places. This means boys can use it at their friend’s place, while you’re out camping or even at the beach.

  • Weatherproof construction 
  • Set of instructions included 
  • Different designs available    
  • Disc feels a little stiffer than some were expecting     

Bundle Set of Spy Tools 


Boys can have a blast using this set of 4 spy tools to play with lots of imagination. It includes an invisible ink pen, micro ear light, micro motion alarm, a listener, and a utility belt.

So, there’s plenty for your boy to play with for hours on end. We were impressed with how the utility belt has clips that can be used to carry all of the spy tools around and use at any given moment.

  • Utility belt is adjustable 
  • Lets boys see in the dark!     
  • Could be more durable     

Razor Motocross Electric Bike


Razor’s motocross bike is powered by a 650 watt motor which provides boys with plenty of power. It allows them to travel at speeds of up to 17 mph!

We liked how they’ve implemented a dual suspension system and riser handlebars. As a result, boys are able to ride around across rough surfaces and have a smooth and comfortable experience.

  • Durable pneumatic knobby tires
  • 220 lbs weight capacity       
  • Doesn’t hold up so well in wet conditions     

Lego London Skyline Building Set



Lego’s London skyline building kit comes with 468 pieces which can keep your boy engaged for a while. It provides them with a good challenge that can develop their critical thinking skills.

We liked how the finished model contains some of the great landmarks of London. This includes the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and more.


  • Informational booklet included 
  • Compatible with other Lego sets 


  • Some were hoping for it to be larger 

R2-D2 Building & Coding Set


Boys who love Star Wars can have a lot of fun with this R2-D2 kit. First of all, they’re able to put the droid toy together by assembling the pieces. They’re then provided with the opportunity to learn how to code by being taken on a variety of missions that involve coding.

Furthermore, there are over 22 missions available when you download the app on a smartphone. Boys can then use the phone to control the toy to perform different functions.

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Educational     
  • Fun sound effects 
  • Plastic parts could be more durable     

Magic Tricks Kit


This magic tricks kit comes with a total of 100 tricks that your child can learn and perform. Therefore, you can be sure that it will keep them busy for a while.

We liked how it comes with all of the supplies that boys need to learn and perform their tricks with. A performance table is also included which really lets boys put on a show.

  • Storage case available 
  • Easy to follow instructions     
  • Some find their set is damaged upon delivery     

Build & Play RC Car Toy 


We liked how this RC set lets kids build the car toy before being able to race it around. there are 194 pieces for them to assemble which is excellent for their hand eye coordination and motor skills.

Once the toy has been built, boys can use the small remote to drive the car around. After being fully charged, it can last for a total of 30 continuous minutes.

  • Convenient USB charger
  • Easy to use remote
  • Not as durable as some were anticipating 

Lascoota Scooter 


The deck available on this scooter has been made with a wide design to provide your child with plenty of support. We also liked how the deck features an anti slip layer to keep them even more stable.

Rubber materials have been used on the handles to ensure that your child can remain comfortable while riding around. Furthermore, the scooter has a folding design that makes it easy to pack up and take with you or keep in storage.

  • Reliable brakes
  • No assembly required 
  • Water resistant wheels     
  • Kickstand could be more durable     

Lego Ninjago Building Kit with Figures



If you’re boy is into Ninjago, they could have a lot of fun with this Lego set. It features a range of 494 pieces which is plenty to keep them occupied with constructing the set for a while.

Once it’s completed, there’s a mech figure available that has a cockpit with a 360-degree rotating function. This can be a lot of fun to use along with the 4 mini figures that are included.


  • Promotes creative play
  • Can be used with other Lego sets
  • Develops coordination & motor skills 


  • Legs on the mech figure are a little fragile

Hover Brand Soccer Set


This hover ball soccer set comes with 2 goals and a hover ball that boys can have fun playing with in small groups. We liked how the goals can be easily set up and taken down as it makes them portable.

Boys can use the hover soccer ball on any surface, regardless of whether it’s indoors or outdoors. A protective bumper is available on the outside which prevents the hover ball causing any damage.

  • Fun LED lights available
  • Encourages active play 
  • Some would prefer if the nets were larger  

Model Construction Set 


This construction set comes with 146 pieces and enables boys to have a blast building a wide range of models. These include airplanes, cars, helicopters, motorcycles, and more.

During the construction process, your boy’s motor skills and hand eye coordination will be able to develop well. Furthermore, it’s likely that their problem solving abilities will come into play as well.

  • Colorful pieces 
  • Inspires creativity 
  • Free from toxins  
  • Screws can come loose over time

Spikeball Game Set 


This Spikeball game can be super fun for boys to play in teams against each other. The set comes with balls, a playing net, and a drawstring bag. The legs of the net can also be folded up.

As a result, it’s an excellent set that you can take around for boys to use in different places. Furthermore, the net has an adjustable feature that allows you to alter the tightness to your preference.

  • Encourages active play 
  • Easy to learn    
  • Could be sturdier     

Crystal Growing Kit


Boys are able to grow their very own crystals using the supplies available in this kit. It enables kids to grow a range of 8 crystals that are available in different colors.

We also liked how they’ve included a display stand. It has a fantastic light-up feature which makes it look amazing in the dark. It lets boys show off the crystals that they’ve grown.

  • Teaches boys about chemistry
  • Easy to follow instructions 
  • Some find salt can be prone to leaking out of the crystals 

RC Boat Toy


We were impressed with how this rc boat is able to travel at a maximum speed of 20 mph while on the water. This is more than enough speed for tween boys to have fun playing with.

Moreover, the remote control has 4 channels available. As a result, multiple people can race their boat toys around together without interference issues. The boat toy is also available in either a bright green or blue color.

  • Capsize recovery feature available
  • Easy to use controls 
  • Not as water tight as some were expecting 

NFL Board Game


Are you looking for presents for boys who love football? If so, this NFL board game could make for a wonderful gift. We liked how it comes with a set of instructions that makes it very easy to learn the rules.

Furthermore, it’s a game that involves a lot of strategy. This is a fun way to help your child work on their strategic thinking abilities. Not to mention, it’s a fun game for the whole family to be involved in!

  • Officially licensed by the NFL
  • Uses real stats from the NFL  
  • Some were hoping the game to be more challenging 

Wooden Painting Cars Set


If you were interested in a gift that enables boys to be super creative, this wooden painting cars set could make for a great choice. It comes with a range of 3 wooden cars that are completely plain.

There are also 12 pots of acrylic paint and 2 paint brushes. The paints are available in different colors and enable boys to put their creative thinking side to good use.

  • Pots of glue included
  • Instructions available 
  • Stickers come off sooner than some were expecting 

Crayola Drawing Set 


Crayola’s drawing tablet features an LED board and a range of 6 gel markers. Boys are able to have a lot of fun using these gel markers to draw and come up with designs on the board.

We also liked how the black panel can be removed. This is because it lets kids use the light board as a tracing pad. They can then have their designs lit up which look fantastic in the dark.

  • Built-in storage for markers
  • Colors easily wipe off the board   
  • Goes through more batteries than some were anticipating  

Star Wars BB-9E Droid Toy 


Boys who are fans of Star Wars can have a blast with this BB-9E droid toy. It comes with a movement feature that makes it roll just like the droid seen in the movies. Furthermore, you can have it connected to an app.

This lets boys experience the hologram feature. The droid toy can create a holographic simulation for boys to explore.

  • Exciting LED lights 
  • Can be programmed     
  • Battery life could be better     

4M Doodling Bot


This robot has a built-in motor that enables it to spin on its own. Boys can put 3 different pens or pencils in the slots and watch how the robot works to create designs on its own.

We liked how you’re able to have control over adjusting the height of the pens. Moreover, it’s an excellent gift that boys can observe and learn more about robotics.

  • Instructions included
  • Promotes creativity   
  • Requires large sheets of paper to work well 

Robotic Hydraulics Kit


This hydraulics kit features a robotic arm that can work to move on its own without any batteries or electricity. This provides boys with an excellent opportunity to learn more about hydraulics.

Your child is able to have a very hands on learning experience due to being able to construct the set. We liked how there’s also a suction feature available as well. This can be observed by removing the gripper and watching how it vacuums up various objects.

  • Good instructions included
  • Inspires creativity  
  • Some find the movements to be a little stiff 

Double Shotz Blaster Toy 2 Pack


This air blaster toy set comes with 2 blasters and a range of targets to shoot at. We liked how there’s foam ammo available as it makes it safer for tweens.

Boys can have a blast shooting at the 6 target cans that are included. Furthermore, the darts can be shot out at up 30 feet. There are also mini sights available on top of the blasters that boys can use to achieve more accurate shots.

  • Fun for 2 kids to play with
  • Can add more foam darts to the set  
  • Smaller than some were expecting 

Magic Black 8 Ball


This magic 8 ball gift has been made with a retro feature that provided it with an excellent design. It’s also available in a standard version.

It works by boys asking the ball a yes or no question and turning it upside down. They then wait for the answer to be given to them via the see through window. It’s a super fun toy that kids can have fun using in groups.

  • Very durable design
  • Compact size   
  • Liquid on the inside can bubble up at times 

Lego City Transport Kit


Lego’s City Transport Kit comes with a range of 310 pieces that can keep boys engaged for a while. When the set has been built, they’re left to play with a truck that has an opening cab, a helicopter, flatbed trailer, and 2 mini figures.

Therefore, there’s plenty for boys to play with for hours on end. They’re also able to get super creative with the mini figures.

  • Compatible with other Lego sets
  • Develops coordination & motor skills


  • Lots of smaller pieces that can go missing easily 

Rubik’s Board Game 


This board game puts a twist on the regular Rubik’s Cube. It involves 2 people playing against each other in order to match certain patterns.

It involves quick thinking since you’re competing against another person. It can also be an excellent way to help your child recognize patterns and focus for longer.

  • Colorful board design 
  • Improves problem solving     
  • Some find the pieces can go missing easily    

Mini Segway 


This 2 wheeled self balancing Segway Scooter is powered by a 700-watt engine that enables riders to travel at a maximum speed of 10 mph. We found that this is plenty of speed to let them have a blast outdoors.

Furthermore, we were impressed with the range available with the Segway. It can travel at up to 11 miles after it has been fully charged! We also liked how there are LED taillights to keep kids safe and visible.

  • Strong pneumatic tires
  • Easy to ride
  • Padded knee bar       
  • Some have issues connecting Segway to the app

3D Globe Jigsaw Puzzle 


This 3D jigsaw puzzle comes with 540 pieces that kids can use to construct a 3D model of the Earth. Therefore, you can expect them to be occupied putting this one together for a while.

We liked how there’s easy-click technology that provides tweens with an audible confirmation when the correct pieces have clicked into place. Moreover, there’s a stand included that you can use to put the 3D globe up on display once it’s finished.

  • Improves problem solving 
  • Durable pieces 
  • Teaches boys about the Earth    
  • Some were hoping it would be more challenging     

Microscope Learning Kit 


We were impressed with how this set comes with 52 pieces. It includes a microscope, plastic slides, lenses, and more. Therefore, boys have plenty to use when observing objects through the microscope.

There’s an LED light included as well which works well to enable tweens to clearly see what they’re looking at. This set provided your child with a very hands on learning experience when it comes to science.

  • 120 to 1200x magnification available
  • Carrying case for portability 
  • Comes with brine shrimp     
  • Some pieces could be more durable 

Table Top Robot by 4M


Boys can have a blast assembling this robot toy by following the instructions. It’s a rewarding experience one the model is completed due to the movement features that are available.

The robot can move around with crab-like movements. We also liked how it’s able to avoid bumping into object on its own. All of the parts needed to build this robot are included for convenience.

  • Good set of instructions available
  • Hands on learning kit 
  • Power switch location isn’t so great 

Quadcopter Drone 


This quadcopter is an excellent option for boys who are beginners to using drones. It has a headless mode which works to automatically bring the drone back if it ever goes too far out of range.

We also liked how it features a 6 axis gyro system. This system is excellent for keeping the drone stable while boys fly it around outdoors as it can resist being swayed too easily by the wind.

  • Responsive controls 
  • 50 meter range     
  • Control can take time to get used to     

Fossil Digging Kit 


Tween boys have a fantastic opportunity to learn about dinosaurs by having a hands on experience with this set. There’s a range of dinosaur fossils available for boys to dig up by using the chisel and brush.

A magnifying glass is also included which lets you look at the fossils in more detail. Therefore, everything boys need to observe and learn from is included with this kit.

  • Learning guide included 
  • 15 fossils to dig up!    
  • Can get messy     

Outdoor Game Set 


This game set comes with a pole and 7 buckets that you attach to it. There are also 16 bean bags included. The aim of the game is to throw the bean bags to try and land in the bucket.

It can be a super fun game for tweens to play with friends and family. We also liked how it comes with a carrying bag that you can use to keep all of the parts in. It’s very easy to transport as a result.

  • Encourages outdoor play
  • Easy to set up 
  • Beans bags aren’t as durable as some were expecting 

Sumo Wrestle Belly Bumpers


Boys can have a blast with this belly bumpers set due to how entertaining it is. It has an air inflatable design that lets you have it set up in no time.

This air inflatable feature also makes it safe for kids. If your child’s friend has one, they can have fun bumping into each other and keeping themselves safe at the same time.

  • Unique gift idea
  • Promotes active play 
  • Could be more durable 

Motors and Generators by Thames & Kosmos


We liked how this set provides boys with a hands on experience when it comes to learning about electricity. It’s a lot more interactive and exciting for them.

We liked how there’s a great manual included as well. It comes with a total of 60 pages that take children through the details of how the set works.

  • Experiments can be performed
  • Easy to follow instructions included 
  • Some were hoping more pieces would be included  

Infinity Magic Cube


Boys are provided with 8 different cubes that they can use to move around in all directions and angles. It’s a super addictive gift that can help boys to focus for longer.

We also liked how they’ve implemented stainless steel materials to the toy. This is excellent for ensuring that it can remain durable for a long time to come.

  • Can ease anxiety 
  • Smooth design   
  • Some were anticipating it to be heavier 

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Buyers Guide

Now that we’ve taken you through what some of the best presents for tweens are, you can feel more confident about picking an option that stands out to you as being the best.

However, if you’re not completely sure as to which one to choose yet, you may want to check out our buyers guide section below.

You can learn more details about the best kinds of gifts for different occasions, as well as what the most popular types for boys are in general.

What is the Best Stuff for Preteen Boys?

After reading through our review, and doing any research of your own, you will have noticed that there’s a wide selection of tween stuff that boys are interested in. To learn more about what the most popular things are, take a quick look below.

Building Sets

Building sets are a sought out gift idea for tween boys as they love being involved in putting together structures. Something like a Lego set could make for a fantastic gift idea.

When boys are tweens, they may be looking for building kits that are more challenging. Therefore, it could be a good decision to look for the slightly harder building sets that come with more pieces and will require more focus to complete.


Games, such as cards or board games are very popular among tweens. This is because they can have a lot of fun using the games to play with friends and family.

It’s more interactive and also provides your child with a great opportunity to work on their teamwork abilities.

RC Toys

Remote control toys are cool toys for boys to play with. We’ve included drones, boats, and fast rc car options throughout our review. Therefore, you have a good selection to choose from.


Educational gifts may seem a little boring for a tween boy. However, if you find the right kinds of educational presents, they can enable your child to have fun while also learning.

The crystal growing, fossil digging, and microscope kits that we’ve reviewed are all excellent examples of fun educational gifts. They provide boys with a very hands on learning experience which is more interactive for them.


Encouraging your child to play more actively is always a good thing. That’s why we’ve include some awesome gift ideas that will get them playing outdoors and being more active.

There’s a hover soccer ball set and outdoor games kits for boys to have fun with. These active presents are also fun to play in groups.

What are the Top Christmas Gifts for Tweens?

If you’ve been having a hard time on what to get your boy for Christmas, you’ll be glad to hear that we’ve included plenty of fantastic options in our review.

A building kit could make for a fun Christmas gift. Boys can open the gift up and start building it on the day with the opportunity for the family to get involved too.

You could also choose to go with some type of board game or puzzle. The globe jigsaw puzzle that we’ve reviewed could be an awesome Xmas gift. This is because it allows boys to get the family involved to help out, which can lead to some great bonding time over the holidays.

What are the Best Tween Birthday Gifts?

As far as bday gifts are concerned, our review is full of wonderful ideas. You could choose to go down the creative route, in which case, the Crayola light up drawing board could be a great choice.

Another good choice could be the Star Wars droid toy, if you know your boy loves Star Wars. Alternatively, maybe you know your child would have more fun with things like a mini Segway, gas dirk bike, or electric scooter.

Are Toys a Good Gift for Tween Boys?

One of the issues parents often have when it comes to finding presents for their tween boys is whether or not toys are still a good idea.

We’ve included some great toy sets in our review, such as Lego, spy kits, and Nerf blaster toys. Therefore, we can definitely recommend you some excellent toys for tween boys.

Having said that, the toys for boys in this age range may be a little different compared to the ones that you may have been getting them when they were 7 years old and younger. The best tween toy are more advanced while still enabling your child to use their imagination when playing.

Final Thoughts on Tween Boy Gifts

So, that brings our review of the top gifts for tween boy to an end. Be sure to factor in the main features, pros, and cons of each option. That’s what will enable you to have the best idea as to the gifts that are best for your child.

With so many different gift ideas available, it can become tough trying to narrow down your search. Well, you can now feel more confident!

Hopefully, the information found in our review and buyers guide section has been useful in helping you to make a final decision and feeling more inspired about gift ideas for tween boy.

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