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37 Best Toys & Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys in 2024

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Finding the best gift ideas for 10-year-old boys is something that many parents, grandparents and family friends have a tough time with. This is largely due to the sheer volume of great options available and the quickly evolving interests of your fast developing son.

In order to make finding just the right toy for your 10 year old son a lot easier, we’ve put together this extensive list. Some of the most popular gifts available can be found in this list to help you save time shopping. Whether it’s an outdoor toy for his 10th birthday or an educational toy for Christmas we’ve got you covered with loads of great options below.

Our List of Gifts 10 Year Old Boys Will Actually Like

So now that we’ve covered a little bit about gifts options let’s get right into our guide where we covered the details of some awesome stuff your 10-year-old will love. And if you’re still stumped after reading through our list there is a buying guide section at the end that takes you through some key factors to consider in order to further help you in your search for great toys.


Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX


The Nerf lazer tag set is a super fun 10th birthday day gift. We liked how this set can be used both indoors and outdoors. This Nerf toy rivals other laser tag sets due to the exciting sound effects, especially when they register as hits on an enemy. In addition to this, there are vibrations and lighting effects too. All of these features combined make the set incredibly fun to play with friends.

We found this Nerf gun set to be an effective way to encourage children to play more actively too. If you were struggling to get them off the sofa and playing video games all the time, a gift like this would be awesome.

  • Encourages group play
  • Helps kids play more actively
  • Fun sound, lighting & vibrational effect
What makes this option stand out?

With fun sound, lighting, and vibrational features, kids have been having a ton of fun running around and playing with this Lazer Tag set. It enables them to be more active and learn how to play in groups.


LEGO Technic Emergency First Responder


This Lego Technic kit comes with a total of 513 pieces and is a great lego set for any 10 year old boys. Therefore, you can be confident that your child will be provided with a lot of pieces to put together and stay engaged for a while.

Once they’ve completed the set, they’re left to play with a fire chief SUV that has large wheels, as well as a suspension system and steering wheel that works. In addition to this, there’s a winch, light tower, storage area for tools, and a driver’s cab.

Therefore, kids have many different parts that they can play with and be super imaginative. This set is also compatible with different LEGO sets which means kids can build even larger structures and play with a ton of creativity.

What makes this option stand out?

With 513 pieces available and many working features with the SUV toy, kids will be entertained for hours playing with this set.


R2-D2 Robot Toy


10 year olds who love Star Wars will absolutely love this R2-D2 themed toy. We liked how it can be connected to a smartphone and used along with the app. It lets children use the robot toy in a wide range of ways.

One of the most impressive features about this toy is that it can teach boys about the basics of programming. They’re able to use the app on their phone to create different commands by creating their own code.

  • Inspires creative thinking
  • Toy can detect objects and avoid them
  • Easy to control with the drive mode
  • Construction could be more durable
What makes this stand out?

We liked how boys are provided with a very hands on experience when it comes to customizing this toy. They’re able to add their own stickers and designs to personalize the toy.


Remote Control Monster Truck


We were impressed to find that this remote monster truck is able to travel at speeds of up to 30 mph! This is more than enough speed to enable any 10 year old to have an absolute blast with this toy outdoors.

The 4 wheel drive system includes an excellent spring suspension system. This works effectively to provide the toy with more stability so that your son can take it across more challenging surfaces and still have total control.

  • Anti skid tires
  • Strong steel chassis construction
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Battery life could be improved
What makes this stand out?

People have been liking how the construction of the toy includes an IPX4 waterproof rating. Therefore, boys are able to use the toy on wet surfaces and be sure that it will stay durable.


Small Drone for Beginners


Boys who haven’t flown a drone before are able to get to grips with the controls of this one easily. This is largely because they’ve include features such as the altitude hold mode. It works to keep the drone hovering in one place.

In addition to this, we liked how you’re able to choose between the different speed settings that are available meaning you can select just the speed for any 10 year old based on their experience with flying drones.

  • Headless mode included
  • Responsive remote
  • One key landing & takeoff
  • Drone needs to be calibrated every time you turn it on
What makes this stand out?

The mini size of this drone makes it a fantastic option for letting boys pack it up and use it while in different locations.




This STEM set features a total of 175 pieces, a ball, wheels, rubber bands, foam playing pads, challenge cards, and string. It’s just the right challenge that most 10 year olds find it to be a fun to play with.

We liked how they’re encouraged to build crazy things, which is excellent for their creative thinking.

There are many challenges available for boys to solve too. We found this to be effective at helping them to improve their critical thinking skills. The game also encourages kids to play with others. As a result, it’s fantastic for ensuring that they learn how to play in groups and develop their social skills.

What makes this option stand out?

This set manages to combine education and fun seamlessly. Therefore, it’s a great gift that helps kids to develop their critical thinking skills while also having a blast.


LEGO Boost Robot


LEGO’s boost creative robot comes with an extensive range of pieces. There are 847 in total which ensures that any 10-year-old occupied for a while with building this set. Furthermore, since there are so many pieces, kids are also given the opportunity to play with this for hours on end and then rebuild a different robot the next day.

We liked how you can use these pieces to create 5 models. It provides kids with a variety of robot toys to play with and be entertained for a long time. These robots are equipped with tilt sensors and can recognize colors.

There is also a coding feature available too. This gives kids the chance to program specific features onto the robot toys. For example, they can make them dance. The set has instructions which take children through the different steps needed to code the toys too.

What makes this option stand out?

We were impressed with how children are able to build 5 different robot toys with this set. Moreover, the fact that it teaches them basic coding is an excellent educational feature that we weren’t expecting


Kids Soccer Set


This is great among gifts for 10 year old boys since it encourages children to play more actively and exercise without it feeling like a chore. There are two goals available which you can use to set up a soccer game either indoors or outdoors.

The soccer toy has an awesome light up feature which provides boys with a lot of visual stimulation. It also has different colors which are great for your child’s color recognition skills.

People have been liking how the motor inside enables them to play with the soccer toy with a larger hovering distance. With this feature, you are able to level out the playing field of bumpier ground. All the materials used are free from toxins to ensure they’re completely safe to play with.

What makes this option stand out?

Boys have been loving how they’re able to use this set to play soccer both indoors and outdoors. It’s an excellent gift that helps boys to play more actively.


Marble Run Game


If you’re on the hunt for something for a ten year old this game might be just what you’re looking for. It features an impressive total of 60 challenges. As a result, you can be sure that your child is provided with lots of challenges to be engaged for a while. We also liked how these challenges vary in difficulty from beginner to expert. The further you get into the game, the harder the challenges get.

You also get a game grid, 1 target piece, 9 towers, and 3 marbles to play with. This encourages children to play the game in groups and develop their social skills. While playing the game, we were also impressed with how it makes you use your spatial awareness abilities too.

What makes this option stand out?

If you’re looking for something that will cognitively challenge your child, while also ensuring they can have fun, this game may be what you’ve been looking for.


Rush Hour Logic Game


This logic game comes with 40 challenges which vary in difficulty, making it the perfect gift for a 10-year-old that can grow with them as they get older.

The game also comes with car toys, a game grid, and a storage bag which makes it travel-friendly.

Since there are so many challenges available, boys get excited and can’t wait to play the game. We liked how it also encourages them to play with other people in groups. It helps to improve their ability to work in groups and develops their social skills.

What makes this option stand out?

This is an awesome logic game that has various difficulty levels that challenges your child to improve their critical thinking skills. It’s also fun to play in groups and helps kids develop their social skills.


BIRANCO Remote Control Car


This RC Car comes with a total of 353 pieces. We liked how once they’ve built the toy, they’re able to play with it for hours afterward.

It has a fully motorized feature and enables kids to have the freedom to control it in any direction they like. This helps them to play with more creativity and have fun.

We liked how there’s a 360-degree turning feature too. This makes the RC car effective and going over larger bumps without any hassle. The batteries are conveniently rechargeable and can last your child for 25 minutes at a time before it needs recharging.

The materials used are ABS plastics which are incredibly durable and ensure that toy can withstand some damage over the years.

What makes this option stand out?

Children love being able to build and play with their RC car afterward. It’s a rewarding experience that’s super fun and develops their finger dexterity at the same time.


Wooden Tic Tac Toe


The tic tac toe game has been made using high-quality wood. It has been sanded down to ensure that there are no sharp corners which make it safe to play with. We also liked how these materials are durable and help the game last for years of play.

Among toys for 10-year-old boys to play in groups more often, this is an awesome option. They love using this game to involve their friends and family. It’s a great way to help them learn how to play in groups while also being able to develop their social skills.

  • Educational
  • Very well made to last
  • None that we found
What makes this option stand out?

We were impressed with the quality of the materials that are used to construct this game. It ensures that the game will last your child for years. Not to mention, they like playing it in groups, which strengthens their social skills.


Digital Sports Watch


This watch comes with a range of fantastic functions that include an alarm, chronograph, and stopwatch, making it perfect for 10 year olds. In addition to this, we liked how the display has been made with an LED back light.

It makes the watch a lot easier to read, regardless of how bright or dull the environment is. People have also been pleased to discover that the watch includes a strap that has been made with silicone rubber materials. Therefore, it’s comfortable for boys to wear all day long.

  • Anti scratch glass on display
  • Great for indoor & outdoor sports
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Larger than some would prefer
What makes this stand out?

The waterproof feature may provide you with the reassurance you need in knowing that the watch can be worn in all weather conditions and remain durable. In fact, it can be used in water that’s up to 50 meters deep.


Pindaloo With LED Light Up Balls


This U shaped toy with LED light up balls may not look like much, but it can provide hours of fun for any 10-year-old. The idea of the game is to be able throw the balls up in the air and catch them using only the U shaped tube. Shoot the ball out one end and catch it the other and see how long you can keep the balls circulating. Once you get the hang of the toy kids can try different tricks.

  • Fun game that helps kids improve their concentration skills as well hand/eye coordination
  • Holds kids attention
  • Some of the balls did not light up
What makes this stand out?

This game is unique because of its simplicity and the fact that it requires no batteries. The game gets kids out doors for extended periods of time and kids love trying to develop new tricks.


Lego Catamaran Sailboat


If the 10 year old boy in your life enjoys building models this catamaran is a fun Lego model to build. Best of all unlike many other models, this sailboat will actually float. This model will look equally good displayed on the child’s bedroom shelf.

  • This model is a good size
  • Somewhat challenging to build
  • Some of the pieces were missing on some models
What makes this stand out?

This is a nice looking model that is challenging enough for kids to have some take some time to put together.


Electric Scooter


This electric scooter comes with an all steel frame and fork. The scooter has rear wheel drive and will run up to 40 minutes on charge. It also has a front braking system. This scooter will travel at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour. This scooter is a kick start.

  • Gets kids to spend some time playing outdoors
  • Great for shorter commutes
  • Battery problems on many of these scooters
What makes this stand out?

An electric scooter gives any child the feeling of more freedom and independence and are fun to ride as an alternative to their bikes or skateboards.


Kraftic Woodworking Kit


If you have a 10-year-old that is interested in woodcraft then this woodworking kit will get them off to a good start. This kit comes with all the pieces needed to make a town hall bird house and a train engine. Once the project is completely built kids can then paint them any color they choose. It is a great set for beginning builders.

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Kids love being able to use their creativity to paint their completed projects
  • One kit arrived missing the screws needed for assembly
What makes this stand out?

This building kit is simple to put together making it a great first project to interest kids in woodworking. It also makes a great kit for someone just looking for a hobby where they can use a little of their own creativity.


WaterColor Brush Pens


These watercolor brush pens can be used with or without water to create all different types of works of art. The tips on these pens are fine and flexible and much less messy to use than traditional watercolor paints. This premium art kit comes with 48 pens in assorted colors and makes a great gift for any ten year old boy!

  • Nice bright colors
  • Blend well
  • Not the best quality
What makes this stand out?

These watercolor paint brushes are a good choice for any child who likes art and wants to try their hand at working with watercolors, but don’t want the mess that more traditional water paints tend to make.


Football Board Game


If you’re looking for a present for a 10 year old boy who love the NFL, this board game could make for a fantastic present. It has been based on statistics from the NFL which players have been appreciating.

We liked how the rules are easy to learn. Therefore, boys are able to get the hang of the game easily to enjoy playing it. Furthermore, the game involves a lot of strategy, which can be great for your child’s critical thinking skills.

  • Detailed instructions included
  • High quality game pieces
  • Cards have great illustrations
  • Some notice pieces are missing when delivered
What makes this stand out?

This is a fun board game that can be played by 2 to 4 people. Therefore, your son is provided with a great chance to work on improving their social skills.


Off Road RC Truck


10 year olds can have a ton of fun taking this RC truck on off road surfaces. This is a result of the high quality 4 wheel drive system. It includes metal shocks that have been filled with oil and enable the toy to withstand rougher terrain.

Your son is also able to take this toy up to speeds of 30 mph. This is a lot of speed that lets boys have fun racing it around outdoors in more open areas. They can also be standing up to 250 feet away from the toy with the remote and still have total control.

  • 2.4 GHz remote for responsive control
  • Large durable wheels
  • Reverse function doesn’t work as well as some were hoping
What makes this stand out?

The waterproof design of this RC truck allows boys to use it in different weather conditions. If they take it through puddles or it’s raining, you can be sure that the wiring on the interior will be protected.


Baseball Board Game


10 year old boys who like sports could have a lot of fun with this baseball board game. It comes with a variety of pieces that boys can use to play with another person. These pieces include base runners, balls, fielders, and more.

We were impressed with how the game has been fitted with a range of levers that can launch the balls. Boys have been finding this feature super entertaining and it keeps them engaged for longer.

  • Can improve social skills
  • Realistic baseball field design
  • Some were expecting it to be sturdier
What makes this stand out?

There are lots of controls available with this game that can control various factors, such as speed of the ball, movement, curvature, and more. Therefore, boys are able to have a very hands on playing experience which is more exciting.


Indoor Basketball Hoop


This mini basketball set comes with a bracket that’s already assembled. Therefore, all you need to do it attach it over the top of a door. We liked how they’ve included a foam padding material to ensure that you can protect your doors from damage.

There is a small basketball that’s 4″ in size, as well as an even smaller ball made out of vinyl. This provides boys with different options to use when shooting into the net. They’re also able to play with others which can make it more fun.

This is a perfect game for a 10 year old boy who likes sports, and basketball in particular!

  • Durable backboard
  • Realistic NBA replica design
  • Can make doors hard to use
What makes this stand out?

This is a fun present that provides boys with an excellent opportunity to work on their motor skills and hand eye coordination.


Strongarm Blaster by Nerf


Nerf’s N strike Elite gun comes with a barrel that has a quick rotating feature. As a result your 10-year-old is able to shoot darts at a fast pace. The barrel is able to hold up to 6 darts which provides kids with plenty to shoot with.

We also liked how the darts can be shot out at a distance of up to 90 feet. Therefore, it’s a fantastic set that can be used in larger open areas with groups of children. Reloading the darts into the barrel is also easy to due to the flip-open design.

  • Safe foam darts
  • Encourages teamwork & group play
  • Smaller than some were anticipating
What makes this stand out?

A slam fire blasting feature has been included with this one. It’s an exciting function that allows boys to shoot out all 6 darts at the same time.


Robot Tin Toy


Boys are able to use this robot toy to get very imaginative and make something that’s unique. The set comes with a set of instructions that are highly detailed and easy for children to follow.

All of the parts that boys need to construct this toy are included as well. They’re able to turn a regular can into a fully functioning mini robot toy. The process of figuring out this set is highly educational for boys by teaching them about science.

  • Fun monster design can beused
  • Kids feel accomplished when they’ve built this toy
  • Some parts could be sturdier
What makes this stand out?

We liked how children are able to have a very hands on experience while putting this set together. As a result, you can expect their motor skills and hand eye coordination to develop well.


RC Boat Toy


This is a different type of remote control toy that boys can use on the water in pools or lakes. We were impressed with how boys are able to take the toy to speeds of up to 30 km/h.

It enables them to have plenty of speed to have fun with for a long time. Furthermore, there are 2 batteries included. Therefore, you can always be sure to have a backup battery ready to go when one of them runs out.

  • Anti capsize function
  • Durable construction
  • Alarm sounds when the toy is going out of range
  • Some find it can be prone to overheating
What makes this stand out?

There’s an excellent safety feature involving the propellers. The boat has been fitted with sensors which works to only let the propellers spin when it’s in the water. It’s great for preventing any accidents.


Slackline Set


Encouraged your 10 year old to play outdoors more often with this Slackline set that makes being outdoors for hours super fun! This Slacklne set comes with a walking line that’s a total of 57 feet and it can be easily connected between 2 trees. Children can then stand on top of the line and see if they can make it across without falling off.

It’s a pretty unique present that any 10-year-old can have a lot of fun with. We were impressed with how it’s a goo kit for beginners as well. Boys are able to use the set to simply have fun. At the same time, it’s awesome for kids who are practicing their slacklining skills.

  • Improves balance
  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Twin gear ratchets for safety & strength
  • Slackline can be prone to shredding quicker than some were expecting
What makes this stand out?

People have been liking how the kit comes with a set of instructions that make it super easy to have the kit set up. It usually takes a few minutes to have it all set up properly.


Laundry Hamper Basketball Hoop


This basketball hoop is another awesome gift for 10 year old boys who likes sports. It helps them to complete their chores in a more fun way than is normally possible It has a 2-in-1 design by working as a basketball hoop that can be hung on a door, as well as a laundry bag.

Parents have been finding this is an effective way to get kids to put their clothes in the laundry basket as kids are having fun while doing so.

You can simply unzip the laundry bag to empty the clothes out into a basket for convenience. This set includes a backboard, net, hoop, and laundry bag which can be removed. People have also been finding that setting this basketball toy up on any door is a breeze.

What makes this option stand out?

This basketball toy encourages kids to do their laundry chores without making it seem boring. It’s also an awesome way for them to develop their hand-eye coordination.


Laser Maze Game


This game is a super fun gift idea that 10 year olds often enjoy.. It comes with 60 challenges which vary in difficulty. They range from beginner to expert and get tougher as you progress. This is an awesome feature that ensures your child is kept on their toes and able to develop their critical thinking skills.

There’s also a real class 1 laser, game board, and batteries included. The instructions are easy to pick up to ensure kids can start playing right away. We also found that this game recruits children’s spatial reasoning skills too.

It’s a fantastic gift that will help kids be able to play in groups and be more socially confident.

What makes this option stand out?

We liked how this game has a range of difficulty levels available as it enables children to continuously be challenged the further they get into the game. As a result, their critical thinking abilities are able to improve greatly.


Lightup LED Glove

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


These gloves make for a gifts for tween boys. They love wearing these in the dark and watching how they light up in a range of different colors. We found this to be effective at developing your child’s color recognition skills.

There are also 6 flashing modes available which include strobe, morphing, steady, and different colored strobes. These can be highly stimulating for your child’s visual senses and it works to create a great sense of excitement.

People have also been liking how these gloves feel warm to war. So, they’re both fun and practical!

What makes this option stand out?

The range of different colors and lighting effects make these gloves a great gift for boys. They’re super fun to play with in the dark and develop their color differentiation skills.


Lego Minecraft Zombie Kit


The Minecraft kit comes with a range of 241 pieces. This gives a 10 year old plenty of parts to build which is an awesome way for them to spend hours playing and rebuilding the set in different ways each time.

When it comes to playing with this set, they’re able to have fun with the cave that includes red stone, diamond, gold, coal, and more. There’s a ladder, furnace, Minecraft Zombie mini figures and a blasting function that uses pretend TNT. So, kids are provided with a lot of parts to play with the set imaginatively.

They also like to recreate things from the game, which is a fun exercise that can strengthen their memory.

What makes this option stand out?

Boys who love playing the Minecraft game will have a lot of fun playing with this LEGO set. They can use it to play with a lot of creativity.


Lego Mindstorms Robot Kit


This Mindstorms EV3 robot features 601 pieces. So, you can be sure that your child has plenty of pieces to stay busy for a long time while building this set.

When the Robot has been constructed, children are able to play with it using the impressive interactive features available. There are three servo motors, as well as sensors that can detect touch and color. The toy can even talk, walk, and think for itself.

Kids are able to use the instructions to program the Robot toy to do a wide range of activities. This is highly interactive and super funto play with. It also teaches them about programming in an exciting way.

What makes this option stand out?

This is a unique gift that enables kids to program the Robot that they’ve built to perform a range of different activities. It teaches them about programming, while also ensuring that they’re able to have a blast.


ZOOB BuilderZ Robot


This robot toy comes with a total of 49 pieces. Once the robot to is completed, there are various wheels and a light up feature available. The wheels enable the robot toy to move around which is fun and interactive. We liked the light up feature as it provides kids with a better sense of excitement while playing with it. It’s also visually stimulating for them too.

The toy has a great pull-back feature which kids have been having a lot of fun with. This means there are no batteries required. Instead, kids simply pull the robot toy backward and watch how it moves off forwards.

What makes this option stand out?

The pull-back feature makes this toy a lot of funto play with. We also liked the light up feature as it makes it feel more exciting to play with.


Magilano Educational Card Game


This card game makes for an awesome gift idea that a 10-year-old can play with friends and family. It works by going through the game and trying to end up with the fewest points possible by the end.

It’s a game that requires kids to be on their toes and use their critical thinking skills. We also liked how it helps children to improve their counting abilities.

Anywhere between 2 and 8 people can play this game at a time which is fantastic for encouraging kids to play with others. It improves their social skills and ability to work in teams. Each game lasts for around 30 minutes and families love using it on game night!

What makes this option stand out?

Kids have been having a blast playing this game with their friends and family. It’s an excellent way for them to develop their counting abilities, as well as their social skills. Not to mention, it requires a lot of focus and kids are able to put their critical thinking skills to good use.


The Hardy Boys Book Set


If you’re looking for a present for your 10 year old who has an interest in mystery movies and stories, this set of books could make for a wonderful present. It comes with a series of The Hardy Boys stories.

We were impressed with the box that the books are available in. This is because it has been made with a collectible design that has a fantastic looking slip cover. It can be a great way to get boys intrigued with the books.

  • Available in Kindle & hardcover forms
  • Great for getting kids away from screens
  • Some notice pages are missing
What makes this stand out?

This is a fantastic gift that can encourage your son to want to read more often. Once they get wrapped up in these stories, it can also inspire them to be more imaginative.


Bow & Arrow Set


This bow set comes with arrows that have been made with incredibly soft foam materials. Therefore, you can feel confident in knowing that your son will be safe while shooting the arrows.

Furthermore, we liked how they have a suction cup design. This enables boys to aim for specific targets and watch how the arrows stick when they’ve hit their target. You’re also able to purchase additional arrows to add to the set.

  • Encourages outdoor play
  • Develops coordination & motor skills
  • Easy to use
  • Some were hoping the bow would be more durable
What makes this stand out?

People have been mentioning how boys are able to shoot the arrows with a lot of accuracy. This may be a surprising feature for some due to the foam and suction cup design. The arrows can also reach a distance of more than 125 feet.


LEGO BrickHeadz Go Brick Me


This set comes with an impressive total of 708 pieces. This provides your child with a lot of different parts which they will love spending hours figuring out how to piece together.

Once they’ve finished constructing the set, they’re left to play with baseplates and various LEGO bricks which they can use to create different skin colors and hairstyles.

What makes this option stand out?

This is a fantastic LEGO set is great for boys who love being creative and building sets.


Karma Card Game


This card game is incredibly fast-paced and requires 10-year-olds to focus. As a result, it can improve their ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. Not to mention, it can develop their critical thinking skills too.

We liked how it can be played in a group as it helps children learn how to work with others and improve their social skills. Parents have also been liking how it’s a travel-friendly game that keeps kids entertained while on the road.

It’s also easyto pick up. Therefore, you can start playing without any delays!

  • Improves social skills
  • Develops critical thinking
  • Easy to play
  • Games can last longer than some would prefer
What makes this option stand out?

Kids love playing this card game and having fun with their friends and family. It’s awesome for improving their social skills as well as helping to develop their critical thinking skills.

Buyers Guide to Cool Stuff for 10 Year Old Boys

Are you still having trouble trying to find the best toys for your 10 year old? If so, don’t worry as we’ve created this section to provide you with some additional guidance.

We take you through everything from the benefits of playing with toys, the different kinds available in our review, as well as suggestions on picking out the top ones for certain occasions.

Benefits of Playing with Toys

Playing with toys has a ton of benefits that a boy who is 10 years old can experience. While having fun and playing is incredibly important for 10 year olds, so is their development. So, why not combine them both seamlessly?

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of the many toys mentioned in our review.

Motor Skills & Coordination

Your 10-year-olds motor skills and hand-eye coordination are cognitive developments that improve with practice. So, the more they engage with more hands-on activities, the better these skills can develop.

The toys in our review that involve building and putting small pieces together are especially great for these developments. They encourage children to use their hands and coordination to connect the various pieces together.

Creative Thinking

Ensuring that your child is able to think creatively is a crucial skill for them to develop. While it may seem like it’s only beneficial for helping them to play with more imagination and have fun, it can have more effects on their creative thinking processes.

Being able to think creatively is fantastic when kids are coming up with out-of-the-box solutions to tough challenges. So, giving your child plenty of opportunities to play imaginatively when they’re younger is awesome for helping them later in life.

What to Buy a 10-Year-Old Boy for Christmas?

Finding Christmas presents for boys who are the age of 10 is a tough task that may take up more time than you were anticipating. At 10 years old, boys are into so many different toys that finding ones that they love is a challenge.

However, with the help of our review, you can have a better understanding of the kinds of toys that boys have been having a great time with. For xmas, it’s a great idea to find card and board games that are family orientated. Children love getting the family together to play with their brand new gift!

Other fun indoor gifts for boys during the winter include life size robot toys which will have your boy jumping for joy or possibly one of the Nerf guns we’ve reviewed.

What to Buy a Boy for His 10th Birthday?

Picking out the perfect tenth birthday gift is pretty similar to finding presents for Christmas. You can use our review to find the kinds of toys that you think they’ll be the most interested in. Be sure to keep an eye out for anything that they mention as being interested in.

Anything from LEGO sets to RC cars, or Lazer Tag equipment and robot toys will have them super excited on their Birthday. All of which we’ve covered extensively.

What are Good Gift Ideas for 10-Year-Old Boy Who Has Everything?

As if finding presents for a boy wasn’t tricky enough – how do you go about buying gifts for a boy who already has everything? Well, we’ve included some unique kinds of toys in our review that kids who have everything will appreciate. In particular, anything that encourage children to play outside are great options, with the slack line set we reviewed being one of these. Other options that are great included the drone and soccer set.

What Are The Best Types of Toys for 10 Year Old Boys?

After reading our review, you will have noticed that there is a wide range of different toys available. If you were finding it a little confusing, take a look below. We’ve listed out the best types of 10 year old boy toys to make it easier for you to distinguish between them all.

Building Toys

Building toys, such as the very popular LEGO sets, are super fun and reliable gift that boys are sure to love. This is especially the case if you find the sets that are themed with movies or games that they’re familiar with.

Robot Toys

Robot toys are highly interactive making them great stuff for 10 year old boys. They help them to learn the basics of coding and programming in a fun way. Kids are entertained from hours by controlling and watching these robots can move, talk, and light up.

Educational Toys

The great educational games are the ones that manage to combine learning and fun in a way where kids don’t even notice how educational it is. This is effective for removing the negative stigma that kids may have associated with learning.

Instead, they’re able to have fun playing with their friends and family, while improving their knowledge in the process.

Card & Board Games

Card and board games are excellent options for boys that encourages them to play in groups with friends and family. Bringing the family together for a game night is a great way to spend some quality time together.

Active Toys

The toys such as Laser Tag and soccer sets are fun ways to help your child exercise while also having a ton of fun.

RC Cars

Playing with RC cars is something that every boy loves doing. If you were to buy multiple, you could set up races between friends and family.

Final Thoughts on Best Toys for 10-Year-Old Boys

So, that wraps up our review on the top toys for boys who are turning 10. We made sure to include a good selection of options for you to choose from.

Therefore, you’ll be able to have an easier time with focusing in on the toys that you think your son would enjoy playing with the most. You can also use our buyers guide to gain a better idea about the types of gifts to get a boy on their birthday or Christmas.

Hopefully, you’re able to feel more inspired on ideas to find presents that your child will love opening up on their special day!

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