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10 Best Educational Toys for 10 Year Olds

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Most parents are always looking for ways to help their child do well in school. Finding educational toys that are fun and encourage an excitement for learning is one of the best ways that parents can help their child succeed or excel in school.

To help you parents with shopping for these we have come up with this list of great educational toys for kids who are 10 years of age that can help them develop a love of learning that can become a part of their life.

Our List of the Best Learning Toys for 10 Year Olds

Below you can check our list. We were always careful to only pick highly rated and age appropriate toys that will help you child can experience learning while also having fun!


Sillbird Building Blocks Robot


The robot moves in all different directions on smooth flat surfaces. The head, shoulders, elbows and eyebrows of the robot can be rotated and will run 40 minutes on a 120 minute charge. This robot kit will help a child develop critical thinking skills and learn a bit about robotics.

  • Robot is easy and fun to build
  • Arms and facial expressions of the robot can be changed
  • Some of the units cam missing pieces
What makes this stand out?

This robot is fun to build and fun to operate. It allows kids to get some idea of what it’s like to build a robot and to encourage an interest in robotics and engineering.


3D Globe Puzzle


This 3D puzzle allows children to build their own globe using the 180 pieces of the puzzle. Once put together the puzzle can be set on it’s own stand and the globe can then actually be used.

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The globe is durable when completed
  • Useful tool once it is completed
  • The writing on the globe is extremely small
What makes this stand out?

The numbers on the back of the puzzle pieces helps kids put this globe together correctly. Once completed it makes a great decoration for their room and can actually be used.


Word Play For Kids


This is a fast paced word game where players are given a category and two letters and they have to come up with a word using those letters. They move around spaces on the board based on the number of letters in the word, so the longer the word the more spaces they move.

  • Improves vocabulary and spelling
  • Improves kids quick thinking skills
  • The spinner for the game is poor quality
What makes this stand out?

This word game is fun for family game night and can really help children improve their vocabulary and spelling skills without them really noticing what is happening.


Gravity Maze


Gravity Maze is a combination of a logic puzzle and marble run. The game comes with a game grid, 9 towers, 1 target piece and 3 marbles as well as an instruction manual. There are 60 challenges for players to complete running from easy to somewhat difficult.

  • Helps children develop problem solving skills
  • Challenges go from easy to hard
  • Some of the games came with some of the pieces missing
What makes this stand out?

Gravity Maze is an ideal game for a child who is aged 10 and looking for a challenging game to play on their own. You can even find other solutions than the ones given for getting the marble through making the game even more fun.


K’NEX 70 Model Building


With over 700 pieces kids can create as many as 70 unique models of animals, vehicles, amusement park rides or whatever else they wish limited only by their imagination. Once completed the models can be played with. This kit comes with an instruction book that will give users a number of ideas.

  • Helps children build engineering and creative thinking skills
  • Made in the USA
  • There are many tiny pieces to this set
What makes this stand out?

This building kit helps children use and channel their creativity to build working models of all types.


Green Science Solar Rover Kit


This science kit is educational and fun for child of this age. They will love turning an empty soda can (or plastic bottle) into a working solar powered rover. A great way to teach kids about solar energy.

  • Easy for ten year olds to build on their own
  • Can actually play with the rover once it is built
  • Some units don’t work
What makes this stand out?

This solar rover runs around powered by the sun. Kids love to watch it run and learn something about alternative energy.


Professors Noggins History of the United States


This card game helps kids learn interesting facts about the history of the US. With 2 levels of play this game keeps kids interested and learning.

  • This game fills in gaps that classroom history studies don’t cover
  • Compact game that can be played anywhere
  • Not enough cards for long term play
What makes this stand out?

This game is unique in that there are few games that cover the history of the United States so thoroughly.


Lego Gadgets


This Lego gadget kit is great for teaching kids some basic engineering skills as they build 11 different machines such as a catapult, robo boxer, and flywheel cruiser.

  • Kids can make their own gadgets as well as the ones in the instructions
  • Step by step instructions for completing each project
  • Some kits come with missing pieces
What makes this stand out?

This kit stands out because kids can actually make working gadgets that are as much fun to use as they are to make. They can also use their own creativity to make their own gadgets as well.


Crystal Growing Kit


This kit has everything needed for children to perform 7 different crystal growing experiments. It even comes with a special display case so you can display the crystals once they have grown. Great for anyone who is interested in geology.

  • Fun watching the crystals grow and they grow fast
  • The number of crystals you make will depend on the size you want
  • Some got kits with expired ingredients
What makes this stand out?

The fast growth of these crystals makes this a great kit for children who won’t lose patience since they can see the crystals grow practically from day one.


Smart Circuits


This Smart Circuit kit teaches a child the basics of electricity. The kit comes with an illustrated manual and everything needed to complete the projects with the exception of the 3-1.5AAA batteries. The projects start with simple builds so the child learns basic electronics and then gets more complex.

  • Teaches electronic principles in a way children understand
  • Projects are fun to build
  • It’s often difficult to get the wires into the circuit boards
What makes this stand out?

This kit has 50 projects of increasing difficulty so kids can build upon successfully completed projects and their increasing understanding of electronics.

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Buyer’s Guide To Finding Great Learning Toys for a 10 Year Old

Know the subject or Skill You Want Your Child to Acquire

All toys have some educational value, but educational toys according to the definition are those toys that aid the child in acquiring a specific skill or improving in a specific subject. Therefore, you should choose a toy that speaks directly to the subject or skill you want your child to acquire whether that is improved vocabulary skills, or developing an interest in science or engineering.

Choose A Toy or Game That is Appealing to The Child Regardless of Gender

Just because the toy or game targets a specific gender and is made for the age of the child you are buying for doesn’t mean that you will appeal to th. If the toy or game doesn’t appeal to the child they won’t play with it, so it won’t serve the purpose it is meant to serve. Consider your boy or girls interests rather than forcing them into gender roles that are re-enforced by toys.

Consider Those Toys That Are Hands On

Kids of this age find toys that require hands on participation to build or put together more fun and exciting than those toys that are already to play with. So consider buying a toy that requires some hands on effort before the toy can be played with.

Final Thoughts on the Best Toys for Learning for 10 Year Olds

If you are looking for an educational toy for that 10 year old in your life, then one of the toys we have presented may be just what you are looking for.

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