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10 Best Educational Gifts & Toys for 9 Year Olds

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While almost all toys have some educational value to children those toys that are considered educational toys are ones that are specifically designed to help a child develop a particular skill or learn about a specific subject.

Educational toys make learning fun and are important to a childs growth and developement at this age, which is why we have compiled this list of some fun and exciting learning toys for 9 year olds.

Our List of the Best Educational Toys for a 9 Year Old


National Geographic Light Up Marble Run


This marble run comes with 10 sturdy bases, 55 action pieces and 135 smooth-run tubes to allow the child to build a number of different marble mazes. It also comes with 6 glow in the dark marbles that light up with the flashlight. There is also a mesh storage bag for keeping everything together. This marble run will teach children basic engineering principles, physics and aerodynamics.

  • This set makes a sturdy maze with a little practice
  • Easy to snap pieces together
  • Some kits come with missing pieces
What makes this stand out?

This is a large set with see through tubes and glow in the dark marbles so the child can watch the entire course as the marbles drop through it. With so many pieces kids can make different marble runs.


Inverted Microscope

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This microscope is specifically made for younger users or those who have never used a microscope before. This microscope has 40X-320X magnification and 2 eyepieces. It also comes with a smartphone adapter, 10 blank slides, 5 prepared slides, Measuring cup, metal scalpel, cover glass, and tweezers.

  • Good quality imaging for the price
  • Easy to set up
  • Not the best quality
What makes this stand out?

This is a great microscope for children interested in the microscopic world. The cell phone adapter allows kids to share their discoveries with friends.


Kaboom Lab Kit


This science experiment kit comes with 25 interesting experiments such as a Lava lamp, rocket balloon, an explosive geyser and more. The kit comes with a lab guide to help you successfully complete the experiments.

  • Allows child to complete hands on experiments
  • Really sparks an excitement for science
  • Need to buy most of the supplies to do the experiments
What makes this stand out?

Many kids learn more from being hands on and this set of experiments allows kids to learn through doing.


Structures Lab + Many Other Variations


This Structures lab is a great educational toy for kids. They can build their own bridges, houses and more. Kids learn about how engineering works. There are also several other variations you can get for the 9 year old you’re buying for including a solar plane or solar helicopter kit, buyoant forces lab or even a botanic lab where you child can learn about growing plants!

  • All of these kit encourages a love for scientific learning
  • Promotes learning while offering a high entertainment value
  • Very unique gift idea
  • With some of the kits you may have to buy some of the supplies seperately
What makes this stand out?

This kit stands out because kids get to build their structures and learn about all different types of science. The kit comes with guided experiments to help make the child successful.


Mega Fossil Dig


This kit comes with a dig brick that is filled with 15 dinosaur fossils. It also comes with a small chisel, brush and a magnifying glass. There is a 16 page learning guide that explains how fossils are formed and helps the child to identify each fossil they find.

  • This allows the child to gain insight into what an archaeological dig is like
  • The Kit has real fossils
  • The fossils are brittle and tend to break easily
What makes this stand out?

This fossil dig stands out because there are real fossils buried in the brick. Kids actually get a small taste of what an archaeological dig is like including the fact that many of the fossils are brittle.


Solar Robot Kit

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This Solar robot kit allows the child to make their choice of 12 working solar robots. This kit engages the child while teaching them a bit about Science, engineering, robotics and renewable energy. Once completed the child can play with the robot then take it apart and build another one.

  • Directions are written so they are easy for 9 year olds to read and follow
  • Teaches patience as child needs to take their time to assemble their robots correctly
  • Difficult to put together and get to work well
What makes this stand out?

The sheer number of different robots that can be built makes this a great toy for kids. In addition, kids experience the excitement of seeing something they build come to life.




This classic word game is fun and will help children build their vocabulary and spelling. The game comes with 4 tile holders, a 100 wooden tiles, A drawstring bag and a game guide. The game can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players. This game also encourages improvement of math skills since the score is kept by the number value of the letters.

This is a great option among board games that any 9 year old would love since it perfectly mixes both learning and fun!

  • Helps children increase their vocabulary by hearing new words and learning their meaning
  • Improves mental alertness
  • The board is not as durable as it should be
What makes this stand out?

This game has stood the test of time and has been a favorite of many families for generations. The rules are simple and the game is a bit different every time you play so it keeps people interested in playing again and again.


3D Dinosaur Puzzle


These dinosaur themed puzzles not only help the child develop some STEM skills, they also give the child some idea of what actual dinosaur skeletons look like. These 3D puzzles also encourage a child’s interest in paleontology and learning more about the prehistoric world.

  • Helps child learn patience and attention to detail
  • Encourages an interest in science
  • Some of the pieces don’t fit together well
What makes this stand out?

This kit comes with 6 different dinosaur skeletons, which will allow the child not only the pleasure of putting the puzzles together, but will allow them to compare one dinosaur to another.


Clue Master


This is a fun logic game in which the player uses logic and deduction based on clues. Developing deductive reasons will aid the child in math, science and a number of other fields.

  • Single player game so child can play at any time
  • Compact so makes a great travel game
  • Once the child has gone through all the challenges they lose interest
What makes this stand out?

This game stands out because it requires players to think and come to logical conclusions by making deductions based on the information they have.


Rory’s Cubes Complete Set


This set of Rory’s cubes is a fun way for children to increase their communication skills as well as open up their imagination. There are a variety of different ways to play and the results are often hilarious.

  • Helps children express ideas
  • Helps children develop better verbal skills
  • Some people don’t think these cubes come with enough directions
What makes this stand out?

This story cube set is great because kids make up their own stories and adventures. The more they play the more their verbal skills will improve.

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Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Best Learning Toys for a 9 Year Old

What Skill Do You Want the Child to Acquire or Improve?

When choosing educational toys for a 9 year old decide what specific skill or skills you want the child to acquire or improve and look for toys that will help them develop that skill. Educational toys are designed to help the child develop a specific skill so find the toy that will aid in that development.

Make Sure the Toy is Appealing to The Child

No matter how educational a toy or game may be if the toy doesn’t appeal to the child you give it to then the toy will have no educational value because the child will never use it or play with it. The toy needs to have a certain “fun factor” that will appeal to a child this age. It’s also important not to obesses about boy toys and girl toys but rather let the childs interest guide you in choosing a toy for them

Choose a Toy or Game Appropriate to the Child’s Learning Level

If you are looking for an educational toy for a child keep in mind that you need to find one that is appropriate for your child’s learning or skill level. You want the child to be challenged, but you don’t eat the toy to be so challenging that the child becomes frustrated rather than engaged.

Final Thoughts on the Best Educational Gifts for 9 Year Olds

When learning is fun for kids, they not only learn faster, but retain more of what they learn. Educational toys can be a real asset in helping a child succeed and even excel in certain subjects.

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