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10 Fabulous Christmas Gifts & Toys for 7 Year Olds

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Seven is a great age for a child, they have begun to feel secure in school, have begun to enjoy spending time both with friends and alone and are curious about everything and understand the sun. They also are beginning to develop an active imagination, which enhances their play life. At this point many of them are further developing their interest in sports and many other hobbies!

Buying gifts and toys for children this age can run the gambit from simple toys to gifts that allow them to follow their interests, discover new interests, and allow their imagination to soar.

Below we have give you a look at some great toy ideas for 7 year olds.

Our List of Some of the Very Best Toys for a 7 Year Old

In this guide we have included some great toy and gift ideas for a kid who is turning the age of 7. Most of the products are under $50 but not all of them so consider your budget when looking through this list.


Razor Scooter


A Razor scooter will make a great toy for any 7 year olds and will help them further develop their sense of balance and of independence. However, it is suggested that when purchasing a scooter for any child you also give them the necessary safety equipment to go with the scooter such as a helmet and knee and elbow pads.

  • Lightweight and folds easily
  • Sturdy
  • Some users experienced wheels breaking down
What Makes This Stand Out?

This scooter is both lightweight and durable and the fact that it can easily fold up for storage or travel makes this scooter great for families on the go that want to provide a fun ride on toy for their child.


National Geographic Rock and Fossil Kit


Manykids age 7 like collecting rocks and even develop an interest in geology and natural sciences, which makes giving a young child a rock and fossil kit that allows them to collect and explore some real gemstones and fossils along with a colorful guide so they can learn more about the treasures they receive.

  • Lots of examples of beautiful fossils and gemstones, and rocks
  • Encourages kids to want to do more research
  • Not all the rocks listed in the description comes with this rock and fossil kit
What Makes This Stand Out?

This rock kit comes with 200 rocks and contains a few lesser gemstones, fossils and such and provides children a lot of fun as they sort through to find those real treasures they want to display. Each different rock provides an opportunity for more learning as the child can research where the rocks are commonly found, how fossils are formed and more.


Craft Supplies for Kids


If you are looking for a gift for a child who is 7 that will get their imagination flowing, then this big box of craft supplies will be a great present. The supplies in this kit include pipe cleaners, wooden craft sticks, feathers, buttons, beads, foam shapes, fake gems, pom poms, embroidery floss, google eyes and more in 2 cases that are attached together back to back.

  • Has a book with suggested crafting ideas
  • 1600 pieces allows child to be as creative as they would like
  • Some people only received half the kit
What Makes This Stand Out?

The sheer amount of material that comes in this craft kit makes it a great idea for a kid age 7 allowing them to spend hours creating all kinds of crafts to display, use or give as gifts.


Ring Toss Game


This ring toss game makes a fun toy for a child who is turning 7 years old and will help them to improve their math skills as they keep score during the game. The game comes with both plastic and rope rings and comes with it’s own carry case so kids can play in the backyard, the park or the beach.

  • Helps improve child’s math skill through keeping score
  • Can also help the child build good sportsmanship skills
  • The upright pegs tend to loosen easily
What Makes This Stand Out?

This ring toss game stands out because it can be enjoyed by different age people the kid you’re buying for can play with family, friends, or even babysitters.


Lego Large Building Kit


With 1500 pieces this building kit is one of the best toys for 7 year olds since it allows them to build anything they want or to mix this building kit with one of more of their other LEGO kits. This kit has pieces so kids can build vehicles, animals and all types of buildings and fences.

  • This set has a number of important building features such as windows, wheels, steering wheels and so much more.
  • Does come with small booklet to give kids some building ideas
  • No large base plates
What Makes This Stand Out?

The sheer number of pieces your child can learn to build and the fact that these pieces can easily be mixed with a variety of other Lego building sets to create even more and bigger sturctures.


Outfoxed Board Game


This is a cooperative board game that can be played by 2 to 4 players and will help children with following rules and working with others to achieve a goal.

  • Helps children develop basic strategy skills
  • Solving a mystery is fun for a young child
  • Complicated instructions
What Makes This Stand Out?

Once you get the hang of the rules the game is simple and fun to play and encourages bonding, team work and communications which are all skills 7 year olds need as they mature.

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Boxcar Children Book Sets


One of the best things you can give a 7 year old is the gift of reading! This set of Boxcar children books are a great way to get young kids interested in reading as the stories are simple to read and with engaging characters and plots that kids love.

  • The characters in the books are engaging and respectful
  • Provides a great bonding activity for parent and child
  • Some of the books had missing pages
What Makes This Stand Out?

The stories in these books are easy for kids to get into and allow them to really enjoy the experience of reading.

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Metal Detector


All young children love treasure hunts so what could make a better gift than providing a 7 year old with a gift that will allow them to hunt treasure whenever they want. This metal detector will help a young child look for treasure in their backyard, the park, the beach or anywhere where metal detecting is allowed.

  • Comes with bag and digging tools
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • This metal detector doesn’t work very well
What Makes This Stand Out?

This metal detector is not only easy and simple to use, but it will get children away from their computers and outside in the fresh air and sunshine and provide them with both exercise and adventure.


Jigsaw Puzzle


This jigsaw puzzle makes a great gift for kids as it teaches them patience, helps them to develop and refine their hand/eye coordination as well as their problem solving skills. Best of all completing a puzzle will give the child a feeling of accomplishment and help them build their self-esteem.

  • Quality Product
  • Great colors
  • There are pieces missing occasionally
What Makes This Stand Out

The pieces of this puzzle fit easily together and the subject is something that will capture a child’s attention and interest. It will help to develop concentration and gives them something fun to do either alone or with others.


Pogo Stick


This entry level Pogo stick is a great active and outside toy for 7 year olds whose parents are looking to get them outside more. The rubber hand grips helps kids keep a firm hold as they work to see how long they can go without falling off.

  • Sturdy
  • Well made
  • One Pogo stick came damaged
What Makes This Stand Out?

This Pogo stick offers a child hour upon hour of fun exercise and they can even learn to do a few tricks that will impress family and friends.

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Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Toys for 7 Year Olds

Choosing great toys and gifts for a 7 year old is actually easier than some people think. With kids this age natural curiosity, need to spend time with friends and family as well as alone time, and their enjoyment of physical activity there is an almost unlimited number of choices of toys for children this age. To help you narrow down and refine your selections we have prepared a simple buyer’s guide that can help.

Forget About Gender

Many people get into the mind set that certain toys are meant for girls and others are meant for boys, but the reality is that toys are toys and have no gender. Instead of worrying about giving a 7 year old what is considered “gender specific toys” look for toys that each individual child shows an interest in. This will result In the child enjoying the gift more and allowing them to explore a wider field of interest.

The Manufacturers Suggested Age is Only a Guideline

Keep in mind that the recommended age you see online or the outside of the toy boxes are only a suggest age and don’t need to be followed religiously. Some 7 year olds may be more advanced than average and others may be struggling in one area or another so you need to consider whether or not a toy is appropriate for a specific age child.

Know the Child’s Interests

Spend some time with the child you are going to be purchasing a toy for and discover those things they are interested in or something new they would like to explore. By knowing the child’s interest you can choose toys related to or that will expand that interest.

Consider Open Ended Toys

If you are still uncertain about what to get a 7 year old for a birthday or Christmas gift then look for an open ended toy that the child can use in a number of different ways. That way the child is more likely to find some interesting ways to use the toys and will be happier with your choice.

Conclusion to Our List of the Very Best 7 Year Old Toys

We hope this guide and list of some great toys for 7 year olds will help you find the ideal gift for young children in your life.

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Sheryl is a wife, mother and grandmother who has 3 adult children, many grandchildren and a large family with many nieces and nephews. Over the decades Sheryl has purchased countless toys and gifts for her children, grandchildren, foster children, nieces and nephews. Sheryl has an M.A. in communications and creative writing and loves using her experience as a parent and grandparent to share her picks of the best toys and gift ideas for children, teenagers and young adults.