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32 Best Toys & Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys in 2024

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Finding the right gift for a 5 year old boy can be tough. At 5-years-old they’re constantly trying out new things and it can be hard to keep up with their rapid development. So, to make your job easier, we’ve put together a detailed gift list to the best gift ideas for 5 year old boys that will offer them educational benefits and also them years of fun!

You can use it as a Christmas list or while shopping for your 5-year-olds sons birthday and it’s sure to save you time and stress when it comes to toy shopping!

You can also find a buyers guide section towards the end if you needed some added information about these kinds of toys and how to go about picking the best ones for your boy.

Our List of Toys and Gifts 5 Year Old Boys Will Actually Like

Boys who are turning 5 like everything from Legos, to board games, to outdoor toys, safe ride on toys and even building sets, we’ve included all of these and many other types of gifts in our list so that you can be sure to consider all of the best options when buying for you little guy.


Hot Wheels Track Set


This Hot Wheels set is a ton of fun for 5-year-old boys who love playing with toy cars (which is the majority of them). We were impressed with how it also challenges children to use their problem-solving skills too. This is because this magic track set has been designed with more complex hairpin turns and intersections.

Furthermore, there are boosters powered by motors and larger crash zones. There’s a lot going on with this toy and as a result, 5-year-olds can have a blast and play more creatively.

They’ve included one Hot Wheels toy with this set to make sure kids can start playing right away. There are also parking spaces which can be used as storage space to keep the cars in one place when the set isn’t being used.

  • Improves problem-solving abilities
  • Easy storage
  • Complex & fun design
  • Not as durable as some had hoped for
What makes this option stand out?

We liked how this Hot Wheels Track Set has trickier hairpin turns and intersections as it provides children with more of a challenge while playing. As a result, their problem-solving skills are stimulated and able to improve.


First Bike for Boys


If you’re interested in get your 5-year-old his first bike, this Royalbaby one could be a great choice. This is because it comes with training wheels that can be easily attached and detached. They provide 5-year-olds with more stability while they develop their balance on the bike.

We also liked how they’ve included pneumatic tires that are knobby. They work effectively to provide your little one with a smoother experience while riding across different surfaces. The training wheels have also been made with plenty of rubber to keep them durable.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable cushioned seat
  • Sporty design
  • Heavier than some were expecting
What makes this stand out?

This bike comes with rear coaster and front caliper brakes. Therefore, you can be sure that your child is provided with a reliable braking system to come to a safe stop.


USA Interactive USA Map


This interactive map of the U.S. is a unique gift idea that 5-year-olds have been having a blast with. We liked how they’ve designed the map to be colorful. This makes it more visually appealing and exciting.

Parents have been liking how this map makes learning about the U.S. and geography more fun than ever. You can turn learning the different states into a fun game which children have been loving. There are more than 500 facts to learn! This means the map can be used as a fun way to help little boys develop their memory recall skills.

  • Fun & colorfuldesign
  • Develop memory recall
  • Over 500 facts to learn
  • Not as many interactive buttons as some were hoping for
What makes this option stand out?

With more than 500 facts available to learn, young boys will be able to improve their memory recall abilities. Most importantly, however, this map enables kids to learn in a more fun way.


Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer


This bounce house from Little Tikes’ has a total of 3 mesh sides which enables parents to look in and make sure their kids are safe as they bounce around. These mesh sides also ensure that plenty of air is able to ventilate the inside of the bouncer.

We also liked how there are strong stakes which keep the bouncer in place as kids jump around. There is also a blower which ensures air is continuously being pumped into the bouncer.

This is a popular option among gifts for 5 year old boys as they love bouncing around. It’s great for encouraging kids to be more active and play in groups too. As a result, their social skills and abilities to work in groups are improved.

  • Encourages more active play
  • Mesh sides for air ventilation
  • Some parts are prone to ripping
What makes this option stand out?

Boys have been loving how they can have a ton of fun with their friends bouncing around in this bouncer. It’s an excellent gift that also helps children to play in groups and develop their social skills.


Interactive Robot Toy by WolVol


This robot toy has been made with a robot police design which most 5-year-old boys love! It comes with lights that flash and missiles that can be fired from the chest. These are super exciting features that keeps boys entertained for hours.

A remote is included with the set as well. This allows kids to control the robot toy to move around. Not to mention, they can make the toy dance and play music by using the remote.

  • Can improve auditory learning senses
  • Durable design
  • Easy to use remote
  • No volume control available
What makes this stand out?

We liked how this toy is able to make a variety of sound effects. This makes it super fun for boys as they’re able to have a more interactive playing experience.


Folding Scooter


This is an incredibly fun scooter for 5-year-old boys to play with due to how it features a range of LED lights on the wheels. These are able to flash in different colors and it can make for a fun riding experience in the dark.

The 3 wheel design is something that people have been liking as well. This is because it’s an effective way to keep your child safe while they ride around on the scooter. We also liked how there’s a leaning system that lets boys have easy control over the direction of the scooter.

  • Lightweightdesign
  • Reinforced metal brakes for safety
  • Anti slip deck
  • A little heavier than some were anticipating
What makes this stand out?

The handlebars on this scooter can be easily adjusted between heights of 26 and 30″. Therefore, you can pick the height that’s best for your little one.


Kidizoom Smartwatch


This VTech smartwatch is a tech toy comes with a total of 3 action challenges, 5 games, and 3 activities. As a result, your child is able to be occupied for hours on end playing with this watch.

We were impressed with how the watch comes with a video camera for pictures and recordings. Little boys can make fun memories and store them easily in the watch. Furthermore, there’s a super fun voice-changing mode available too.

They’ve implemented a calculator on the watch too. This enables kids to work out basic math problems and develop their subtractions, addition, division, and multiplication skills.

There are over 50 different designs which kids can choose from for their clock face. This is a great personalization feature.

  • Develops math abilities
  • Plenty of fun activities available
  • Personalization features
  • Image quality could be improved
What makes this option stand out?

The built-in calculator is a great feature that lets kids easily work on their basic math skills. There are also tons of activities for them to have fun with for hours on end.


LED Foam Rockets


This Foam rocket set has been made using high-quality rubber and foam materials which allows 5-year-olds to have fun with the set for years to come. We were impressed with how the rockets have a glow in the dark feature too.

It enables boys to play with the set at night and have fun watching how the rockets glow. This is also great for their visual learning skills. The LED lights on the rockets can be easily activated by simply pressing a button.

These LED lights can last for up to 72 hours too. There are no batteries needed as the rubber bands use kinetic energy to work. All you need to do is stretch it and release.

We liked how this Foam Finger Rocket set encourages children to play outdoors and be more active.

  • Fun glow in the dark feature
  • Promotes active outdoor play
  • Unique and fun toy set
  • May be difficult for some to use
What makes this option stand out?

The glow in the dark feature lets kids play with this set outdoors and have a blast. It’s also awesome for developing their visual learning skills and encouraging them to play outdoors more often.


Playmobil City Life School Bus


Riding a school bus is a new experience for many 5 year olds and this Playmobil school bus will allow young children to act out what riding a bus is like. This bus comes with a wheelchair ramp, 5 figures, a sliding door and some accessories. The roof of the bus can be removed for easier play.

  • Great for imaginative play
  • Easy to assemble
  • The little figures don’t stay in the seats well
What makes this stand out?

One of the things that makes this school bus well liked by parents and children alike is because the set includes children of more than one race and one in a wheelchair. They also like that everything is easy for small hands to handle.


Lifetime A Frame Adventure Play Set


This playground and swing set is perfect for keeping 5 year old boy active and encouraging them to engage in imaginative play. Steel constructed this play set features a tree house style clubhouse with a steering wheel (ships wheel) and binoculars.

There are also a couple of swings and a trapeze bar, a climbing wall, a climbing net and a wave slide as well as a propeller swing. There are enough things to do to keep kids happily busy for hours on end.

  • Nice large play set will accommodate children up to the age of 12
  • The fort even has a chalkboard
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Problems with rust after a couple of years
What makes this stand out?

This swing set/club house adventure set has a lot for a little boy to do and will keep them happily occupied for hours on end.


Highlights Hidden Picture Book Set


This set of 4 hidden picture books will provide your 5-year-old with hours of fun as they find the hidden pictures on each page. These books will help improve your child’s observation abilities, concentration, and more.

  • Provides a challenge for young children and teaches perseverance
  • Once puzzles are solved kids can color pictures
  • Not many pages per book for the price
What makes this stand out?

These hidden picture books are a great quiet time activity for young kids and helps them improve not only their concentration skills, but their reading skills as well. It is also a great way to spend bonding time with other members of the family.


Crayola Art Case


This art case has 60 crayons, 20 colored pencils, 40 washable markers and 15 large sheets of paper. This art set will allow your 5-year-old to create various works of art using different mediums. The supplies also are great for coloring books and drawing pads.

  • Handy carrying case keeps everything together
  • Encourages creativity
  • Some of the markers dry out quickly
What makes this stand out?

This is a great art case for young artists as the sheer number of tools for the child to use are extremely useful. Kids can see the different effects of coloring with crayons, colored pencils and markers.


Dodge Ball Game Set


This tag game set provides children with a fun and unique twist on the traditional game of dodgeball. It includes 6 dodgeballs and 2 air-mesh vests that can be adjusted.

The vests have a Velcro material which the balls can stick to. There are also targets on the vests to make it easier to see what to aim for. It’s a super fun way of playing dodgeball that allows kids to run around more freely in an open space.

While playing, your child’s hand-eye coordination skills are able to improve. Not to mention, since it involves playing with other people, their social skills and abilities to play in groups will be developed too.

This is a wonderfully unique gift ideas for any 5-year-old!

  • Develops hand-eye coordination
  • Improves social skills
  • Encourages more active outdoor play
  • Vests may be a little on the small side
What makes this option stand out?

We liked how this dodgeball set provides kids with a unique way to play the game and be able to run around and have a blast. It’s fantastic for their hand-eye coordination and helps them to have more fun playing outdoors and being more active.


Punching Bag


This free standing punching bag comes in bright red and white. The bag is made of durable PU leather and the set comes with boxing gloves. This is a great way for kids to burn off excess energy and help them develop gross motor skills. Fill the base with water to make it stable. This punching bag stand is also height adjustable.

  • Durable for the price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Some units had water leaks
What makes this stand out?

A great toy to help a 5 year old boy burn off excess energy especially with kids spending more time at home during this pandemic. Can be used inside or outside.


LEGO Transport Building Kit


This Lego set for boys comes with a flatbed trailer, a helicopter, and a heavy truck with a cab that opens. The helicopter has a cockpit which can be accessed as well as spinning motors.

All of these features make this LEGO set more interactive and fun to play with. Especially since it comes with 2 toy figures. They include a helicopter pilot and a truck driver. This ensures little boys can play with plenty of imagination.

With 310 pieces available, kids will be engaged in building this set for hours.

  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Promotes problem-solving abilities
  • Helicopter toy is prone to falling apart
What makes this option stand out?

Boy have a lot of fun building this 310 piece set which is awesome for their coordination and finger dexterity. The toy figures, truck, and helicopter are all fantastic for encouraging kids to play with more creativity too.


Engineering Construction Vehicles Set


This construction set comes with a total of 76 pieces. This can provide 5-year-olds with plenty to build and be engrossed for hours at a time helping to reduce their screen time!

The set includes 5 vehicles which come with various accessories, such as scoops, blades, and forklifts. We liked how they also included barricades, road signs, safety cones, and barriers. Kids love implementing them into their pretend play games which are fantastic for their imaginative play abilities.

When it comes to building all the vehicles, your child will have the chance to develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Moreover, there are various shapes and colors available to enhance their color and shape recognition skills.

  • Improves color & shape recognition skills
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Pieces break easier than expected
What makes this option stand out?

Children love building this set and being able to play with it for hours on end afterward. The accessory items are also effective at encouraging kids to play with more imagination.


Water Gun Set


This set features 2 water guns which means that 5-year-olds can have a lot of fun shooting water at another person. Each water gun comes with a tank that can hold a maximum of 60 oz of water.

So, boys have plenty of water to shoot for a while before it needs refilling. People have also been mentioning how the tanks have been made with a design that’s free from leaks.

  • Easy to use trigger
  • Durable ABS materials
  • No negatives we found
What makes this stand out?

We were impressed to find that these water guns can shoot water out at up to 40 feet. This is a good range for boys to have a blast outdoors with others.


ArmoGear Laser Tag Set


Most 5-year-olds boy love ths laser tag set since it allows them to play in groups with up to 4 of their friends. This is because there are 4 guns included, which also provides kids with the option of splitting up into teams and facing off against each other.

We liked how they’ve designed these blasters with a futuristic design. This makes it super fun for boys to play with and enables them to be more creative with the pretend play games that they can come up with.

  • Durable materials
  • 131 foot range
  • Vibration effects included
  • Not as accurate as some were hoping for
What makes this stand out?

These laser blasters have been made with a compact design. As a result, boys can be sure to play with them indoors or outdoors. You’re able to easily pack them in bags to take around with you.


Talking Football


This is a unique football due to the fact that it’s able to speak. As a result, you can expect boys to have a lot of fun playing with it and listening to the different phrases that it comes out with.

Furthermore, we were impressed to find that it has even been fitted with music. A special sensor has been fitted into the football which lets kids activate responses by moving the ball around in certain ways.

  • Can be machine washed
  • Encourages active play
  • No volume settings available
What makes this stand out?

The soft plush materials that have been used to make this football makes it easier and safer for young boys to throw and catch. This makes it great for both indoor and outdoor use.


Stunt Rocket Planes


This rocket set comes with a total of 3 stunt planes which have been made with durable materials. Therefore, they can take a beating and last your child for years of play.

We liked how these planes have been designed by aeronautical engineers because it ensures they’re able to perform some amazing mid-air stunts. They can reach an impressive height of up to 100 feet too.

You can use it as an opportunity to teach kids about gravity as well. Parents have been liking how there are no batteries requires, you simply use the launch stand and pad to watch these planes soar. It’s also a fun way to get kids outdoors and more active.

  • Promotes outdoor play
  • Designed by aeronautical engineers
  • Durable materials
  • Planes don’t launch as far as some expected
What makes this option stand out?

Kids have been having tons of fun launching these planes in the air and watching them do some awesome stunts. It’s an excellent toy set to encourage kids to be more active outdoors.


Construction Truck Carrier Set with Mini Construction Vehicles


This construction truck set comes with a range of different toys. These include a wheel loader, helicopter, bulldozer, dump truck, mixer, excavator, road roller, and more! Therefore, your 5-year-old is provided with plenty of options to play creatively. The size of these toys is also perfect for smaller hands.

All the materials used are free from toxins too. Therefore, you can be sure that your child is able to play with the set safely.

  • Free from toxins
  • Encourages creative play
  • Smaller than some were expecting
What makes this option stand out?

We liked how this toy set has a wide variety of construction toys to play with. It ensures they never get bored and are able to play imaginatively for hours. Moreover, they’re the perfect size which makes them great for developing your child’s motor skills and coordination.


Educational Building Set


This construction set comes with a total of 10 toys. We were impressed with how it also implements a fun take a part feature that lets kids disassemble and reassemble toys by using 286 pieces.

Therefore, you can be sure that they’ll be entertained for hours by this set. Furthermore, if kids get a little stuck, they’ll be able to recruit their problem-solving skills.

They are also given the chance to think more creatively when coming up with solutions to different problems.

  • Promotes creative thinking
  • People have only been saying good things about this toy set!
What makes this option stand out?

This is an awesome toy set that kids have been loving as they’re able to take toys apart and put them back together.


Off Road RC Toy


Boys are able to have a blast taking this toy on rougher surfaces outdoors. This is a result of the fantastic 4 wheel drive feature that has been implemented. It works effectively to keep the toy stable.

Boys can use the toy on sand, gravel, grass, mud or even water, meaning it’s a neat alternative to a remote control boat. So, it’s pretty versatile. In addition to this, It has a fantastic flipping and rotating feature. This can be super fun for boys to use to perform different tricks.

A remote control toy is one of the best gift ideas for a 5 year old boy!

  • Durable construction
  • Conveniently rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof design
  • Remote can take a while to get used to
What makes this option stand out?

With a range of 200 meters between the remote and your child, they’re able to drive it off pretty far and have total control. This is awesome for playing in outdoor areas where there’s a lot of space.


Dinosaur Shooting Toy


A fun arcade type shooting game for 5-year-old preschooler, this dinosaur shooting toy uses a pump gun to shoot soft foam balls into the hungry dinosaur’s mouth and rack up points while watching his belly fill with balls. With a 33 foot shooting range kids can improve on their hand/eye coordination while having fun and trying to rack up more and more points.

  • Easy for young children to use
  • The noise the dinosaur makes when eats a ball is cute and fun for kids
  • Some units came with the balls missing
What makes this stand out?

The bright clean dinosaur makes this shooting game more appealing since kids feel they are feeding rather than killing the dinosaur. It’s exciting to hear the dinosaur eat the foam balls and they love seeing the clear tummy fill up.


Peaceable Kingdom Fortune Teller Game


This game from Peaceable Kingdom can make for a super fun gift for a 5-year-old. It comes with a total of 28 cards that have envelopes too. There’s a Valentine’s day theme which can be a lot of fun to give out these cards.

Boys can spin the dial available that will land on something that predicts their future. This can be a lot of fun to play in groups and develop their social skills. Being able to play in a group can be a handy ability to have as boys grow older and begin working in teams.

Children are also able to improve their reading skills in a fun way. Since it’s part of the game, they’ll feel encouraged to read more.

  • Improves reading abilities
  • Fun group game
  • Cards could be more exciting!
What makes this option stand out?

Children have a blast playing this Fortune Teller game. There’s a lot of excitement when someone spins the dial as everyone’s waiting in anticipation to see what it lands on. We liked how it encourages children to read more too.


LEGO Jurassic Park Set

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This building kit is a best gift for 5 year old boys who love the Jurassic World films. It comes with a Raptor dinosaur figure which has a super fun feature that enables its mouth to open all the way.

Kids love using this in their pretend play scenarios and being imaginative. Furthermore, there’s a cage that has a gate that can be opened and closed, as well as a truck. These accessory items are incredibly interactive and provide kids with more playing options.

Building this set uses up a total of 85 pieces. So, you can expect your child to be focused on building the set for a while.

  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Fun interactive features
  • A lot of smaller pieces that can easily go missing
What makes this option stand out?

Children who love Jurassic World will have an incredible amount of fun playing with this LEGO set. It encourages them to play creatively while developing their coordination and motor skills.


Play Tent & Ball Pit


This kids popup tent comes with a total of 4 different pieces. This includes a triangular play tent, square playing area, a ball pit, and 2 tunnels which kids can crawl through. We liked how you’re able to set this play tent up in a variety of 10 different ways.

This means that you can always be sure to keep it fresh and exciting. Moreover, this play tent is an awesome gift for children as it encourages them to play in groups. As a result, their social skills and ability to work in teams is improved.

Parents have been glad to find that the materials used are free from harmful toxins. There are also no sharp edges to ensure that the play tent is completely safe. They’ve even included breathable mesh fabrics to ensure that there’s plenty of airflows.

  • Mesh fabrics for air ventilation
  • Develops social skills
  • 10 set-up combination
  • A little flimsier than some expected
What makes this option stand out?

With 10 set-up combinations available, you can keep your 5-year-old on their toes as they’re able to play with the tent in different ways. Moreover, it encourages group play, which is great for your child’s social skills.


Dinosaur Track Toy Set


Boys who have an interest in dinosaurs could have a lot of fun playing with this set as it comes with 2 dinosaur figures and a car toy.

There’s a track available which has been made with a flexible design. This is great for letting boys alter the track to turn and play in more versatile ways.

  • Easy for boys to assemble & disassemble
  • Inspires creative play
  • Toy car used up more batteries than some were expecting
What makes this option stand out?

While kids are putting the set together, they’re provided with a great opportunity to work on their motor skills and hand eye coordination.


Lakeshore Toy Cash Register


This cash register toy has been created to have a realistic design. Therefore, 5-year-olds are able to re-enact what they’ve seen cashiers do in shops. We found this to be an effective roleplaying exercise that enables kids to play creatively.

We liked how there’s a working calculator built-in to the digital display. This provides kids with a fun opportunity to develop their math abilities.

They’ve also included play money which a 5-year-old can use to count up and develop their number skills.

  • Encourages social play
  • Improves imaginative playing abilities
  • Realistic design
  • Drawer opens faster than some would prefer
What makes this option stand out?

Lakeshore’s Cash Register toy has some fantastic realistic features that help kids to play with more creativity. The working calculator, in particular, is the feature that we liked the most. It encourages children to improve their math abilities while also having fun.


Learning Resources Play Money


This play money set comes with an impressive total of 150 pieces. This includes pretend dollar bills and coins that have been designed to have a realistic look and feel.

With so many pieces available, you can be sure that your child will be occupied with this Play Money set for hours.

We liked how it encourages children to play more creatively too. They can incorporate the Play Money into all kinds of roleplay scenarios. This is especially the case when it comes to playing with other people. As a result, this set can be excellent for improving your child’s social skills.

Moreover, it encourages 5-year-olds to develop their counting abilities too.

  • Realistic notes
  • Encourages creative play
  • Develops counting skills
  • Coins don’t feel as realistic as the notes
What makes this option stand out?

This extensive 150-piece Play Money set is a fun way for little boys to develop their counting abilities. Not to mention, it’s perfect for using in roleplaying games and being more imaginative.


Star Wars Movie Chewbacca Mask


This Star Wars Chewy mask could be the perfect toy for 5 year old boys who are fans of Star Wars. We were impressed with how it looks just like the character from the movies, and so will your child!

Moreover, there are a number of incredibly fun and interactive features available. For one, you can open your mouth slightly and the mask will activate a realistic sounding Chewbacca roar. This is audibly stimulating, while also being a lot of fun. Not to mention, the wider you open your mouth, the louder the mask roars.

Children love running around wearing this mask and pretending to be the Chewbacca character. It can be implemented into roleplaying games with ease, which makes it awesome for encouraging kids to play with more imagination.

  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Interactive sounds
  • Fun design
  • Smaller than some were expecting
What makes this option stand out?

Little Star Wards fans are bound to love how they can wear this mask and pretend to be Chewbacca. The sounds are realistic and kids can use it in their roleplaying games to be as creative as they like.


Original Slinky


This slinky toy is simple but a ton of fun. It stretches, bounces, and goes down a set of stairs on its own. Kids have been having a great time playing with it and observing how it moves around.

We liked how they’ve used metal materials to construct it. This ensures that it can last your child for years of fun. Moreover, it makes for an amazing gift since it comes in a box that’s easy to wrap.

Children love exploring the different ways that they can use this Slinky toy. As a result, it encourages them to think more creatively.

  • Develops creative thinking
  • Durable metal materials
  • Enhances observational skills
  • Not as large as some were expecting
What makes this option stand out?

Children everywhere have been having a lot of fun with this Slinky toy. They love seeing how many different ways they can play with it, which is fantastic for their creative thinking.

Buyers Guide to Picking Suitable Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

If you think you’re still going to have a difficult time picking the best 5 year old boy gifts, you’ll want to check out our buyers guide section below. We’ve provided you with extra info surrounding the benefits of these toys, as well as the different types available.

By the end, you’ll be left with a better idea on which kind of gift to buy for your 5 year old boy.

Benefits of Toys

There are tons of amazing developmental benefits that the toys mentioned in our review offer 5-year-olds. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits in more detail.

Imaginative Thinking

Most of the toys that we’ve discussed in our review are effective at stimulating the creative side of your 5-year-old. This is actually an incredibly important aspect that’s best to develop from an early age.

Learning to use their imaginative side while playing helps them to have a lot of fun and be happier. However, it has also been found to translate over to their creative thinking skills. Therefore, when kids are more in tune with their imaginative side, they’re able to come up with solutions to problems by being creative and thinking outside of the box.

Cognitive Development

Motor skills, coordination, and problem-solving abilities are among the top three cognitive developments that 5-year-olds are able to make when playing with toys.

You will have seen, from our review above, that many of the toys are excellent for developing these skills. In particular, the toys that involve building.

This is because kids have to use their hands and problem-solving skills to follow instructions and put the various pieces together.

Social Skills

Ensuring that your child is able to be more comfortable when it comes to social situations is an important skill for them to learn. The earlier on they become better in social situations, the easier they’ll have it when it comes to socializing later on in life.

Furthermore, being able to work in teams is a critical skill that requires good social attributes. So, if you’re looking for a gift that gets your boy more involved with other people, look to things like play tents or roleplaying games that are best played with others.

What are Good Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys Who Are 5 Years Olds?

When it comes to xmas time, picking the best toys for 5 year old boys can feel like a daunting task.Any type of LEGO set or toys that involve building that we’ve covered are a safe bet for boys! Moreover, costumes could also be a fun Christmas present. Kids may like wearing the costume as their Christmas day outfit.

Another option we’ve reviewed that boys really like are water guns, Nerf Blasters and even laser tag sets.

What to Get a Boy for his 5th Birthday?

Choosing birthday gift ideas for a 5 year old boy is akin to buying presents at Christmas time. Although, if you’re planning on throwing a party for their birthday, buying gifts that involve group play would be a great idea.

Bouncy houses and play tents are the kinds of gifts that your child and their friends can have a blast with for the entire day. Furthermore, you can always pull them out whenever your child has friends over.

Any ride on toy makes for a good option if your son has a summer birthday so you can consider a scooter or a bike. He is sure to enjoy these kinds of toys!

What Are Unique Gift Ideas for a 5 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything?

If you’re trying to find something unique for a boy who seemingly has every possible toy under the sun then we’ve includes tons of good options. In choosing one it’s important find something that they don’t have experience with yet, which may be a toy for boys that are slightly older than them. That way they can grow in to it while developing interest in a new type of toy.

Some specific options we’ve covered include the play tent & ball set along with the LED foam rockets!

What are the Best Types of Toys for Boys Age 5?

As you know, there are so many different kinds of presents for 5 year olds that it can be a challenge trying to tell the differences between them all.

To make this easier, we’ve created a list of the best types of 5 year old boy toys to ensure that you’re able to tell the difference between them, with no hassle. These types include building toys, play tents, costumes, rc cars, toy cars and even musical instruments.

Building Toys

We’ve included a number of fantastic building toys in our review simply due to the fact that little boys love them and typically for many years.

There’s something satisfying about being able to build the toys and then play with them afterward. It’s incredibly rewarding and encourages boys to develop their motor skills, problem-solving skills and coordination.

Play Tents

Play tents are a ton of fun for boys as they love being active and playing with their friends. They can make for excellent bday gifts if you’re planning on throwing a party for your child. They’ll love spending the day turning the tent in other fort with their friends.

This is also awesome for their social skills and abilities to play in groups.


Costumes are excellent for boys who love to dress up and play creatively. The roleplay games, such as cash registers and pretend money, are super easy to implement into a wide range of pretend play scenarios.

Children love dressing up and running around. It’s a great way for them to let their creative side run wild.

Car Toys with Track Sets

Track sets involve a building process which kids love being a part of. Watching as the toy cars whiz around the track is super exciting. We also liked how these sets let kids add to the car collection over time too.

Musical Instruments

Instrumental play sets are both fun and highly educational for a 5 year-old boy. The musical instruments set that we’ve reviewed include a range of different instruments which lets kids experiment with different sounds.

This is great for developing their audible learning skills. Furthermore, these types of toy sets are highly interactive and improve your child’s coordination and motor skills.

Arts & Crafts Sets

Crafts sets can make excellent gifts for 5-year-olds boys who enjoy drawing and being artistic. They’re fantastic for inspiring children to be more creative. We also found that coloring and being involved in art projects can be therapeutic too.

Remote Control Toys

Remote controlled toy are super fun as 5-year-old boys love driving them and seeing how fast they can zip around. Whether it’s a car, truck or boat boys this age can have a ton of fun playing with them day after day.

Pro Tip: Consider an RC toy for boys that are a little bit older so your son can grow into it and he won’t be clamoring for a faster one within a few months.

Outdoor Toys

Gifts that encourage children to be outdoors, such as nature exploration kits, are very educational and fun. We like how they encourage children to want to learn more about nature and explore their backyards.

Final Thoughts on Popular Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

Hopefully, we’ve relieved any of the stress that you may have been feeling surrounding buying the best toys for 5 year old boys. There are plenty of ideas above for you to be inspired by.

We also recommend that you use our buyers guide if you weren’t feeling too confident about making a final decision. It includes more details about the different types of toys that are available, as well as the benefits that boys can experience by playing with them.

This can make it a lot easier for you to narrow down your search and pick the kind of gift that you think your boy would enjoy playing with the most.

Hopefully, all of the information found in our review has helped you to choose an awesome gift for your little boy!

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