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12 Best Books for 5 Year Old Boys & Girls

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Finding books for five year olds can be tricky since there are so many options available that have different reading levels. Our list below includes some of the top options for 5 yr old boys and girls so that they can have fun while learning to read.

You can find awesome story books as well as books that have a more factual and scientific element to them. By the end of the book suggestion list, you’ll have a much clearer picture as to what these books have to offer so that you can select the one that will help your little one learn to read and have fun in the process.

Our List of Good Books for 5 Year Olds

Our review section is below and includes everything you need to know about the main details, pros, and cons on great books for five years old girls and boys. A buyers guide can also be found at the end that includes more information that could prove handy when it comes to picking out a good book for your son or daughter.


Grumpy Monkey


This 5 yr old story book revolves around a monkey who’s always in a bad mood who has friends who are trying to help him out. Kids have been loving how the story unfolds with this book.

It has been written with humor to prevent it from feeling to sad. At the same time, it can teach children that being down for a day is normal and how to be more mindful of their feelings.

  • Available in hardcover, board book & Kindle options
  • Fun pictures in the book
  • Book is longer than some would prefer

Educational Encyclopedia


If you were interested in finding a book for your little one that they can read and learn from, this encyclopedia could be a great choice. It has been filled with a wide variety of facts that kids find intriguing.

We also liked how they’ve implemented a range of stories throughout the book. This ensures that it doesn’t feel like reading boring facts on every page. Instead, kids can learn about planets, animals, and people through exciting stories.

  • Organized contents page
  • Fun illustrations
  • Ribbon bookmark included
  • Some notice the book is damaged upon delivery

What Should Darla Do? Interactive Book


We liked how this book provides children with a more interactive reading experience. While reading the story, kids can make various choices for the main character, Darla.

As a result, the reading experience is more fun and engaging for children. The story is also exciting as it’s about an person training to be an astronaut who has aspirations of visiting Mars!

  • Total of 8 different stories available in 1
  • Empowering for kids
  • Some find the book has wear & tear when delivered

Fun Questions & Answers Book


This is an awesome educational book for children that comes with a wide selection of questions based on minerals, dinosaurs, ancient civilizations, science, and more.

Therefore, you can expect your little one to have a lot of fun while also improving their knowledge on different subjects.

  • Available in an awesome hardcover design
  • Fun pictures included
  • Kids have been loving this book!

Power To Choose: What Should Danny Do?


We were impressed with how there are 9 stories available in this book. This is possible due to how the book revolves around kids making different choices for the Danny character.

This makes the book incredibly interactive for kids to read as they can see how the choices that they make lead to different endings for the character. There’s also a lesson behind the choices that kids make for Danny which is a great learning curve.

  • Teaches kids about the importance of making choices in life
  • Exciting illustrations
  • Some kids can find the book a little overwhelming at first

Gerald the Giraffe


This book is based on Gerald the Giraffe who has aspirations of dancing but he can’t because of crooked knees and legs that are too thin. Children can read about how the other animals make fun of Gerald until one animal has words of encouragement.

The book contains lessons about being kind to others and how being different isn’t always a bad thing. We also liked how there are rhymes throughout the book that make it more interesting to read.

  • Awesome illustrations
  • Available in hardcover, Audible, CD, board book & paper back versions
  • Some notice the book is damaged upon delivery

Dr. Seuss My Book About Me


Kids can have a blast answering the various questions throughout this review that are unique to them. The questions involve your child’s height, favorite foods, where they live, and more.

These are all questions that encourage children to feel confident in themselves and everything unique about themselves. We liked how there are blank spaces for kids to fill out the book for a super interactive experience.

  • A photo of your child can be placed on the front
  • Inspires creative thinking
  • Some notice there’s a different metric system in the book

Educational National Geographic Book


This book comes with facts on a wide variety of topics that include animals, plants, the human body, and much more. We liked how they include specific questions that kids can have fun learning about.

They’ve included a good selection of pictures on each page. As a result, it enables kids to have a visual learning aid along with reading.

  • Interactive to read
  • Available in paperback or hardcover versions
  • Book could be more durable

Book for Beginners


Those of you who are looking for introductory books for your little one to read may want to consider this one. There are various stories with the first one including just 4 letters to prevent kids from feeling overwhelmed.

While reading the book, your child is able to learn about the alphabet and understand how short sentence structures are put together.

  • Available in Kindle & paperback form
  • Engaging images throughout
  • Book is smaller than some were hoping for

Construction Site Children’s Book


This book is based on a construction site filled with bulldozers, dump trucks, cement mixers that have been made into characters. Kids find the story of how the trucks finish their work and turn in for the night.

We were impressed with how the illustrations that are included are exciting. This makes it more exciting for children to read and finish the book.

  • Fun rhymes throughout the book
  • Available in CD, Kindle, hardcover & board book versions
  • Print text is a little smaller than some would prefer

Curious George Phonics Books


While kids are reading through this book, they’re able to improve their phonic skills. This is because of how the book includes an educational aspect that children can use to focus on certain sounds and words to read them until they boost their confidence and move onto the next.

There are repeated words in this book to help your child improve their phonics quicker. They’ve also included more challenging words that kids can use once to progress.

  • Awesome illustrations
  • Great parent guide included
  • May be too complex for beginners

National Geographic World Book


Kids have been loving how this book features a wide variety of facts based on capital cities, animals, landscapes, and more from around the world. Therefore, it’s a highly educational book.

We also liked how the book comes with over 100 photos that are available in bright colors. This makes it a more exciting reading experience and can encourage your 5 year old to want to continue learning and reading.

  • Fantastic maps included
  • Fun Spanish song available
  • Some find the pages are too crowded

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Book Guides by Grade

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Buyers Guide to Choosing Age Appropriate Books

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to read through our review of some of the best books for five year boys and girls, you’ll be able to have a better idea of which one to pick for your child.

If you were looking for some additional guidance before making a final decision, check out the buyers guide below to feel more confident about the book that’s right for your little one.

What Makes a Good 5 Year Old Book?

There’s a lot of elements that go into making a good book for 5 year old kids. One of the main ones is ensuring that it’s engaging enough to keep their attention. If a book isn’t engaging enough, any of the educational value won’t be fully delved into by your child.

When a book can keep kids interested, with the story and illustrations, your child is more likely to have a good time reading it and benefit from the educational aspects. Books that blend humor, rhymes, stories, and educational value are among the best.

What Level Books Should a 5 Yr Old Be Reading?

It’s best to stick with books that are of at least a preschool grade level for 5 year olds. Our review of the top options range in recommended grades from preschool, all the way up to grade 3.

Books within these grade levels are challenging enough to allow 5 year old to learn more, without being too overwhelming and difficult.

How Can I Help My Five Year Old Learn to Read?

One of the best things you can do to help your child learn to read is to set some time aside every day to read together. Kids enjoy spending time with their parents and it can be a great way to encourage them to look forward to reading.

A great exercise that you can do is get your child to retell the stories that they’ve read, either verbally or through drawings. This can be helpful for ensuring that they understand the story and improve their grasp of reading even further.

Having your child read books to you is another superb way to help them improve their phonics and build up their confidence. Teaching your child the letters of the alphabet is also helpful to making sure that they can identify different letters and feel more comfortable with words.

Not to mention, finding books that your child is interested in is key. Therefore, you may want to leave it up to them to pick out which books to read so that they can remain engaged for longer.

Final Thoughts on Good Book for Age 5

So, that concludes our review on what some of the good books for five year olds have to offer. Make sure to consider the main details of each book, as well as the pros and cons so that you can select the one that’s best for your little one.

We hope that the information found throughout our review and buyers guide has provided useful in helping you to pick the book that’s right for your child to have fun while learning to read.

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