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11 Best Chapter Books for 2nd Graders in 2024

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Are you interested in what the best books for 2nd graders are and have to offer? If so, you’ll want to check out our review below to learn more about how chapter books could be just what your child needs to improve their reading abilities.

These types of books provide kids in the second grader with the opportunity to challenge themselves and have fun reading through exciting books. By the end of our guide, you’ll be left feeling more confident about which book to pick for your little one.

Our List of Totally Awesome 2nd Grade Chapter Books

The review section below includes a good variety of chapter books that are perfect for a 2nd grader so as to ensure that you can find the one that stands out as being the best for your child. A buyers guide can also be found at the end that includes more details that are useful when it comes to making a final buying decision.


Ballpark Mysteries


This book includes books 1 to 4 from the Ballpark Mysteries set. Therefore, your little one can have fun reading through the different stories. We also liked how the books come in a box. It’s great for letting you keep them all organized in one area.

  • Great for baseball lovers!
  • Fun baseball trivia throughout
  • Kids have been loving these books

Dog Man Series


There are 3 books included in this set that arrive in a box that has a fun design of the character on the front. Therefore, you can keep the books neatly stored. We also liked how the 3 books included enable children to follow a story in a series across multiple books. It can be a fun way to introduce them to a chapter book.

  • Humour throughout the books
  • Exciting cartoons
  • Some were hoping the books would be more challenging

Magic Tree House Book Set


We were impressed with how these books come with super imaginative stories. They involve dinosaurs, mummies, and pirates.

As a result, you can expect your little one to feel encouraged to continue reading the stories as they’re so creative.

  • Lessons can be found in each story
  • Shorter & manageable chapters
  • Some were disappointed with the black & white images

3 Book Set By E.B.White


The 3 books included in this set include Stuart Little, Charlotte’s Web, and The Trumpet of the Swan. So, kids can have a blast reading through the different stories.

We liked how the illustrations have been created with plenty of detail. It’s fantastic for keeping kids engaged to continue reading.

  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Stories can be nostalgic for parents
  • Binding of the books could be stronger

Complete Set of the Diary of a Roblox Noob

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People have been liking how this set includes the complete series of books that has approximately 9 hours of reading in total. Therefore, your kids can have a blast reading these books for a while.

We liked how the books in this series have a variety of plot twists that are super fun for kids to read. It keeps things interesting to encourage your child to have fun while reading.

  • Exciting & new characters throughout
  • 3 bonus stories included
  • Some were disappointed with how all the books in the series are in one largerbook

Stinker Series Set


This set comes with books 1 to 3 in the Stinker Series that includes comical stories. As a result, children can have fun laughing and reading these books.

The chapters throughout these books aren’t too long, making them beginner level chapter books. Therefore, kids are able to have fun reading without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Makes story time exciting!
  • Relatable characters
  • Some would prefer if the book had more pictures

Amelia Bedelia Book Series


With books 1 to 4 included in this set, you can be sure that your little one is provided with plenty to read. The books have comedic elements throughout that make them more exciting to read.

In addition to this, black and white illustrations have been included. These are awesome for providing children with a visual aid to continue reading.

  • Challenges children’s reading skills
  • Kids have been loving the Amelia character
  • Books aren’t as durable as some wereanticipating

My Fox Book Collection


Parents have been liking how these series of books are filled with comedy. It keeps things exciting to ensure that kids have fun while reading.

This is great for encouraging your little one to want to continue reading and improving their reading skills. The fantasy aspect of these books also keeps kids interested for longer.

  • Lessons about teamwork included
  • Fun illustration on the front
  • People have been loving these stories

The Ramona Book Collection


We liked how this book comes with illustrations throughout. It ensures that your little one can have fun looking at the images to continue reading.

There are 3 books available in the set that provide children with the opportunity to see how story lines unfold. The stories available are relatable for kids which makes them more interesting for your little one to read.

  • Funny stories
  • Great characters
  • Some notice 2 of the same books are included in the set when delivered

‘What Should Darla Do’ Book Set


With 8 stories included in this What Should Do book set you can be sure that your child will be engaged in the stories for years to come. We liked how each of the stories takes you down a different path.

This is dependent on the choices that kids make while going through the book. As a result, your child is able to read each book over and over again with a different ending to the story.

This book is particularly made for girls and while a very similar one is made boys is titled “What Should Danny Do”.

  • Colorful design
  • Excellent illustrations
  • Kids have been having a blast reading this book

The Best Seat In Second Grade


We were impressed with how this book has been filled with watercolor illustrations. They have lots of detail and vivid colors that provide your little one with a visual aid while reading.

This book has been made for children who have gained the confidence to read on their own who may still need some help while progressing their reading skills.

  • Large, easy to read text
  • Funny story
  • Some aren’t fans of the lessons throughout the book

Buyers Guide to Choosing Age Appropriate Second Grade Books

Now that you’ve had the chance to read through our review of the top chapter books for 2nd graders, you’ll have an easier time focusing on the ones that you think are best for your child. To learn more about the these type of books, check out the section below.

Should Second Graders Really Be Reading A Chapter Book?

Most kids start to get more comfortable with chapter books the year after second grade. However, introducing your child to these books in grade 2 can provide them with more of a challenge.

Kids are often keen at this age to start moving onto more complex books but some of them may be a little overwhelming. We kept this in mind and selected beginner chapter book options for our review to ensure your little one can have fun and improve their reading skills.

What Level Should a Second Grader Be Reading At?

At the beginning of second grade, kids are often reading at level 18. When it comes the the end of the grade, most children are able to read more confidently at level 28. These are guidelines, so, your child may be above or below these numbers but those are the levels to keep in mind when assessing your child’s reading abilities.

What Is Our Top Chapter Book Series for Second Graders?

The “What Should Darla Do?” and “What Should Danny Do?” books sets are our top picks due to how there are so many possibilities available in one book. It makes the reading experience more interactive as kids can choose between options to experience the stories in different ways.

Final Thoughts

So, that wraps up our review on what some of the top 2nd grade level books have to offer. We hope that you can put the details found throughout the review to good use to find the book that your little one can benefit from and have the most fun reading.

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