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Best Toddler Books for 2 Year Old Boys & Girls

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Our review of the best books for 2 year olds includes a good variety for you to choose from. There are ones that introduce toddlers to numbers and letters, as well as ones that enable them to learn about their emotions, and more.

Finding the right books for your 2 yr old boy or girl can encourage them to look forward to reading more. Not to mention, reading to your little one can provide you with a great opportunity to spend quality time with them and help them to feel loved!

Our List of the Best Books for Two Year Old Toddlers

The list section below takes you through the main features of the top books for two year old girls and boys, as well as the pros, and cons to help you make the best decision possible. A buyers guide is also included at the end that includes more details that could prove handy in aiding you in your final decision.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar


This book tells the classic story of how a caterpillar eats over the course of days until transforms into a butterfly. Kids have been loving how the story inspires children to discover the amazing elements of nature.

  • Fantastic illustrations
  • Great double page of a butterfly on the last page
  • Book could be more durable

Library Book Box Set


We liked how this set comes with a total of 10 books that enables your little one to keep themselves engaged for a while. The books are excellent for introducing your toddler to a wide range of topics that include letters, numbers, colors, animals, and more.

  • Sturdy box set
  • Bright colors
  • Some were hoping the books would be larger

Grumpy Monkey Book


The main chimpanzee character in this book is named Jim and he is in a bad mood for seemingly no reason. He’s surrounded by friends who can’t understand why and the story unfolds as they try to cheer Jim up. There are great lessons throughout the book that can be great for young boys and girls to become aware of.

If you’re looking for an award winning book you can’t go wrong with the Grumpy Monkey Book!

  • Funny elements included
  • Bright illustrations
  • Books is longer than some would prefer

Dr. Seuss Little Blue Box Of Bright & Early Board Books


This is a perfect book set for a toddler boy or girl and comes with a range of stories that include The Shape Of Me And Other Stuff, Ten Apple Up On Top, and more. Therefore, kids have plenty to read and keep busy. The stories are also simple for toddlers to understand easily.

  • Awesome illustrations
  • Durable books
  • Books are smaller than some were hoping for

Goodnight, Numbers Book


If you were looking for a book to read your little one at night, this could be a great choice. We were impressed with how educational it is since it enables 2 year olds to learn about the basics of math while reading.

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  • Great artwork
  • Makes learning fun
  • Some notice the book is damaged upon delivery

The Way I Feel


The Way I Feel takes children through a story that helps them to understand their feelings more deeply. We liked how the book teaches kids about emotions through simple language to prevent it from being overwhelming.

Kids are able to learn about the different emotions as they’re expressed in the book as different characters that have various stories.

  • Bold & bright images
  • Introduces kids to the important of their mental health
  • Some emotions are missing from the book

The Hiccupotamus


The Hiccupotamus is a super creative and fun story that toddlers have been loving. It involves a centipede, rhino, and an elephant who are trying to cure a hippo’s case of the hiccups.

We were impressed with how there’s pencil artwork throughout the book as they leap off the page and make it more fun for toddlers to read.

  • Great character bio included at the end
  • Filled with funny parts
  • Some aren’t fans of the rhyming aspects to the book

The Wonderful Things You will Be


If you were interested in a book that will inspire your toddler girl, this could be a great choice. The story enables toddlers to learn how much potential they have when it comes to having a great future. We liked how it also includes rhyming expressions that make it more exciting for toddlers to read.

  • Awesome illustrations
  • Filled with humor
  • Some notice the book is damaged when delivered

ABC Toddler Book


The illustrations throughout this book have been drawn by hand which provides them with fantastic details. As a result, toddlers can a visual aid while learning to read. The book introduces toddlers to the different letters of the alphabet with various things like dump trucks, airplanes, and more.

  • Font is easy to read
  • Thick & durable pages
  • Book is smaller than some were hoping

A Collection of Stories for 2 Year Olds


We liked how this book has been filled with classic magical stories that include Goldilocks, the Three Little Pigs, and more. This is sure to inspire your little one to think more creatively.

The nursery rhymes included also make this book a great option for reading to your child at night.

  • Superb illustrations
  • Easy to read
  • Stories are shorter than some were expecting

Buyers Guide to Choosing Age Appropriate Books for 2 Year Olds

Now that you’ve had the chance to learn more about what the good books for 2 year olds have to offer, you’ll be able to have an easier time narrowing down your search to finding the ones that you think are best for your child. The sections below include more details that could be helpful for enabling you to feel more confident about making a final decision.

What Makes a Good 2 Year Old Book?

One of them main elements that makes a book good for two year olds is that it’s exciting enough to keep their interest. That’s why many of the books in our review are filled with humor, fun characters, and fantastic illustrations.

As a result, toddlers are more likely to enjoy their time while reading and feel encouraged to do so more often. This is a great benefit for books that contain content surrounding math, the alphabet, as well as lessons about emotions and life in general.

What Level Books Should a 2 Yr Old Be Reading?

We recommend sticking with books that contain a couple of sentences on each page as your child is at the stage where they’re able to recognize more words and their meaning.

Our review includes many books that have a grade level of preschool to 2 years to ensure that your child doesn’t become too overwhelmed and can enjoy their reading time while learning about various topics.

How Can I Help My Two Year Old Learn To Read?

One of the main aspects to keep in mind when helping your little one learn to read is to make it as fun as possible. As a result, songs and rhymes can be a superb way to encourage your two year old to have fun while learning to read.

It’s also a good idea to ask your child questions throughout the story. This can help with their comprehension abilities as they’re able to start telling you things about the characters and stories.

You may also find it beneficial to hold your toddler while you read to them. This can make for some fantastic bonding time that helps toddlers look more forward to your allocated reading time together.

Final Thoughts on the Best Books for Toddlers

That concludes our review on what some of the best books for toddlers have to offer. Be sure to consider the main elements of each book, as well as the pros and cons before you make a final decision.

We hope that the information in our post has been useful in helping you to decide on which book you think is best for your little one.

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