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15 Great 1st Grade Books for 6 Year Olds in 2024

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Are you trying to find the best reading books for 6 year olds? If so, you’ll be interested to check out our review below. We’ve made sure to include a good variety of books that involve humor and educational value that are perfect for first graders, as well as ones that spark your little one’s imagination.

Making reading time something to look forward to will be a huge factor towards helping your child improve their reading skills. You’ll be left with some great ideas on which books are best for your six year old after reading our reviews of the top choices.

Our List of the Best Books for 6 Year Olds in the 1st Graders

In the review section below, you’ll learn the main themes of each book, along with the pros and cons. This ensures that you’re able to have an easier time when it comes to picking a book for your child. A buyers guide is available at the end with more details on first grade level books.


Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book Series


We liked how this book features a story that’s fast paced to keep your little one interested and exited to read on more. Furthermore, the stories are super funny which makes it more entertaining for kids to continue reading.

There are 4 stories included with the set that lets kids read through the various adventures that Amelia goes on.

  • Great black & white illustrations
  • Introduces kids to idioms
  • Physical copy of book isn’t as durable as some were hoping

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus


This book’s story involves a bus driver who takes a break which provides the main character with an opportunity to spring into action. A pigeon takes place of the bus driver and the story unfolds in a hilarious way.

  • Awesome illustrations
  • Kids can respond to the pigeon character throughout the book
  • Book material is a little flimsy

Dog Man Books 1 To 3


The Dog Man series of books follows a dog who is part man and part dog. This can be a fun concept for kids to read about and let their imagination run wild. We liked how the main character is a hero as there’s plenty of exciting action throughout.

The Dog Man series is a favorite pick of ours as a gift for 6 year old boys.

  • Lessons about friendship included
  • Fun illustrations
  • Some weren’t fans of the humorin the books

Books 1 To 6 Of the Zoey and Sassafras Stories


Your little one can be sure to feel creatively inspired while reading through the books in this set. Each one of the stories has a magical animal who has a problem that the main character, Zoey, has to try and figure out.

Throughout the books, there’s a great sense of adventure, mystery, and even science! Therefore, children can have fun seeing how Zoey solves the problem with detective work or science.

  • Fantastic illustrations
  • Easy to read
  • Some were anticipating the books to be longer

Boxed Collection Of Junie B. Jones Books


If you were looking for a series of books that your little one could laugh at, these books could be a great option. We liked how the main character in these books is hilarious as kids are more likely to have fun and feel encouraged to continue reading.

  • Paper dolls included with the boxed collection
  • Excellent lessons throughout the books
  • Some notice a book missing in the set when delivered

Zombie Goldfish Boxed Collection


Kids can have fun reading about how Tom zapped his goldfish, Frankie, with a battery to bring him back to life. This results in a goldfish that develops powers to help Tom against his elder brother who’s an evil scientist.

  • Great illustrations
  • Funny story lines
  • Some find the language in the book is inappropriate

How Martha Saved Her Parents From Green Beans


Just going by the title of this book, you can be assured that your little one’s imagination will be stimulated while reading the story. The main character, Martha, hates green beans which may be relatable for your own child.

One day, a group of green bean bandits enter the town and kidnap Martha’s parents. This throws Martha into an action packed adventure to save her parents from the villainous green beans.

  • Excellent illustrations
  • Injected with plenty ofhumor
  • Some aren’t fans of the language in the book

When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree


This book is based on the saying of “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”and involves a child being given a lemon tree from her grandma. Initially, she’s disappointed but soon discovers that the tree has way more to it than she first thought.As the story unfolds, kids are able to learn about community values, patience, and hard work.

  • Humor included throughout
  • Bright illustrations
  • Some were hoping for more words to be on each page

The Princess and the Pit Stop


We like how this story is highly imaginative with a main character who’s a princess in the middle of a car race. She’s told she’s in last place while making a pit stop with only one more lap to go.

The story is filled with all kinds of mystical characters such as witches, a frog prince, a hare, a tortoise and more. Kids can be sure to have fun reading the story to see if the princess wins the race.

This is a favorite of ours a gift for a 6 year girl!

  • Fantastic illustrations
  • Exciting text box designs
  • Kids have been loving this book!

Three Billy Goats Gruff


The writer, Jerry Pinkney, has put a unique twist on a classic tale that has been implemented with fresh twists. This story focuses on the Three Billy Goats Gruff who see green grass on the other side of a bridge.

Underneath the bridge, however, there’s a hungry troll looking to eat the goats. We liked how the tale provides children with a perspective on bullying and greed.

  • Detailed watercolor illustrations
  • Great double page spreads
  • Some weren’t fans of the alternate ending to the classic story

Sight Words Book


If you’re interested in books that can help your little one become more fluent with how they read, this Sight Words book could be a great option. It comes with tons of sight words to help children become more familiar with them so that they can read other books more fluently.

We liked how the book starts out simpler and gradually become more complex to challenge kids and ensure that they can continue learning.

  • Illustrations included
  • 10 funny books available
  • Books are smaller than some expected

Getting Ready For 1st Grade


This book by Educational Insights includes the various steps that help towards being prepared for the 1st grade. It can be a great way to alleviate any nerves that your little one may be feeling before starting 1st grade.

We were impressed with how there’s an interactive pen included that kids can press to answer the various questions in the book. The pen gives them an auditory response about their answer being correct or incorrect with tips being given to achieve the correct answer.

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  • Great illustrations included
  • Teaches kids about math
  • No volume controls for the pen

Jokes for Kids


You can be sure that your child will have an absolute blast reading through this book of jokes. Kids can have tons of fun learning the jokes in the book an telling them to others! Packing this book for your child on a long road trip could keep things very entertaining.

  • Easy to read
  • Can make for great family fun
  • Some were hoping for more jokes

Science for First Graders


We liked how this book is packed with a total of 180 days worth of scientific resources for kids to learn from. These resources are great for introducing kids to analyzing scientific data and learning more about space and the earth.

  • Clear sections for different topics
  • Great choice for homeschooling
  • Some questions are easier than some would prefer

LeapFrog Volume 1 3D Learn To Read Set


LeapFrog’s book set provides your child with an excellent introduction to learning with super interactive features. There’s audio and animations that enable kids to have visual and auditory guidance to make learning to read more exciting.

  • 6 different stories included
  • Bright colors
  • Some notice errors in the recordings

Buyers Guide to Choosing Age Appropriate Books for 1st Graders

Now that you’ve had the chance to read our review about what the best books for first graders have to offer, you can be sure to find the one that you think is best for your 6 year old as a gift. If you were looking for some additional guidance, check out the sections below to learn more.

What Type of Books Should a First Grader Be Reading?

Ideally, you’ll want to find stories that have been made up with shorter words to prevent your child from feeling overwhelmed. Children can quite easily become frustrated when trying to read books that contain words that are too long.

It’s also a good idea to find books that have creative story lines and characters. They’re awesome for sparking your child’s imagination and can make reading a lot more fun. Books that contain humor are also popular options for kids in first grade as it’s another contributor to enabling kids to look forward to reading.

What Level Should a First Grader Be Reading At?

When beginning first grade, children are usually reading at a level 4. By the time 1st grade ends, kids can be reading at up to level 16. These are general guidelines to follow rather than exact reading levels to aim for with your child.

What Is a Good Book Series For 1st Graders?

The Amelia Bedelia books are an awesome series for children in the first grade to start reading. This is because the character has been written in a way that kids find funny and relatable. There are also great images included that aid in your child’s ability to read.

Furthermore, the Junie B. Jones book series is a superb collection of books that contain plenty of humor for kids to have fun reading.

Is Harry Potter Suitable for a 6 Year Old?

Some 6 year old’s may feel confident enough in their reading abilities to read the Harry Potter books. However, these books are written for an older age range which is why we haven’t included them in our review for 1st graders.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right book for a child age 6 can encourage them to have fun while reading which can encourage them to do it more often. We hope that you’ve found the details throughout our review and buyers guide useful when it comes to picking a book or series of books for your child.

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