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35 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Boys in 2020

Are you searching for different types of gifts for 6 year old boys but not having any luck? If so, we understand how stressful it can be! So, that’s why we’ve researched the market to find the best toys that are currently available, making your job easier.

All you need to do is read the reviews of popular toys below and select the one(s) that you think will suit your boy the best.

To ensure you have all the information you need, you can also find a buyers guide section at the end. It takes you through some additional info to ensure you feel confident in finding great toys for your 6 year old boy.

Our Top Picks

Our List of the Best Toys for 6 Year Old Boys

Table of Contents

Now that we’ve covered what this article is about let’s get into our ultimate gift list for a 6 year old boy that we’ve created just for you! And as mentioned above stick around for the buyers guide if you’re still unsure of what to get your son.

Toy Crane


This working crane is a ton of fun for 6 year olds since it’s highly interactive and easy to assemble. It enables them to shovel up dirt, sand, and snow.

There’s a 2-handed control feature which may take a little time to get the hang of. However, once they do, their motor skills and coordination abilities will be improved greatly. When you move the handle, the seat pivots in the direction that you want it to.

They’ve used strong metal materials for the construction of this toy crane. Therefore, you can be sure that it’s able to withstand outdoor play for years to come.

LEGO Monster Truck


This monster truck kit comes with 2 fire barrels, an engine, large wheels, a ramp, pretend flame features, and a stunt driver toy. With 192 pieces available, kids will be engrossed in building this set for a while.

As they’re building the monster truck, they will be able to develop their coordination. Not to mention, if they get stuck, their problem-solving skills will come into play too. This encourages a young boy to be more creative and think of different solutions.

Once they’ve built the set, they can have a blast playing with it. We liked how they included a toy figure as it helps children play with more imagination.

STEM Educational Construction Set


This RC Racer provides children with the opportunity to build their car and play with it afterward. It’s a super rewarding and fun activity that can make for a great gift.

During the building process, boys are able to develop their fine motor skills and coordination. Moreover, if they ever get stuck putting parts together, their problem-solving abilities will be used too.

Since this set can be quite tricky for a 6 year old boy to build completely on their own, they may require some help. As a result, this set is fantastic for improving their ability to work in a team and be more social.

With 326 pieces available, you can be sure that your child will be engaged in building for a while. We liked how the remote to control the car has an easy USB recharging feature.

Star Wars Themed Watch 

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This watch by VTech has a fantastic Star Wars design that boys who are fans of the movies will love. The strap has been made with a Storm Trooper design and it looks fantastic.

In addition to this, the display has been made with a touchscreen feature. It’s super responsive and very easy for children to use. They’re even able to play the different games that are available on the screen.

Boys can also make use of the built-in calculator. This can be helpful when it comes to practicing their basic math skills. Furthermore, children are provided with an excellent opportunity to learn how to tell the time in both analog and digital.

Interactive Robot Toy by Glantop


This interactive robot is one of several that makes our top toys for 6 years old boys list. It comes with some incredibly fun movement features. You can control the robot to dance, move left and right, walk, slide, and even sing songs! The song feature is entertaining and provides children with a chance to improve their audible learning skills.

You can use the remote to control the robot while standing up to 5 meters away. The controls are easy to use and enable children to develop their finger dexterity. They love moving the robot around and being as imaginative as they like with all the movements.

We liked how you can easily recharge the remote by plugging it in using a USB cable. After 2 hours, the remote is fully charged which provides you with up to 3 hours of playing time!

Juniors Demolition Site Mini Figures


This demolition site toy comes with a demolition crane, dump truck, wrecking ball, digger, and construction toy figures.

There are 175 pieces available to build the construction site with. This is plenty to keep them engaged and focused for a period of time.

Once they’re finished with the building, little boys love using the three construction toy figures to play imaginatively. These figures are awesome for helping kids to create pretend play scenarios and have a lot of fun.

With all of the toy figures available it gives children the opportunity to play with a ton of creativity too.

Mini Terrarium Kit


6 year old boys have been having a blast playing with this terrarium kit. It’s essentially a tiny backyard within a container which enables them to keep a closer eye on how nature really develops. We were impressed with how it comes with an LED light as it allows little boys to observe nature at night. This also makes it incredibly visually appealing and fun for them to look at.

The kit comes with a Terrarium jar which is just 4×6” in size. Moreover, the LED light can be easily recharged with a USB cable.

Parents have appreciated how the instructions included are easy to follow. They enable children to use blue sand, soil, wheatgrass, river rocks, chia seeds, and more! A spray bottle for watering is included as well as stickers for decoration.

We liked how this kit provides boys with the chance to explore nature in more detail by being able to see how different plants grow, up close.

3D Strategy Game


This 3D game for six yr olds is a super fun way to teach children more about how to use their problem-solving skills. Moreover, since it’s a strategic game, boys are encouraged to use their critical thinking abilities too.

The game requires 2-4 players which enables boys to develop their social skills and abilities to work and play in groups.

You start by rolling the dice and moving the pawn based on the number you rolled. (This is great for improving number and counting skills). Once the king reaches the top of the cube, you can rotate it to squash your opponent.

Parents have been liking how this game is easy to set up and pack up. All of the pieces used can be stored inside the cube.

This game will require your little one to be more focused in order to use as much strategy as possible to win. Therefore, things can get pretty competitive! It’s a fun way to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Advent Star Wars Calendar


This Star Wars kit comes with a ton of vehicles that your 6 year old will recognize from the films. They include Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle, The Phantom, Millennium Falcon, Rey’s Speeder, a Y-Wing, TIE Striker, AT-ST, and more!

They’ve also included 7 toy figures. This provides children with all they need to play with a lot of imagination. Kids also love recreating scenes from the movies in their roleplay games too.

Smack it! Card Game


Smack it! Is a fun card game that puts a unique twist on the traditional card game of Slap Jack and War. We liked how this card game is easy to learn and incredibly fun. It can be played by anywhere between 2 and 7 players.

Therefore, it gives your child the chance to develop their social skills and abilities to play in groups. Each game tends to last around 7-14 minutes. So, it’s a fast-paced game that requires all players to be focused.

This card game is also awesome for helping little boys to improve their number and math skills too. Parents find this card set to be a great addition to family game nights! The rules are easy for children to pick up and they’re also able to improve their basic math and number skills.

Puzzle Box by GreatLife


This puzzle provides 6 year olds with a challenge that’s also a lot of fun. It works by having to solve a puzzle before you’re able to gain entry to what’s inside the box.

This can be a fantastic gift if you were looking for a more fun way to give a six yr old money for their birthday. Furthermore, they can use it to store their pocket money. It encourages them to use their problem-solving skills every time they want to gain access.

It’s also a fun way to encourage children to learn how to save money from an early age. We liked how this gift puts a unique twist on the regular toy banks. It requires kids to focus more if they want to get access to what’s inside!

Wooden Dinosaur Puzzle


This RC dinosaur puzzle is made out of wooden material and has a fantastic 3D design. We were impressed with how kids have to build this dinosaur toy too.

Once they’re done, they’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment about what they’ve built. They can then use the toy to play with a ton of creativity.

The building process can be a little tricky. However, parents love using this as an opportunity to get involved and spend some quality time with their child. It also ensures children are able to learn how to properly work in a team.

Interactive Talking Map 


This Interactive world map can make for a fun and educational 6 year old present. It’s able to teach kids more than 1,000 facts about different countries. These are awesome for boosting your child’s knowledge on the various flags, languages, landmarks, population, and more. There’s an excellent quiz mode available which you can use to test your child’s knowledge too.

We liked how they’ve designed the map with vibrant colors. This makes it more visually appealing and encourages  to want to learn. Moreover, it teaches young boys about tons of different facts by speaking to them and being highly interactive. As a result, it’s awesome for your child’s audible learning skills.

Stare! Board Game


Stare! is a fun board game that boys and parents have been having tons of fun playing together. It is great for boys who are turning 6 and comes with a total of 160 image cards, 960 questions, a sand timer, board, die, and pawns for playing.

Therefore, there’s plenty on offer to ensure that you can have fun on family game nights for hours on end.

We liked how this board game encourages children to develop their memory abilities. Moreover, it’s a game that requires a lot of concentration, which is great for improving your child’s ability to focus. The image cards are visually stimulating and exciting to play with. Moreover, kids are encouraged to develop their reading skills by using the question cards available.

Speed Magic Puzzle Cube


This magic cube can make for a great gift that will keep a six year old boy entertained for hours. The sticker-less design makes this cube toy more durable and kids are able to play with it for years ahead. This is because there are no colored stickers that can peel off over time.

Moreover, this cube is lightweight and feels great to hold in your hands. The tension can be adjusted to suit your child specifically and there are no sharp corners or toxic materials. Therefore, it’s completely safe to play with.

This cube toy encourages children to use their problem-solving skills in order to try and match up each side of the cube with the same colors. It’s also an excellent exercise that can develop their ability to focus.

Roller Coaster STEM Toy by Think Fun


This toy is incredibly valuable for developing your a 6 year olds learning abilities. Half of it involves building and the other half involves a game that requires logical thinking.

The building site includes a wide range of parts which is a lot of fun to construct. When it comes to playing the game, there are 39 tracks, 36 posts, a board, roller coaster car, and a total of 40 challenge cards.

These challenge cards are implemented into the game and encourage kids to use their cognitive abilities to figure them out in order to win. We liked how the instructions are easy to follow and ensure that you can start playing without any delays.

This STEM toy enables little boys to have fun building the set. Playing the game involves 40 challenge cards which require kids to use their critical thinking skills to win the game.

Educational Construction STEM Set


This toy set comes with a total of 361 pieces. Due to the number of pieces available, their problem-solving abilities are developed when playing with this toy. You can be sure that they’ll be engaged with building for hours. This is also awesome for their ability to focus better.

Parents have been liking how the toys are free from toxins. Therefore, the set is safe to play with.

Hockey Set by Franklin Sports 


Boys who love to watch or play hockey could have a ton of fun with this set. It comes with 2 hockey nets, 2 hockey sticks, a street hockey ball, as well as 2 balls that are made out of foam.

As a result, boys are provided with everything they need to start playing hockey with another person. It’s a wonderful way to encourage your little one to exercise and play outdoors more.

If they already play hockey for a team, you can be sure that they’ll put this set to good use to improve their skills. Parents have also been liking how easy to nets are to set up. Moreover, the hockey sticks can be adjusted in height to ensure that your child can play with them properly.

RC Car Building Kit


Six year old boys have been loving this RC car building kit. They’re able to build the car and play with it using a remote control afterward. It’s a fun toy because it’s somewhat difficult so parents may need to get involved to help with the building process.

All the materials used to make the blocks are free from toxins to ensure they’re safe. Moreover, they’re made with durable ABS plastics to ensure the RC car lasts your child for a while.

When the car is finished, kids can use the remote control to race the car around and have plenty of fun while playing imaginatively.

Interactive Pet Dog


This Electric Pet Dog is 7×6” which is a great size to play with. We liked how interactive this toy is too. It can make different dog sounds, bark, and walk, and all it needs are 3 AA batteries.

The Dalmatian puppy design is a lot of fun and encourages kids to play creatively with it. They’ve implemented some excellent sensors into the dog toy too. As a result, it can respond when your child touches it.

If you wanted to make the dog sing, you can pet its head. This is a ton of fun to dance too. It’s also stimulating for their audible senses and teaches them about cause and effect.

Boys can be entertained by this dog toy for hours on end. The interactive features, including different sounds, singing, and touch sensors encourages kids to play with the dog in imaginative ways too.

LEGO Police Station Toy


This LEGO command center building toy features a jail cell, a cab that can be detached, a satellite dish, and monitoring room. We liked how they’ve also included ATV’s, police motorbikes, and different mini figures.

6 year olds are able to improve their ability to focus while building this set as there are 374 pieces available. Therefore, it requires a lot of concentration to build all the different pieces and get it right.

They’ve included female and male police officer, as well a female and male criminal figures. Young boys have been having a ton of fun using the police cars to chase the criminals on the ATV’s. It’s an awesome way for them to play with more imagination.

We liked how this LEGO set includes a range of different areas and vehicle toys to build. It helps children improve their ability to focus. The figures available are excellent for playing creatively too.

RC Robotosaur by Sharper Image


Sharper Image’s Interactive Dinosaur Toy is able to make a variety of different noises. These include yawning, growling, and snoring. As a result, it’s super interactive and audibly stimulating.

The remote is wireless and easy to use. However, we were impressed with how you can use certain hand gestures to control the dinosaur toy’s movements.

In addition to the sound effects, this toy is also able to show emotions. These include being happy, bored, or angry. You can also clearly tell its mood by looking at its eyes. They’ve included LED lights which change colors depending on what the dinosaur toy is feeling. This is highly interactive and provides boys with a lot of visual stimulation.

Children have also been having a blast with the Hunting and Guard modes. The hunting mode sends the toy off on its own to look for food. The Guard mode puts the toy on guard and alerts you of any intruders!

Darth Vader Voice Changing Mask


If you’re looking to buy a gift for a six year old boy who loves Star Wars, this Darth Vader Mask will be something that they treasure for years.

We liked how they’ve designed the mask to look exactly like the one from the Star Wars movies. As a result, it feels more realistic and helps them to get into the character and play with more imagination. Kids love wearing this mask during their roleplay games.

This mask also has a voice transformation feature to make your child sound like Darth Vader. Little boys are super entertained by this feature and love talking with the voice changer mode on.

This Star Wars mask is a fantastic gift that encourages children to play with a lot of imagination. It also ensures that they’re able to roleplay and have a blast too.

Fire Station Toy


This Lego set comes with an impressive total of 919 pieces! Therefore, you can be sure that your child will be occupied with building this set for a while. With so many pieces available, children are able to improve their ability to focus over long periods of time. Kids may need some help in constructing some of the more complex parts.

This can be great for developing their ability to work in teams. Once it’s all built, kids are able to play with the fire truck, station, and helicopter that comes with gear you can load inside. There are also firefighter toys, a dog, and hot dog stand figure too. As a result, kids are provided with all they need to play creatively.

With almost 1,000 pieces to build, children are able to work on their concentration with this set. The range of toys and vehicles to play with is awesome for their imaginative thinking too.

LEGO Super Soarer


This set comes with many different toys to build and play with. The building process is excellent for ensuring that your child’s hand eye coordination and motor skills are able to develop well.

When the set is completed, kids can play with a cockpit, twin stabilizers, navigation lights, air intakes, wings that move, and 2 engines.

Therefore, children are provided with a wide range of things to play with. We liked this feature as it’s great for encouraging kids to be more imaginative.

Kinetic Sand Kit


This sand kit can make for a very unique and fun toy for boys 6 year old. It moves and melts in mysterious ways and kids have been loving how strange it feels to play with. There are around 20 different ways that you can play with this kinetic sand. Therefore, you can be confident that your child will be entertained for hours.

We liked how they’ve provided kids with different accessories too. There’s a kit available that lets you build a sandcastle, without needing to go to the actual beach. Kids can also play with the 7 molds and tools available to make a wide range of different shapes. Rakes are also included to ensure kids can play with as much creativity as they like.

This kinetic sand doesn’t become hard or dry over time. Therefore, it maintains its unique feel and shape to ensure your kids can play with it for a long time ahead.

Electronic Piggy Bank


This electronic piggy bank is a great gift for 6 yr old boys that has been made with high-grade materials. As a result, you can expect it to last your child for years of use. These materials are also safe.

We liked how this piggy bank can hold a maximum capacity of 100 bits of paper money or 600 coins. This ensures kids are given plenty of space to save up their money over time. It’s a fantastic gift that gets children into the good habit of saving from an early age.

They’ve included inlets where you can put the cash in like a real machine. This process is fun and encourages them to save more.

There’s also a password protection feature which is needed to access the money inside. This is a great feature that improves your child’s memory abilities.

Junior Dice Math Game


This game comes with different die, one of them has 12 sides and the other five have six sides. There’s a scoring track, instructions, and a bag to make for easy cleanup and storage. This bag also makes it easy to take the game with you while traveling.

It’s a good gift for 6 year old boys because it encourages them to develop their number and math skills. The instructions are easy to follow to ensure that you can start playing right away.

We also found this to be a great game that parents and kids can play together. This makes for some quality family time while also ensuring that your child is able to play in groups.

Create Your Own Art Sand Toy


This is an extensive kit that comes with a wide range of tools to use. They include pendant and sand bottles, colored sand, a satin cord, design tool, plastic funnel, and instructions that are easy to follow.

As a result, kids are provided with all they need to be super creative and be focused for hours. We liked how the sand is available in different colors as it’s more visually stimulating and exciting. This set also encourages children to be more imaginative and express themselves via their art.

Many children also love to get other people involved to come up with their own sand art. Therefore, it can be a great kit that encourages them to develop their social skills.

LCD Writing Tablet


6 year old boys have been having tons of fun using this tablet toy. It enables them to draw and write on a super responsive LCD screen with ease. We liked how kids can use a range of different colors while doodling on this tablet too.

This feature makes it more fun and visually stimulating. Moreover, the various colors are great for their color recognition skills.

Parents have been liking how this table is travel-friendly. If you’re on the move in the car and your child wants to draw, you don’t need to pack a bunch of paper and coloring pens. Instead, all they need is this tablet.

Children can also use this tablet to improve their writing and reading skills in a fun way.

Basketball Hoop Laundry Bag


This basketball hoop comes with an awesome 2-in-1 feature. It can work as both a basketball hoop and a laundry bag which can be easily detached and reattached. This is a unique design feature that combines chores with fun.

We liked how playing with the basketball hoop is a ton of fun and gets kids active.

Parents have been fans of how you can unzip the bottom of the bag to empty out the laundry into the basket too. You can fit this onto any door in your home as a result of the hook design.

Batman vs. Superman Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots


This toy has been inspired by the film that your 6 year old boy may have seen. If they’re fans of Batman and Superman, this could make for the perfect gift.

It works by putting the two characters in position and playing against an opponent to see who can knock each other’s character off the platform first. There are thumb-operated systems which kids use to move the arms of their characters to punch their opponents. This is fantastic for their motor skills.

Moreover, since the toy requires two people to play, boys learn to develop their social skills and how to play with others.

Jurassic World Lego Kit


This kit comes with a total of 222 pieces. This ensures that kids are provided with plenty of pieces in order to be challenged.

Once it’s built, kids are able to play with the observation deck, laboratory, and a dinosaur toy within an enclosure pen. We also liked how they’ve included guard, Dr. Wu, and a Stygimoloch toy figure. Kids love using these mini figures and incorporating them into the pretend play scenarios that they create with the rest of the set. It’s awesome for their imaginative play abilities.

RC Police Car by KidiRace


This rc car is super easy to use as a result of the quick response times. The wheels have also been created with an anti-slip rubber material which enables boys to race the car around at higher speeds while still having total control.

Using the remote is excellent for their coordination. The control has an easy USB recharge feature and can last for 30 minutes of continuous play after being fully charged. With 2.4GHz tech available, this remote can be used to race a maximum of six different cars.

We liked how the RC car comes with realistic sounds and lighting features. There are emergency lights, a horn, sirens, and even the sound of the engine revving. These all make the car more fun to drive and stimulates your child’s audible and learning senses.

Mountain Police Chase by Juniors


This set includes 115 pieces. Therefore, it gives kids the chance to improve their attention span. As a result, you can be sure that your child has everything they need to play with a lot of imagination.

Children love building this set and being able to play with it for countless hours afterward. It’s a great set for encouraging them to play more imaginatively.

Our Top Picks

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Buyers Guide to the Best Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Boys

Now that you have a better idea of what some of the top rated gifts for 6 year boys are, you may be seeking out some extra guidance on how to select an awesome one.

Well, we’ve created this section to provide you with some added information to ensure you have all the details you need to pick out the best gift.

Benefits of Playing with Toys

There are a surprising number of developmental benefits that children can experience while playing with the toys mentioned in our review above.

Let’s take a look below at what some of these developmental advantages are.

Motor Skills & Coordination

The toys that involve building or controlling things are the ones that will recruit your child’s fine motor skills and coordination the most.

When it comes to the toys mentioned in our review, the great part is, boys won’t even realize that they’re improving a crucial skill. So, it doesn’t feel like a chore, instead, it feels fun. This means they’re more likely to continue improving on these cognitive skills.


Your child’s imagination plays a huge role in their cognitive development. It’s important for when it comes to their abilities to think creatively and come up with out-of-the-box solutions to problems. Moreover, it can also help with their critical thinking skills.

Group Play

Being able to play in a group from an early age is a vital skill. They learn how to play fairly in groups which can translate to helping them be able to work better in groups later on in life.

Furthermore, playing with other kids more often strengthens your child’s social skills.

What to Get a 6 Year Old Boy for Christmas?

When it comes to Christmas time, little boys love running to the tree first thing in the morning and ripping open their presents. Good gifts to consider are robot toys or a combo set that your son can build into an RC car and drive around when he’s finished. LEGO sets are also a good option because kids can pull them out of the box and start building them instantly, then once finished they can make imaginative play scenarios with the Lego set.

Furthermore, any kinds of games that involve multiple people would be awesome for Christmas presents. This is because the entire family is together on Christmas day, meaning that you can all be involved and have a great time.



What to Get a Boy on His 6th Birthday?

Finding good birthday gifts for 6 year old boys is pretty similar to picking presents for Christmas.

Any of the Christmas toys mentioned above would be great for your child to open up on their Birthday. One cool option we’d like to mentioned again for Star Wars loving boys is the Star Wars themed smartwatch!



What Are Good Gifts for a 6 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything?

Trying to buy for a little boy who already has all the toys in the world means you have an even tougher task. Or at least, you did until you found our guide…

In our list there are some fantastic and unique gift ideas for boys who are aged 6 who already have everything including building sets, unique games, rc toys, art sets and costumes. For more information about types of toys we’ve covered see below.

Building Sets

Building sets are such great toys for 6 year old boys due to how fun and educational the building process is and the fact that they can play with them afterwards. Kids love following the instructions and piecing their sets together.


Board and card games are excellent 6 year old boy toys as they encourage children to play with others. As a result, their social skills and ability to work in a team is improved. Moreover, they’re a lot of fun for the whole family which makes for some fantastic family time.

Active Toys

Toys that require boys to be more active are always going to be a hit. As you probably already know, boys have a ton of energy every day. Giving them something to let some steam off, such as an outdoors toy or sports kit, will be hugely beneficial.

It ensures that they’re consistently exercising and being healthy, while also having fun.

RC Toys

What boy who is turning 6 wouldn’t love a remote control toy as a present? They have a blast using the remote to control the toy whether it be a car, plane, animal or boat.

Art Sets

Art sets can make for a more meaningful gift since they help boys to expand their creative side. Making art is super fun, and it can also help to boost your child’s confidence.


Roleplay toys, such as masks and costumes are among some of the most fun presents for 6 year old boys. They love dressing up and running around the house pretending to be their favorite characters or superheros. Boys can come up with some hilarious pretend play scenarios, all of which are great for their imagination.

Final Thoughts on Popular Toys for 6 Year Old Boys

Finding the best gifts for a 6th birthday or Christmas can be difficult. They’re constantly playing with new toys and developing new interests. However, you can be sure to rely on our review above to help you discover the right toy for that special boy.

We’ve made sure to include a wide range of different toys to ensure that you’re provided with all the options to weigh up. At 6 years old, boys have a lot of different interests and it can be tough narrowing down your search.

Well, you can use our buyers guide section to discover more about the benefits that your little one can experience, as well as ideas for inspiration on what to get them for Christmas and their birthday.

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with all the details you need to find the perfect gift idea for your 6 year son!

Popular Toys

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