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10 Best Big Wheels for Kids & Toddlers

Finding the right big wheel tricycle for your child can enable them to have a ton of fun playing outdoors and be more active with other kids. The difference between big wheels and regular trikes is that these ones have a larger front wheel. This allows children to sit lower to the ground and have a unique and easier riding experience.

With so many different options available, narrowing down the search and discovering the one that’s right for your child can be tricky. However, you can check out our review below to learn more about what features that these ride on toys have to offer to feel great about picking one for your little one to have fun with for years.

Our review also includes a good variety of designs that range from chrome plated handlebars to cartoons that children will recognize. Therefore, there’s something for both boys and girls of varying age ranges.

Our Top Picks

Our List of Super Rad Big Wheels Tricycles for Kids

Our review section is below which includes details on the main features, age recommendations, pros, and cons of these toys. By the end, you’ll be feeling more confident about which one of the choices below to pick for your kids. You can use the buyers guide section at the end to gain more information on big wheeled ride on toys for toddlers and older kids to ensure that you’re equipped with everything you need to know about these toys.

16″ Large Wheel Tricycle 


This tricycle comes with a large 16″ wheel at the front as well as two smaller wheels at the rear. As a result, kids have plenty of support and stability to ride around smoothly.

We liked how the seat has an easily adjustable feature as well. You can use this function to change between 3 different seat positions which is great for keeping your little one comfortable as they grow.

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  • 70 lb weight limit
  • Fun pedal powered feature     
  • Not as durable as some were expecting     
What age is this recommended for?

3 years to 8 year old

Schwinn 12″ Trike 


We liked how the seat has been made with a sculpted design to ensure that kids can remain comfortable while riding around. Furthermore, the seat can be adjustable so that children can be comfortable and continue riding this as they grow.

People have been impressed to discover that they’ve constructed this big wheel with high quality steel materials. This gives the trike a lot of durability so that kids can play with it for years to come.

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  • Fantastic chrome details
  • Available in a variety of colors      
  • Heavier than some were anticipating     
What age is this recommended for?

18 months old to 5 year old

Radio Flyer Trike 


The front wheel on this big wheel is 16″ and has been made with plenty of tread which provides kids with more control to avoid spinning out. Two 7″ wheels are available at the back which are thick and allow for a smooth ride.

We liked how you can easily adjust the seat as well. This enables your child to continue riding the trike comfortably as they grow up.

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  • Sleek chrome handlebars 
  • 65 lb weight capacity     
  • Assembly can take a while     
What age is this recommended for?

3 to 7 years olds

Fisher Price Tough Trike 


With larger pedals available, children are able to have an easier time pedaling to have fun rather than struggling. It’s also a great way to encourage them to exercise while having fun.

We liked how the tires have been made with strong materials to keep them durable for longer. The wheel base design is also stable to that kids can ride around smoothly.

  • Handlebars are easy to grip
  • Awesome Harley Davidson design
  • Storage available underneath seat     
  • Steering feels a little stiff
  • Assembly can be tricky     
What age is this recommended for?

2 year old to 5 years

Razor 360 Trike


Users have been liking how this big wheel comes with a spinning feature that enables the wheels to spin 360-degree. This is a result of dual casters available which kids have been loving as it enables them to drift.

In addition to this, they’ve fitted handlebars that have been made with an MX design that come with rubber grips. Therefore, kids are able to securely grasp the handlebars to have total control.

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  • Durable steel construction 
  • High impact front wheel     
  • Easy assembly
  • Not as durable as some were anticipating     
What age is this recommended for?

3 years to 6 year old

FlashRider 360 By Razor 


The caster wheels available on the rear of this razor brand toy enable kids to perform 360-degree spins and drifts. A spark bar has also been fitted which creates small sparks against the ground which make it even more exciting for kids.

In addition to this, they’ve implemented MX-style handlebars that have rubber materials. This makes it comfortable for kids to hold onto and remain in control of the big wheel bike.

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  • Durable steel frame
  • High impact large front tire      
  • Assembly can be difficult     
What age is this recommended for?

4 years to 10 years

Thomas & Friends Themed Ride On


Fisher Price’s Thomas & Friends Ride On has a wide wheel base which ensures that children have plenty of stability. We also liked how the pedals have been made with a larger design.

Children can keep their feet securely on the pedals to ride around smoothly. Furthermore, the tires have been made with durable materials and lots of tread to let kids ride on different surfaces.

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  • Easy to grip handlebars 
  • Secret compartment underneath seat     
  • Steering is a little stiffer than some were expecting     
What age is this recommended for?

2 years old to 5 years old

Pink Radio Flyer Tricycle 


Girls can have a blast with this pink ride on! We were impressed with how the handlebars that have been fitted to this have been made with a chrome design. This adds to the overall aesthetic of the big wheel that kids have been loving.

You can easily adjust the seat to make sure that your little one can remain comfortable, even as they grow bigger. It’s a great feature that increases the longevity of the trike.

  • 16″ front wheel with performance tread 
  • Handlebars have a molded grip for comfort     
  • Pedals could be more durable     
What age is this recommended for?

3 year old to 7 years

PAW Patrol Themed


The Fisher Price PAW Patrol Themed Trike comes with music and sound effects that little kids have been having a blast with. It makes the tricycle more interactive and can inspire children to play with more imagination.

Furthermore, we liked how the handlebars have been made with a design that’s easy to grip. This allows children to have an easy time when it comes to having control over the steering of this.

  • Fun secret storage underneath the seat
  • Adjustable seat      
  • Some were hoping for more tread on the tires     
What age is this recommended for?

2 years to 6 years

Classic Radio Flyer Trike 


Steel materials have been used to construct the frame of this which provides it with a lot of strength so that it can last your child for years of fun. The tires have been made with high quality rubber materials that enable kids to ride around smooth.y

We also liked how they’ve included a controlled turning system to prevent kids from over steering and accidentally tipping the trike. So, you can feel more confident in knowing that your child will be safe riding this big wheel

  • Adjustable seat 
  • Rear step for easy access 
  • Awesome chrome handlebars    
  • Some notice it makes squeaky noises     
What age is this recommended for?

2 to 4 year

Our Top Picks

Buyers Guides to the Top Rated Big Wheels

After reading through our review of the best Bigwheels toys that are available, you’ll be able to have a better idea about the kinds of features that they have to offer. As a result, making a final decision on the one that you think is best for your child will be easier.

If you’re still not completely sure about which option to pick, you can check out our buyers guide section below to gain more information.

What Age Are Big Wheels For?

The options in our review are great for a wide range of age ranges. There are some great large wheel toys for toddlers that enable them to continue riding the trike as they grow older.

This is due to the adjustable seats that they have. These options are great for letting children be comfortable and carry on playing with their tricycle for years to come.

Depending on the one that you choose, they can be great for kids ages between 2 and 10 years old.

Is A Big Wheel A Tricycle?

Big Wheels are considered to be tricycles because they come with 3 wheels. However, the feature that makes them a little more unique to typical kids tricycles is that these ones comes with a larger front wheel.

The wheels at the rear are smaller which enables kids to ride lower to the ground. This provides them with a unique riding experience that they can have a lot of fun with.

Where Can I Buy Large Wheel Toys?

The options we’ve reviewed in this post can be found on Amazon. We’ve made sure to stick with the ones that have the best reviews to make sure that you’re able to have a better idea about what the top options have to offer.

Final Thoughts On Toddler & Children’s Big Wheeled Trikes

So, that concludes our review on what some of the best toys with large wheels have to offer. Make sure to read through the main features, pros, cons, and age recommendations for each big wheels. That’s what will enable you to have the best idea about which one to pick for your child.

Big Wheeled toys can be incredibly fun to use outdoors to play for hours on end. Hopefully, all of the details found throughout our review section and buyers guide has proved to be useful in helping you to select the best tricycles that your little one can have a blast with.

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