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8 Best RC Robot Dog Toys for Kids in 2021

Robot dog toys for kids can be tricky because there are so many different options available. If you pick the rig

ht one, your child can experience numerous benefits, while also being able to have a lot of fun.

We’ve included a wide range of highly interactive and innovative robot dog toys in this post to ensure that you can find the perfect one for your children. A buyers guide section is also available at the end which provides you with even more details to help you feel great about making a decision.

Our List of the Top Robot RC Dogs


Electronic Pet Dog – Harry


Children have been having a lot of fun with this Harry Electronic Pet Dog by touching its head and activating a number of different actions. Harry is made in the color blue that boys enjoy while it’s counterpart (listed below) is made with little girls in mind. These include singing and dancing, which are incredibly exciting.

As a result, kids feel encouraged to sing along and dance with the dog toy. This is awesome for their audible learning skills and ensures that they’re able to play in active ways to get more exercise.

We were also impressed with how responsive the sensors are. These work to detect your child’s hand to make sure that it can react properly. In addition to this, it can walk and bark like a real dog, which inspires kids to use it to play in more creative ways.

  • Inspires creativity
  • Improves audible learning senses
  • Super interactive
  • Smaller than some were expecting
What age is this recommended for?

24 months – 7 years

What makes this stand out?

The sensors available with this one are very responsive, which makes the toy very interactive and more exciting for your little one.


Electronic Pet Dog – Helen


This Electronic Pet Dog is the same as the Harry option above, however, it has been designed with a pink color, which little girls have been loving. Children have also been loving how engaging, interactive and easy to control this remote control toy is. It can walk, bark, and make a range of sounds.

As a result, you can expect your child’s audible learning senses to improve greatly. Furthermore, this encourages them to use the dog toy to play in more imaginative ways be pretending that it’s real.

We were also impressed with how this toy has a singing feature too. Kids have a blast singing along with it to keep themselves entertained for hours on end.

  • Fun singing feature
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Various sound effects available
  • Not as large as some were anticipating
What age is this recommended for?

24 months – 7 years

What makes this stand out?

With the different sound effects and singing feature, kids are able to have a lot of fun and play creatively, while also developing their auditory learning senses.


Kids Tech Interactive Robotic Dog


We liked how there are light up features available with this Kids Tech Robot Dog toy as it’s super exciting for kids to play with. It’s also an effective way to improve your child’s visual learning senses.

In addition to this, the toy is able to dance and sing, which is another fun feature that keeps children entertained for hours. It encourages them to sing and dance along with it, which improves your child’s auditory learning skills.

A bump and go feature is also available that works effectively to ensure that the toy can continue moving around even if it bumps into obstacles. We were also impressed with how its tail wags and its head moves like a real dog as it inspires kids to use it to play more creatively.

  • Realistic movement features
  • Exciting lights available
  • Encourages creative play
  • People have been loving this one!
What age is this recommended for?

6 months – 7 years

What makes this stand out?

The realistic wagging tail and head movements make the toy feel like a real dog, which inspires kids to use it to play in more creative ways.


Zoomer Zupps Royal Pup


If you’re looking for something that can speak with your child, this Zoomer Zupps Royal Pup may be what you’ve been searching for. We liked how it can say “I love you!” to kids after being petted enough.

This is an incredibly interactive feature that kids have been loving. We also liked how the eyes on this one light up. These makes it very exciting to play with and improve your child’s visual learning skills.

This Zoomer Zupp Royal Pup is part of a collection of different dog toys which each have a unique trick that can be performed. The tricks are secret and kids can work on how to figure them out, which is fun and can improve their problem-solving skills.

  • Exciting light up eyes
  • Highly interactive
  • Can improve problem-solving abilities
  • People don’t have anything bad to say about this one so far
What age is this recommended for?

4 – 6 years

What makes this stand out?

Kids have a blast with how this dog toy can talk to them after being petted for a period of time. It’s a highly interactive and exciting toy that kids can play with for hours on end.


Meva PawPals Kids Walking and Barking Puppy Dog


This Meva PawPals Kids Walking and Barking Puppy Dog toy comes with a remote and leash handle. Kids love using the remote to control this toy and it’s very easy for them to use. Your son or daughter’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination are able to develop while using the remote too.

In addition to this, we liked how this toy can make a range of sound effects. This is awesome for your child’s auditory learning senses. Moreover, it can wag its tail just like a real dog.

These realistic features are a blast for kids to play with. This is because it makes the dog toy feel more like a real pet, which inspires young kids to play with a lot of imagination and improve their creative thinking skills.

  • Realistic sound effects & movements
  • Inspires creativity
  • Develops coordination & motor skills
  • Some find the sounds are a little repetitive
What age is this recommended for?

3 years and over

What makes this stand out?

This is a fantastic dog toy that’s easy for kids to control and encourages them to play more imaginatively as a result of the realistic movements and sound effects.


Playful Pup


We were impressed with how this Playful Pup is able to respond to both touch and sound! This makes it super interactive and fun for kids to play with for hours. There are sensors that can pick up on your child’s touch which causes it to perform different responses.

It has also been fitted with voice recognition technology that works incredibly well to detect your child’s voice. Kids can use this feature to teach the toy to perform over 25 different tricks via voice commands – these include shake a paw, lie down, and many more.

Kids have also been liking how this toy comes with soft ears, a wiggly tail, and floppy tongue. These are all cute design features that make the toy that much more exciting to play with.

  • Voice recognition technology
  • Touch sensors built-in
  • Can teach it over 25 tricks
  • Not as responsive as some were hoping for
What age is this recommended for?

4 – 6 years

What makes this stand out?

The remarkably high-tech voice recognition and touch sensors allow kids to teach their toy dog more than 25 different tricks! It’s super interactive and sure to keep your little one engaged for a long time.


Hi-Tech Wireless Interactive Robot Puppy


The remote that’s included with this toy is very easy to use and allows your child to be standing up to 50 feet away from the dog toy and still have total control. Using the remote is a fun way to help your child develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills too.

In addition to this, the toy has eyes that light up which make it more exciting to play with. It’s also awesome for improving your little one’s visual learning senses. We also liked how it can dance, sing, and crawl.

Furthermore, we were impressed with how there’s a study mode available too. This works to enable kids to learn about the alphabet while having fun. Therefore, it’s a highly educational toy as well.

  • Teaches kids the alphabet
  • Develops coordination & motor skills
  • Light up eyes available
  • Not as responsive as some were hoping
What age is this recommended for?

4 years and over

What makes this stand out?

We liked how this one is effective at teaching kids the alphabet, while ensuring that they have fun playing with it at the same time.


Yeezee Wirless Robot Puppy


After being full charged for 2 hours using the USB cable provided, this Robot Puppy can last for up to 20 minutes of continuous play. We liked how there’s a talking feature that allows kids to communicate back and forth with the toy.

This is a lot of fun and improves your child’s auditory learning senses. In addition to this, the eyes on this toy can light up, which is incredibly exciting. It also improves your child’s visual learning skills.

Children can also touch the head of this toy and watch how it reacts in different ways. This is another highly interactive feature that keeps kids entertained for hours on end.

  • Easy charging
  • Talking feature
  • Light up features available
  • Not as responsive as some were anticipating
What age is this recommended for?

3 years and over

What makes this stand out?

The talking and light up features available with this one keep kids engaged for a long time. It’s also awesome for their audible and visual learning senses.

Buyers Guide to The Best Robot Dog Toys

So, now that you have a better idea of what some of the top remote dog toys have to offer, you can begin to narrow down your search to finding the one that you think your little one would enjoy playing with the most.

However, with all the different kinds that are available, we understand that it can be a tricky process. That’s why we’ve created this buyers guide section. Have a read below to learn more and be able to feel confident about which type of rc robotthat you want to purchase.

Top Brands of Robot Pet Dogs

While reading through the various options in this review, you will have noticed that there is a number of top brands available. If you were interested to learn a little more about these companies, the section below is for you.

WowWee Chip

WowWee is an excellent brand that started out as a research, development, and manufacturing company that had it’s eyes set on innovative technology. So, it’s no surprise that their range of robotic animal toys have been made with highly technological features that allow kids to play with a lot of imagination for hours on end.

Sony Aibo

Sony Aibo has made impressive dog toys that comes with a huge array of movements and expressions that are realistic. These are awesome features that make the toy more interactive and real for little kids to play with.

The facial expression feature is something that children have been having a lot of fun with as it lets them know what the dog is feeling. As a result, they can communicate and play with it in more unique ways.


Zoomer is an awesome company that makes high-quality and technological robot dog toys that are super interactive for kids. However, their range of robotic toys also includes Zuppies which are puppy versions that little kids have a lot of fun with.

In addition to this, there’s a fun Zoomer Dino selection that allows kids to control them by using a controller while also experiencing different features with the various modes that are available.


Tekno has been around since 1999 and has united high-tech features with animals. As a result, they’ve been able to make highly technological robot pet toys that vary from puppies and cats, to scorpions and more!

Therefore, your little one is provided with many different options to play with and be creative for hours.


Hasbro is one of the most beloved and well-known toy brands out there and they have been manufacturing some fantastic robotic dog toys. This brand is always looking to make the best toys, games, movies, and TV that kids have an absolute blast with. Their portfolio includes over 1,500 brands!

Popular Types of Remote Control Dogs for Kids

With so many different kinds of robot pet dogs available, you may be feeling overwhelmed with choices. Well, to help you to be able to distinguish between all of the various types with ease, we’ve put together the section below which includes the various types that are available.

Ones that Look Realistic

There are some fantastic RC dog toys that have been made with a more realistic design. These are awesome for helping kids to feel like the dog toy is real, which can spark their imaginative side. As a result, you can expect them to play with these realistic RC dog toys with a lot of creativity.

Cute Pink Ones for Girls

We have made sure to include some pink options because they are great options for daughters and granddaughters. Little girls have been loving the dog toys that come with pink designs and it encourages them to want to play with it more often.

Cool Blue Ones for Boys

When it comes to finding a robot dog toy for a son, nephew, or grandson, we recommend that you find options that have been created with a blue design. Blue is a color that boys respond to better and they’re more likely to want to continue playing with the toy for a while to come.

Talking Robot Dogs

Many of these robot dog toys come with a remarkable talking feature. These robotic dogs are super interactive for little kids to play with and be entertained for hours. It can be an effective way for toddlers to learn how to communicate from an early age. Not to mention, your little one is also able to improve their auditory learning senses.

Smart Robot Dogs

The smart robot dogs have been made with high-tech features that enable kids to play with them in unique ways. These types of toys come with voice recognition which allows kids to teach the dog tricks via voice commands.

There are also incredibly responsive sensors available that work effectively to detect your child’s hand movements. As a result, it can react to being petted in numerous ways, which is entertaining for kids and keeps them engaged for hours.

Benefits of Robot Animal Toys for Kids

When it comes to robot toys, there are a range of benefits that your little ones can experience. Some of these benefits may come as a surprise! Take a look below to learn more.

Creative Thinking

When kids are playing with these electronic dogs, they’re able to let their imaginative side flourish. Due to the number of interactive features that are available, you can be sure that your child can have a blast being creative for hours.


The robotic dog toys that have been made with a more realistic design can be used as an effective way to teach your preschooler about responsibility from a young age. With a realistic design, the toy feels more like a real dog, which kids find more believable to look after.

As a result, you can use it as a way for your child to take care of the dog. It could even be a great exercise if you were thinking about getting a real dog to make sure that your child would have an easier time helping to look after the pet.

Final Thoughts on Radio Control Dog Toys for Kids

We hope that we’ve provided you with all of the information that you need to feel awesome about making a final decision on any one of the mechanical dog toys in this post. Make sure to read through the main details, pros, cons, age recommendations, and what makes each one stand out.

That’s what will provide you with the best idea of whether it’s the best option for your little one or not. Furthermore, the buyers guide section above ensures that you have even more info to be able to buy with confidence!

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