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8 Best Magic Tracks Mega Sets & Cars Reviewed

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If you’re interested in a Magic Tracks Cars set for your kids, you’ll want to check out our review of the best options available.

We’ve reviewed a range of the different sets that they have to offer. So, you’re able to have the best overall picture to select the one that’s stands out to you the most.

These sets are very unique compared to other tracks and come with fun cars too! They have bendable pieces that allow kids to create tracks in different all sorts of different shapes and directions. The tracks have illuminating features which glow in the dark and the cars have flashing LED lights!

There’s plenty for your children to be occupied with while playing with these sets. Parents have loved using them for night time play and helping their kids get to sleep too.

What Are Magic Tracks?

These are sets that enable children to play with a race track with a completely fresh take. The pieces used to assemble the track are bendy for children to design their track however they like.

The pieces glow in the dark and the toy vehicles come with bright LED lights. Moreover, there are different kinds of sets, car toys, and accessories available.

Our Magic Tracks Review

Our review below includes the best As Seen On TV Magic Race Track toys. You can also find more information about the company, accessories, and more by reading the buyers guide section towards the end.


Police Car Magic Tracks Mega Set 

magic tracks mega police car setCheck Today’s Price


Ontel’s LED light up track comes with pieces that are easy to put together. Therefore, children are able to have an easy time assembling the track for themselves. It can be fully assembled and ready to play with in no time.

In the Magic Tracks reviews we found, parents have also been liking how there’s a fantastic roll up feature. The pieces have been made with materials that are flexible. It allows you to roll the track up into a more compact size.

So, you’re able to easily put the entire set away into storage without having to take all of the pieces apart and put them back together again. Kids can unroll the track and start playing again without any hassle.

Due to the flexible design of the track, kids are able to get more creative with how they set it up. You’re able to have the track move in different directions, which makes it stand out from regular track sets.

Kids have been loving the light up feature that has been included. There are a range of 5 LED lights that are available in every car that comes with the set. They shine brightly so that children can see their car whizzing around the track and glowing.

Furthermore, the track itself has been made with a neon design. When you turn the lights off, your kids will be in amazement of how awesome the track looks. It glows brightly in the dark which makes the track more exciting to play with.

2 cars are included with the set. One of them is a police car and the other is a red car. Children can have a blast using the police car to chase the other one around the track.

We were also impressed with how the track, when fully assembled, is a total of 18 feet in length. This provides children with plenty of track to have a blast watching the cars speed around on.

The cars are powered by 3 AAA batteries. So, it’s not a set where there are remotes for kids to control the cars on the track. Both cars have an on/off switch which makes them easy to use.

  • Obstacles can be added to the track
  • Tracks can be changed while cars are in action 
  • Promotes creativity
  • Cars could be more durable

Fire Engine Race Track 

magic tracks extreme rescue set
Check Today’s Price


This glow track set comes with 200 pieces which enables kids to spend some time putting them together. These pieces have been made with a feature that makes them easy to snap together.

Kids can have fun with the assembly process as they’re provided with the freedom to create the track however they like. This is because of how each piece has been implemented with serpentine technology.

It gives each of the pieces more flexibility. So, children are able to bend the track in any direction they like. When all of the pieces have been laid out, the track is 10 feet in length, which is plenty for children to have fun with.

The track pieces have also been made with a neon feature. This makes the set super exciting for kids to play with in the dark. We liked how the neon feature enables the track to light up in the dark and glow brightly.

It’s a more unique element to a toy race track that children have been loving. In addition to this, there’s a glow trail element available too. The light keeps the track charged up and enables kids to look at stunning trails that glow.

In addition to this, there’s one car toy included with the set. It has been integrated with a range of 6 LED lights. The lights work to make the fire truck glow while racing around the track. 3 AAA batteries are required to keep the toy car charged up.

Moreover, you’re able to easily pack the set away and put it into storage when your kids aren’t playing with it. This is due to the feature that lets you roll up the entire track into a smaller size.

You’re able to achieve this without taking apart all of the pieces. You’re then able to lay the track back out when your children want to play with it again.

  • Fast car toy 
  • Track can be set up on hard floor & carpet
  • Additional track parts can be used      
  • Some find the toy car stops working after a while    

Remote Control Race Track 

magic tracks rc race setCheck Today’s Price


This RC track set comes with one race car and a remote control. The remote has a range of controls that kids can have a lot of fun playing with. There’s functions for making the car go faster, stop, and make sound effects.

We liked how the sound effects that are available are realistic. It makes the playing experience more immersive for kids. Furthermore, the controls are easy to get the hang of.

The car has been fitted with LED lights. These glow brightly when it’s being raced around the track for kids to have a more exciting time. 3 AAA batteries are required for the toy car and 2 AAA batteries are needed for the remote.

Your kids can have fun putting together the 200 pieces without getting frustrated. This is because of how the pieces have been made with a feature where they can easily snap together.

Once the track has been assembled, it’s a total of 10 feet in length. This enables children to have fun racing the car around as there’s plenty of track available. We also liked how the pieces are flexible.

It allows kids to have a more creative outlet when putting the track together. They can add in different bends and let their imaginative side run wild. This also means that you can be sure they won’t be getting bored of the set any time soon!

We liked how they’ve also included a range of attachments and stickers. Children love being able to customize their set to make it their own. The attachments include ramps which can add a new element to the track to keep things fresh.

You’re able to have an easy time keeping the entire set in storage. This is due to how the track can be simply rolled up into a size that’s more compact and easy to move around.

So, there’s no need to repeatedly take the track apart and put it back together again every time your kids want to play with it. Not to mention, you can have an easier time taking the set with you to different places by rolling it all up.

  • Instructional guide included
  • Glow trail technology available
  • Sound effects are louder than some would prefer     

Dual Race Track

magic tracks racer multi setCheck Today’s Price


With the 240 pieces included with this mega set, kids are able to have fun putting it all together. When it has been completely assembled, it’s 12 feet in length. We liked how children are given the opportunity to be super creative when setting up the track.

This is because of how each of the pieces has been made with a flexible feature. Therefore, the track can be bent into a range of different directions. It’s an awesome way for kids to continue having fun with the set for a long time as they’re able to come up with different track designs.

A start and finish gate are available which can be placed at either end of the track. There are 2 lanes and 2 cars included. This enables your kids to have fun racing the cars against each other.

We found this feature to be especially great as it encourages children to play together. So, it could be a fun set for your kids to play with one another, as well as with their friends.

The finish gate has been implemented with a light up feature which makes it more exciting when cars pass the line. furthermore, the track pieces have been made with neon elements.

When you turn the light off, the track illuminates brightly and is more exciting to play with. Moreover, both of the cars have LED lights fitted. This makes the experience of playing with the set in the dark even more exciting.

We were also impressed with how they’ve include a sheet of stickers. There are 132 stickers in total which children can use to design their cars. The cars some with plain designs so that children can personalize them more.

When it comes to packing the set up, the track can simply be rolled up. This makes it a lot easier to pack it away into storage. Not to mention, it’s easy to take it with you for your kids to play at different places while you’re traveling.

  • Fast cars
  • Easy to follow instructional guide included     
  • Batteries drain faster than some were expecting   

Magictracks Glowing Set

magic tracks glow set
Check Today’s Price


You can expect your kids to have fun being occupied with this set for a while due to how many possibilities there are. They can have a blast assembling the 220 pieces of track that are included.

An instructional guide is available which children can have an easy time following to have their track assembled and ready to play with.

The track is 11 feet in length. This is plenty of track for children to have fun watching the cars whiz around.

Furthermore, these pieces have been made with serpentine features which keep them incredibly bendy and flexible. Therefore, your children can have a blast coming up with their own track designs.

Once they’ve assembled and played with one track design for long enough, they can take it all apart and make a brand new track. All of the pieces glow in the dark when you turn the lights off.

This can make the set a great toy for kids to play with at night. With the lights off, it’s more likely for them to get tired quicker. We also liked how the cars available in the set have been implemented with 5 LED lights.

They shine brightly while the cars are zooming around the track, which makes it even more exciting.

As far as putting the track together goes, all of the pieces have been made with a feature that makes them easy to snap into place. Furthermore, parents have been appreciating how the entire track can be rolled up.

You’re then able to put the set away into storage without any hassle. This feature also makes the set more easily portable.

A sheet of stickers has been included with the set too. This provides kids with a fantastic opportunity to make the toy car more exciting by designing it how they like.

  • Inspires creative thinking
  • Cars stay on the track well   
  • Durable track   
  • Batteries run out faster than some were anticipating     

Crash Set

magic tracks crash set
Check Today’s Price


This Crash magic track set has 2 race car toys that are powered by 3 AAA batteries. There are also 22 piece of track for children to put together by following the excellent instructional guide that’s included.

We liked how how there are various walls that can be placed along the track for the cars to smash into. In addition to this, there’s an intersection where the 2 cars can meet and crash into each other.

This is super fun for kids to play with, especially in small groups with friends or family. They can start the cars off at either end of the track and observe crashes or near misses!

The track has been made with neon features which makes the set even more exciting to play with when you turn the lights out. Children are able to be more imaginative with the way that they set up the track too.

This is because of how all of the track parts have been made with a bendy feature. As a result, kids can create unique track designs.

You may also like how you’re able to store the track away easily. It can be rolled up into a much more compact size where it can slot into storage without any issues.

We were also impressed with how versatile the track pieces are. Due to their flexible design, children are able to put them across various obstacles in your home. It’s another feature that encourages kids to be very imaginative.

Not to mention, both of the cars have LED lights inside. Therefore, they’re able to shine brightly while whizzing around the track.

  • Cars stay on the track well 
  • Great for playing at night time     
  • Some find the cars are a little slower than expected    

Police & Fire Engine Set

magic tracks rescue set
Check Today’s Price


This Police & Fire Engine track comes with a police car, police station, fire truck and fire station. We liked how the police station has a jail inside and the fire station includes a built in garage.

They’re fun features that children can use to play with the rescue vehicle toys in more imaginative ways. Both of the toys have been fitted with LED lights which shine very brightly to make them more interactive for kids to watch as they zoom around the track.

There are 200 pieces that come with this track for kids to put together. All of them have been made with a feature that makes them easy to snap together. Furthermore, they’re all super flexible.

As a result, children are able to have a ton of fun coming up with different track designs by moving the pieces in different directions. It’s a fantastic feature that lets kids be more creative. It also ensure that they can have a blast using the set for a long time.

When all of the pieces have been used, the track is 10 foot long. This means that children have lots of track available for the rescue vehicles to travel on.

Moreover, the pieces have been integrated with a neon design. It’s a fantastic feature that means that the track glows up in the dark. Parents have been liking this glow in the dark feature as it makes the set an awesome choice for kids to play with at night time before going to sleep.

A sticker sheet is also available. It has a range of 110 decals which children can use to design their car toys. We liked how it’s another imaginative aspect to the set that lets kids customize their toy.

You’re able to put the whole track away into storage easily. This is due to how it can be rolled up and made into one compact spiral of track. It’s an easy way to keep it in storage without taking up a lot of room.

  • Easily portable 
  • Easy to follow instructional guide     
  • Set is a little more fragile than some were hoping for     

RC Track with 2 Cars

magic tracks RC Mega SetCheck Today’s Price


Kids have been loving how this mega RC set comes with 2 cars and 2 remote controls. It means that they can have a ton of fun racing the cars against each other for hours on end.

One of the toys is a police vehicle and the other is a regular car toy. This can lead to some fun creative play scenarios. One friend can pretend to be the cop and the other can be trying to escape from them.

The remote controls are available in blue and red colors with the blue one being used for the police car and the red one being used for the other toy car. Children have been finding the controls easy to use.

They’re able to reverse, go forward, use turbo boost, and create realistic car sound effects by pressing the buttons.

We were also impressed with how large the track is. It’s a total of 16 feet long, which provides children with a lot of track to race the cars around with. There are 320 pieces included which make up this track.

Each of the pieces has been made with a glow in the dark element. So, when you turn the lights off, children can watch how the track glows. It’s an excellent set for kids to play with at night before going to bed.

Both of the cars also have LED lights. Therefore, they’re able to flash brightly when your children are speeding them around the neon track.

When it comes to putting the track together, it’s a simple process because the pieces snap together very easily. We liked how children are able to get more creative with the track due to the pieces being easily bendable.

As a result, they can come up with a wide range of different track designs. It’s a fantastic feature that keeps the set fun to play with for longer.

Parents are liking how the tracks have a feature that lets you roll it all up without having to take the entire set apart. This makes putting it into storage less of a hassle.

In addition to this, a ramp has been included. This is an incredibly exciting feature that lets children watch how the cars fly up in the air.

  • Sticker sheet included
  • Easy to transport
  • Makes more noise than some were anticipating

Buyers Guide to the Top Rated Magic Tracks Toys

After reading through our review on Magic Trax, you may be interested to learn more about the brand and the kinds of things they have for sale.

In our buyers guide section below, you can discover more about the company’s customer service, return policy, and common questions that customers have about their toy sets.

In addition to this, you’ll be able to gain more information on the different types of sets and accessories that are available.

Official Commercial

Unboxing Video

Other Related Products from The Company

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My Dream Tent

Where to Buy Magic Tracks?

You can find the entire range of As Seen on TV Magic Trax sets from the official Magic Tracks Store. It includes the regular set, as well as Mega, Crash, RC, and Xtreme/Mega Xtreme tracks.

Manufacturer Customer Service

The customer service available is very friendly. Therefore, if you have any questions, you shouldn’t hesitate to get in contact with them.

Their customer service number is 800-793-5469. The phone lines are up from 8AM to 8PM EST.

You can also get in touch with them via email at magictracks@rephelpdesk.com or going to www.customerstatus.com. This is a good way to contact the company 24 hours a day.

Warranty & Return Policy

The company offers you a 30 day window in which you are eligible for your money back if you’re not completely satisfied with the set. It usually takes 3 to 7 business days after the items has been returned for the refund to be sent to you.

If you’d like to return a set, you may have to pay a return fee of $3.

Shipping Policy

When you’ve placed an order with the company, you’ll be able to see the status and when it’s expected to arrive. However, you should give it around 24 to 48 hours after you’ve made a purchase for your order to be updated in their system.

You must also be 18 years old or over to place an order through their website.

What Are The Different Types Sets Available? 

There are a variety of fantastic collections of sets available. Learn more about what these different types of sets are and what makes them stand out from one another.

Standard Sets

The standard options come with a build-able track and one or two cars. There are batteries required to power the car toys which also has LED lights.

The tracks are easy to assemble and glow in the dark when the lights are off.

Remote Control

There are Magic Tracks RC cars that come that most kids absolutely love. These ones also come with a glow in the dark track that is easy to put together.

There are batteries needed for both the cars and the remote. The buttons and layout make it easy for kids to use.

Your child can have a blast using the remote to make their toy car go forwards backwards. In addition to this, they can also use the turbo mode to make it go even faster.

Interactive buttons are also available that can lead to the cars making realistic sound effects. It can also make the lights flash.

These RC sets may be more fun for kids to play with in small groups as they can race against each other.


The Extreme sets have been made similarly to the standard sets. However, the track pieces and LED lights glow brighter. This is because the toy cars have been fitted with 6 LED lights, rather than the standard 5.

In addition to this, the car toys travel at faster speeds.

Hence, these sets have been given the name Extreme. All of the pieces are bendy and easy to put together, just like the other tracks.


The Crash collection is another super fun track set that kids can have a lot of fun with when using 2 or more toy cars.

They’ve designed the tracks with an intersection area where 2 cars have the possibility of colliding. Therefore, it could be an exciting set for kids to play with friends and family.

Furthermore, these Crash sets feature walls that can be set up anywhere on the track. Kids can then watch as the cars crash into the walls. There are also accessory cones and stop signs that children can set up around the walls for more creative play.

Mega Sets

The Magic Tracks Mega sets are larger and come with 2 cars. They are 18 feet long which enables children to have a lot of fun watching their car toys whiz around a larger track.

Having 2 cars included with the set is also a fun way for children to play together. The larger size of the track means that kids are also able to get more imaginative with how they put it together.

They can implement other items in the home, such as books, to stack the pieces on top of and make unique tracks.

Where to Get Magic Tracks Accessories?

You can find accessories on the company’s website. They have a few different kinds of accessories available. You can learn more about them below.

Expansion Kits

Expansion kits include pieces that kids can use to make their track longer. All of the pieces come with the glow in the dark feature and they’re easy to put together with the rest of the pieces in the track you already have.

Each expansion kit features 12 pieces to make a bigger track. This provides them with the chance to expand their current track by a total of 11 feet.


The bridge accessory can be a superb way to encourage your child to get more creative when assembling their set. It’s an accessory that’s compatible with all sets by the brand and it’s easy to connect to the track pieces.

Children can have a blast using it as a way to include something new in the track they currently have. Watching how the cars race over the bridge adds a new element that’s super exciting.

Crash Track

The Crash Track’s that are available enable children to add an intersection to their set. When they have 2 car toys on the track, there’s a point where they can meet and collide.

It’s a fun accessory that can be used to keep the track engaging and fun. The accessory can be used with all Magic Track sets and it easy to integrate.

The Crash Track also comes with an additional toy car. So, if you have a set that just has one car, you could use this accessory set to add another toy car and have them crash into each other.

Can I Buy the Magic Tracks Cars Only? 

You can find additional toy Magic Track cars on their website. The RC cars they have available include the following:

  • Fire Truck
  • Fire racer
  • Racer
  • Le Mans
  • Muscle car
  • Police car

Adding these cars to the track that you already have can enable multiple kids to have fun racing the toys around together in a group. Furthermore, the different designs of the toys encourage children to be more imaginative with how they play.

Where to Get Magic Track Replacement Cars?

If the toy cars that your kids have been using have become damaged or stopped working, you can go onto the company’s website to find replacement ones.

FAQs About Magic Tracks Cars & Sets

If you had some questions about these toy sets, you may be able to find the answers you’re looking for in this section.

Can the tracks glow brighter?

If you’ve been disappointed with how the track doesn’t glow as brightly as you were expecting, there’s a simple fix. You can leave the track exposed to more sunlight during the day.

This works to power the tracks and make them glow brighter in the dark.

Why do the cars slow down over time?

If you’ve been noticing that the cars slow down after a while, it’s likely because you need to replace the batteries. You can learn more about how to replace the batteries by taking a look at the instructional manual that’s included with the set.

Some people have also noticed that Duracell Quantum batteries don’t work as well. So, to avoid problems with the toy cars slowing down or not working, it may be best to use other types of batteries.

Are there ways to personalize the cars?

This is something that has already taken this into consideration by providing you with a sticker sheet in the set. It’s a great way for your kids to be able to customize their cars and get imaginative with the designs.

How are the track pieces put together?

The pieces in these track sets have been made with a design that makes them super easy to assemble. An instructional guide is available in the set which provides you with the step by step instructions to have your track put together.

There are tabs on the bottom and top of each piece. Start by putting 2 pieces together where these tabs match up and push them in until there’s an audible clicking sound. This clicking sound is a great way to reassure you and your kids that the pieces are connected properly.

You can then continue doing the same with the rest of the pieces until the track has all been assembled. The end and starting pieces should meet to ensure the cars are able to continue racing around the track.

How are the car toys turned on?

There’s a button available on the top on each of these cars. Pressing this button once causes the car to move. Pressing the same button again turns the toy off.

Are there ways to add other objects to the tracks?

One of the big reasons people love these tracks so much is because they can be used with items that you have around the house. For example, you can build the track pieces up on obstacles, such as boxes or shoes.

It provides children with a creative outlet to design a track that involves different items, hills, tunnels, and more. The flexibility of the pieces means that the tracks can be made into any shape that kids like.

Final Thoughts on Magic Tracks Race Sets 

That concludes our review of Ontel and their As Seen On TV Magic tracks – multi car sets that are available. The sets we’ve reviewed are the ones . They’re incredibly popular among kids and now you know more about them.

So, you can pick the one that you think your children will enjoy playing with the most. These tracks are excellent for encouraging kids to think more creatively, follow instructions, and play in small groups together.

Hopefully, the information found in our review has been useful in helping you to pick a track set for your child to have a blast with!

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