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8 Best Board Games for 1 Year Olds in 2024

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Most board games for 1 year olds are not what you consider to be a board game and some may not even actually be game. However, when you stop to consider that the definition of a game it is simply “a form of play or sport” there are an abundance of all types of games for one year olds and chances are that you have already been playing games with your child almost from birth without realizing it.

To help you select the very best options for your little toddler we have put together this list of some age appropriate “games” for 1 year olds.

Our List of the Top Fun & Educational 1 Year Old Games


Melissa & Doug Fishing Game


This cloth fishing set containing 9 fish is a great game for a 1 year old. Young children simply lower the Velcro baited hook onto one of the felt fish and pull it out of the pond. Younger children may not prefer to actually “fish” at first, but will eventually catch on. In the meantime parents can use the game to familiarize kids with colors and counting.

  • Made with non-toxic materials
  • Can use this toy for a number of learning experience, shapes, colors, counting, fishing and more
  • Small pieces that young children can choke in
What makes this stand out?

This is a fun fishing game is both fun and educational for 1 year olds.


Roll and Play


This roll and play game is actually a board type game for children who are slightly over 1 year old. The game consists of 48 cards and a soft die that is simply 6 different colored sides. In order to play the die is rolled and then a card of the same color that comes up on the die is selected and the child must act out what is on the card. This game does require the help and supervision of a parent

  • Teaches children to take turns (if more than one child is playing.)
  • Makes for great bonding time between parent and older sibling and younger child
  • Some people got the Spanish version
What makes this stand out?

This is a fun game that allows children to act out actions that they understand making the game fun for very young kids whose language skills are limited.


Wooden Puzzle Set


While puzzles are not actually considered to be a traditional board game, this set of 3 wooden puzzles is ideal for not only helping children develop their fine motor skills, but can be used to create a number of parent/child games as well. There is an animal, shape and number puzzle. Parents can have their children make animal sounds, teach them shapes, introduce numbers and colors.

  • Holes on the side of puzzle pieces makes it easier for small children to remove the pieces
  • Kids can really enjoy these puzzles with the aid of parents
  • Some puzzles had missing pieces
What makes this stand out?

These puzzles are colorful and simple for children to remove pieces. It may take some time before a younger child can place the pieces back in without help.



Color Sorting Ring Board Game


This color sorting board can be made into a fun game for small children. Parents can select a peg and have their child place it onto the same colored ring on the board. The rings also have flat sides so that you can play stacking games with your child. You do need to supervise your child when they play with toys.

  • Helps children develop fine motor skills and color recognition
  • Everything is made from wood so this is a solid toy
  • Small pieces can pose a choking hazard if your child is not supervised
What makes this stand out?

This is really an open ended toy making it possible to use for a number of imaginative games.


Pound A Ball


Pound a ball is actually a toy that young children can play on their own, but it is also easy for parents to turn this toy into a fun game for their 1 yr old toddlers. There are 4 brightly colored balls and a series of ramps and a hammer. Parents can name a color of ball for the children to hammer. Most children will love the parent/child interaction and can begin to recognize colors.

  • This toy holds up well
  • This also makes a matching game as kids match the balls to the same color holes
  • Balls are small so requires parental supervision if they put objects in their mouth
What makes this stand out?

This toy is simple and does not require batteries and it is easy to make up games to play with your child with this toy.


Hide and Squeak Eggs


Young kids will love Hide and Squeak eggs and will love playing find the chick under the top of the egg. When kids press down on their chicks head the chicks will chirp. There are also special shapes on the bottom of the egg that match shapes on the bottom of the egg carton for children to match up.

  • Young kids love playing hide and seek with these eggs
  • Great for counting, color matching and shape matching
  • Sturdy toys
  • The squeaking sound is very slight
What makes this stand out?

This is a fun game that small children love lifting the lid off the egg and finding the chick underneath. This is a great toy for parent/child games, color and shape recognition.


Hide and Seek Farm Animals


These farm animals and barns are ideal for making a number of parent/child games. There are 5 barns with lids and 5 finger puppet farm animals. You can have your child find which barn the ‘duck’ is hiding in, or have your child put the pig in a certain colored barn. Of course you can use the finger puppets and have the child make the sounds of the animal.

  • There are a lot of different ways to play with this toy as well as many different parent/child games that can be played.
  • This is a durable toy
  • The barns are difficult for small children to open
What makes this stand out?

This toy has cute finger puppet farm animals and offers children a number of different games they can play as well as being able to play with them on their own.


Peek-A-Boo Elephant

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Peek-A-Boo is one of the first games infant’s learn to play with their parents. At first simply laughing when their parents cover and then uncover their eyes and say “boo.” In many cases, by the time a child is one they learn to cover their own eyes and play along. This Peek-A-Boo elephant can play peek-a- boo with your child entertaining them for endless minutes. In addition, the elephant is a fun stuffed animal that your child can cuddle and play with.

  • This elephant has some nice safety features such as embroidered eyes
  • The elephant’s voice is pleasant to a child’s ears
  • Not the best quality
What makes this stand out?

This elephant actually interacts with your child making it much more interesting that many other stuffed animals.

Buyer’s Guide Choosing Games for 1 Year Olds

If you are looking for some games for a 1 year old child here are some things you are going to want to consider.

1 Year Olds Don’t Play Games Like Older Kids Do

Little kids this age have neither the physical or language development to play traditional games. The best games for small children are those that are simple and include parental involvement. Try playing peek-a -boo, rolling a ball back and forth, games where children act out emotions, or animals.

You Can Turn a Standard Toy Into a Game

As parents you need to keep in mind that as a parent you can take a standard toy and make a game out of it or parts of it. If a parent uses their imagination then there are a number of ways that you can turn most toys into a simple game for your one year old. So look for toys that you can use to make simple games out of to play with your child.

Don’t Get Hung Up on the “Game” Aspect

Parents should not worry too much about trying to get a child of this age to play a game. Kids this age have not quite got down the entire idea of playing and should be allowed to explore toys and learn from them. At this age you should simply play with your child and enjoy this precious time with them.

Boys vs Girls Games

At most ages there is little difference between the best games for boys age 1 and the best games for girls who are 1 but this is especially true at the age of 1, so we recommend you just get the game that you think will be the most educational and fun for your little one!

Final Thoughts On the Best Games for 1 Year Olds

If you are looking for games or toys that can be used for games for 1 year olds then one of the options in this list should be a good start.

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