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39 Best Toys & Gifts for 1 Year Old Baby Girls 2024

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Are you struggling to decide on what the best toys for 1 year old girls are? If so, you’ll be relieved to know that we’ve researched the top options are to save you the time and hassle. So, regardless of whether you’re wanting something for your own daughter, a niece, granddaughter or even a friend’s child, you can be sure to find a gift that the little girl you’re buying for will love absolutely love.

All of the main features, pros, and even the cons have been include for each of the options in our guide so that choosing gifts for your 1 year old baby girl is easy peasy. To learn more about the choices we’ve laid out, simply have a read below and by the end you’ll have a clearer idea of what you may want to consider purchasing.

By the end, if you’re still stumped we’ve also included a bonus buying guide about what presents are, whether it be for Christmas or your girls bday.

Our List of Toys and Gifts 1 Year Old Girls Will Actually Like

At this age little girls are quickly developing and learning a lot so it’s important to be sure the toy you get them is not only fun but also highly educational. We have included age appropriate toys of all types so that you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. So if you’re a mom or dad still stuck wondering “what do you give a one year old for her birthday” then have a read below as our guide is sure to help.


Toddler Riding Push Car


This ride on push car for toddlers comes with wheels that look sleek. We liked how there’s a handle available at the back of the toy as it provides parents with control to push it around. This can make for some excellent bonding time between you and your baby.

To ensure that your little one is able to stay entertained while riding on the toy, there’s a working horn available. It can be a lot of fun for babies to press and listen to the sound that it makes. We also found it to be an effective way to introduce your child to cause and effect.

  • Seat belt for safety
  • Bright pink design
  • Assembly can be tricky
What makes this stand out?

A storage area is located underneath the hood of the toy car. This can be handy when you’re taking your child out on a longer walk as you can use it to store small things you might bring along.


LeapFrog’s Musical Table 


Baby girls can keep themselves entertained with this table set for hours on end due to how it comes with over 70 phrases and songs. This is super interactive for babies and ensures that they’re able to develop their auditory hearing senses.

We also liked how the set has been designed with various numbers, shapes, letters, and colors. These are all very stimulating for babies and can help them to improve their knowledge on letters, numbers, and the differences in colors and shapes.

  • Wide variety of interactive buttons available
  • Legs can be removed for floor play 
  • Some were hoping it was heavier 
What makes this stand out?

Babies are even provided with the opportunity to play the piano and drums. This is a fun experience that can develop their motor skills and hand eye coordination.


VTech Walker Toy 


Baby girls have been loving how this toy has been made with bright pink and purple colors. It’s more exciting for them to play with it. We liked how this toy comes with a variety of interactive features to keep your little one entertained for hours on end.

There are large piano keys that children can press to activate music. It’s very engaging and can be an effective way to help your child improve their auditory learning senses.

  • Shape shorter activity included
  • Interactive buttons that light up 
  • Front play panel can be removed 
  • Some have difficulty assembling the toy 
What makes this stand out?

The hands on approach to playing with this toy is fantastic for developing your baby’s motor skills and hand eye coordination. Not to mention, they can use it for support while learning how to walk.


Vanity Set by Dimple


This vanity set by Dimple is one of the best gifts for 1 year old girls! It features a total of 16 play make up and fashion accessories. This provides girls with a lot of toys to play make believe with. Pearl bracelets, earrings, rings, pearl necklaces, lip gloss, lipstick, and more are included with the fashion and makeup accessories.

This vast range of accessories makes this gift set an awesome choice for playing with a group of friends. Furthermore, we were impressed with how they’ve included a piano keyboard. It has 18 keys and is fully functional. It even has flashing lights. So, children can learn to play real melodies.

It has two modes which include Key and Music.

  • Fully functioning piano
  • Tons of play accessories
  • Great for group play
  • Piano lights up
  • A little flimsier than expected
  • Smaller than some were hoping for
What makes this stand out?

With so many accessories to play with, girls enjoy using this set to play with other children. The piano is a nice touch that allows younger kids to learn how to play music early on.


Amy & Benton Cake Toy

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


To operate the cake toy, girl can press the “Star” button and select their age. The candles will then begin to light up and a bday song is played. Children are even able to make a wish prior to blowing the candles out. This is signaled by the blinking candles, which helps girls develop their motor skills. You can also press a button that asks how old you are. This is another one of the interactive features that’s fun and helps girls to learn more.

All the materials are safe and environmentally friendly too.

  • Makes for a unique present for little girls
  • Very interactive
  • Safe materials
  • No volume settings – some find it too loud!
What makes this stand out?

It’s a great gift for 1 year girls as they’re are able to improve their counting and motor skills with this cake due to its real functionality. It’s incredibly interactive and makes an ordinary day feel special for your child.


Kidcraft Activity Cube


With vivid colors available, the brain development of your child is sure to take off with this activity cube made by the well known brand name Kidcraft! The maze beads promote critical thinking too that allow uour child’s cognitive and observation skills to be developed. It keeps girls engaged as there are so many little activities going on that their visual and physical senses are activated to the max. Not to mention, it the letters help be their first introduction to the alphabet.

We liked how all the pieces are made of high grade wood materials. They’re remarkably smooth, so, you won’t have to worry about any splinters. Moreover, the pain is toxin free and safe for little girls.

  • High quality wooden parts
  • Maze beads for logical thinking
  • Promotes observational skills
  • Beads can be prone to falling off
What makes this stand out?

This popular toy for baby girls is lightweight and easy to take with you on trips to keep your young toddler engaged and entertained. This will be especially beneficial for parents who struggle to find gifts that keep their child engaged.


Balance Bike for Toddlers


This balance bike for toddlers is perfect for a 1 year old girl helping them improve their balance while allowing them the joy of having a ride on a toy. The bike comes in your choice of either aqua green or orange.

  • Help get your child active and moving around
  • Well made
  • The Balance bike tips over easily
What makes this stand out?

The back wheels of this balance bike can be separated or put together so that this bike works as a 4 wheel ride on or 3 wheel ride on.


BettRoom Educational Wooden Toy


The BettRoom educational toy is a popular 1st birthday gift for little girls that comes in a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes. As a result, it teaches one year olds how to differentiate between the pieces for improved cognitive development. The 20 pieces that come in different sizes and shapes mean that girls have to find the ones that fit together properly. This is hugely beneficial for hand eye coordination and imaginative thinking.

We liked how they are shaped perfectly for toddlers to hold onto. The size of the pieces also makes it great for keeping children busy and learning while you’re on the move.

All materials are free from lead, phthalates, BPA, and lead for the utmost safety of your child.

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  • Improved differential skills
  • Enhanced cognitive function
  • Great size/shape for toddlers
  • Free from harmful materials
  • Awesome for traveling
  • Pegs could be glued in tighter
What makes this stand out?

The various sizes, shapes, and colors expand your child’s mind to learn how to differentiate better. Their hand eye coordination and counting abilities are improved with these toys too.


Musical Dancing Penguin

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This toy plays music or tells stories while moving around, something little kids love. We especially liked how it changes directions if it accidentally walks into something, rather than just being stuck. This makes it easier for girls to play with.

There are three modes which include music, story, and learning mode. So, girls are able to have fun listening to the music while also learning from the stories and learning mode. As your child interacts with it, their cognitive and coordination abilities are being improved.

The design is bright and upbeat to keep younger children entertained. Furthermore, the ABS plastic materials are durable to ensure the toy lasts you.

  • Colorful design
  • Improved cognitive & coordination skills
  • 3 playing modes
  • Automatically changes directions if it walks into objects
  • Some girls may find it scary 
What makes this stand out?

Your daughter is able to choose from 3 modes to learn from stories, music, or the activities in learning mode. The colorful design and movement make the learning fun, meaning it’s a gift that will educate and entertain them at the same time!


Yeebay Pop Up Animals


This cute little musical toy is made to teach children around age 1 about cause and effect and help them develop their fine motor skills. There are four cute cartoons like animals and 2 modes of play.

  • Fun colors and lights
  • Options of music or animal sounds
  • So claimed it didn’t work upon arrival
What makes this stand out?

This is a fun toy that holds a young toddlers attention as they push, pull, and turn various buttons and levers to get the animals to pop up. This toy will help children build their fine motor skills and teach them the animals sounds that each animal makes.


Color Matching Pegboard by AMOSTING


Teaching little girls to expand their imagination is just as important as their cognitive skills, and what better way to do it than with this amazing toy. This color matching pegboard is an incredibly powerful game for enhancing creative thinking, making it one of many awesome gift ideas for 1 year old baby girls that we’ve included in our list.

Their ability to spot and create sequences/patterns is a specific benefit that’s hard to find among toys and gifts for girls. You’ll be glad to know that the cleanup job with this toy set is super easy. There’s a tray for storage that lets you keep all the cards and buttons when the game is finished. With a total of 46 buttons and 10 pictures, this storage tray is a huge help!

All the materials used to create the parts are high quality and completely safe. They conform to the toy standards in the U.S. to give parents a peace of mind.

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  • Storage tray for effortless clean up
  • Promotes creative thinking
  • All parts meet the U.S. quality standard
  • Only one person can play at a time
  • May require adult supervision due to smaller pieces
What makes this stand out?

This popular toy for little girls comes as a set and is an awesome choice if you’re looking for something to promote your little girls creative side. Their ability to recognize sequences and patterns is also improved, which provides them with a new way of thinking.


Green Toys Pink Dump Truck


This truck is a top options for girls due to its pink color and functionality. It’s great for improving motor skills and enables them to play in creative ways. In particular, their pincer grip abilities are enhanced.

This toy is equipped with a fully functional dumper. As a result, your child is able to role play what a real dump truck would do. We liked how there are no metal axes for safety too.All the materials are free from palates, PVC, and BPA It’s safe for the environment and your kid.

You’ll be glad to hear that cleaning this dump truck is hassle free. All you need is some soap and water! Moreover, recycled plastic milk containers are used to construct it. They’ve proven to be incredibly durable for both indoor and outdoor play.

  • Realistic functioning dumpster
  • Free from harmful materials
  • Durable for indoor and outdoor play
  • Improved pincer grip abilities
  • Promotes imaginative thinking
  • Wheels don’t roll on hardwood floors
  • Can be noisy!
What makes this stand out?

Not only do little girls have fun using the dump truck, they’re simultaneously improving their motor skills too. They can apply what they’ve seen dump trucks to in real life to how they play, which is a fantastic developmental benefit.


Toy Drum


Since this musical toy drum is round in shape The round shape and smooth surface make it safe for your child to explore without harming themselves. Parents have been pleased with how happy their kids are with the musical melodies and sounds that it plays. We was surprised to find that children are able to make their own musical sounds by hitting the toy drum set. It also tells stories which makes it a great option for helping younger children to start developing their learning abilities.

All the sounds and flashing lights provide girls with plenty of sensory stimulation. This helps them to develop their creative side, while also keeping them entertained. There are five different volume levels available. This makes it appropriate to play during quieter situations, as well as louder ones.

  • 5 volume control settings
  • Flashing lights & sounds for sensory stimulation
  • Storytelling mode available
  • Musical melodies
  • Round & smooth design is safe for kids
  • Creates lots of noise!
What makes this stand out?

The musical melodies, flashing lights, and storytelling mode are excellent for improving toddler girls learning abilities. We was especially impressed by how you’re able to make your own sounds by hitting the drum!


Toyk Musical Goose

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This toy improves children’s sight, hearing, touch, observational, and cognitive abilities. It’s a highly interactive toy that moves around. This is a great present that is incredibly entertaining for both your child and you! We weren’t expecting there to be three different kinds of hip hop music available. This feature’s awesome for opening your child’s mind to different kinds of music and culture.

When you hold the goose’s neck, it struggles and makes noises. This is a humanized interactive game that teaches your children empathy. When they hold onto the toy’s neck, you can let them know that it’s struggling to enhance their learning skills.

  • Humanizing interactive features
  • Hip hop music for diversity
  • Toy moves around for better interactivity
  • The lowest sound setting is still too loud for some
What makes this stand out?

The feature involving holding the toy’s neck and seeing it struggle is something we haven’t come across with kids toys before. It’s a fantastic way to teach them empathy from early on. The whole interactive aspect of this gift is incredibly fun for little girls.


Musical Entertainment Chair 


This toy by Fisher-Price comes with a total of more than 50 songs and phrases for babies to listen to. As a result, your child’s auditory learning senses are able to develop well.

In addition to this, they’ve implemented the chair with Smart Stages Technology. This is fantastic for allowing your baby to continue learning new things as they grow older. The technology works to educate them at the appropriate levels depending on their age.

  • Bright design
  • A book is included
  • Exciting light up features 
  • Some would prefer if the seat was deeper
What makes this stand out?

We liked how babies are able to active the songs by sitting and standing on the seat. It’s a highly interactive feature that can also teach babies about cause and effect.


Musical Rainbow Tea Set by LeapFrog


This tea set lights up with an impressive six colors, making it an entertaining toy for girls. It also plays a total of seven songs which are perfect for tea time. It teaches kids how to count, match things, and the difference between colors. Even more so, it teaches them polite manners!With sounds of tea being poured available, it makes it a more realistic and enjoyable experience.

The set also comes with six pieces of play set cake. Kids can play a game where they have to match the cake to the correct tea flavor. For a completely fun feature, there’s a mirror underneath the teapot lid. This can make for some hilarious games of peek a boo! With various songs available, your child can sing along and learn manners. These include how to greet people politely to help them thrive in social environments.

  • Singalongs that teach manners
  • Mirror for games of peek a boo
  • Realistic sounds
  • Matching games for cognitive development
  • Lights up with six colors
  • No off switch for the sound
  • Teacups have holes, so you can’t put juice/water in them for role playing
What makes this stand out?

This Rainbow Tea Set is a gift that teaches your children more than just motor skills – it helps them learn manners and how to be polite, something they should be ready to learn around their first birthday. This is an excellent feature that helps girls from an early age become more comfortable in social settings.


Vtech Activity Cube


This Vtech activity cube has a total of five sides which gives girls plenty of options to explore all the sides and learn new things. With four buttons that light up, kids are able to learn about animal names and the kinds of noises they make. There are 14 different features which are interactive. This is a huge benefit as an educational toy for toddlers due to helping them develop motor skills. In particular, the music cube is great for keeping kids engaged and excited to learn.

When you move the cube, there are motion sensors which create sounds. This is awesome for encouraging girls to move around and crawl more. Children are able to listen to 25 different songs. They’re exciting and keep them entertained for a long time.

All the materials used are free from harmful components. Parents have also been appreciating how you can adjust the volume too.

  • Adjustable volume
  • Crawling is promoted with fun sounds
  • 25 exciting songs
  • 14 interactive features on the 5 sides
  • Light up buttons
  • Kids introduced to animals and their noises
  • Some users mention the songs played can be annoying
What makes this stand out?

With a total of 14 interactive features and five different sides available, girls are given a lot to play with and explore. This keeps them engaged and more willing to learn.


Wooden Pull Set by Ray’s Toys

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


There are three wooden animals that kid can pull along with this fun gift idea for one year old girls. They include a giraffe, zebra, and elephant which are all packed individually. So, you can give them separately for your child to play with.

The pull along design helps children develop their hand eye coordination, walking, and balance. Since they’re fun to use, kids play with them all the time, thus, improving their abilities to walk. Furthermore, you can teach children about the different body parts of animals and what makes them distinct from one another. We also liked how the animal set teaches children about how to care for a pet.

To ensure complete safety, this toy doesn’t include any toxic materials. Moreover, there aren’t any small parts that could cause a choking hazard. With organic wood materials, these toys are friendly to the environment and extremely durable, meaning they’re a great outside toy for your toddler.

  • Organic wood materials
  • Kids learn how to care for pets
  • Walking & balance abilities developed
  • Learn about different animals
  • May be a little on the small side for some
What makes this stand out?

This pull along toy is great for helping baby girls learn how to balance themselves and walk. Their coordination is improved too as they’re having to walk and pull the toy along. The chance to learn about different animals is also great!


Vtech Musical Rhyme Book


This is a great interactive book for 1 year old toddlers. The pages are easy to turn, there are features for the baby to twist and slide, music and rhymes to hold their interest as well as 5 piano keys on the side.

  • Colorful pictures and music amuses small toddlers
  • Durable
  • Book is on the heavy side
What makes this stand out?

This musical rhyme book is easy for toddlers to operate on their own and introduces colors and musical instruments. Brightly colored pictures adds to the fun of this book


Tortoise Bath Toys


These 3 cute windup swimming tortoises are perfect for playing in the tub, water table or pool. 1 year olds like to watch the tortoise swim and try to grab them as they swim around.

  • Nice size for kids to catch
  • These tortoises swim fast!
  • These toys swim so fast you constantly need to wind them
What makes this stand out?

These swimming tortoises are fun and easy to use and toddlers like the fact that when wound


Carrot Harvest Puzzle Toy


This cute little carrot puzzle toy is made from pine wood and water based paint that is colorful and appealing to 1 year olds. Kids harvest the carrots and then place them back in the correct size holes. As the child grows the carrots can be used in other ways.

  • Helps improve fine motor skills and hand eye coordination
  • Durable
  • Toys smaller than some people think
What Makes This Stand Out?

The bright colored carrots and the simplistic design of this toy makes it exceptionally appealing to most 1 year old girls who can find a variety of innovative ways to play with this toy.


Manhattan Toys Wee Stella Doll


Perfect for a young toddler girl this Stella doll comes with a soft body and magnetic pacifier. Since the doll is only 12 inches long she is perfect for new walkers to carry around and sleep with.

  • Easy for small children to carry
  • Super cute
  • Magnet can be a choking hazard if it comes out of the pacifier
What Makes This Stand Out?

Not only is the doll cute and cuddly, but you can buy clothes for this doll as well as diapers. Can throw in the washer to wash.


Hooded Baby Towel


The materials used to make this towel are completely natural and hypoallergenic. Therefore, you’ll be able to avoid causing your baby any skin irritation. Therefore, it’s a fantastic choice for babies who have sensitive skin.

We also liked how the materials used are effective at absorbing water. This makes the towel a great choice to dry your child quickly after bathing them. Not to mention, the hood has been implemented with ears which makes it more exciting for your little one to wear.

  • Easy to wash
  • Antibacterial 
  • Eco friendly 
  • Can be prone to being damaged in the washing machine 
What makes this stand out?

The high quality plush materials that have been implemented to this hooded towel are excellent for keeping your baby girl comfortable.


Rocking Horse Toy


Baby girls can have a ton of fun riding on top of this rocking horse toy. We liked how it has been made with a smaller size as it’s easy for babies to get on and ride comfortably. This also means that you’re able to keep it in your home and not have it take up a lot of space.

While riding on the toy, your little one is provided with an excellent opportunity to start working on her balance and coordination. The seat has been designed in a specific way to ensure that your little one can’t accidentally fall off.

  • Already assembled upon delivery
  • 50 lb weight capacity 
  • Vibrant pink design
  • Some notice there’s an odd smell when they first open the package 
What makes this stand out?

The handles have been integrated with a design that makes them very easy to grip. Therefore, babies are able to hold on tightly to keep themselves stable while rocking back and forth.


Interactive Mirror by Fisher-Price 


Fisher-Price’s mirror comes with 2 different modes for little girls to play with. They include a music and learning mode. Therefore, babies are provided with an opportunity to learn more and have fun listening to music.

The learning mode is great for teaching your little one about opposites and colors. We liked how the music feature makes the mirror set very exciting and stimulates your baby’s auditory learning senses.

  • Light up features included
  • Inspires creativity 
  • Smaller than some were expecting 
What makes this stand out?

There are a lot of things for babies to press and move around with this mirror toy. As a result, their motor skills and hand eye coordination are able to develop well.


Delta Children Toy Organizer Bin


Delta’s toy organizer is constructed out of solid wooden materials. These materials are smooth and safe for younger children to use. There is a total of two large, three medium, and four small bins. This provides girls with plenty of storage space to play with.

This toy bin set is one of the best options for girls because it teaches them how to organize. The bright pink colors make the learning process easy because they’re having so much fun.

We appreciated how they’ve made sure to exceed the national safety standards set in the U.S. among toys for kids. It gives you the peace of mind to know that children will be safe playing with this organizer set.

  • Exceeds safety regulations
  • Bright pink colors are exciting
  • Teaches kids organization skills
  • Construction could be stronger
What makes this stand out?

We haven’t come across many toys for toddler girls that help to teach them about organization, meaning this is a great present for them since it can teach a key skill to have in life.


Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Tea Set


To activate the lights, sounds, and songs, all you have to do is press a button. We found this to be a thoroughly enjoyable play tea set that makes for one of the best birthday presents for girls. There is a total of 10 pieces available. This lets girls play in groups with other children and have a blast.

One of the most notable features that we liked is how the tea set teaches young children manners. It communicates these manners to children via the sounds that it plays. Moreover, there are various puzzles to complete involving shapes to help improve children’s motor skills.

To add to the realistic and interactive features, the sugar bowl and teapot lids can be opened and closed.

  • Songs, sounds & lights
  • 10 pieces for group play
  • Interactive & realistic for kids
  • Puzzle games
  • Teaches children manners
  • No volume control settings
What makes this stand out?

This teapot play set manages to combine teaching girls valuable lessons in manners while also being incredibly entertaining too. We liked how there are 10 pieces as it allows for group play and socializing.


VATOS Vehicle Toys


This set includes a total of four toy cars which are colored brightly. They also have funny faces which are sure to make the little ones laugh. No batteries are needed to operate this toy. You simply push and watch them go – for quite a long distance, making it a simple yet fun toy.

The movement of the cars inspired children to observe and enhance their hand eye coordination and creative thinking abilities. It also teaches kids the differences between different colors. ABS plastic materials have been used to construct the toy cars. They are completely safe to the environment and your child. Moreover, they’re incredibly durable and can withstand some hefty bumps.

  • Strong & safe ABS plastic materials
  • No batteries needed
  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Bright colors & funny face design
  • Some kids may get bored pushing the cars around over time
What makes this stand out?

These cars are an excellent gift that provide children with an exciting way to develop their observational and hand eye coordination skills. Parents are also able to use the different colors of the cars to help kids differentiate between them.


Fajiabao Bath Set


Fajiaboa’s bath set has toys that are designed with faces of fish, making it a super fun gift idea for a girl who is turning 1. This is a great design feature that kids have been loving during bath time. They provide you with a small plastic fishing rod, as well as a line, which we didn’t expect from a toy set!

This makes it a very fun and challenging game for kids during bath time. It’s exceptionally good at improving hand eye coordination. These toys can also be taken to pool parties to play with groups of other kids. All the fishes have been designed to be smooth. So, there are no sharp pieces you need to worry about.

If they’re not interested in using it for fishing, they can still have plenty of fun with the fish toys alone.

  • Fun design
  • Great for pool parties
  • A good challenge for children
  • Makes bath time fun!
  • Fish can be quite hard to catch!
What makes this stand out?

Children are able to challenge themselves and focus intensely on trying to catch the fish using the rod. Parents are also given some valuable time with their children, teaching them how to catch the fish.


LeapFrog Picnic Basket Set


This picnic sharing basket toy by LeapFrog is remarkably effective at helping baby girls to develop their motor skills, meaning it’s a good educational toy while also being fun. This is because the game encourages children to stack, fill, empty, and sort the various pieces available.

We liked how the picnic basket lid creates musical sounds when you lift it open. It adds another element of fun for kids. In addition to this, there are also learning songs that play.

Children are able to explore different colors, shapes, and food with this toy set. Moreover, parents are able to teach girls the correct manners when it comes to food. With a total of 14 pieces, this picnic basket is a great option for girls who like to play with other children.

  • Great for playing in groups
  • Learning songs
  • Teaches manners
  • Voices are not as clear as some would prefer
What makes this stand out?

Children are given the opportunity to develop their motor skills as well as develop proper manners in a fun way. This is an excellent feature that parents are appreciating.


Shape Shorting Blocks


These baby blocks are an excellent option for little girls that helps them to recognize different shapes and build upon their motor skills. There is a total of 18 blocks which are all colored brightly. They can be used in the shape sorting lid provided which encourages better coordination. Girls are also given the chances to explore their problem solving skills early on too.
The shapes are fun to play with and challenging enough to ensure that kids are always pushing themselves the right amount.

All the materials used are free from harmful toxins and safe for kids to use.

  • Colorful blocks
  • Problem solving thinking is stimulated
  • Safe for kids
  • Some parents would prefer the pieces to a bit larger
What makes this stand out?

We liked how this shape sorter set is challenging enough to make sure children don’t remain stagnant. They are always able to find some challenges in either identifying different colors or shapes. As a result, their problem solving, motor, and hand eye coordination skills can be improved.


Rolimate Wooden Learning Toys


The size of all the shapes included with this toy set is the perfect size for the tiny hands of a toddler girl, making it great option as a present for their birthday. This makes them awesome travel toys. They are great for boys and girls alike so don’t think this gift is exclusively for girls. Due to the different shapes, kids are able to work on their hand eye coordination and logical thinking abilities. We also liked how this large set enables them to get familiarized with different colors and shapes. It’s a great way to help them differentiate between colors and shapes while having a blast.

The set includes three wooden balls, six shape blocks, two xylophone sticks, as well as one tap table, wooden hammer, and xylophone. This is a lot for children to explore and have fun with.

All these parts are completely free from toxins, they are also smooth to avoid injuries and durable to ensure they last you for a long time.

  • Promotes logical thinking
  • Toxin free
  • A range of colors & shapes available
  • Great for traveling
  • Perfect size for young kids
  • Some may find the smaller size to be disappointing
What makes this stand out?

This is a fantastic option for girls during those times when you need to be on the move. The pieces are a great size which allows kids to grip the parts easily and explore more about what the toys can do.


Vtech Toy Flashlight 


This flashlight toy by VTech has been implemented with songs that introduce babies to animals, numbers, and colors. Therefore, it’s very educational and can help baby girls broaden their understanding of different topics.

We also like how they’ve included a range of buttons and functions for babies to play with. It ensures that they can be engrossed in playing with the toy for hours.

  • Bright pink design
  • Teaches babies about cause & effect
  • Volume controls available 
  • Stickers on the sides can be prone to coming off
What makes this stand out?

Parents have been liking how there’s an auto turn off feature included. When the toy has been inactive for 45 seconds, it will automatically turn off and save you going through tons of batteries.


Marjoy Pink Stuffed Dinosaur Toy


Girls have a blast playing with this Marjoy stuffed dinosaur toy. It can be easily implemented in their roleplay games to help boost their creativity.

It’s made with high quality materials which are incredibly soft. As a result, children often enjoy holding and hugging the toy.

All the materials used excess the safety standards that have been set in the U.S. for your peace of mind.

  • Remarkably soft
  • Safe for kids
  • High quality plush materials
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Dinosaur’s neck can be squished upon unpacking
  • Threading could be improved
What makes this stand out?

The design of this pink dinosaur toy is pretty simple, meaning it’s a fun toy for little girls, but that’s what makes it such a draw for kids. They’re able to use it along with their other toys and let their imagination run wild by creating their own stories and games.

It also makes for a good cuddle buddy!


Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy


When buying gifts for 1 year old girls an educational element is important and this laugh and learn puppy fits the bill. There are over 75 songs, phrases, and sounds available with this robot puppy. It teaches children to learn about the different parts of the human body, which gives them a head start on anatomy lessons! This even helps them to learn 100 first words, as well as how to count, learn the alphabet, and differentiate between shapes.

The 3 Smart Stages system is great for helping children develop at their own pace. Once they’re ready to move on to something more challenging, this toy can accommodate them. Moreover, when you touch the puppy, it lights up in response. So, the interactive features are pretty impressive. To listen to the songs, simply press the heart that lights up.

  • 3 Smart Stages system
  • Teaches 100 first words & the alphabet
  • Helps to differentiate shapes
  • Kids learn about different body parts
  • Very interactive
  • Songs, sounds, and light up features
  • Song length could be longer
  • Sounds aren’t loud enough for some
What makes this stand out?

Girls are able to learn about a wide range of things by interacting with this toy. Everything from the first words and the alphabet, to differentiating shapes and learning about different body parts. The 3 Smart Stages system is a great way for kids to continuously learn more in a fun way. This is a unique toy that makes for a good gift for a  girl who has everything.


Educational Bath Set


These bath toys are great at bringing education and fun together seamlessly. These toys are shaped like animals and can be used in the bath. They float around and give children the chance to try and figure out the puzzles. There is a total of 16 pieces available, which is plenty to be enough of a challenge.

This set is a great gift for your baby girl if she’s having a hard time having baths. The excitement of new toys will be enough to make bath times easier. All the parts are free from toxins to ensure they’re safe. A toy organizer is also included to make storing the parts away afterward hassle free.

  • Educational puzzles
  • Different shapes are stimulating
  • Makes bath time fun
  • Toxin free
  • Toy organizer included
  • Need frequent cleaning to prevent mold
What makes this stand out?

Since you’re able to use 16 different toy pieces, you can be sure to keep girls entertained while they’re in the bath. The puzzles are a great way for them to exercise their problem solving too.


Musical Duck Toy

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This musical toy is a good gift that helps girls get more in touch with their observational development. This toy dances around which encourages children to do the same. This can help them learn how to crawl and balance better. The flashing lamp feature is helpful in ensuring kids are able to properly take in information visually. Children like how this duck plays music and sounds. This is awesome for teaching them about melodies and different sounds.

The colorful design is very pleasing which makes it more attractive for girls. They also pay more attention to the colors and are able to learn what the differences are. Since the duck toy dances, its likely to take a few falls and bumps. But it’s made with strong materials so you can feel confident in knowing it’ll last you for a while ahead.

  • Encourages movement
  • Plays music & sounds
  • Colorful design
  • Very durable
  • Flashing lamps
  • Directions for replacing batteries could be clearer
What makes this stand out?

The interactive features available with this toy duck are amazing. Little kids have a blast while also learning through their visual and hearing senses.


Fisher Price Smart Purse


The Fisher Price Smart Purse comes with five different accessories. These include a compact mirror, phone, clacker keys, credit card, and bead bracelet. We liked how this toy makes a lot of sounds and plays music. This helps baby girls to learn through their hearing senses. With more than 50 songs, kids are able to learn a lot!

The phrases it plays introduce children to different greetings, opposites, and colors. Moreover, when you open and close the zipper, just like a real purse. There’s also a handle which lights up.

You can take this play purse with you on your travels with ease as all the pieces fit inside.

  • Teaches greetings, colors & Opposites
  • Real functionality
  • Travel friendly
  • Over 50 songs
  • The paper design on mirror & phone can peel off over time
What makes this stand out?

This Smart Purse is among the best Christmas presents options due to the number of songs, phrases, and accessories that it comes with. All of them help kids develop their learning abilities, while also being able to have fun with a realistic purse.


Vtech Party Playset


Vtech’s party playset is an incredibly interactive toy that promotes creative thinking, making it a great present for learning. There are many pieces available which girls can place into various areas and see different responses in the form of lights. There are over 70 songs available, which is plenty to keep kids entertained. There are also many phrases and sounds which helps to teach children how to learn audibly. Moreover, the toy cookies and cakes expose kids to different shape and colors.

To make the playtime realistic, when you go to pour out of the pitcher, the liquid inside moves. This makes the whole experience more enjoyable for girls. They’re able to recreate what they’ve seen in real life.

  • Super interactive toy
  • Over 70 songs
  • Many sounds & phrases
  • Encourages creativity
  • Audible learning
  • Realistic playset
  • Some parents were disappointed with the songs
What makes this stand out?

Kids have been liking how realistic this playset feels to use. it keeps them engaged on a deeper level which helps them to learn more about the various colors and shapes.

Buyers Guide to Finding The Right Gifts for 1 Year Old Baby Girls

Sometimes it can be tricky to find a unique gift for a girl who has everything so we hope the guide option with over 40 different toys has sparked some ideas for you. If you’re still a bit confused about what to give your child have a look below as we cover some tips for buying the best gift.

Development Benefits of 1st Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

When a child turns one, their developmental stages are critical. Therefore, buying them gifts that help them develop their skills is important. Take a look below to learn more about the main areas of development that the above options can help with.

Cognitive Skills

Once cognitive abilities are in play, girls start to recognize more about themselves as an individual and the people around them. They’re soaking up information like a sponge, so it’s crucial to give them toys that help them learn new things.

Motor Skills

Motor skills involve anything to do with moving around. Girl who are one are at the stage in their lives where they’re beginning to crawl and walk for the first time. Toys that encourage kids to move are best for developing these skills.


With the recent increase of smartphones and tablets, the imaginative sides of girls are being limited. Giving them toy sets that encourage them to play make belief is far more beneficial for their creative thinking.

Creative thinking is a vital skill that is best to develop early on.

Language & Social Skills

Many of the gifts mentioned above are fantastic tools that children can use to improve their language abilities. These toys teach them new words and sounds via music or story telling modes.

Children usually begin to develop their linguistic skills when they’re as young as four months old. This is the talkative stage where you can’t quite understand what they’re trying to say.

Once girls reach the age of one, they are often able to talk using a maximum of around four words. If you start teaching them about linguistic skills early on, you’ll see them develop at a faster rate. This enhances their ability to speak and get more ideas across clearly.

Being able to communicate better is crucial for the proper social skills. Using toys to teach your child the basics of communication will help them be more confident when they’re around other kids at school.

Educational Head Start

When kids are exposed to learning more about colors, numbers, shapes, and communication skills early on, they’ll be given a head start by the time it comes for them to go to school. Toys can provide them with a base level of knowledge which they can then build upon easer when in school.

Parents have found that teaching their kids by using toys is a fantastic way to help them understand the topics at school more. This results in less frustration because the topics won’t feel like something completely new and difficult for them.

Psycho Motor Abilities

Helping girls this age to develop their psycho motor skills is crucial. These skills are what the brain uses during physical activity.

For example, if your child wants to throw something, there has to be a thought process between the brain and the body. When these skills are worked on, kids can have more control over their body during physical activity.

If you’re interested in helping children develop psycho motor skills, using toys that involve physical activity would be best. Toys that involve stacking, for example, are great.

Kids make a conscious choice to physically move something, followed by a response from their body to carry the action out.

Bonding Time with Your Baby Girl

As you already know, spending that quality time with your daughter has a huge impact on them and getting the right gift for 1 yr old girls can make that a lot easier. They love playing with parents, and parents love playing with their girls. Using toys and playing together is one of the best ways that children and their parents can bond.

Parents can be sure to teach children things about the toys that they may not have picked up on otherwise. Playtime is a great opportunity to be a part of their developmental process. Sharing is an important concept that little kids often need some guidance on. Initially, it’s common for younger children to struggle with sharing their gifts with another person.

This is where your parental guidance can come in. You can encourage them to share and have fun playing with other people. They can then take these newly learned skills onboard and integrate throughout their early life when playing with other children. Moreover, it’s something that kids should learn early on in the case that they have a younger sibling on the way a little later down the line. They’ll be more aware of the sharing concept and how your time as a parent is split between them.


While it may seem like a good idea to sit back and let your child explore and play games for themselves, at the age of one, it’s always recommended to supervise them. This is because there are many components to toys that could easily come loose by accident. This is especially the case when it comes to toddler toys that are battery operated.

Before letting kids play with a toy, be sure that the screw for the battery compartment is tight. It ensures the screw doesn’t fall out and cause a choking hazard.

Moreover, it prevents your kids from ever touching the batteries. If children put them in their mouth, they can be very toxic. So, adult supervision is imperative with these toys.

What to Get a 1 Year Old for Her Birthday?

If you have been struggling to find presents for a baby girls 1st birthday, you will have been able to get a lot of inspiration from our guide. We have included a wide range of gifts to ensure that you are provided with a good selection to choose from.

When it comes to birthdays, we recommend that you go with something that is highly educational and focuses on baby girls development. Things like activity cubes, interactive walkers, and puzzle sets could make for wonderful birthday presents that speed up your girls development.

What are Good Christmas Gifts for 1 Year Old Baby Girls?

If your on the hunt for xmas gifts for your little one you’ll want to consider all of the options in our guide from musical toys, to shape sorting sets and even activity tables. These all make great gifts that are not only fun but educational too!

What are Good Gifts for 1 Year Olds?

Good options for babies this age include everything in our guide, but you’ll want to pay close attention to what educational value the toy provides since this is a crucial time in your childs development. It’s also important to make sure that the toys you get are age appropriate so they are safe for your one year old!
Some fun options little girls love include ride on toys, push walker toys, socks and especially bath toys to keep them entertain while you bath them!

Final Thoughts on Top Rated Toys for 1 Year Old Girls

Once girls reach the age of one, a lot of changes happen within a very short span of time. As parents, you witness your child develop more and more every single day so getting the right gift to help with their development is crucial. This is the age where they begin to take more notice of their environment. Their curiosity is sparked, and they’ll want to explore more.

At this point, their brains are like a sponge, just soaking in information around them. So, using any of the gifts above is a great way to have fun – but it also provides them with an outlet to expand their curious minds. Babies this age also tend to get bored very easily. If this is the case with your child (or the child you’re looking to buy a present for) it’s important to get a good balance between education and fun.

If you were having a hard time finding the gift ideas for 1 year old girls, we hope our review guide has provided you with some valuable insights to make the process easier!

1 Year Old Girl Toys
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