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Best Christmas & Birthday Gifts for Teenage Girls

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Teenage girls like anyone else are individuals, with individual interests and hobbies, however the one thing all teenage girls have in common is that they enjoy looking their best and spending time with friends and family. As a result girls of this age especially love getting the type of gifts that encourage and allow them to spend more time with family and friend.

In order to assist you with your shopping this year we have come up with a wonderful and unique Christmas and birthday gifts that you won’t find on other sites. We have spent many long hours researching for this article and our intention with this gift list was to include only the very best gifts that any teen girls from 13 to 18 years of age.

Our List of the Best Gifts for Teenage Girls


Game of Phones


Teens spend countless hours on their smartphones and Game of Phones allows teens to turn their cell phones into an implement of fun as they use their phones to find the funniest and strangest responses to games prompts.

  • Game encourages interaction between players
  • People of all ages can play
  • Some teens get bored with the game quickly
Recommended Age

This game is best suited to teens age 13 through 15

What Makes This Game Stand Out?

This game stands out because teens can use their cell phones to play together instead of being isolated from one another.


Girls Backpack Set


Backpack sets are an incredible gift for teenage girls since they get a matching backpack, shoulder bag and small bag that can be used for pens or pencils or makeup. This set allows girls to feel stylish.

  • Backpack is spacious and sturdy and has lots of pockets for storage
  • The extra bags makes everything more complete
  • The main zipper is not as durable as some people hope
Recommended Age

This backpack set makes a great gifts for girls age 13 and up

What Makes this Backpack Set Stand Out?

The stripes on these bags gives this backpack, shoulder bag, and small bag a fresh clean look that many teens like.


Teen Cookbook


Many teenage girls are interested in learning to cook and this cookbook contains 120 recipes from simple to complicated. Most of the ingredients for the recipes can be purchased at your local grocery which makes cooking for teenagers simpler and easier. A great gift for teens who are wanting to become more independent.

  • Levels of difficulty alert teens to which recipes to try for their experience
  • Also covers food safety and basic cooking information
  • Some recipes require some experience and teens have to work up to cooking them
Recommended Age

This cookbook is perfect for teens of all ages and even some adults

What Makes This Cookbook Stand Out?

This cookbook stands out because it is written with teenagers in mind.


Gel Nail Polish Kit


This nail polish kit comes with 20 mini bottles of nail polish including some glittery polish. Bright fun colors that any teenager would love getting as a gift.

  • Great color choices
  • Polish goes on smoothly
  • Bottles are extremely small
Recommended Age

This polish is perfect for any teenage girl 13 and up

What Makes This Polish Stand Out?

This nail polish stands out due its smooth application and beautiful colors. Although the bottles are small this makes them perfect for teens to try out each color of polish to see if it something they like.


Instant Camera


This mini FujiFilm camera kit comes with everything to make this special Christmas or birthday gift for any teenage girl. You get 3 bundles of film, a camera and camera case, picture frames and so much more. This is the perfect camer for any young lady to take pictures of family, friends, and even places they visit.

  • Lots of extras
  • Easy to use
  • Instant pictures are not the best
Recommended Age

This Camera is recommended for teens 13 and up

What Makes This Camera Stand Out

The small size, instant development of pictures, and all the extras really makes this camera something special. It is great to use at any get together or party as well as for taking pictures when traveling or just casually.


Spa Basket


This Honey and Almond bath set makes a great gift for a teen girl giving them a spa-like experience without the cost of going to an expensive spa. This basket contains bubble bath, shower gel, bath salt, bath bomb, and a flower shaped bath sponge all packed in a cute basket.

  • Products have soothing scent
  • Beautiful presentation
  • Products are extremely small
Recommended Age

This spa basket is best suited for teens girl aged 15 and up

What Makes This Basket Stand Out?

The fresh clean scent of this product combined with the great way it is packaged makes this spa basket unique and appealing.


Personalized Charm Necklace


This name pendant necklace with a Swarovski birthstone makes a terrific gift for a teen girl. Made of sterling silver this necklace can be worn everyday or with dressier clothing. The rough edges of the necklace makes it look modern and trendy.

  • Delicate and feminine yet sturdy
  • Nice size
  • Smaller than some people expect
Recommended Age

This necklace is best suited to a younger teen 13 through 15 years of age

What Makes This Necklace Stand Out?

This necklace is great because of the glittery birthstone jewel on top of the hammered silver flat piece.


Snowflake Earrings


Loosely based off the Disney Movie ‘Frozen’ these beautiful silver plated earrings with a blue center is sure to make a wonderful gift for any teen girl who is into jewelry. These earrings would make a great Christmas gift or birthday gift for anyone who is celebrating a winter birthday.

  • Very pretty
  • Delicate and feminine
  • Not enough reviews to make a clear determination of the quality of these earrings
Recommended Age

These earrings are best suited for older teens age 16 and up to 19 years old and beyond

What Makes These Earrings Stand Out?

The style and the blue crystals in these earrings make them eye catching and a great choice for both casual and formal occasions. The fact that these earrings are very affordable makes them even more appealing.


Hair Dryer Brush


This hair dryer brush functions as a brush, hair dryer, curler, straightener and volumizer. It uses negative ion technology while making hair smooth and shining.

  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t tangle hair
  • Doesn’t work well on shorter hair
Recommended Age

This hair dryer brush is suitable for teens ages 13 and up

What Makes This Hair Dryer Brush Stand Out?

This hair dryer may be the only tool most girls need to style longer hair. Since it dries, brushes, curls or straightens hair and then adds volume it does just about everything needed to create a variety of different hairstyles.


Apple AirPods with Charging Case


Apple AirPods are a favorite device for listening to music or playing games and giving Apple AirPods with a handy charging case makes a wonderful Christmas gift for any teenagers female or male on your shopping list. The moment the AirPods are put into the ears they automatically turn on and connect.

  • Good Sound
  • Fits in ears well
  • Some users state that these AirPods hurt their ears
Recommended Age

These AirPods are best suited for older teens 15 and up

What Makes These AirPods Stand Out

AirPods are extremely popular with teens and the fact that these AirPods come with their own charging case that also helps keep the AirPods safe and in good shape.


Moon Lamp


This lamp is roughly the shape of the moon with the surface of the moon features making this lamp unique. The lamp comes with a USB chargeable battery and can be set for 16 different colors. This lamp is great for adding ambience to the teens bedroom.

  • Can change the intensity of the color
  • The light is actually soothing
  • Not the best quality
Recommended Age

This lamp is suitable for any age teenager

What Makes This Moon Lamp Stand Out?

This lamp works by remote control and comes with a nice wooden display stand. You can use the moon lamp either by battery alone or by plugging it in.


Makeup Mirror


This 14.5 inch by 18.5 inch vanity mirror is designed to sit on a vanity, table, or dresser. The mirror has 12 large LED light bulbs to provide great light for putting on makeup and arranging hair. A great gift for any teen who is into looking their best for school, work and socializing.

  • Well made and sturdy
  • Nice bright bulbs
  • Sometimes the mirror randomly turns off
Recommended Age

This vanity makeup mirror is best suited for teen girls who are 17 and up

What Makes This Mirror Stand Out?

The size of this mirror combined with the special magnified area for close up work and the ability to dim or brighten lights makes this mirror worth buying.


Flameless Candle Set


This set of candles comes in sizes 4, 5, and 6 inches and makes a great gift for teenage girls, because it provides them with the soft glow of candles without worrying about fires caused by an open flame. These candles come with an 18-key control pad and an automatic turn on and off feature.

  • Easy to use remote
  • Cool color changes
  • Some of the candles are duds
Recommended Age

These candles are perfect for teens who are 14 years old and up

What Makes These Candles Stand Out?

The cute butterfly design on these candles combined with the fact that they come in a set of three makes these candles ideal for any young girl’s bedroom or older teens dorm room.


Blow Up Beach Lounger


If you are looking for a unique idea for teenage girls then this blow up lounger should do the trick. This lounger is perfect for overnight guests, relaxing in the backyard, the park or at the beach. This lounger comes with a carry bag and stake so that when it is used outdoors you can stake it down to prevent it blowing away in the wind.

  • Comfortable
  • Fun to blow up
  • Actually need a bit of wind to inflate this lounger
Recommended Age

Suitable for anyone 13 and up

What Makes This Inflatable Lounger Stand Out?

This lounger is sure to capture attention due to the way you need to run around in order to inflate it. While this may not be for everyone at least people who use this lounger get some exercise before relaxing the afternoon away.


Beach Cruiser Bike


A Beach cruiser bike makes a great gift for any teenage girl who wants to bike around with friends, bike to school or around a college campus. This mint green bike is feminine without being overly girly.

  • Preinstalled bike rack
  • Comes with all the tools you need
  • Some bikes come missing the nuts for the seat post
Recommended age

This bike is suitable for teenage girls of all ages

What Makes this Bike Stand Out?

This girls bike stands out because it is a single speed bike that is easy for any teen to use and is designed to be durable and lasting for years. It will also provide the teen with some healthy exercise.


Latch Hook Rug Kit


With teens spending more time at home thanks to the pandemic having a craft that is simple and enjoyable to do can make a great difference in busting natural boredom. This cute latch hook rug kit not only is a fun craft for teens, but also results in them having a cute accessory for their home when completed.

  • Easy to do
  • Great colors
  • Instructions did not match the pattern
Recommended Age

This latch hook rug kit is appropriate for preteens and teens

What Makes This Hook Rug Kit Stand Out?

This Lady bug rug has the pattern printed right on the canvas making it easy to follow. Once finished this circle rug will make a great gift for someone your teenager loves or she can keep it for as part of her own room’s decor.


Bedding in a Bag


This bedding set makes a great gift for the teenage girl in your life. Teens spend a good deal of time in their room and therefore want the room to look great and be comfortable. This bedding set is complete in itself.

  • Comes in several colors
  • Sophisticated and elegant
  • Tucks pull out easily
Recommended Age

This bedding is best suited for older teens girls aged 16 and up

What Makes This Bedding Stand Out?

This is a nice bedding set that comes with everything you need to completely make up your bed. The bedding is elegant and nice looking and comes in a variety of colors so it should be easy to find a set to match the teen’s home decor.


Paddle Board


A great gift for any teenage girl who enjoys water sports this paddle board comes with all of the accessories. This durable paddle board can be used in rivers, lakes and even the ocean.

  • Sturdy and stable
  • Comes with lots of extras
  • The pump that comes with the board is not very good
Recommended Age

This paddle board is probably best suited to older teens 15 years and up

What Makes this Paddle Board Stand Out?

This paddle board comes with everything needed including a carrying bag, a pump, a paddle, and safety leash


Jazzminton Yard Game


Jazzminton is an indoor/outdoor game that makes a great gift for any teenage girl who enjoys spending time outdoors and playing games. There are a number of different ways to play this game and teens often make up their own rules.

  • Fun way to burn calories and get healthy exercise
  • LED birdies are fun to use at night
  • Some of the paddles peel
Recommended Age

This game is suitable for teens of all ages

What Makes This Game Stand Out?

You can play this game almost anywhere including at the beach or in a pool. It’s a fun game that keeps people of all ages on their toes and having a great time.


Water Bottle


A hydro Cell water bottle makes a great gift for any teenage girl on the go. This water bottle is made from high quality stainless steel and is powder coated to prevent slipping. It also keeps cold drinks cold longer and hot drinks hot longer.

  • The screw on lid prevents leaks
  • Keeps water cold for up to 24 hours
  • Some users got defective straw caps
Recommended Age

This water bottle is suitable for preteens and teens

What Makes This Water Bottle Stand Out?

The choice of caps to use with this water bottle is one of the great things about this flask. It also comes in various sizes including 18, 24, 32 and 40 ounces.

Buyers Guide for Choosing the Best Gifts for Teenage Females

If you have one or more teenage girls in your life that you need or want to purchase Christmas or birthday gifts for then this buying guide may be of some help.

Teen Girls Have Their Own Interests

You need to remember that every teen has their own interests and hobbies if you are looking to purchase a gift that is meaningful to a specific teen spend some time with the young lady and pay attention when she talks. Make notes of those things she is passionate about as this should give you some great ideas of gifts that she will like.

Keep in mind that most teens continue to develop new interests sometimes on a regular basis, so try and keep abreast of their new interests.

Don’t Buy Clothing for a Teen Girl Unless You Know Their Taste

One of the biggest mistakes many people make when purchasing a gift for a teen girl is buying them clothes they would like to see the teen wear. Teenage females have developed their own style and may have very specific taste in clothing so unless you know the young lady’s specific style and taste avoid purchasing clothing for the teen girl. If you really wish to give a girl clothing you are better off giving them a gift card to their favorite clothing store and let them pick out the article of clothing themselves. If you feel you must buy them clothes please keep the receipt and don’t take it personal if the girl wants to return or exchange the gift for an alternative.

Make the Gift a Surprise

While teenage girls certainly want a gift they like, they also want that gift to be a surprise. So refrain from checking with the teen to see if they will like the gift you are planning on buying. If you are really at a dead end you can ask them for 3 or 4 ideas of things they might like and then choose one of those ideas, or use those ideas for a gift of your own.

A suprise gift is a great idea if you’re a teen boy and are getting a gift for your girlfriend.

Conclusion to the Best Teen Girl Gifts

If you are struggling to find just the right gift for the teenager in your life we hope that this gift guide for the best Christmas and birthday gifts for teenage girls will help make your shopping simpler and easier and more enjoyable.

Gift Ideas for teenage girls
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