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31 Best Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys in 2024

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We know how tough it can be trying to find presents for teens due to the many different interests they have so if you’re struggling to find gifts for teen boys, you’ll want to check out our review of what the top choices are.

We’ve researched and reviewed items like drones, building kits, educational sets, headphones, games and more. After reading through our guide you’ll be able to have a much a better clearer idea about the kinds of gifts that they can have a lot of fun with.

Our List of the Top Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

So on with our list and on with your Bday or Christmas shopping. If you still stumped after the list of gifts you can find a buyers guide section at the end. This section provides you with more information and ideas to stimulate some more thought and assure you that your making a good decision with the presents you choose.


Waterproof JBL Bluetooth Speaker


JBL’s speaker is Bluetooth enabled which lets teens connect it to their devices to listen to music wirelessly. The battery can be easily recharged and lasts for up to 12 hours after being fully charged.

The speaker can be synced with other JBL speakers to amplify the sound for when you’re with more people and in larger spaces. With an IPX7 waterproof rating, boys won’t have to worry about the speaker getting damaged in wet conditions.

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Bass boosted
  • Speaker phone included
  • Treble is higher than some would prefer

Skullcandy Bluetooth Headphones


Boys who love listening to music can use these headphones to connect to their devices without wires. We liked how they’re implemented an over ear design for the headphones as it feels more comfortable to wear.

The headphones also have a lightweight feature to make them even more comfortable to wear over long periods of time. An analog amplifier has been fitted which works to enhance the audio quality.

  • Range of colors available
  • 22 hour battery life
  • Built in microphone
  • Plastic materials could be more durable

Swiss Army Pocket Knife


There are 15 different functions that this pocket knife can help with due to the number of mini tools that are available inside. It includes tools such as a screwdriver, can opener, scissors, and more.

The handle has been made with an ergonomic design. As a result, boys are able to be in complete control and remain safe. Opening and locking the tools into place is also very easy.

  • Compact design
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Scissors aren’t sharp enough for thick materials

Bluetooth Beanie With Speakers


Stereo speakers have been integrated into this beanie which lets boys listen to music while wearing it. They’ve included Bluetooth technology to let you connect the beanie to your wireless devices for an easy listening experience.

A microphone has also been built in which lets you take hands free calls. There’s a control panel that lets you receive and manage your calls. Not to mention, the beanie has been made with comfortable materials that keep you warm.

  • Variety of colors available
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Beanie is larger than some were expecting

Swiss Gear Backpack


A special laptop space is available inside this backpack that can accommodate laptops up to 17″. It comes with padded materials that ensure your laptop can remain safe while you’re traveling.

In addition to this, a RFID protector has been fitted. This works to prevent people using devices to steal information from your cards or other electronic items. You can be sure to fit your other items in the backpack too, such as phones, water bottles, and more.

  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Mesh materials for better airflow
  • Range of designs available
  • No water resistant materials

Bryker Hyde RFID Blocking Wallet


The RFID blocking technology available with this wallet prevents people being able to steal data on your credit cards. Therefore, boys can feel secure in knowing that their cards will be safe.

There are 2 slots for your ID to go into which allows teens to have easy access to it at any time. Furthermore, there’s room for up to 9 other cards to ensure that boys can keep all of their cards stored in one easy to access place.

  • Good range of colors to choose from
  • Durable leather materials
  • Divider for keeping cash & cards separate
  • Slightly larger than some would prefer

Wireless Apple AirPods & Charging Case


Apple’s AirPods can connect with your teenage boy’s phone so that they can listen to music without the hassle of wires. They’re easy to set up and automatically connect to your phone when they’re in range.

The case that’s included lets you charge the wireless earphones easily by using the lightning cable. After being fully charged, the AirPods can last for up to 24 hours.

  • Easy access to Siri
  • Built in microphone
  • Bass is louder than some would prefer

45-Piece Snack Pack


This large snack pack comes with a total of 45 items that include treats that are salty an savory. They’ve also included some snacks that are healthier. We were impressed with how much variety they’ve managed to pack inside.

It can be a wonderful gift for any time of the year. Whether it be for a Birthday, Christmas, or Halloween, teen boys would make good use out of these snacks.

  • Great for road trips
  • Gift packaging available
  • Some were expecting the box to be larger

Under Armour Sandals


Under Armour’s sandals come with a strap that has been made with an adjustable feature to ensure that you’re able to tighten it around your foot and be comfortable. Furthermore, the shape of the sandal is ergonomic.

It contours to the natural shape of your feet to enhance the comfort factor. The dual layers of foam materials also enable you to wear the sandals for hours and feel comfy.

  • Variety of colors available
  • Good range of sizes on offer
  • Not as durable as some were hoping

Vintage Designed Sunglasses


The polarized lenses that have been fitted to these sunglasses ensure that bright glares are reduced to keep your eyes protected. We liked how the frame has been constructed with metal materials.

This ensures that the sunglasses can remain durable. Users have mentioned how they’ve been able to wear them for different activities, such as running and going on hikes. Furthermore, the sunglasses are lightweight, which makes them comfortable to wear.

  • Different color options available
  • Glasses case & cleaning cloth included
  • Some notice the lenses become slightly fuzzy over time

4 Wheeler RC Truck


Boys can have a blast racing this remote control truck around at speeds of up to 30 mph. This is plenty of speed to let them have fun outdoors in large open spaces.

The 4 wheel suspension system ensures that the truck can remain stable when going across different surfaces. We also liked how the steel chassis and metal bearings provide the truck with lots of strength to remain durable for a long time.

  • 2 speed settings available
  • IPX4 waterproof rating
  • Durable rubber wheels
  • Battery compartment can be difficult to access

Basketball Backboard


The backboard has been made with shatterproof polycarbonate materials that ensure it will remain durable for a long time. We also liked how the base can be filled with water or sand to keep it in place.

This makes it easier to transport if needed. Moreover, you can make easy adjustments to the height of the backboard between 7.5 and 10 feet.

  • Durable steel pole
  • Weatherproof nylon net
  • Assembly can be tricky

Holy Stone’s Portable Remote Control Drone


An altitude hold function is available with this drone that keeps it hovering in one position without you touching the controls. A one key landing and takeoff button is available for beginners too.

When you press this button, the drone automatically lifts off or lands. Moreover, you can fold the drone up into a more compact size to make it easier to transport. Boys can also fun fun making the drone perform 360-degree flips in midair.

  • Headless mode automatically brings the drone back
  • Easy to control
  • Batteries don’t last as long as some were hoping

The Ultimate Frisbee


Wham-O’s Frisbee can be a fantastic present for teenage boys to play in groups with friends and family. It can be a great way to get them outdoors and playing more actively.

The Frisbee is incredibly lightweight at 175g. Therefore, it’s super easy for everyone to get the hang of throwing it across long distances. Despite its lightweight design, you can still throw the Frisbee with plenty of control when it’s windy.

  • Range of colorsavailable
  • Fun logo design
  • Can sting your hands a little when catching fast throws!

Star Wars Themed Doodle Set


Boys who like Star Wars could have a lot of fun using this to doodle with. It has been designed with Star Wars characters and can inspire teenagers to be more creative with what they draw.

We liked how the pencil that’s available has a double sided design as it lets you draw in blue or red The set also comes with 4 ink pads that come in blue, brown, green, and black colors.

  • Great instructional booklet
  • 40 pages included
  • Ink in the pen could last longer

Mini Beginners Drone


This drone could be a superb choice for boys who haven’t flown them before. It comes with a couple of speed settings that include high and low. Boys can choose the lower setting until they’ve gotten used to the controls.

A headless and altitude hold mode are available which is great for beginners. The headless mode makes the drone automatically come back if it’s out of range. Whereas, the altitude hold mode keeps the drone hovering in one place on its own. A midair stunt feature has been included as well which lets you flip the drone 360 degree.

  • Built in LED lights
  • Long range
  • Durable propellers
  • Battery could last longer

Technic Porsche by Lego


With over 2,000 pieces, teenagers can keep themselves occupied for a long time with this Lego Technic set. It can be a more exciting way to help them learn how to concentrate for longer.

Once the model has been built, it has some fantastic detailed features that look superb. As a result, boys can feel proud of what they’ve made and put it up on display. A fantastic booklet is also included that lets boys learn more about Porsche cars.

  • Can be used with other Lego sets
  • Great collectors item
  • Some were expecting more playable features

Potensic Beginners Drone


There are 3 speed levels available with this drone that lets boys choose between low, medium, and high settings. As a result, they can gradually use the faster speeds once they’ve gotten used to the controls.

One key takeoff/landing, headless mode, and altitude hold modes are all available which are fantastic for people who haven’t flown drones before. We also liked how small the drone is as it’s super easy to pack up and use at different locations.

  • Variety of designs available
  • Strong propeller guards
  • Drone needs to be re calibratedevery time it’s turned on

Halo Building Set by Mega Bloks


Boys who are fans of the Halo games could have a blast with this building set. They can put together a UNSC Scorpion, which is a battle tank from the games. It’s a fun challenge for boys to assemble.

Once it’s completed, they can rotate the turret and roll the tank along due to the tracks that move. The set also features collectible action figures that include Spartan Protector, Spartan Buck, and Covenant Elite characters.

  • Great accessories included
  • Can be used with other Mega Bloks Halo sets
  • Armor on the figures is interchangeable
  • Some were hoping the instructions would be better

Fast Thinking Memory Game


If you were after a gift that could keep your teenage boy on his toes, this could be a great choice. The game involves lights that flash up in different sequences and you have to repeat the sequence correctly.

The more sequences you get right, the more challenging the sequences become. We liked how there’s an LCD display that keeps track of the score to ensure that you know who’s done the best.

  • Enhances memory recall
  • Single & multiplayer modes included
  • Can improve better focus
  • Louder than some were expecting with no volume controls

Storytelling Party Game


This storytelling game could be a super present for your teenage boy’s birthday. It can be played by larger groups of between 4 and 11 people and it’s sure to get everyone laughing in no time.

It involves someone reading out a caption from a card to start the story off. The players then take it in turns to ask the storyteller questions by using their cards which creates a developing story. It’s a creative and exciting game that can end up in some hilarious stories!

  • Easy to follow rules
  • Plenty of cards included
  • Some were hoping story cards would be longer

Electronics Circuit Building Set


Teens can use this kit to have a hands on learning experience with electronics. We liked how it has been packed with over 75 projects to keep boys engaged for a while.

The set comes with a wide variety of more than 40 items. This includes things like compasses, motors, and fans. So, boys have all of the equipment they need to get started. They’re also able to remain safe due to the fuse technology available.

  • Improves focus
  • Can be a fun group activity
  • Some parts could be more durable

Electronics Building Kit


With more than 200 projects available, you can be sure that your teenage boy will have a blast keeping themselves occupied for a while with this set. This number of projects is excellent for encouraging them to learn more.

Furthermore, the learning process is hands on and more interactive. There are 30 parts that include resistors, transistors, ICs, and more. These different components broaden your teen’s knowledge on electronics.

  • Enhances concentration
  • Instructional booklet included
  • Some were expecting the set to be larger

Laser Tag Set


The range available with these laser blasters is an impressive 200 feet. Therefore, teens can have fun running around in larger spaces trying to blast each other. This set comes with 2 blasters to let 2 teens use them.

You can add more to the set for boys to play in larger groups. Vests are available which are interactive and provide you with feedback based on if you’ve been hit, as well as useful tips.

  • Compatible with other Laser X sets
  • Sound effects available
  • Exciting color lighting included
  • Reload feature can be a little difficult to use at times

3D Electronics Project Set


Teenagers can be engrossed in the 150+ projects that are available with this kit. These projects enable boys to learn more about electronics while also being challenged and having a more interactive experience.

It’s a more advanced set that challenges teens and lets them create 3D illuminated models. The kit can even be used with other sets by Snap Circuit to expand your boy’s interest to learn more.

  • No toolsrequired
  • Detailed instructional booklet included
  • Plastic components could be stronger

Contixo RC Drone


A Return to Home mode is available with this drone that works to bring the drone back to your location on its own. It’s a great feature for beginners who may accidentally fly the drone out of range to begin with.

The drone will automatically come back once it starts to run low on charge. We were also impressed with how there’s a 2K HD camera included too. This lets boys take some amazing aerial footage.

  • 20 minute battery life
  • 5G tech for stronger connection
  • Water resistant
  • Some were expecting the remote to be more sensitive

Robot Building Set


Boys can have fun assembling this robot kit with the 594 pieces that are included. They’re also able to build and play with 3 different models. Once they’ve built one, they can take it apart and build another model.

Furthermore, each of the models that can be made have fully articulating joints that can move around freely. As a result, your teenager can put the model on display in different positions.

  • Posters included
  • Durable non toxic materials
  • Some of the smaller pieces can be lost easier

Water Bottle Rocket Science Set


Most of the items required to perform this water bottle rocket experiment are included. All you need is a pump and bottle that you can transform into a mini rocket by following the detailed instructions.

We were impressed with how bottles are able to fly upwards to 90 feet! This makes it a pretty exciting experiment that gets teenagers more excited to learn about science.

  • Fun groupactivity
  • Unique gift idea
  • Some were anticipating the plastic materials to be more durable

Altair Aerial Drone with Camera


The 720p HD camera that has been fitted to this camera is fantastic for letting boys take stunning images and videos from the sky. It can also be connected to phones for teens to instantly see the footage that has been captured.

To ensure that beginners can have an easy time flying this drone, there’s a one button takeoff/landing function and headless mode available. The one button control makes the drone land or takeoff by itself and the headless mode keeps the drone steady in one place for better images to be taken.

  • Easy to use remote
  • Can be used indoors & outdoors
  • Some were hoping the battery would last longer

Star Wars Lule Skywalker Lightsaber


Teens who love Star Wars would appreciate how highly detailed this Lightsaber is. It has been made to look just like the one from the movies which boys can use as a collectors item.

There are awesome lighting and sound effects included too. These have been made to look and sound like the Lightsaber from the movies which is a fantastic feature.

  • Instructions for using the Lightsaber areincluded
  • Collectors stand available
  • Sound effects could be louder

Star Wars Lego Death Star Building Set


Boys who love Star Wars can have a blast assembling the 4,000+ pieces included in this Lego kit. They can be occupied for a quite a while with building this space station which can leave them feeling proud once it has been completed.

We liked how they’ve included an impressive range of 20 mini figures too. These include the main characters, such as Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and many more.

  • Can be used with other Lego sets
  • Highly detailed model
  • Some notice pieces are missing when delivered

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Buyers Guide to Good Gifts for Teenage Guys

After learning more about what some of the best gifts for teenage boys have to offer, you can now feel more confident about the type of present that you’re going to get them.

If you were looking for some additional guidance before making any decisions, you can check out the buyers guide section below.

Benefits of Good Stuff for Teen Boys

Boys can experience a surprising number of benefits when using many of the gifts mentioned in our review. To learn more about what these kinds of advantages, check out this section.

Social Skills

When your child is a teenager, they’re going through a stage where their social skills are really coming into play. Whether it be at school, weekend jobs, or simply hanging out with friends.

Therefore, finding gifts that can help them improve their social skills can be fantastic. For example, presents such as games could be a fantastic idea. They can encourage boys to feel more comfortable in social situations which can translate well later on in their life.

Cognitive Advantages

Stimulating your teenager’s cognitive thinking abilities is super important as well. While the gifts that focus on just entertainment can be great, it may be a good idea to have a mixture of gifts.

The educational science sets provide boys with a more interactive and hands on way of learning which they find more fun. Furthermore, even some of the more complex building kits can be excellent for helping boys work on their ability to problem solve and remain focused for longer.

What are the Top Christmas Gifts for Teen Boys?

When it comes to finding Christmas gifts for teenage guys, it can be a fantastic idea to pick ones that they can use with the family on Christmas day.

Therefore, presents such as games or building sets where the family can spend time together could make for a awesome Xmas gifts.

Practical stuff such as headphones, a stylish new wallet or a drone also make great gifts!

What are Cool Birthday Presents for Teenage Guys?

As far as birthday gifts for teenage guys go, you can try and find out if they have any specific interests to find the right kind of gifts leading up to their big day.

Furthermore, if you were having a gathering of people over, a party game could make for a superb present that they can use to play with everyone.

Useful things like a backpack can also make for something your son will love! Boys also love snack packs, one of which we’ve included just below!

What are the Best Types of Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys?

We’ve reviewed a selection of cool gifts for teen boys in this guide. To make it simpler for you to see details on the the different kinds of items are and what makes them different from each other, you can check out this quick list.

The top types of gifts include building sets, RC cars and drones, educational sets, pocket knives and musical gifts such as headphones or a Bluetooth speaker.

Building Sets

Building kits can be cool gifts for teenage guys who like to big projects. The ones we’ve reviewed come with lots of pieces to ensure that teens can be challenged and spend some time assembling the kit.

Remote Control Cars & Drones

RC cars and drones are super fun presents for teenage guys. The best RC cars for teens are the ones that can travel at higher speeds. This is because teens can handle these higher speeds and have more fun riding them around.

The RC drones are also superb presents, especially the ones that come with cameras. These drones let guys get some amazing pictures and videos from an aerial point of view.

Educational Sets

Educational kits can be awesome gifts for teen boys. The ones that we’ve reviewed are fantastic for enabling them to have a more hands on and interactive experience. This ensures that they can have fun and feel encouraged to learn more.

Music Gifts

Most teenage guys love listening to music. Therefore, finding a items such as headphones or speakers could make for reliable presents that you can be sure they’ll make good use of.

Final Thoughts on the Top Rated Stuff for Teen Guys

That concludes our review on the best gifts for teen boys. Be sure to consider the main features, pros, and cons, as well as the details found in the buyers guide. That’s what will help you to make the best decision on finding the right for your teenager.

It can be super tricky trying to come across presents that you think teenage guys will like. Hopefully, we’ve made your job of finding the best presents a lot easier.

Teenage Boy Gift Ideas
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