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9 Best Cameras for Teens Interested In Photography

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What is the best digital camera for teenagers? With so many different types of cameras and features to consider, discovering the one that’s right for your older tween girl or teen can be a lengthy process.

However, you can check out our review below to gain a better understanding of what the top digital cameras for teenage boys and girls have to offer. We’ve included awesome cameras for beginners, those who have had more experience with photography, as well as camcorders and cameras that allow teens to use them underwater.

Since there’s such a wide selection to choose from, you can be sure to find the one that your teen can use to take amazing pictures and videos!

Our List of Good Starter Cameras for Teenagers

So here is our guide, check it out and find that great camera for your teen whether it’s a boy or girl you have and whether it’s a graduation gift or a birthday present!

You can also make use of the buyers guide section that we’ve included after the reviews below. The buyers guide includes more details surrounding the reviewed cameras to make sure that you’re able to have a better idea of how to pick one and feel confident about it.


Canon EOS 2000D Camera Bundle Set


Canon’s EOS 2000D model comes with a wide variety of accessories that include a 64GB memory card, hand grip, lens cap, cleaning cloths, and a range of lenses. Therefore, photographers have plenty of items to enhance their images with.

We also liked how a carrying case is included. This enables you to easily carry the camera around while on the move while keeping it protected.

We think this camera is the perfect gift for a 13 year old boys!

  • 24.1 megapixels
  • Can take full HD videos
  • WiFi enabled
  • Some find the flashlight accessory doesn’t work so well
What age is this recommended for?

13 yrs and over


Crosstour CT9000-U Waterproof Camera

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


We were impressed with how the case around this camera has been made with an IP68 waterproof rating. As a result, teens can take the camera underwater to take awesome images in depths of up to 30 meters.

The camera also lets you take incredibly high quality images and videos in 4K with an excellent 60 frames per second. This allows for smooth videos that look spectacular.

We suggest this one if you’re after a 13th birthday gift for a girl!

  • Built in WiFi
  • Mounting accessories included
  • Wireless remote available
  • Sound on videos isn’t so great
What age is this recommended for?

13 years old and up


Nikon D3400 Camera


This Nikon camera has a CMOS sensor and 24.2 megapixels at your disposal. Therefore, you can be sure that teenagers can use the camera to take incredibly pictures in high quality.

With SnapBridge, you can easily have the camera connected to your other devices. So, as soon as you take a picture, it can be automatically sent directly to your smartphone or tablet.

  • Great ISO range of 100 to 25,600
  • Awesome in low light environments
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Can be tricky to use in the beginning
What age is this recommended for?

13 years and over


Sony LCD A5100 Camera


With 24 megapixels and the APS-C Sensor available, teenagers can take remarkable pictures in high resolution. We also liked how the camera can be used to record in 1080p HD quality.

In addition to this, WiFi features have been implemented to this camera. This provides you with more options when it comes to sharing the images and videos that you’ve taken. Users have also been liking how the LCD screen can flip to let you have plenty of choice when it comes to how you take your pictures.

  • Quiet operation
  • Built in flash
  • Can be prone to overheating
What age is this recommended for?

13 yrs and over


Kodak AZ421 Digital LCD Camera


The CCD sensor and 16.1 megapixels available enables you to zoom in, crop, and have lots of room while taking images to be more creatively free. With the 42x optical zoom and wide angle lens of 24 mm, you’re able to take pictures from far away in high quality.

We liked how the optical image stabilization feature allows you to take great pictures regardless of whether you’re moving or have a shaky hand. This is awesome for being able to capture fantastic action shots.

  • Easy to see 3″ LCD screen
  • 720p HD videos
  • Great compatibility with smartphones & tablets
  • Not so great in very bright conditions
What age is this recommended for?

13 years and over


Polaroid Instant Camera


Teens can take pictures using this camera and be able to have them printed instantly. We were impressed with how the camera doesn’t require any ink to print colorful photos in high quality.

A selfie mirror has been fitted to this camera as well. This is awesome for enabling teenagers to see themselves easily to take great selfies. Not to mention, the camera is also compact which makes it easy to carry around and take pictures on the go.

  • Pictures can be uploaded to computers
  • Wrist strap included
  • Self timer available
  • Flash could be more responsive
What age is this recommended for?

12 years and over


Fujifilm Instant Mini Camera Bundle Set


This bundle set includes 40 sheets of film which provides teenagers with the opportunity to take plenty of pictures. There are also hanging frames, stickers, frames, and clips that you can use to put the images up on display.

We liked how this tween camera also has an instant feature that allows you to take photos and see them printed out of the camera right away. A selfie lens is also available which teens can use to take excellent pictures of themselves and others.

  • Cleaning cloth included
  • Lens filters available in different colors
  • Camera case for safety
  • Some were disappointed with how there aren’t any zoom functions
What age is this recommended for?

12 yrs and over


Kodak AZ252 Astro Camera Bundle Kit


Kodak’s AZ252 camera comes with a variety of accessories that include lenses, a 32GB memory card, rechargeable battery and charger, and a focus camera set. We also liked how you can achieve a 25 x optical zoom with this camera.

This lets teens take high quality images from far away. This is especially since there’s 16 megapixels and a 24 mm wide angle lens available to use. This is awesome for taking images and videos in full HD.

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  • WiFi enabled
  • Optical image stabilization included
  • One touch button for recording videos
  • Power button design could be better
What age is this recommended for?

14 years old and up


Canon Camera/Camcorder Bundle Set


If you were after something that teenagers can use to take awesome videos, this video camera could be an excellent choice. It lets you take videos in 1920 x 1080p HD at 60fps.

Therefore, teens can take remarkably smooth videos that look true to life. Not to mention, a CMOS sensor has been fitted that allows you to take awesome images as well. A 64GB memory card is also included which is plenty of storage to take lots of videos and images.

  • Hand grip accessory included
  • 3″ touchscreen LCD display
  • Great cleaning kit available
  • Tripod accessory legs could be more durable
What age is this recommended for?

12 years and over

Buyers Guide to Cameras for Tweens & Teens

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to read through our review of the best teen and tween cameras, you can begin to narrow down your search to focus on the ones that you think would be best for your child.

If you were looking for some additional guidance on how to go about choosing a good camera for your teen, you can check out the buyers guide section below.

What Is A Good Starter Camera for a Teenager?

When it comes to finding a camera for a young photographer, you’ll want to focus on the ones that have been made for beginners. Good features to lookout for when you’re searching for beginner cameras include their overall ease of use.

If all the settings and buttons are easy to use then it’ll be easier for a beginner to learn how to take awesome photos. In addition to this, a good starter camera will be lightweight and more compact.

This is because it enables teenagers to carry it around with them to use comfortably while they’re on the move. You may even want to consider Polaroid instant cameras for people who are 12 year old.

These cameras don’t have a digital screen or a bunch of complicated settings to take photos. Instead, all you have to do is look through the lens, press a button to take the photo, and watch how it’s printed out from the camera.

On our page, we’ve listed the top 3 starter cameras in our review for boys and girls.

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How Much Should You Spend On A Camera For A Beginner Photographer?

The amount that you should spend on a camera for beginners will depend on the type of camera that you’re looking at. As far as the best digital beginner cameras go, you’ll be looking to spend anywhere in the ball park of $300 to $600.

You can find digital cameras for teens who are beginners cheaper but if you’re budget allows for a model in the $300 to $600 range, your teen would be able to strengthen their photography skills better with a high quality camera.

On the other hand, a great beginner camera could be a Polaroid, which are much cheaper. You can get fantastic instant Polaroid cameras for under $100. Therefore, the amount that you spend on a beginner camera will differ according to the type that you’re interested in.

Final Thoughts On The Best Camera For Teenager

So, that concludes our review on what the best digital cameras for teenagers have to offer. There are many different features to consider when it comes to these cameras but we’ve laid out the main details for each camera to ensure that you have the right information you need to make the best decision.

We hope that you can use our review and buying guide section to make your job of finding a digital camera for teens a lot easier.

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