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11 Really Cool Dragon Toys for Kids

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Are you looking for cool dragon toys for kids and toddlers? If so, you’ll be interested to check out our detailed review below. We’ve researched what some of the top dragon toys are and what they have to offer so that you can have an easier time when it comes to knowing what separates the best from the rest.

Our review includes a wide selection of toys that include remote control toys, action figures, stuffed animals, and robot ones that can walk and talk on their own. With so many choices and features to consider, you can make your task easier by reading through the reviews below and picking out the one that stands out to you as being the best.

Our List of the Best Toy Dragons for Sale

Our review section is below and each toy has been highlighted with the main features, pros, cons, and age recommendations. As a result, you’ll be left with a clearer picture as to which one your child could enjoy playing with the most.

A buyers guide section is available after the reviews and includes more details on the various types of toys so that you can have a peace of mind about which one to select.


Red Remote Control Dinosaur


The remote control available with this dinosaur dragon figure enables kids to have a blast controlling the head and bones of the dinosaur to move around. There are two buttons on the controller that are large to ensure kids have an easy time using it.

We were also impressed with how light up fire breathing features and sound effects have been included. These make the toy incredibly exciting and stimulating for children to play with.

We recommend this for a gift for 3 year old boys!

  • Non toxic rubber materials
  • Inspires creativity
  • Tail could be more durable
What age is this recommended for?

3 years and over


Crystal Dragon Cage


The dragon toy inside the pretend egg inside the cage makes sound effects and moves around. This is super exciting for children as they can wait in anticipation for the dragon egg to hatch.

We liked how they’ve included fun sound effects and movements as it stimulates your child’s senses so that they can have a more interactive experience. Furthermore, the toy can hatch multiple times to keep your little one entertained.

This dragon hatching toy would be well suited as a gifts for 5 year old girls.

  • Colorful design
  • Parts of a collectible set
  • Some notice that the batteries included don’t work
What age is this recommended for?

5 to 10 years old


Lego Ninjago Dragon Building Set


This Lego set has a range of 951 pieces for children to spend a while putting together. The building process is an excellent way for your kids to develop their motor skills and hand eye coordination.

We liked how the set also includes 6 minifigures that come with a variety of accessories. It provides children with plenty of toys to play with and be highly creative for hours on end.

Boys age 9 and up would love this as a gift for any occassion.

  • Compatible with other Lego sets
  • Can improve problem solving
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • Some notice pieces are missing upon delivery
What age is this recommended for?

9 years and over


Toothless Hatching Dragon


Kids who are fans of the Dreamworks Dragons movies could have a blast playing with this hatching toy. It works by kids touching the dragon egg until it hatches open. When the toy hatches, there are lights and sound effects.

These are super fun and stimulating features that get kids excited to play with the toy. Your little one can even play interactive games with the toy, such as asking questions and listening to the response.

  • Encourages imaginative thinking
  • Excellent movement features
  • Plastic materials are harder than some would prefer
What age is this recommended for?

5 to 7 years old


Toothless Dragon & Hoodie

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This is an awesome 2 in 1 option that can be worn as a hoodie and played with as a toy. Therefore, it’s a pretty unique toy that children can use to play with creatively while also being able to unfold the inside and wear it.

The materials are non allergenic and super soft to ensure that kids can feel comfortable wearing it. They can also cuddle up with it when they’re using the dragon as a toy.

This fun dragon hoodie and plush is the perfect gift for a 4 year old boy.

  • Machine washable
  • Unique present
  • Sizes run a little small
What age is this recommended for?

4 to 10 years old


Dragamonz Pack Of Cards & 6 Figures


This is a big set that comes with a range of 6 Dragamonz, 6 dragon cards, and 30 battle cards which provides kids with all they need to play against each other and have a blast. Therefore, this set can be awesome for improving your little one’s social sills.

We also liked how children can scan the cars on the downloadable app on a smartphone and have access to more fun features. The design of the figures are highly detailed and colorful as well.

  • Encourages imaginative thinking
  • Part of a collectibles set
  • Egg shells can make a mess
What age is this recommended for?

4 to 6 years old


Dragons Play Set


Children who love the Dreamworks Dragons movies could have a ton of fun using the two mini figures included in this set to come up with pretend play scenarios. This is great for stimulating your child’s creative thinking processes.

The toys include Hook Fang and Snotlout and they’ve both been made with plenty of detail. We were impressed with how the toy has a projectile feature where kids can pull the left leg back and put the projectile into its mouth and release to watch it shoot forwards.

  • Brightly colored design
  • Part of a collectible set
  • Minifigures are poseable
  • Some find the viking figure doesn’t stay seated on the dragon so well
What age is this recommended for?

4 to 6 years old


Grimmel & Deathgripper Dragons Set


The dragon and minifigure available in this set can be posed in different positions that’s a lot of fun for children to play around with when putting it up on display. Furthermore, they’re provided with the freedom to move the joints of the toys to play more imaginatively.

A projectile is included which kids can load into the dragon toy’s mouth before pulling back the left leg and letting go to shoot the projectile. This is an incredibly fun and interactive feature that can keep kids entertained for hours.

  • Weapon accessory available with the minifigure
  • Great for kids who love the Dreamworks Dragons movies
  • Set isn’t as sturdy as some were expecting
What age is this recommended for?

4 to 6 year olds


WowWee Shockwave Dragon


Children can have this toy wrapped around their finger where they’re able to try and tame the toy. The toy is incredibly interactive as it responds to sounds, touch, and movement.

Therefore, children are intrigued by the toy and can spend hours having fun trying to tame it. It’s also available in a range of colors that include purple and blue, white, red, and green so that you can pick the color that your child likes the most.

  • Inspires imagination
  • Can improve auditory learning senses
  • Instructions could be clearer
What age is this recommended for?

5 to 10 year olds


Toy Essentials 20 Piece Dragon Set


If you were after a range of dragon figures for your little one to play with, this 20 piece set could be a great choice. With 20 pieces available, kids can have fun using it to play with others.

This is an excellent way to strengthen your child’s social skills. We also liked how the toys have been made with a range of colors as they look super exciting to play with.

  • Great size for small hands
  • Encourages imaginative thinking
  • Paint on the toys can chip away over time
What age is this recommended for?

3 years old and over


Lightfury Interactive Dragon


We liked how this one comes with glowing lights and sound effects as it’s remarkably interactive and fun for children to play with. They’re also able to develop their auditory and visual learning senses while playing with this toy.

As a result of the interactive sound and light effects, children are able to implement the toy into their pretend play games. This is awesome for enhancing their creative thinking abilities.

  • Compatible with Dreamworks Dragons viking figures
  • Great size for younger kids to play with
  • Wings are a little flimsy
What age is this recommended for?

4 to 6 years old

Buyers Guide to the Best Toy Dragon Figures

After reading through our review of what the cool dragon figures and sets for boys and girls have to offer, you’ll be able to pick the one that stands out to you as being the best. Although, if you were looking for additional information on these toys, you can check out our buyers guide below.

Are Dragon Toys A Good Gift For Girls?

The toy dragons for sale that we’ve reviewed in this post are fantastic for both boys and girls. This is because girls and boys can have a ton of fun being imaginative and playing with these toys together.

Our review includes options that girls can have a ton of fun with, regardless of whether dragons seem like a traditional type of toy for a boy. The exciting interactive features can be enjoyed just as much by little girls too.

What Are The Top Types of Popular Dragon Toys?

While reading through our review, you will have seen that there are a variety of different types of toy dragons available. Some popular types that kids love include action figures, remote control toys, talking/moving options and plush stuffed dragons. To learn more about these different types and what makes them stand out from one another, check out our section about them.

Action Figures

Action figures are a super popular type of toy dragon that children can have a lot of fun being imaginative with. They’re great for your little one’s creative thinking skills.

Not to mention, action figures can be exciting for children to use while playing in groups together. This is fantastic for helping them to work on their social skills and teamwork abilities from a young age.

Remote Control

Remote control toys for kids are great fun as they can have total control over how the dinosaur moves by using the remote. The RC toy in our review has a remote with just two large buttons that makes it very easy for kids to use.


The talking and moving options are super interactive for children to play with and keep themselves occupied for hours. Your kids are able to improve their auditory learning senses by listening to these talking toys while also having a blast playing with them.

Stuffed Dragons

These are another popular toy for sale that children and toddlers can use to play with safely. Moreover, the soft materials on the inside and exterior make them very comfortable which is why kids love cuddling up to them so much.

Fire Breathing

The new pretend fire breathing options are a highly stimulating type of toy for children to play with. This is due to the light up and sound effects that these dragon toy figures have built in.

Final Thoughts On Dragon Toys For Kids

That concludes our review on what some of the best dragon toy gifts for children have to offer. Be sure to consider the main features, pros, cons, and age recommendations. That’s what will help you to decide on the toy that you think your little one could enjoy playing with the most.

You can also use our buyers guide to gain more information on these toys to help you feel more confident about making a final decision. We hope that our review has been useful in helping you to gain a better understanding of these toys and how to select the right one.

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