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14 Cheap Toys & Gifts for Kids Under $10

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Not all gifts for kids need to be expensive. Often times small inexpensive gifts are given for Christmas gift exchanges between children. Other times grandparents or older siblings who are on a strict budget simply can’t afford to give the children in their lives expensive gifts.

Here is a look at some highly rated cheap toys and gifts under $10.00 that children are sure to love.

Our List of Fun & Cheap Toys That Cost Less Than $10

The great news is that many times these affordable toys and gifts are just what a child wanted and may be appreciated more than a $25, $50 or even a $100 gift.


Magic Rainbow Scratch Paper


This Magic Rainbow Scratch paper kit comes with 50 sheets of paper to make colorful pictures and designs and 5 styluses for scratching the surface of the paper to reveal the colors below.

This gift idea will help an 8 year old girl who likes art to improve their fine motor skills and creativity.

  • Kids love creating pictures and seeing what colors appear
  • Fun activity for the entire family
  • There seems to be no complaints regarding this scratch paper
Recommended Age

8 years and up

What Makes The Rainbow Scratch Paper Stand Out?

This scratch paper stands out due to the bright colors that are revealed as children create their art.


Make A Wind Chime Kit


This wind chime kit has everything a child needs to make their own terracotta and metal wind chimes including paint, cord, and chime rods. It is a great $10 toy your child will love!

  • Paints are vibrant colors
  • Allows children to be creative
  • Wind chimes are quite small
Recommended Age

Children 7 to 10 are most likely to enjoy making these wind chimes

What Makes this Wind Chime Kit Stand Out?

Everything that is needed is included in the kit so children can make the chimes as soon as they receive the gift.


Tara Toy Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set


This Disney Princess Necklace activity set makes a great gift idea for a young girl. This kit makes 5 colorful necklaces complete with silicone necklaces, beads and rubber charms. A fun activity for young children who love making things they can actually wear.

  • Makes several necklaces
  • Encourages child to be creative
  • The ends of the necklace don’t stay together well
Recommended Age

Ages 4 to 7

What Makes this Necklace Activity Set Stand Out?

This set stands out due to the ability of children to make their necklaces using their own creativity.


Lego 3-in-1 Propeller Plane


This 128 piece Lego Plane building kit makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for any young child who loves building with Legos. This kit will allow your child to build their choice of different plane designs and then play with their creation.

A fun toy for boys age 6 we think it would make for a great 6th birthday present.

  • Nice clear instructions
  • Can add this set to other Lego sets
  • Some Kits were missing pieces
Recommended Age

6 years of age and up

What Makes this Lego Kit Stand Out?

This Lego kit allows the child to make 3 different planes one at a time.


Jazzminton Lite


This Jazzminton Lite game is a fun game that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. It comes with 2 paddles, 2 birdies, 1 ball and a carry bag. Despite this being a cheap game that is less than 10 dollars it is loads of fun, making it a gift any child would love.

  • Fun game that can be played indoors or out
  • Encourages exercise
  • Not the highest quality
Recommended Age

8 year olds and up

What Makes this Game Stand Out?

This game can be played by people of various ages and they all have fun.


Spot the Differences Search and Find Book


Young children compare two pictures and find the differences between the two pictures. This is a fun activity for young children and sharpens their observation skills.

  • Good Picture quality
  • Fun activity that holds child’s attention
  • It will take a while for young children to get use to finding the differences
Recommended Age

5 years old to the 3rd grade level

What Makes this Find the Difference Activity Book Stand Out?

The wide variety of subjects in this book makes this book more fun for younger children.


Wooden Puzzles


This set of 6- 9 piece wooden puzzles are of cute colorful animals. These puzzles will make a cute kid’s gift for under $10 and will help young children develop their fine motor skills and their hand/eye coordination.

This is the perfect educational toy for any 3 year old!

  • Bright colors
  • Animal is drawn on the board so child can match pieces with the underlying picture
  • There seems to be no complaints regarding these puzzles
Recommended Age

2 to 5 years of age

What Makes these Puzzles Stand Out?

The animals in these puzzles are appealing to young children making them eager to complete each puzzle.


Lego Marvel’s Avengers Iron Man


Kids love Marvel Adventures and this Lego Iron Man Kit allows children to build their own Iron Man and then play out their own adventures. This 148 piece kit makes a great cheap gift for kid’s birthdays, Christmas or even for their Easter baskets.

  • Not too difficult for younger kids
  • Kids love acting out scenarios with this super hero
  • Some missing pieces
Recommended Age

6 years old and up

What Makes this Lego Iron Man Kit Stand Out?

This Lego set encourages a child’s creativity and imagination.


Penguin Plush


This adorable 7.5 inch stuffed penguin makes a great Christmas, birthday or shower gift for any young child or infant. Kids love cuddling this soft little animal.

  • Great Size for toddlers to hold and carry
  • Incredibly soft
  • Penguin is smaller than advertised
Recommended Age

Newborns to adults

What Makes this Penguin Stand Out?

This penguin stands out because it is so soft.


Gemstone Water Bottle Craft Kit


Now girls can decorate their own water bottle with sparkling bling stickers and then use the bottle for water or other drinks when out playing or traveling. The pick water bottle comes with a leak proof cap.

We think this makes for a great educational toy for any 5 year old!

  • Encourages children to drink more water
  • Keeps drinks cold longer
  • Stickers will wear off after a while
Recommended Age

5 years old and up

What Makes This Water Bottle Stand Out?

Girls can use their own creativity to design their water bottle the way they like.


Disney Matching Games


This Disney matching game makes a great gift for preschoolers and helps them develop memory. This game has many of kid’s favorite Disney characters such as Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and more.

  • Pictures are printed on thick cardboard
  • Clear pictures
  • Some users received damaged products
Recommended Age

3 years old and up

What Makes this Gift Stand Out?

Brightly colored cars and pictures most kids will recognize.


Munchkin Fishing Bath Toy


If you are looking for gifts for kids under $10 then this fishing bath toy is a great choice. This toy works great in the tub or in a wading pool and has 3 fish and a rod.

2 year old boys love simple toys like this and we suggest you get it as a birthday present.

  • The Magnets on the fish always face up
  • The fish don’t mold
  • The screw on the rod can rust if allowed to get wet
Recommended Age

2 year olds and up

What Makes this Bath Fishing Set Stand Out?

Develops fine motor skills and keeps children occupied in the tub


Giraffes Can’t Dance


Books make excellent Christmas presents or birthday gifts and this book about a giraffe who wants to dance teaches children that everyone can achieve goals in their own way.

  • Fun Rhyming text grabs children’s attention
  • Helps children understand it is okay to be different
  • Some parents don’t like the bullying aspect of the story
Recommended Age

Perfect for children 18 months and up if parents read to them.

What Makes this book Stand Out?

Great pictures, nice rhymes and a message about being oneself.


Sand Toys

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This 8 piece sand toy kit is perfect for the sandbox or the beach. With a water can, rake, shovel and molds this set will make playing outdoor fun for toddlers.

  • Rubbery Plastic easy for kids to handle
  • Cute molds
  • Very small pieces
Recommended Age

18 months old and up

What Makes this Set Stand Out?

The material used to make these toys is softer than most hard plastic toys.

Guide for Buying Inexpensive Gifts for Kids

We’ve all heard that it is not the cost of a gift, but the thought that counts and this is true. However choosing when choosing inexpensive gifts for kids there are some things you should consider in order to not disappoint the child.

Check the Reviews

Make sure that those cheap gifts are durable so the child can play with them long enough to enjoy them.

Choose Gifts that Encourages Creativity and Imagination

If you are purchasing gifts for $10.00 or less then look for gifts such as art supplies, building kits, and other inexpensive gifts that will help a child develop their creativity and imagination as children can use these gifts to build on.

Listen to the Child

There are many times that young children especially will actually be more interested in inexpensive toys than expensive ones. Also don’t exclude simple toys that can be used in various ways such as balls, jump ropes and other toys.

Final Thoughts on Cheap Toys for Boys & Girls

If you are on a limited budget and looking for inexpensive toys for children we hope this list and buying guide will be of assistance to you.

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