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Best Valentines Day Gifts for Boys in 2024

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Are you trying to gather ideas for boy valentines gifts this year? If so, you’re in the right place because here we’ve researched, reviewed and answered your pressing question with February fast approaching ‘what do you get a boy on Valentines Day?’!

In our guide below, you can find awesome gift ideas for younger boys and teenage boys so that you can feel more inspired on what to get them, regardless of their age range.

The review includes candy, funny gifts, building sets, books, toys, and more. After reading our write up, you’ll be able to feel a lot more confident about the type of present you’re going to get for your son this year.

*If you have a daughter you’re trying to buy for we have a V-Day gift guide for girls and also a gender neutral kids valentines giftsas well!

Our List of Great Valentines Gifts for Your Son

The section below is our list portion that takes you through the main details of each gift idea we’ve selected. If after reading through it, you’re still not feeling completely certain on what valentines gift for son that you want to pick, you can make use out of our buyers guide section that’s available towards the end.


Lego Cupid Dog Building Set


Lego’s Cupid Dog Building Set comes with a total of 145 pieces that boys can have a ton of fun assembling together. During the process, their motor skills and hand eye coordination are able to develop well.

When the toy has been constructed, boys can have fun moving the various articulating joints. This is great for letting them put the toy into different positions when up on display.

  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Valentines accessories included
  • Easier to assemble than some would prefer
  • Smaller than some were anticipating
What age is this recommended for?

7 to 12 year olds


Heart & Holly Candy Box


We were impressed with how this candy box comes with a range of 45 different treats. These treats range from chocolates and marshmallows, to fun dip and Pringles.

You can be sure that boys have plenty of snacks to last them for a while with this care package. It’s likely that they’ll need to share the snacks to get through it all!

  • Unique gift idea
  • Healthy treats are also included
  • Box is smaller than some were hoping
What age is this recommended for?

4 years and up


Hershey’s KISSES Candy


This Hershey’s KISSES Candy is available in a couple of different packages that either include 1, 2, 3, or 4 chocolate candies. Therefore, you can select the option that you think is best for your son.

We liked how the candy has been wrapped in foil and comes in a box as it looks presentable and saves you having to wrap it up.

  • Gluten-free candy
  • Makes for a unique gift!
  • Smaller than some were anticipating
What age is this recommended for?

3 years and over


JOYIN Foam Airplanes Set


Boys can have an absolute blast using the 28 foam airplanes available in this set to fly their own airplanes. They’re provided with 7 different plane designs which are easy to assemble, no glue required!

It’s a more unique gift idea that encourages boys to put their creative thinking skills to good use. Making and flying these foam airplanes is also super fun for little boys to do in groups with friends and family during a Valentine exchange!

  • Develops coordination & motor skills
  • Can improve problem solving abilities
  • Instructions can be a little tricky to follow
What age is this recommended for?

4 years and over


Little Stinker Cupid Farts


This option can make for a super funny gift that boys can have a lot of fun using. The package includes half a pound of cinnamon candies.

They taste amazing and the name of the package is sure to have boys laughing in no time.

  • Cute packaging
  • Unique present
  • Some found it to be a little expensive
What age is this recommended for?

3 yrs old and over


Reese’s Valentines Themed Chocolate


If you’re looking for a valentines gift for a boy who loves Reese’s peanut butter chocolate, this could make for a fantastic present. They’ve designed the chocolates in a heart shape which is unique to their traditional chocolates.

There is also a variety of 36 chocolates included in the box. Therefore, boys have plenty of chocolate to enjoy indulging in.

  • Great tasting peanut butter chocolate treats
  • Chocolates last for a while
  • Some find the chocolates are damaged when delivered
What age is this recommended for?

3 years and over


Lego Book


This book can be an excellent way to encourage boys who love Lego to start reading more often. The story that the writers have come up with is engaging and super fun to read.

We also liked how they’ve managed to craft a Lego story that relates to valentines. This makes it an awesome present that’s a little different than what boys may be expecting.

  • Available in paperback or library binding forms
  • Inspires creative thinking
  • Book material isn’t so durable
What age is this recommended for?

4 to 8 years old

Buyers Guide On Valentines Gifts for Boys

After reading through our review of some of the best gifts, you’ll be feeling more confident on what to buy for your son. Having said that, if you’re still having a hard time narrowing down your search, you can check out the buyers guide below.

We’ve included more details on the types of presents that are great for younger boys, teenage boys, and ideas on how to approach what to buy for your son this year.

What Are Good Gifts for Little Boys On Valentines Days?

When it comes to finding presents for toddlers and younger boys on Valentines, presents such as the Lego book could be fantastic. This is because they’re super exciting for boys to read and it encourages them to want to read more.

Therefore, these kinds of presents have a more educational spin that makes them useful for boys. In addition to this, little boys may be happy with a gift such as the dinosaur gift card and toys set.

The cards come with different messages on them and younger boys can have a lot of fun being imaginative and role playing with their dinosaur toys.

What Are Good Gifts for Teenage Guys On Valentines Days?

As far as valentine gifts for teen boys are concerned, they may appreciate a building kit. It enables them to put their problem solving skills to good use and they can feel a sense of accomplishment once the model has been built.

The Lego cupid dog building kit that we’ve reviewed in this post is one of the best gifts for teen boys as it comes with joints that can be moved into different positions that look great on display.

Other great gifts may include more practical stuff to consider includes Bluetooth speaker or possibly even some headphones or wireless earbuds!

What Do You Get A Boy for Valentines Day?

Many parents struggle on what gifts to get their son as it can be tricky trying to figure out what they like and what presents fit with the valentines day theme. We’ve included some options throughout our review that come with the theme of love, like the heart shaped Reese’s chocolates.

However, you can also choose different kinds of presents for boys, such as the candy box assortment.

Final Thoughts On Valentines Presents for Boys

That brings our guide of great V-day presents to an end. There’s a variety of choices in our review which was by design to make sure that you’re able to get more ideas to find something special for your son.

We hope that we’ve provided you with the details that you need to go ahead and select a gift that your son can cherish and enjoy.

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