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35 Best Toys & Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys in 2024

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There are so many different types of gift ideas 8 year old boys love meaning that it can be tough trying to find the ones they will like the most. If you’re feeling stressed and worried about how you’re going to find that perfect gift for your 8-year-old whether it’s Christmas or his birthday, you’re in the right place.

We’ve researched and reviewed the top toys for 8 year old boys that are available so, all you need to do is have a read through the gift ideas below and pick the ones that you think your son will like the most.

To help you make this entire process even easier, you can use our buyers guide section at the end. It provides you with some added information which you may need to be on your way to buying the best presents for your young boy.

Our List of Toys and Gifts 8 Year Old Boys Will Actually Like

Our guide includes toys of all kind, from educational building sets, to nerf guns, to RC cars, game and even prank gifts that 8-year-old boys love. So let’s get on with it and find the best gifts for your 8 year old son and make his birthday or Christmas magical.


Rival Artemis Nerf Blaster


8 year old boys have a ton of fun playing with Nerf Rival guns, running around shooting foam balls. We liked how this blaster is able to hold up to 30 rounds at a time! This provides boys with plenty of firing power before having to reload.

People have also been mentioning how loading the rounds into the magazine is an easy process. The rotating barrel design also works with incredible smoothness to avoid any jamming issues.

  • Can be fun for group play
  • Rounds fire at 100 feet per second
  • Not as durable as some were expecting
What makes this stand out?

There’s a fantastic slam fire function available with this one. It’s exciting for kids as it lets them shoot out a burst of multiple rounds at once.


Ride On Toy by EzyRoller


This ride on toy is available in some great colors that 8 year old boys love including green, blue, and red. The movement of this toy is unique compared to most other choices as the front wheels have more range of motion to move side to side.

Children are able to have full control over these movements by using their feet on the foot bar. Furthermore, the foot bar has an extendable feature. Therefore, boys can continue using it as they grow taller.

  • Encourages outdoor play
  • Strong steel frame
  • Tires are softer than some were hoping for
What makes this stand out?

Since children can ride around on this toy and not have to hold onto the handles, it can leave more room for games that involve riding around and catching things. Therefore, boys can be more versatile in the ways that they play.


Lego Technic Stunt Truck


This Lego set is fantastic for boys because once they have built the set, they can to have a lot of fun with the vehicle toy. We were impressed with how it has a pull-back feature. This simply involves pulling the car back to generate power and letting it go to watch it speed off ahead. Furthermore, the bumper on the toy is super strong, which ensures that it can withstand taking a lot of hits to last your child for years.

In addition to the pull-back feature, they have also included a ramp. Boys can line up the car with the ramp and watch how it flies. We found this to be awesome for their imaginative side.

  • Promotes creativity
  • Fun pull-back feature & ramp available
  • The ramp is smaller than some were expecting
What makes this option stand out?

We liked how this set provides kids with a ramp and a fantastic pull-back feature. You can be sure that they’ll be playing with the toy for endless hours.ing from.


Microscope Learning Kit


This is a fantastic microscope set for young boys that includes a microscope that’s easy for beginners to use. So, boys can focus on using it to learn rather than being frustrated with how to work the microscope.

We liked how it comes with an LCD viewing feature. This makes it easy to observe things in more detail. A case has also been included which makes it very easy for boys to keep all of the items stored and organized.

  • Magnifications are between 120 & 1,200x
  • Durable metal frame
  • Lights can flicker at times when the microscope is moved slightly
What makes this stand out?

With a total of 52 pieces included with this kit, boys are provided with lots to keep themselves occupied for hours on end.


Cozmo Robot Toy

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


Boys can have a blast using this robot toy by connecting it to their smartphones. This opens up a whole world of possibilities. For example, kids can view what the camera on the toy is seeing via their phone.

In addition to this, we were impressed to find that there’s an app by Cozmo that’s compatible with the robot. It’s fantastic for introducing children to learning how to code from an early age.

  • Artificial intelligence has been implemented
  • Durable design
  • Red & white or red & blue colors available
  • Some were expecting the toy to be larger
What makes this stand out?

There are 3 cubes included with this set and the robot toy can be used to interact with these cubes. This is super interactive and exciting for young boys to play with.


Air Soccer Goal Set


8-year-old boys who love soccer could have a lot of fun with this hover ball and goal set. It comes with an air soccer ball that hovers and is powered by a motor. This works to keep the soccer ball hovering above the ground for a unique playing experience.

We found that the hovering feature makes the set more versatile. It can be used on different surfaces, regardless of whether they’re flat or not. Parents have also been liking how the goals are easy to set up.

  • Encourages kids to exercise more
  • Foam bumper available on the soccer ball
  • Additional inflatable ball included
  • Net doesn’t stay on the goals as well as some were hoping
What makes this stand out?

The LED lights that are available with the soccer ball are super fun for boys. It can flash in a range of bright colors which enables children to use the set while playing in the dark.


Biranco RC Car for Boys


This RC car toy by Biranco enables children to build their toy before playing with it. Kids are provided with a total of 535 pieces to construct the car toy. This is a lot of pieces which will keep them engaged for a while.

Parents have been liking how the RC car can be easily recharged via a USB cable. It takes around one and a half hours to charge which enables kids to play with it continuously for 25 minutes.

  • Encourages creative play
  • Easy USB charging
  • We couldn’t find any downsides to this toy!
What makes this option stand out?

This is a great gift for kids as it enables them to build their toy and play with it afterward. The building process develops their cognitive processes and playing with it is awesome for their imaginative side.


ThinkFun Gravity Marble Run Logic Game


This logic board game is great for 8 year olds since comes with an impressive range of 60 challenges. These challenges have different difficulty levels, which range from beginner to expert. As a result, kids are able to develop their critical thinking skills to complete the challenges.

The set includes a target piece, 9 towers, 3 marbles, and a grid for playing. There are instructions included which makes it easier for kids to get a grasp of the concepts quickly.

We liked how this game helps kids to also develop their spatial reasoning skills. It also requires a lot of concentration. Therefore, it can improve your child’s ability to focus for longer periods of time.

  • Improves ability to focus
  • Various difficulty levels
  • Improves spatial reasoning skills
  • Games finish quicker than some expected
What makes this option stand out?

With a range of difficulty levels available, you can be sure that your child will always be challenged enough for the game to remain stimulating and fun. It’s also effective in helping kids learn how to focus better.


Paint Set for Kids


This is a great art set to encourage an 8-year-old to express their creativity. This set includes a table top art easel, paint, several paint brushes, a paint palette, smock 6 blank canvases and 6 themed canvases and a travel bag for keeping everything neatly together.

  • Everything kids need to begin painting
  • Carrying case with handles is very helpful
  • The smock only fits younger children
What makes this stand out?

This paint set comes with everything your child will need to paint the pictures available or create their own works of art. This set is sure to meet the approval of any child who loves painting.


Ninja Tree Climbing Holds


Kids love climbing trees, but not all trees have low hanging sturdy branches that will support a child’s weight. These 12 Ninja tree climbing holds can make climbing any tree safe, easy and fun for an 8 year old. Climbing is good exercise for children and helps to build gross motor skills.

  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Easy to install and take down
  • Some of the straps for the holds broke
What makes this stand out?

These climbing holds are great if you are looking to get your child to spend more time outdoors taking part in active activities.


Surfer Air Swing


This curved swing is designed for riders to stand up and swing by holding onto wood handles. This swing makes kids feel like they are surfing and helps to improve balance while strengthening both leg and arm muscles.

  • Super sturdy swing
  • Kids can do stunts on this swing
  • You need just the right limb for this swing to work
What makes this stand out?

This swing is more fun and exciting than traditional board or belt swings even allowing children to do tricks. This is a great toy if you have trees with good solid branches to hang the swing.




This game is a new form of catch making an age old game a bit more exciting for kids who are around 8 years old. Not only do you catch the ball with a net, but you actually shoot the ball something like you are using a slingshot.

  • Kids love slinging the ball
  • Helps children develop new skills
  • Game breaks fairly easily
What makes this stand out?

This game is fun because it is a new take on a familiar game that all kids know how to play. Since the sling throws the ball quite far this makes the game more challenging and entertaining.


3D Coloring Puzzles


This set comes with 9 3D coloring puzzles that are fun to build and color and make beautiful additions to the child’s room decor when completed. The set comes with 3 vehicles, 3 animals, and 2 cool buildings and a large model of the Eiffel tower. The puzzles come on sheets of Styrofoam and need to be punched out before assembling. There are also 40 coloring markers for coloring the puzzle.

  • Helps children to improve their concentration
  • Pieces are sturdy enough to stay together
  • Some of the foam pieces break easily
What makes this stand out?

These coloring puzzles are great for providing your child with hours of quiet time activity. These puzzles are good for helping improve your child’s concentration, hand/eye coordination, creativity and patience.


Metal Detectors for Kids


This metal detector comes with a 7.4 LCD screen and can be used in the backyard, park, beach, woods, or in gardens and fields. This is a great gift for any 8-year-old and they typically love the thrill of treasure hunting. This metal detector will alert the user to any metal buried 4 inches or less under the surface of the ground. Part of the fun of metal detecting for kids, is to dig up the metal and discover if they have found trash or treasure.

  • Lightweight enough for kids
  • Easy to use and read
  • Some units don’t seem to work at all
What makes this stand out?

This metal detector is lightweight and easy for kids to use and provides a fun outdoor activity for boys who are age 8 that are looking for something new and different to do.


Catapult Wars Toy by Horizon Group USA


This unique toy comes with 2 catapults which allow kids to play against each other and have a blast. They can come up with their own strategies on how to beat the other person, which is fun and great for their critical thinking skills.

We liked how they’ve designed the set to be colorful. This makes it more exciting to play with and helps kids develop their color recognition abilities.

Young boy are also able to assemble their catapults by using the wooden pieces, rubber bands, and braided rope. They can then use the mini bean bags provided as the catapult ammunition. Moreover, it’s a set that gets children outdoors and encourages them to play more actively making it one of the best outdoor toys for kids.

  • Encourages outdoor play
  • Improves social skill
  • Smaller than some expected
What makes this option stand out?

This is a super fun gift for 8 yr old boys that they can have a ton of fun with in the backyard with their friends. They can split their group up into teams and launch the mini bean bags at each other for hours of fun!


Hot Wheels Spin Storm Playset


This is a great Hot Wheels playset known at the Spin Storm track. It comes with a super fun crash zone feature which is incredibly entertaining. This is a result of the way they’ve designed the track to have a head-to-head feature where multiple cars can slam into one another.

Kids love trying to time when they let the toy vehicles go to see if they can narrowly miss each other too.

There are two launchers available which make the cars travel at faster speeds. This feature makes the set awesome for kids to play with their friends. They can both set their favorite Hot Wheels toys at the top and race them.

The bright color of the magic track set and the Hot Wheels vehicles included make it more exciting for kids to play with. It’s also great for their imaginative side.

  • Bright colors
  • Encourages group play
  • Fun crash zone feature
  • Can be pretty loud!
What makes this option stand out?

This Hot Wheels Spin Storm Playset is a ton of fun for kids to play with. The intersection feature makes it super exciting as kids watch how their cars either hit or just miss each other. With 2 launchers available, this is also an excellent set for kids to use with their friends.


Lego Minecraft Mushroom Island Set


This Lego set is a good gift for boys who are 8-years-olds that are fans of Minecraft. It comes with a2 large mushrooms, a crafting table, boat, and an animal pen that has a fence with a fun exploding feature.

They’ve also included a Creeper and Alex Minecraft figure too. As a result, your child is provided with plenty of options and different characters to be able to play creatively. Kids can also use mini accessories for the Alex mini-figure, which included a compass and pickaxe.

Since boys are familiar with the characters and settings available, it encourages them to re-enact what they’ve seen in the game, which is great for their imaginative thinking abilities.

  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Fun Minecraft theme
  • Pieces are smaller than some were hoping for
What makes this option stand out?

If you’re buying 8 year old boy gifts you can be sure that they’ll love this set. It’s awesome for improving their motor skills and coordination, while also encouraging them to play more creatively.


Mini Football Figures Set


This is a fun gift idea for boys who love football. It comes with a range of figures that includes 2 different teams, goalposts, a referee, and a small field that has been made out of felt.

Therefore, boys have lots to play with and keep themselves entertained for hours. We like how the set encourages children to use their imagination while playing as they’re free to come up with different scenarios.

  • Instructions for football included
  • Develops motor skills & coordination
  • Goals could be more durable
What makes this stand out?

A container is included with the set which makes it a lot easier to keep all of the pieces stored in one play that’s easy to access and compact.


Electrical Robotics Motor Set


8-year-olds who have a keen interest in how cars work would be able to spend a lot of time using this set. It features an electric motor catalyst that provides boys with a very hands on learning experience.

We found that this set is particularly helpful for helping children to learn more about engineering. There are more than 50 parts included which enables children to spend a long time constructing the kit and figuring out how it all works.

  • Lots of creative possibilities available
  • Motor can be used with other toys!
  • Some notice pieces are missing upon delivery
What makes this stand out?

We liked how they’ve included 10 challenge cards. You can use them to quiz your child on their engineering knowledge to reinforce the learning process.


National Geographic Q&A Book


Are you purchasing a present for an 8-year-old who is interested in a wide range of topics? If they’re often asking you questions that you don’t have the answers to, this book could make for a wonderful gift.

It includes an impressive range of 1,111 questions with answers. Therefore, boys are able to spend some time with learning about a wide variety of things.

  • Encourages boys to read more
  • Engaging activities included
  • Some were disappointed with how the book includes information on the theory of evolution
What makes this stand out?

We liked how this book has been filled with a variety of questions and answers that range from strange facts, silly facts, and more.


Rock Pet Turtle Craft Set


This craft set can make for a good present for 8 year olds who loves animals. It includes a stone which has been designed to look like a turtle. It comes in a bare state which leaves your child to do all of the decorating and artwork. Therefore, this crafts set is a fantastic present that will encourage children to think more creatively.

It comes with a total of 6 colors for panting, a brush, and the turtle-shaped rock. We liked how these colors are waterproof because it gives you the freedom to put the decorated turtle outdoors in the backyard without the colors fading away.

This range of colors is also excellent for helping children develop their color recognition skills.

  • Promotes creativity
  • Improves color differentiation skills
  • Waterproof paint
  • Not as strong as some were hoping for
What makes this option stand out?

Children who love arts and crafts projects will have a lot of fun painting this turtle rock. They’re left to design it in whatever way they like and be imaginative with the 6 colors available. It will also last in your garden for years without the colors fading!


Threeking Gesture Controlled Robot


This robot is an interactive gift that will keep any 8-year-old entertained for hours. It comes with a fantastic gesture control setting which enables kids to control the robot simply by using their hands.

It’s a highly interactive feature that teaches them about cause and effect. In addition to this, the robot is able to sing and dance. These are also interactive features that encourage kids to sing and dance along with it. the LED lights that are used for the eyes are bright and exciting to look at too. As a result, it’s visually and audibly stimulating for them.

We liked how you can create movement patterns and program them into the robot too.

  • Develops critical thinking skills
  • Audibly & visually stimulating
  • Unique gesture control feature
  • Some of the movements are a little limited
What makes this option stand out?

Young boys have been having a ton of fun using gestures to control this. The singing and dancing features also make it incredibly exciting to play with for hours on end!


Electronics Learning Kit


This electronic learning kit comes with over 30 electronic components. As a result, children are provided with the ability to create more than 100 electronic circuit projects. So, you can be confident in knowing that this set will keep them occupied for a long time.

We liked how this set requires children to be very hands-on and involved with learning about how the electronics work. The more children play with the toy, the more complex their projects will get and the more they’ll be expanding their knowledge on electronics.

An illustrated instruction manual is included to guide children through the steps and help them to develop their independent learning abilities. This also encourages them to improve their reading skills.

  • Over 100 projects available
  • Develops knowledge of electronics
  • Improves reading skills
  • Some find the pieces are a little bulky
What makes this option stand out?

This is an excellent toy set that will have your elementary school boy intrigued for a long time. There are over 100 projects for them to be involved in and broaden their knowledge of electronics. It’s a fantastic set for children’s independent learning abilities too.


Lego Creator Mythical Creatures


This Lego set includes a total of 223 pieces. This ensures that your child is able to stay occupied with building this set for a while.We liked how the Lego Dragon toy has poseable features as it helps kids position it in any way they like while playing. Moreover, it includes some great details, such as big fangs, claws, and green eyes. Kids have also been loving how they can transform this Dragon into a Troll or Spider toy.

This is a result of the awesome 3-in-1 feature that ensures your child never gets bored. After they’ve played with one of the toys for long enough, they can dismantle it and create a new one! We found this to be effective at stimulating your child’s imagination more.

  • Excellent 3-in-1 design
  • Encourages creativity
  • This set is best for building rather than playing with afterward
What makes this option stand out?

Boys have been loving how they can create 3 different toys using one set. It ensures that they never get bored and stimulates their creative playing abilities.


Construction Vehicle Set


This engineering set includes a total of 76 pieces. These pieces are used to help children build 7 different vehicles. There are also 3 accessory items for them to build as well. The vehicles include a steamroller, trailer, bulldozer, crane, snowplow, dump truck, and a forklift.

Once they’re done, they have a lot of fun using the range of vehicle toys to play with a lot of imagination. We liked how the materials used are of a high-quality and ensure that the set lasts your child for years.

  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Can develop social skills in group play
  • Pieces are prone to breaking easier than expected
What makes this option stand out?

With 7 vehicles available to build with 76 pieces, your child will be engaged and focused on the task at hand. It’s great for their coordination and motor skills, and when they’re done, they’re able to play with a lot of imagination.


Educational Robot by Sphero SPRK+


This educational robot has been designed to teach 8-year-old about programming in an easy to learn manner. It includes a range of different activities which are highly interactive and encourages children to get involved.

They have also designed the Sphero robot to have awesome LED lights. When these are lit up, they look fantastic and are stimulating for your child’s visual senses. We liked how they’ve also used a UV coating with this. It ensures that it remains durable and is able to withstand damage to last your child for a while. This coating also provided the toy with waterproof benefits.

When this toy is fully charger, boys are able to play with it for 1 continuous hour before it needs recharging.

  • Durable & waterproof design
  • Exciting LED lights
  • Teaches kids about programming
  • The strength of connection to devices could be better
What makes this option stand out?

Kids are able to learn about programming while using this robot. We liked how it’s incredibly interactive and exciting for kids to use and learn from too.


Kanoodle Game by Educational Insights


This educational game is a fun gift idea that allows children to use their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

It comes with 7 puzzle pieces, a puzzle tray, and over 200 puzzles that will rack your child’s brain. They’ve also included an illustrated puzzle book which encourages children to develop their reading skills. Parents have been liking the carrying case that’s included as it makes the set travel-friendly.

We liked how you can play this game on your own or with others. While playing it with other people, children are given the chance to develop their social skills and abilities to play in groups.

  • Improves reading abilities
  • Travel-friendly
  • Some would have preferred if the set was larger
What makes this option stand out?

Children love trying to figure out the puzzles that are available with this game. It’s awesome for their problem-solving.


Hot Wheels Track Set


This Hot Wheels set can one of the most fun toys for 8-year-old boys. We liked how this track set comes with two lanes as it enables kids to race their cars against each other. As a result, your child feels more encouraged to use the track set while playing with other kids.

There are two slam launchers available which make the set even more fun to play with. They enable kids to active the launchers to make the cars travel at faster speeds. They love this feature and it helps them to play with more creativity.

We also liked how this set can be used along with other Hot Wheels track sets too. It enables kids to expand their tracks and create larger-scale races.

  • Compatible with other Hot Wheels tracks
  • Great for group play
  • Promotes creative play
  • Falls apart too easily at times
What makes this option stand out?

Kids have been having a lot of fun playing with this Hot Wheels track with their friends. We were impressed with how it’s compatible with other Hot Wheels sets as it means kids can expand the track for bigger and more fun races.


Stomp Flying Rocket Set


The rocket set is a unique gift that encourages 8-year-olds to be outdoors and more active. It involves running, jumping, and stomping in order to release the rockets into the air.

We were impressed with how the rockets are able to reach a maximum height of up to 200 feet! This makes the set super fun for kids to play with. They won’t want to stop running, jumping, and stomping. Children love getting together with their friends and seeing who can make the rockets go the highest.

There are 4 rockets which have foamed materials at the tips. Therefore, they’re safe for kids to play with. Parents have also been liking how assembling this play set is very easy.

  • The plastic stand could be sturdier
What makes this option stand out?

This is a fun playset that encourages kids to play outdoors and be more active. Children also have a blast using the playset with their friends and having competitions on who can make the rocket launch the highest.


Baseball Board Game


This board game is a fantastic gift that gets family and friends involved. Therefore, it’s awesome for helping kids play in groups and improve their social skills.

We liked how these type of board game helps kids to play with other people and get them off their electronics for a while. The game is easy to play and people of different experience levels can get involves with no problems.

The game is heavily reliant on rolling a dice to control how the game goes. Therefore, a lot of it is left up to chance, which can make it more fun. There are also a couple different gameplay modes available. These include basic and advanced.

People who know more about baseball may want to go with the advanced rules. However, people who don’t have as much knowledge of the sport can stick with the basic mode.

  • 2 gaming modes available
  • Great for family game nights
  • Not as much thinking involved as some would’ve liked
What makes this option stand out?

We found this board game to be awesome for family game nights. It encourages children to play in groups and develop their social skills, while also being involved in quality family time.


HedBanz Game


The HedBanz game involves kids using their heads to answer questions in fun ways. The game comes with 24 chips, 74 cards, a sand-clock timer, and 6 headbands. This is a fantastic game that kids can play with friends and family to learn how to play in groups and improve their social skills.

It works by one person wearing a headband at a time and having a card on their head. Everyone else has to give you clues and the aim of the game is to try and guess what you are before the timer out.

We found this to be an awesome game that families love including on game nights. It’s guaranteed to get everyone laughing!

  • Develops abilities to work in groups
  • Great choice for family game nights!
  • Tougher questions can be frustrating for kids
What makes this option stand out?

Kids have been having a lot of fun playing this HedBanz game with their friends and family. We liked how it requires multiple people to play as it helps kids develop their social skills and ability to play in groups.


Remote Control Fart Machine


This fart machine is a unique gift that any 8-year-old are sure to have a ton of fun with. This set comes with a fart machine and a remote control. Children have been having a blast setting the machine up and using the control to make it seem like someone’s farted.

If you were after a present that will get everyone laughing, this is a great option. The remote control can be used from up to 100 feet away too.

This is an updated version of the brand’s previous Fart Machine toy. Therefore, they’ve made many improvements to it. One of the main ones being that kids can select from a total of 15 different fart sounds! They’re also louder than ever.

  • 100 feet remote distance
  • Over 15 sounds to choose from
  • Louder noises!
  • Batteries aren’t included
What makes this option stand out?

Kids are guaranteed to have an incredibly fun time setting up friends and family members using this Fart Machine toy. It’s a prank toy that will have everyone laughing.


Ravensburger Labyrinth Game


This board game involves 2-4 players and takes around 20-30 minutes to complete each game. This is a great gift for encouraging children to learn how to play in groups and develop their social skills. We found this game to be effective at teaching children about cause and effect as well.

It comes with a playing board, 24 treasure cards, 34 maze cards, and 4 pieces for playing. They’ve included instructions which are easy to understand and start playing right away.

Kids have been having a lot of fun playing this game with their friends and family. So, it can make for some quality time together!

  • Teaches cause & effect
  • Makes for great family time
  • Not as complex as some were hoping for
What makes this option stand out?

Children love getting this board game out and playing with their friends and family. We liked how it teaches them about cause and effect, as well as how to play fairly in groups.


ThinkFun Programming Logic Game


This logic game includes 8 conditional tokens, 12 action tokens, 12 guide scrolls, 10 maps, as well as an impressive total of 60 different levels which kids can solve.

The instruction booklet provided makes the game easy to understand to ensure you don’t waste any time and can start playing right away. This guidebook also has the answers to the challenges to make sure that you know when you’ve got it right.

This is fantastic for helping children develop their reading skills. We also liked how they’ve included challenges of different difficulty levels. The closer you get to completing the 60 challenges, the harder they get which keeps the game exciting.

  • Develops reading skills
  • Great fun for family game nights
  • Can be a little too confusing at times
What makes this option stand out?

Children have been having fun playing this game with friends and family. We liked the increasing difficulty aspect as it keeps your child on their toes and improves their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


Lego Star Wars Jedi Set


This Star Wars kit that will make for an awesome gift for any 8-year-old who loves Star Wars. We were impressed with how the Starfighter comes with numerous interactive features. the wings have a folding design, the top and front of the cockpit can be opened, and there’s room for R2-D2 in the back. Not to mention, there are two laser cannons and shooters that have a spring-loaded function.

In addition to all of this, kids can also play with the R2-d” and Yoda character which comes with a lightsabre. These mini figures and all the interactive features available with the Starfighter inspire kids to play with a lot of imagination.

  • Encourages creative play
  • Interactive features available
  • Smaller than some were hoping for
What makes this option stand out?

Children who love Star Wars have been having an awesome time building and playing with this set. Building the set improves your child’s coordination and motor skills and playing with it is super fun. As a result, they’re able to be highly creative.

Buyers Guide to Picking Suitable Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

Knowing more details about the best presents for 8 year old boys may still not be enough to give you the confidence you need to pick out the right one for your child.

So, if you’re still not 100% sure on the kind of gift to buy and how it can benefit your child, you’ll want to take a look at our buyer’s guide section below.

How 8-Year-Olds Benefit From Toys?

As you will have seen from our reviews above, there are plenty of benefits that kids can experience while playing with toys. Aside from having a ton of fun, they can be effective tools in helping their cognitive functions and creativity develop.

Let’s take a look at some of these benefits!

Group Play

When boys this age are playing with board or card games, they’re encouraged to play in groups. Learning how to fairly play in groups is a great attribute for children to develop. It helps them to gauge a better understanding of how to work in groups and collaborate with others.

Not to mention, it improves their friendship making skills. The more your child is able to exercise these skills, the more comfortable they’ll be in social situations, which can be hugely beneficial later on in life.


Many of the present ideas that we’ve reviewed are fantastic for helping kids to play with more creativity. Being creative doesn’t just involve arts and crafts (although they’re great too) it can also include building kits.

When kids get stuck, they use their creative thinking processes to come up with solutions. Furthermore, simply playing with toys and coming up with pretend scenarios is awesome for their imaginative side as well.

Cognitive Developments

Problem-solving, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination are among the top three cognitive developments that kids will improve by playing with many of the gift ideas in our review.

The building sets, in particular, are the most effective toys for this. The physical nature of the toys causes kids to use their coordination and motor skills to fit the pieces together. For the more challenging sets, it’s likely that their problem-solving abilities will come into play too.

What to Get an 8 Year Old Boy for Christmas?

Boys this age wake up ecstatic on the morning of Christmas day. They run down the stairs and don’t want to waste any time on opening up their presents. However, before this, children love opening up their stockings which you may put in their bedrooms or by the Christmas tree.

This makes for a great opportunity to put smaller gifts inside to ramp up your child’s excitement. Something like a card game would be an awesome idea as kids love playing games with their family.

Nerf guns are also a great option to introduce at this age or even a robot toy. Really anything in our guide will work great as an xmas present for your son.

What to Buy an 8 Year Old for his Birthday?

When it comes to buying 8th birthday gifts for boys, finding things that you know your child is already interested in is a good idea. For example, if they love Star Wars, giving them a Star Wars themed Lego set would be a fantastic gift idea.

If they like playing outdoors, find a gift that encourages them to be more active in the backyard. A faster 24 volt ride on toy would be a good option for this!

Each boy is different, so be sure to consider their individual interests to find the best birthday gift.

What Are Good Gift Ideas for an 8-Year-Old Boy Who Has Everything?

If you’re trying to find some cool gifts for 8 year old boys who have all the building sets, RC cars and robot toys, you may find it more of a challenge finding them a gift.

In this case we recommend focusing on gifts for older boys, which means that you’ll be getting them a new type of toy they can grow in to gradually developing a new interest.

What Types of Toys Do Boys Age 8 Like?

Fast growing boys have a ton of different interests, making it hard for parents to pinpoint what their son will like most, so we’ve covered a few of the top types below with details regarding each!

Building Sets

Most of the building sets review here are made by Lego due to the high-quality and how much fun kids have with constructing the set and playing with it afterward. We like how they include a range of mini figures to ensure kids are able to play with plenty of creativity.

Robot Toys

Remote control robot toys are a lot of fun for kids because of how interactive they are. With the range of technology that we have at our disposal today, these robots offer kids something unique and highly stimulating.

These toys allow for gesture and voice control. This is incredibly fun and teaches children about cause and effect.

Board / Card Games

Board games and card games are classic gifts that kids still love to play nowadays. Nothing beats getting friends and family together to compete and have a blast.

Boys are always looking for ways to connect with their parents, and these games are a fun way to do so.

Art Sets

Art sets make for a different kind of gift that children have been appreciating. 8-year-olds often love drawing, coloring, and painting, so giving them an art set will make them super excited.

It encourages them to be more in tune with their creative side and they love the sense of achievement they feel after seeing their parents put their work on display.

Prank Toys

Prank toys are bound to be a lot of fun for boys. We’ve included one prank toy in this review (the fart machine) and boys have been having a ton of fun playing with it. In fact, parents have also been getting in on the action and finding it hilarious too.

RC Cars

Super fast RC cars are the kind of toy that every boy is hoping to open up on Christmas or their birthday. They encourage kids to play outdoors more. Moreover, if you had a few RC cars, you could have a lot of fun racing them around with your child.

Outdoor Toys

Toys that get kids outdoors more often are always a great idea. Getting them away from their smartphones and tablets can be tricky, so finding a toy that makes them want to play outside is important.

Educational Sets

The educational sets included in this review are great for helping kids to expand their knowledge. When playing with the robots building sets, kids are able to learn more about how electronics work with a hands-on experience.

We liked how some of these type typically having a programming aspect to them, encouraging children to develop their basic knowledge of coding and programming in a fun and interactive way too.

Gift Ideas for 8-Year-Old Boys Who Like Sports

If you’ve been searching for presents for boys who are sports fanatics, you will have been pleased to see that we’ve included some great sports related ideas in our review.

For example, the hovering soccer set can make for a fantastic present. It lets boys continue working on their soccer skills and being able to play either indoors or outdoors. The soft bumpers around the edge of the hover ball make it safe and prevents it from causing damage.

A mini football toy set has been reviewed in this post too. Boys who love playing or watching football could have a ton of fun with a toy set like this.

It allows them to create their own scenarios from games they’ve watched or played in. It’s a very creative way that can help young children come up with game strategies to apply on the field as well.

Final Thoughts on Popular Toys for 8 Year Old Boys

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with all of the information that you need to know about the best gift ideas for 8 year old boys.

Be sure to consider all of the main features, pros, and even the cons. Furthermore, our buyers guide section ensures that you have some added information which you can use to ensure that you’re able to make the best decision possible.

With such a wide range of toys available nowadays, you can use our review to narrow down your search and find that perfect gift in no time!

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