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The 9 Best Kids Step Stools for Active Toddlers

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A step stool will help your little peanut explore the magic of doing things on their own.

In this review, we’ll go over a variety of kids step stools, and we’ll tell you what to look for in picking the best one for your kids.

Our List of the Best Step Stools for Toddlers & Kids

In this section, we’ll show you a bunch of choices that work well in the kitchen or bathroom and for any general use all around the house.


Fantasy Fields Hand-Crafted Stepping Stool

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This hand-painted wooden stool takes kids step stools to a whole new dimension with its designs. The paint is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Besides, the surface is not slippery.

It has two steps, with the top step at 12” high. In addition to a lid that opens to reveal a magical storage area for your little tot’s toys.

The side handles make it easy to carry and move around. This holds up to 100 pounds.

  • Colorful hand-crafted designs
  • Storage area
  • Requires some assembly
What age is this recommended for?

18 months old and up

What makes this option stand out?

It’s practical and nice looking.


iLove 2 Stool


This BPA and PVC-free dual kids step stool, in a double pack, offers the best value for the money. With its side handles, the white-and-grey stool is easy to carry.

The steps are 5.5” and 10.5” high. The grey soft-grip rubber surface keeps your little one from falling, and the thick feet with the rubber base offer extra sturdiness and safety.

The stool has a stain-resistant design for no sweat cleaning.

  • Safe and environmentally-friendly
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Holds up to 175 pounds
  • Some parents wished it’d be a bit higher and wider on the top step
What age is this recommended for?

Toddlers to adults

What makes this option stand out?

It’s economical and eco-friendly.


Growing Up Green Stepper


This pesticide-free stool has the advantages of plastic and wooden stools.

It’s lightweight and reasonably priced, although it’s made of sustainable, durable bamboo. The stool is very sturdy and can hold up to a whopping 200 pounds.

It features a nice wood finish that’s easy to clean with mild soap. The feet have stiff, gripping bulbs that won’t let your little one fall off the stool.

You kids will be happy with the extra 7” offered by this stool.

  • Doesn’t require assembly
  • Eco-friendly and lightweight for a wooden product
  • Price close to plastic stools
  • You may need to tighten the screws occasionally
  • Rubber bulbs might come off
What age is this recommended for?

3 years and up

What makes this option stand out?

It’s lightweight, yet sturdy.


ACSTEP Folding Step with Back Support


This fun-looking option features a backrest for extra comfort for your little one. The stool is 9” high and 11” wide.

It’s made of strong, durable plastic and the surface is covered with textured, white discs to keep the little feet from slipping. For extra safety, the bottom is equipped with anti-skid foot pads to keep the stool in place.

The stool has a carrying handle, which makes it easy to carry. Moreover, it folds flat so you can store it in small spaces.

Although it’s lightweight, it can hold up to 250 pounds.

  • Backrest for comfort
  • Easy to store
  • Can get slippery in the shower
What age is this recommended for?

2-3 years old and up

What makes this option stand out?

We loved the backrest and the folding option.


SDADI Height Adjustable Kids Learning Stool


This one features 4 height positions for your growing baby. It can hold up to 250 pounds.

The stool is made of solid hardwood and the paint used is lead-free. It comes in grey, coffee, or black. It has surrounding fences to prevent your kid from falling.

The stool dimensions are 19.5″ X 14.8″ X 37″ and it requires simple assembly.

  • 4 adjustable heights
  • Sturdy and durable structure
  • It doesn’t fold
What age is this recommended for?

12 months to 6 years

What makes this option stand out?

Safety is high on the priority list of this stool.


Tundras 2 Step Stool for Kids


If you like bright colors, this is the product for you. It has slip-resistant rubber feet and it features colorful rubber patches on the surface for safety. The stool is super lightweight.

Tundras stool is made of BPA-free plastic and it doesn’t have sharp edges. In addition, the round corner design will keep your kids from getting hurt.

For the maximum benefit, they offer a double pack for a big family. The Steps are 5.5” and 10.5” in height.

  • Bright colors
  • Lightweight
  • 2 stackable stools in one pack
  • A couple of more inches in height and width would’ve made a huge difference
What age is this recommended for?

Toddler ages and up

What makes this option stand out?

We love the bright colors and the eco-friendly material.


WOOD CITY Wooden Toddler Stool


The sturdy wooden structure, combined with the non-skid mats on the bottom, will help your kids keep their balance on the stool. It has a durable structure that holds up to 200 pounds.

The final dimensions of the product are 13” X 13.4” X 13.4” to match the standard counter height.

It has carrying handles suitable for the little fingers, and it’s lightweight, so it can be moved around easily.

The two steps enable kids to enjoy their freedom to do whatever they want.

  • 100% natural wood for sturdiness
  • Rounded corners for extra safety
  • The surface may get slippery when wet
What age is this recommended for?

3 years old and up

What makes this option stand out?

The classic look is the keyword here.


Rubbermaid Folding Plastic Stool


This convenient foldable stool features a non-slip grip on the top surface and under the feet to help your little one reach higher places safely.

It folds up for easy storage in small spaces and it’s easy to carry due to the lightweight structure. However, it’s very sturdy and can withstand a weight of 300 pounds.

The stool measures 13.25” X 10“ X 8.5”.

  • Easy to store and carry
  • Steady surface
  • A few reviewers didn’t find it sturdy enough
What age is this recommended for?

2 Years Old and up

What makes this option stand out?

It offers one of the greatest weight capacities on this list.


BabyBjörn Stepper


This kids stool features rubber strips attached to its bottom and a rubber mat on top of it to help your kid remain stable.

It has a nice cheerful design and colors such as red, blue, white, grey, green, yellow, and turquoise. The stool is also lightweight and durable. Plus, it’s made of PVC- and BPA-free, recyclable plastic.

With the stool’s rounded edges and smooth surface, cleaning it is a breeze.

  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • Nice colors
  • Portable
  • It might slip on floors with a smooth texture
What age is this recommended for?

Toddlers and up

What makes this option stand out?

We like its cool colors and sturdy structure.

Buying Guide To Choosing the Best Step Stools for Kids

Can a Childrens Step Stool Be Too High?

When you buy a step stool, you have to consider your kid’s height and the places where he or she will need it. A stool that’s too high can be as useless as a very short one not to mention it could also be dangerous.

Why Is It Important for the Stool to Be Lightweight?

You’re using step stools to make your life and your kid’s life easier, so adding the task of carrying a heavy stool contradicts the purpose of using it not to mention it could also pose a safety hazard.


Now that we’ve shown you a wide variety of step stools for kids, it’s time for you to choose.

You should first consider what matters the most to you in a stool. Material, weight, height, safety, and how much space you have at home are all important factors when choosing a stool for your little ones.

Keep in mind that you’re not only buying a piece of furniture, but you’re also helping your little one on his journey to freedom and independence.

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