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8 Great Wiffle Ball Bats for Outdoor Summer Fun

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Wiffle ball bat sets can be super fun for your kids to play with their friends and family both indoors and outdoors. The best ones are made with larger foam or plastic bats and balls that allow your little one to have an easier time throwing and hitting the balls.

Our list includes a variety of bats and full sets that are made with plastic or foam materials as well as a few that come with a T-ball stand. After checking out our review, you’ll be left feeling more confident about which set is best for your child depending on their age and experience with baseball to this point.

Our List of the Best Whiffle Bats to Up Your Child’s Game This Summer

The review section below includes the main features, upsides, downsides, and age suggestions that some of the most popular whiffle ball bat and ball sets have to offer. You can also find a buyers guide at the end that includes more information that you could find useful when choosing which set you feel your kids will enjoy the most.




This set comes with 3 plastic balls and a bat which enables kids to have back up balls in case they lose one. We were impressed with how the bat has a patented design.

As a result, kids are able to achieve more speed and distance, as well as curve when they throw the ball.

This is a great option for an 8 year old boy.

  • Durable plastic materials
  • Develop motor skills
  • Bat is smaller than some anticipated
What age is this recommended for?

7 years and over


ToyVelt Baseball Tee Game


A “T” structure has been included with this set that has an adjustable feature. This adjustable feature makes it easy for you to alter the height of the stand to make it suitable for your little one.

Parents have been liking how they can have this kit set up inside as well. There’s a feature that lets you hang the structure from the wall to prevent taking up too much space.

More of a junior set this makes a good first birthday gift for 1 year old boys!

  • Encourages active play
  • Develops motor skills & coordination
  • Stand could be sturdier
What age is this recommended for?

12 months old and over


Easton Wooden Bat & Ball Set


The bat that has been included in this set has been made with a lightweight design. As a result, your little one can have an easy time holding it.

In addition to this, plastic balls are available that have a strong seamed design. Therefore, they’ll last your kids for longer.

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  • Fun group activity
  • Develops motor skills
  • Bat could be more durable
What age is this recommended for?

7 years old and over


Franklin Sports MLB Baseball Set


A large foam bat is included with this set that’s 24″ in size and has been made with foam materials. Therefore, you can expect your kids to be safe while playing.

They’ve also included a soft foam ball that keeps the set safe. It’s 3.5″ large which ensures your little one can have an easy time throwing and catching it.

This is a perfect set for a 3 year old boy with a little bit of experience playing

  • Comfortable bat grip
  • Great MLB logo design
  • Color of the bat delivered varies which some weren’t expecting
What age is this recommended for?

3 yrs and over




This is a limited edition BLITZBALL set that features a power bat and 3 balls. We liked how the balls have been made with a patented design.

The design enables kids to achieve more curve and speed while throwing the ball. This can make it more exciting and keep your children engaged for longer.

  • Lightweight design
  • Sleek design
  • Bat could be more durable
What age is this recommended for?

7 yrs old and over




There are 3 balls included in this set which ensures your kids have plenty to play with in case any go missing. They’ve been made with plastic materials that keep them durable.

In addition to this, the set has a large bat that’s 32″ in size. This is a great size for children to be able to grasp comfortably.

We think this makes a great gifts for a 6 year old girl who is into sports.

  • Lightweight bat design
  • Promotes active play
  • Some notice balls are missing upon delivery
What age is this recommended for?

6 years and over




This bat has been made with excellent neoprene foam materials. These materials are great for keeping your child safe while playing. They also ensure that the bat has a lightweight design that makes it easy to use.

  • Fantastic starter bat
  • Secure grip design
  • Design could be more durable
What age is this recommended for?

3 years and over


MLB Franklin Sports Ball & Bat Set


The plastic ball available in this set is 9″ large which makes it easier for children to catch and throw. We also liked how the bat is 30″ in size to make it easy for kids to grasp and swing.

Furthermore, the plastic materials used for the balls enable children to achieve great distance and height when hitting it which can be a lot of fun in the backyard.

Consider this set for your boys 4th birthday.

  • Develops hand eye coordination
  • Fantastic MLB design
  • Set could be more durable
What age is this recommended for?

3 years and over

If these sets just aren’t what you’re looking for in a birthday or Christmas gift then you can check out these other toy suggestions:

Buyers Guide To Choosing A Good Wiffle Ball Bat

Now that you’ve had the chance to check out our review of the top bats for whiffle ball, you will have been able to gain a better understanding about which one you think is best for your child.

If you were interested in learning more about these sets to make a more informed decision, the sections below could be useful.

What is a Wiffle Ball Bat?

Wiffle bat sets vary from the standard baseball sets that are available as many of them have been designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. They include plastic balls that are larger and easier for children to grasp and throw.

In addition to this, the bats are larger to make it easier for kids to make contact with the ball when trying to hit it. That’s one of the main reasons these sets can be awesome for teaching your child the basics of baseball before they start using more traditional sets.

The materials used to make the bats usually include plastic or foam to make sure that kids can remain safe while playing.

What Is Our Pick for the Best Wiffle Ball Bat?

The Franklin Sports MLB Baseball Set is our top pick due to how the large sized bat has been made with soft foam materials that keep kids safe. Moreover, there’s a soft foam ball that’s large and easier for children to make contact with. The MLB logo design also looks superb!

Should I Look for An Individual Whiffle Bat or a Full Set?

You can find wiffle bats on their own that have been made with plastic or foam materials. However, there are also complete sets available that come with the balls too.

The complete sets may be more ideal because the balls and bat have been made to a size that fits well with each other. When it comes to using bats and balls from different sets, the sizes may be different and make it difficult for kids to hit the ball.

Final Thoughts

So, that wraps up our review on what some of the top wiffle bat and ball sets have to offer. Finding the right sets can be an excellent way to encourage your little one to play more actively outdoors in groups with friends and family. It can also help to develop their motor skills and coordination.

Make sure to consider the main features, pros, cons, and age recommendations of each set. This will enable you to have the best idea as to which set is right for your kids. Hopefully, the details throughout our review have proved useful when it comes to making a final decision.

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