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13 Best Toy Semi Trucks for Kids

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Semi trucks also known as big rigs or 18 wheelers hold an endless fascination for children, especially boys although girls love them too. Not only are these trucks big, but they carry all types of products across the country delivering goods and products and even livestock at various locations.

Toy Semi trucks are fun for children to play with and are a huge aid in increasing their imaginative play and helping them understand how different food and products get delivered to their local stores.

Our List of the Very Best Semi Truck Toys

Kids semi trucks run the gambit from Lego semis the kids build themselves, to indoor outdoor large semi toy that are 3 and 4 feet long to even the occasional ride on toy semi. If you are looking for a toy semi truck for a child you know check out this review and the enclosed buying guide.


Lego City Grand Prix Truck Building Set


This Lego Grand Prix Truck building set comes with 315 pieces and actually is two toys in one a semi and the race car that it carries. The set comes with 3 figures for even more fun play and the semi itself has doors that open, cool striping, and a really sleek design. The formula race car is great looking and has removable wheels. This building set also comes with a tool box and a bunch of tools.

We love this toy as a birthday gift for a 5 year old boy!

  • Figures, tools and 2 vehicles makes this one of the best semi building sets around
  • The racing car actually can sit in the back of the trailer while traveling
  • Helps develop fine motor and problem solving skills
  • Goes well with other Lego city sets
  • Lacks much detail
Recommended Age

The Lego City 60025 truck building set is recommended for ages 5 through 12, but it may be a bit too challenging for most 5 and 6 year olds. It may be better suited to those kids 7 years and up.

What Makes This Truck Stand Out?

This Lego set stands out due to the fact that you get so many tools with this truck for the little figures to use making for even more imaginative and realistic play.


Vokofo Semi Fuel Truck


This durable plastic fuel truck is 14.5” long and is friction powered so that all it requires is a couple of pushes and it will travel on its own. The trailer has realistic features and the trailer detaches from the cab so that the cab can be played with alone. There is a button the child can push to get realistic sound effects and LED lights making this truck even more fun for kids.

Girls love Semi Trucks so consider getting this for the 3 year old girl you’re shoppig for.

  • Makes sounds and lights up
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Friction powered
  • A bit smaller than some parents would like
Recommended Age

This fuel tanker is recommended for children age 3 years and up

What Makes This Tanker Stand Out?

The bright yellow color as well as the lights, sounds and durability of this toy semi makes it a great value.


Safari Transport Trailer


This Safari transport semi trailer is 14 inches long and comes with 7 wild animals; an elephant, rhino, polar bear, lion, tiger, hippo and leopard. One side is see through so you can see the animals when they are inside the truck and the semi comes with a handle for carrying the truck. This toy is great for animal recognition as well as imaginative play.

A wonderful gift idea for any 4 year old boy, this toy can provide years of fun.

  • Truck is well designed and durable
  • Truck and animals can be played with together or separately
  • Like that the animals store right in the truck
  • Small and looks inexpensive
Recommended age

The Safari Semi toy truck is recommended for children age 3 and old

What Makes this Semi Stand Out?

The animals that come with this set as well as the carry handle really helps this semi stand out.


Tomy John Deere Grain Trailer


If you are looking for a large toy semi truck this John Deere trailer is 1:16 model size making this trailer about 4 feet long. This truck can be used either inside or outside and has working lights, sounds and movable mirrors. The tarp also opens to reveal working hoppers and there is a set of tag wheels.

  • Large size
  • nice detail
  • Sturdy
  • Not the best quality
Recommended Age

This John Deere Grain trailer is ideal for children age 4 and up

What Makes this Truck Stand Out?

The sheer size of this truck makes it stand out among other semi toys.


Disney Pixar Cars Transporter


This Pixar cars launching transport semi is about 15 inches long and is colored bright red and yellow. This transport is capable of holding 15 diecast cars. It is made of 100% plastic.

  • Durable
  • Holds lofts of cars
  • This transport also works great for storing small cars
  • Small truck for the price
Recommended Age

This semi toy works well for children ages 2 years and up

What Makes this Semi Stand Out?

The bright colors and the cute face which is known for Pixar vehicles.


Fire Truck Car Set with Powered Car Carrier Trailer


This is a friction powered double decker fire rescue trailer. One little push and the semi will travel across any hard flat surface. This trailer comes with 2 fire ladder trucks, a plane and helicopter. It also has lights and sounds and comes with 2AA batteries.

This fire truck is 17 inches long and is made of thick plastic. Not only does it help teach children what firefighters do, it is also a great toy for imaginative play.

Don’t get stuck in the mold of thinking fire trucks are only for boys! We strongly recommend this as a toy for the 5 year old girl you’re buying for.

  • Durable
  • All the vehicles are large enough for little hands
  • Kids get several toys all in one
  • Truck makes less sounds than most consumer’s expected
Recommended Age

This fire truck carrier semi is recommended for children ages 3 years and up.

What Makes this Truck Stand Out?

This semi toy stands out because it gives a child 5 toys in one.


Wonderlanes 6V Ride On Mack Truck

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This 6V ride on Mack truck comes with a detachable trailer that is perfect for hauling around toys, sticks or whatever else a young child can think of to haul. This semi moves in forward and reverse and comes in a cute pink color with its own battery and battery charger. Children will learn how to steer a slower moving vehicle as well as learn a bit about safety rules. The truck also comes with sound effects.


  • Detachable trailer is great for hauling objects
  • This Semi toy is easy for children to ride
  • Child can use the cab alone or use it with the detachable trailer
  • Very few reviews on which to gather either pros or cons
Recommended Age

This ride on Mack truck is recommended for children 3 years and up

What Makes this Ride On Toy Semi Truck Stand Out?

This ride on semi stands out simply because there are not a lot of options to ride on toy semi trucks for children or parents to choose from.


Semi Truck with Trailer & Cattle


This Plastic Peterbilt Livestock trailer is built on a 1:32 scale and has an opening rear trailer door for loading the cattle into the trailer. This truck also comes with a handful of cattle to be transported wherever the child wishes. The cab of this truck is black and the trailer is silver. The truck is 15 inches long.

  • The truck is quite sturdy
  • The cattle are well made
  • Cattle loads into the trailer easily
  • This toy cattle semi is not very large
Recommended Age

The recommended age for this toy cattle truck is age 3

What Makes This Toy Semi Stand Out?

This semi stands out because of it’s durability and the fact that it is a livestock trailer.


Logging Semi


A familiar semi to most children this toy logging semi truck offers a truck load of fun for young children. This Logging truck is made on a 1:16 scale and measures about 3 feet long and is made up of mostly plastic including the 10 logs that come with the truck.

This truck has lights, sounds and adjustable mirrors as well as a working grapple hook. It also has a pup trailer and requires 3AA batteries.

  • Great attention to detail
  • Great large toy semi
  • Quite realistic
  • May come with missing parts
Recommended Age

This truck is recommended for ages 3 and up

What Makes this Log Semi Stand Out?

The size and the details of this logging truck is what really makes it stand out from other semis.


Mercedes Benz RC Flatbed Semi Trailer


This remote control flatbed toy semi trailer is designed to 1:20 scale. It is made of durable ABS plastic and has a high simulation trailer split joint switch button on the remote. There is a sound and horn key, front and rear lights, and the remote control has a distance of 98 feet.

It is a great truck for helping children learn more about cause and effect and learning how to use a remote control.

Any 8 year old boy would find this to be a cool present for their birthday or Christmas

  • Good speed for beginners
  • Trailer connects and disconnects well
  • Realistic looking
  • Problems getting some trucks to work
Recommended Age

This flatbed semi is recommended for children ages 8 years and up

What Makes this Semi Toy Truck Stand Out?

The fact that this semi is a remote control vehicle makes it stand out as does all the great features that can be operated from the remote.


Caterpillar Toy Semi


One of the best construction semi truck toys is the Cat Construction Caterpillar truck and trailer. The bright yellow caterpillar with the gray trailer is 25 inches long and has flashing lights and sound. It comes with a 10 inch caterpillar with movable parts.

Made of sturdy plastic construction this semi requires 2AA batteries ( included).

  • Sturdy
  • Lights and sounds

Good size

  • Some trailers come unhooked from the cab
Recommended Age

This construction semi seems to be appropriate for children ages 2 years and up

What Makes this Toy Semi Truck Stand Out?

The Lights and sounds as well as the working caterpillar helps this toy semi to stand out.


Joyin Friction Freight Truck and Transport Carrier Truck


This toy semi set comes with 2 semis A freight truck and a Transport car carrier as well as 3 toy cars. Each of the trucks is over 12 inches long. With 2 semis and 3 smaller cars this set is great for imaginative play for one or two children together.

  • Pretty durable set
  • Good value
  • Great for imaginative play
  • Not as durable as some people would like
Recommended Age

These trucks work for children ages 3 years and up

What Makes this Set of Trucks Stand Out?

This set stands out because the child actually gets 5 vehicles to play with for an excellent price.


Lego City Heavy Cargo Transport Set


This Lego heavy cargo transport semi and trailer comes with a cab and flatbed trailer, a helicopter, 2 figures and some nice accessories. This building set contains 310 pieces and once built it the cab of the truck opens, the helicopter cockpit opens, and the rotors spin and there is a chain to hold the helicopter onto the flatbed trailer.

If you’re after a semi truck that an older boy up to the age of 10 would enjoy then this is a good option!

  • Small but good
  • Child has fun of building this set and then playing with it
  • Goes with other Lego City sets
  • There seems to be very little that users found wanting with this semi truck toy building set.
Recommended Age

This building set is best suited for children ages 6 to 12

What Makes this Semi Building Set Stand Out?

This set stands out because you can build the semi in different styles and the child gets two toys for the price of one.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Semi Toy Trucks for Kids

If you are considering buying a toy semi truck for a youngster on your shopping list then this buyer’s guide may be of some assistance to you. One of the biggest concerns when shopping for a semi for children is finding the right truck for the age of the child. So this guide will discuss the various types of semi truck toys and what ages they are best suited for.

Lego Building Sets

Lego semi building sets are a great choice because children get the thrill of building their own toy, which can help raise a child’s self-esteem and help develop fine motor skills. Most Lego semi building sets are designed for children ages 5 years and up, but are best suited to slightly older children.

Remote Control Semi Trucks

Currently there doesn’t appear to be a lot of high quality remote control semi trucks for sale, however, even should you find one you like these trucks are best suited for children ages 7 years and up as many younger children have difficulty working the remote control.

Hand Pushed Semi Trucks

Hand pushed semi trucks may be made of plastic or metal. These trucks are propelled by the child pushing them as they crawl along the floor or by giving them a huge push and then chasing after them. Hand pushed trucks are normally suitable for younger children with plastic trucks often working for children as young as 18 months while metal trucks are better suited to children who are age 3 years and older.

Friction Powered Semis

Friction powered semis may be made of plastic or metal and work well for younger children as well. These trucks run simply by giving them a push or pulling them back and letting them go and they run across the floor on their own. These trucks work best on hard smooth surfaces. Plastic friction powered semis are best suited to toddlers and young preschoolers and metal trucks are better suited for slightly older children.

Semi Truck Ride On Toys

Currently there doesn’t seem to be very many rides on semis for sale, however there are a couple of that are battery operated. These trucks are most suitable to children ages 3 to 5 years old.

Special Considerations When Buying Semis for Toddlers

If you are purchasing a semi truck toy for toddlers, make sure that there are no small parts that the child can place in their mouth if they are still chewing on objects.

In addition, Avoid metal trucks, trucks with sharp edges and those trucks whose wheels come off easily as the axle could poke and injure a small child.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best 18 Wheeler Toys

Read the Reviews – Whether shopping online or in a brick and mortar store try and reading some reviews for the product before purchasing that way you will know what to expect and how well other children the same age of child you are buying like a particular vehicle.

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