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If you’re a new parent we understand how finding the right stuff for your baby can feel incredibly overwhelming and complex. You’re likely asking yourself many questions and wondering if you gave them the good name, you’re getting the right toys or raising them right. Is the stuff you’re getting them safe and age appropriate? Is it educational enough and helping them develop at the right pace but not too fast? You’re new to this so give yourself a break, we promise it will get easier and come more naturally soon!

At Pigtal Pals we understand these concerns since we see it with new parents all the time, everyday really. So, we’ve set out to help you if you’re in this situation by creating a bunch of shopping guides about the best baby stuff.  Below you can find guides to the top toys for babies along with a bunch of other stuff like teether, stuffed animals, books for babies and even practical stuff like bottles and feeders.

Our baby section is dedicated to many different items for babies. Babies are in the most developmental stages of their lives, so picking out the right items is crucial.

At this age it’s a bit tricky but in an odd way also a bit easier to find gifts that they will like. Let us explain why that is. You see babies this age are pretty easy to please, they like most everything you get them, so long as it’s age appropriate.  You’re not stuck with them having strong preferences one way or the other about toys, clothes, etc… Everything is new to them and they’re into exploring new things so they’re likely to enjoy whatever you get them. It’s also a time where there’s little difference between what they like whether they’re a boy or girl.

So, whether you’ve got a newborn or 11 month old baby you can be sure to find some safe and age appropriate toys and practical stuff in our reviews below. We genuinely hope that our site helps you save time and eliminates the stress from the decision making process. Our guides are streamlined to help make your shopping experience quick and efficient without providing information overload that may confuse you. After all we know how little time you now have with a new baby to take care of!

The market is flooded with tons of baby items. To make your life easier, all you have to do is check out the reviews of baby products in this section.

Happy shopping!

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