30 Cute Flower Names for Girls

Many people view their newborn daughters as delicate and sweet. For those parents who want to give their child an ultra feminine name there is no better choice than to name their little girl for one of nature’s beautiful flowers.

Here is a look at some cute flower names for girls that parents will love.

Our List of Lovely Girl Flower Names

If you’ve got a newborn girl on the way and you’re still struggling to pick out the perfect name for her then you’ll love this list of uniquely cute and fun female flower names!

1. Fleur

Fleur is a French word that literally means flower.

Not only is the name both sweet and feminine it also has an exotic sound to it, which may make it popular with parents who are looking to give their child a slightly different and exotic name.

2. Calla

Calla is the shortened version of the flower calla lily, which is a white trumpet shaped flower with a yellow inside.

The name itself simply means “beautiful.” One of the things that makes this cute name ideal is that it is not a common name so will make the child feel a little more special.

If you’re still trying to decide on a middle name for your girl then check out our list of Cute Middle Names for Girls.

3. Blossom

Blossom is a simple name that means “to flourish.” While it is a cute name for some reason it may make a better middle name than a first name for a little girl.

The name Blossom was made more popular by the television series of the same name that aired in the 1990s.

4. Camellia

Camellia is a lovely name that carries with it a certain amount of strength. The flower itself is named for botanist Georg Joseph Kamel and means Kamel’s flower.

The flower itself comes in different shapes and colors making the flower as unique as the name itself.

5. Clover

Clover is a perky name for a girl and the meaning of the name is simply “key” Clover is a meadow flower.

Clover has trifoliate leaves and spikes of red, white or yellow flowers. Clover is of English origin.

6. Daisy

Daisy is a name of English origin and means “Days eye.” This name has been used for a number of different fictional characters including: Daisy Clover, Daisy duck, and Daisy Duke.

There have also been a number of athletes, actors, and other professionals who have also been named or called Daisy.

7. Dahlia

The Dahlia is a Scandinavian flower that comes in various colors and has a kind of a fluffy petal look.

Given to your baby girl the name will have an exotic sound to it and it is a strong though very feminine name.

8. Flora

Flora is of Scottish and Latin origin and simply means “flower.” Flora was the name of a Roman Goddess of flowers and spring who enjoyed eternal youth.

The name is a bit old fashioned, but is super feminine and easy to pair with a number of middle names.

9. Daphne

The name Daphne comes from Greek Mythology and means “Springs flower.”

In mythology the nymph Daphne escapes the attention of Apollo by being turned into a Laurel tree by her father. The name Daphne has a regal sound to it.

If you are interested in other ideas you can check out our list of one-syllable names for girls.

10. Hana

The name Hana is of Japanese origin and means bud or blossom. What makes this name unique is the spelling as compared to the more popular and familiar Hannah.

11. Holly

Holly is a name of Old English origin and comes from the name of the Holly tree. The name means to “prick.” is often given to little girls who are born in December.

The name Holly has a festive feel about it that many parents love.

12. Ivy

Ivy is a climbing vine and comes from the Old English word for fig. The name itself means “faithfulness” and was often given by Greeks in wreath form to newly weds as a symbol of fidelity.

Ivy is often connected to Holly in Christmas Carols.

13. Lotus

The name Lotus is of Greek origin and symbolizes purity and grace. The name itself is sophisticated and exotic. The lotus grows in ponds and small lakes rather like water lilies.

The lotus was a name given to many different flowers before it came to represent the Egyptian white lotus.

14. Marigold

Marigold is a sunny golden flower and the name itself does seem to be bright and sunny.

At one time naming a girl Marigold was reserved for fictional characters, but today is slowly finding its way among charming girl’s names for those parents who want to name their daughters something a little different from the standard Susan or Becky.

15. Jasmine

Jasmine is a name of perfume scented flower and is of Persian origin.

There are many different variations of the name including Yasmin, Yasmine, Jazmin, and Jessamine. It is also the name of the female Walt Disney character in Aladdin.

16. Rada

Rada is a name with origins in several languages including Yiddish, Latin and Russian. The meaning of the name actually means rose.

Rada is both a simple and lovely name that is truly unique and not overused.

17. Winika

Winika is a lovely and exotic name that is Maori origin. It is the name of a Pacific orchid that blooms around Christmas time and means “Christmas Orchid.”

It is a wonderful choice as a female flower name for any girl born in December and a wonderful choice for any parent looking for a slightly unusual flower name for their daughter.

18. Belladonna

Belladonna is a name of Italian origin and simply means “Beautiful lady.”

The plant belladonna also known as nightshade is a deadly plant, so naming your child this lovely name will also give her a hint of darkness and danger.

19. Tulip

Tulip is a name of Persian origin. The name originally was an offshoot meaning turban because the petals slightly resemble a turban.

Today, the name means “perfect love.” Although Tulip may seem an unusual name there are actually quite a few famous or near famous people who have that name.

20. Iris

The name Iris is of Greek origin and means rainbow.

Although the name seems prim and proper it’s colorful meaning makes this a bright and beautiful choice to name a daughter.

21. Violet

The name Violet is of Latin origin and simply means “purple flower.” When Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck named their daughter Violet the name almost immediately increased in popularity.

The Violet is considered a delicate flower, but may be more hardy than some people think.

22. Jacinda

The name Jacinda is of Spanish origin and is actually the Spanish name for the Hyacinth flower.

The name itself has a lovely unique ring to it and seems to turn a common flower into something slightly more exotic.

23. Magnolia

Magnolia is of Latin origin whose strict meaning is “Magnol’s flower.” It is considered an appropriate name for a Southern belle and is often related to the musical “Showboat.”

Girls given this name are likely to prefer the nickname Maggie to going by this flowery name.

24. Zinnia

The name Zinnia is of German and Latin origin and means Zinn’s flower.

The name Zinnia is not as commonly used as other floral names, but it seems to have an energetic quality to it that could make the name an excellent choice for some parents.

25. Azalea

Azalea is a relatively new name in the world of girl’s names first coming up on Social Security lists in 2012.

The name is said to mean dry, but the beauty of the name may make it especially appealing to parents looking for a floral name for their daughter.

26. Lilac

Lilac is a name of Persian and English origin and means “bluish or lilac.” It seems to be taking the place of the more old fashioned flower names like Lily or Violet.

The Lilac flower has a sweet light scent and is certainly a sweet name to give any girl.

27. Cassia

The name Cassia is of Greek origin and comes from the Cassia tree, which bears a yellow flower.

The tree produces a spice that is much like cinnamon, which is how the name Cassia came to mean “Cinnamon.” It is a lovely name to name that red headed baby girl.

28. Dianella

Dianella is a name of Australian origin and comes from a small star like purple flower of the same name.

It has a beautiful ring to it and is a more elegant take on the name Diane.

29. Lily

Lily is a rather old fashioned flower name that has been given to girls for generations. The name Lily means “pure or passion.”

Although the name is old fashioned it has a sweet ring to it. Other versions of the name are Lilith, Lillian and liliana.

30. Heather

The name Heather is of English origin and comes from a Scottish wildflower. The flower is hardy and thrives in rocky soil that is often considered barren.

If you are looking for a floral name for your little girl that is strong and resilient then Heather may be a good choice.

Conclusion to Lovely Baby Girl Flower Names

If you are looking for a cute flower name for a baby girl then these names should give you a start.

50 Unique & Cute Baby Girl Middle Names: Female Names

Most people are excited about having a new baby and often spend a good deal of time considering different names until they find the perfect name for their child. While first names are often fairly easy, many parents agonize over choosing the perfect middle name for their baby girl.

Here is a look at 50 unique middle names suitable for any girl.

Best Unique Middle Names for Girls

1. Bree

The name Bree is of Irish, Scottish and means ‘strong or honorable’ and ‘full of virtue.’ Ironically the name Bree first became popular based on the 1971 movie “Klute” which won Jane Fonda an Oscar for playing a prostitute with that name.

2. Dawn

Dawn is a name of English origin and essentially means ‘break of day’ and is often given to little girls born around sunrise.

3. Fawn

Fawn is a girl’s middle name of both French and American origin and means a ‘Young doe.’

4. Jae or Jaye

The Name Jae or Jaye is Korean, Latin and English and also has several meanings including ‘Jay like the bird’ or ‘Sweet and Beautiful.’

5. Aryn

Aryn is of Hebrew origin and is a beautiful girl middle name. It means ‘messenger.’

6. Jaidyn

Jaidyn is a female baby middle name of Hebrew origin and has a couple of different meanings including ‘He will judge’ or ‘Precious.’

7. Katheryn

Katheryn is a common girls middle name that is English in origin and another cute baby girl middle name. It means ‘Pure.’

8. Brooke

The name Brooke is one of those popular nature names for girls, comes from English and means Stream.’

9. Hope

Hope is a name that is English in origin and was popular both as a first and middle name among the Puritans. The name means ‘Full of hope, trust or rely’

10. Love

Love is a middle name of English origin that was extremely popular in the late 1800s. It comes from the name Louve, which means ‘female wolf.’ Modern name the name Love is meant to express the emotion of ‘great caring.’

11. Merle

Merle is a unisex middle name often used for girls and is Latin origin. The name means ‘ blackbird.’

12. Raine

The girl’s middle name Raine has many origins including French, Latin and Native American. The name may mean ‘Queen’ or be a deviation of the word ‘Rain’

13. Rose

Rose is a pretty common middle name that simply means ‘sweet flower.’

14. Rylie

Rylie is a somewhat unique girl middle name of Irish origin that simply means ‘Brave.’

15. Breean

Is another middle name for a girl that is of Irish origin and the name has the meaning of ‘Brave and Noble.’

16. Caylen

Caylen is a somewhat unusual girl middle name of Old French origin. The name means ‘Pure.’

17. Devon

The name Devon was once primarily a male name, but more recently it has become somewhat popular as a middle name for girls. From the English the name origin comes from the village of Devonshire.

18. Ocean

Another one of the nature names that has been gaining in popularity the name Ocean is originally of Greek origin and actually means ‘Big Heart and Pure.’

19. Raven

Raven is a nice sounding middle name for a girl. As one would expect the name means ‘crow.’

20. Robin

Another birdlike female middle name for girls, Robin is of has a meaning of ‘songbird.’

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21. Zoe

A name of Greek origin Zoe is a name that quite literally means ‘Life.’ It has also been translated to mean ‘vibrant’ as well.

22. Allison

Allison is a rather common English name that is often given as a middle name to girls. The name itself means ‘Truthful and Noble.’

23. Noel

A cheerful and merry middle name for girls Noel is French and means ‘Christmas.’ This name is exceptionally appropriate for those infant girls born in the month of December.

24. Naomi

Naomi is a name of the come from Hebrew and means ‘Pleasant.’ The name is associated with the mother-in- law of Ruth in the Old Testament.

25. Susannah

Although the middle name Susannah is associated with the pioneers, probably due to the song “Oh Susannah” it is actually Hebrew and means ‘Pretty and Sweet.’

26. Gillian

Gillian is an English name and the feminine form of the male name Julian. It means ‘Full of Youth.’

27. Sophia

Sophia is a sophisticated girl’s middle name and is of Greek origin. The name simply means ‘wise or wisdom.’

28. Amity

The origin of the girl’s middle name Amity is Greek and means ‘friendship.’ It is rather a lovely name to give to any newborn girl.

29. Irene

Another girl middle name of Greek origin The name Irene means ‘Full of Peace.’ Originally Irene came from the name Irini.

30. Viviann

The name Viviann is of Latin and French origin and is a rather chic and sophisticated girls middle name that actually has a nice meaning since it means ‘Alive.’

31. Belle

Made popular by “Beauty and the Beast” the middle name Belle for girls is actually from the French and means ‘Beautiful.’

32. Blue

Blue is an American name that can either be male or female and simply means ‘the color blue.’

33. Faith

Faith is a name of English origin and this cute middle name for girls was made popular by the Puritans. It means ‘Trusting in all things.’

34. Jade

Jade is a lovely middle name for girls and is of Spanish origin the name means ‘jewel or Precious stone.’

35. Skye

The name Skye has its origins in Ireland, the UK and the United States. It was an extremely popular name during the civil war mostly as a boy’s name. Today it is quite common as a girls middle name and can mean ‘Sheltering’ or ‘Sky.’

Skye is a great one syllable middle name for girls.

36. Amber

Amber is a middle name for a girl of American origin the name quite simply means ‘Golden jewel.’

37. Zaylee

There seems to be two stated origins for the girls middle name of Zaylee one is said to be of Australian origin with a meaning of ‘Flower.’ The other is said to be of American origin and is a made up name and is believed to mean ‘Dry.’

38. Ireland

Of Irish origin Ireland is a name made popular when Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin gave their daughter that name saying that Geographic names were a family tradition.

39. Iris

If you are looking for a bright and happy girl’s middle name then Irish may fit the bill. The name is of Greek origin and means ‘beautiful rainbow.’ What could be more lovely than that.

40. Ivy

An American name the name Ivy is a name for actual vine Ivy.

41. Lark

The name Lark is of American origin and brings to mind someone who is cheerful and outgoing. The name means ‘melodious songbird.’

42. Joy

Joy is a name that originates again from the English and comes from a generation of names such as Bliss and Merry. It is a happy sounding middle name for any baby girl.

43. Lake

A somewhat unique girls middle name of English origin is the name Lake. Named for someone who lives by a ‘Lake’ the name is rather unusual and pretty.

44. Winter

Winter is a lovely middle name for baby girls born during the colder months of the year. Of English origin the name reflects the season of snow.

45. Summer

The name Summer first became popular during the 70s and has remained fairly popular ever since as a female middle name.

46. Sunset

Sunset as a name seems to be of American origin and is a unique girls middle name. It is believed that the meaning of the name means ‘Beauty at the end of the day.’ It is definitely a lovely middle name to bestow on a girl.

47. Fleur

Of French origin the name Fleur is a lovely middle name for baby girls. The name means ‘Flower’.

48. Sage

Sage is a name of French origin and has a meaning of ‘wise one.’ Sage is a flowering herb and an excellent masculine flower name for boys.

49. Ivory

Ivory is a middle name for girls and is of American origin and means ‘pure and white.’

50. Dakota

The name Dakota is of Native American Origin with a meaning of ‘Friend or ally.” Once primarily a man’s name it is now often used as first or middle name for baby girls.

Final Thoughts on Splendid Baby Girl Middle Names

If you are searching for a cute middle name for girls then one of these names may fit the bill.

50 Cool Middle Names for Boys: Unique Baby Names

The same name that some parents give their boys as first names, may be given as a middle name by other parents. While there is no hard and fast rule normally if a child is given a short first name the middle name tends to be longer and vice versa. In other cases if the first name is of medium length then the middle name may be of medium length as well. Here is a look at 50 cool middle names for boys.

Middle Names for Boys

Good Boys Middle Names

If you are looking for a unique baby boy middle name for your coming son then here are 50 great male middle name ideas to choose from.

1. Blake

Blake is a name that has a nice ring to it and means “someone who is dark haired or has a dark complexion.” The name is considered to be of old English origin. The name Blake blends well with quite a few first names.

2. Grant

The name Grant means “one who is great or has big achievements.” It is of French-Anglo origin and is a take on the word Grand. Grant is a nice strong name that will beef up any first name it is paired with.

3. Rhett

Rhett is a name that is Welsh in origin and means “fiery.” In the United States many people choose this name after the famous character in “Gone with the Wind.”

4. Luke

Luck is a Greek name that is said to mean “a person who comes from Lucania,” however, many parents choose the name since it comes from the Bible.

5. Reese

Reese, like the name Rhett, means “fiery” and is an old English name. This is a middle name for boys that seems to go well with some of the more common first names such as Thomas or Andrew. Reese can also make a great one syllable middle name for girls.

6. Trey

Trey is an old English name that originally meant the “number 3.” While this boy middle name can easily be given to the third child in the family it can actually be used for any child.

7. Cash

The name Cash is believed to be a shortened version of the name Casper. It is an English name and means “one who is wealthy.”

8. Grey

Grey is of English origin and is actually based on the color gray. It makes for a nice sounding middle name that goes with most first names.

9. Judd

Judd is a name of Hebrew origin and the name means “one who is worthy of praise.” This name is old fashioned and has a reliable sound to it.

10. Lane

Lane is a name of English origin which simply means “path or roadway.” The simplicity of this name makes it a middle name that should go well with almost any first name.

11. Clark

Clark is a name with a nice ring to it. The name is of English origin and actually stands for one who clerks. Clark is also a common last name that makes a great first name.

12. Drew

Drew is a name of English origin and means “one who carries a weighty load.” Drew could also be a shortened version of Andrew.

13. Heath

The name Heath sounds like the hero from a romance novel. The name is of British origin and means “one who lives on or very near the moor.” (Can’t you just picture a tall, dark brooding man strolling across the moors deep in thought!)

14. Finn

Finn is a name of Irish origin that means “one who is fair.” The name itself seems to be a name filled with good humor and laughter.

15. Seth

A name of Hebrew origin the name Seth means “one who is placed or appointed.” The name Seth seems to have a sense of calm about it.

16. Neil

A name that is Gaelic Neil means “passionate.” So if you are looking to give your boy a middle name that may instill a love for life into him then Neil may be a good name to choose.

17. Zane

A name of Hebrew origin, the name Zane means a “gracious gift from God” This would be a great middle name for a boy whose birth had been hoped for a long period of time.

18. Troy

Troy is an English name based on the ancient city in Greece and means “strong and brave.” While Troy isn’t the most common name it isn’t so unique to make a new parent shy away from the name.

19. Jace

Jace is a Greek name the meaning of which is “to heal.” In the US Jace can also be a nickname for Jason.

20. Wade

Wade is a name of English origin and it simply means “someone who crosses the river.” The name Wade has easy fill to it.

21. Damon

The name Damon means “to tame or gentle” and is of Greek origin. This name appears in many stories of ancient Greece.

22. Devin

A name of Irish origin, the name Devin means “Bard or Poet.” The name may be great to be bestowed on a child that you are hoping will have an artistic bent.

23. Noel

Noel is an English name derived from a French name and simply means “Christmas Season.” This is a great middle name for any baby boy born in the month of December. Noel is also a popular girls middle name!

24. Byron

Byron is a name of English Origin that has a sophisticated sound to it. Ironically, the name means “Someone who lives near a cowshed.”

25. Quintin

Quintin is a Roman family name that literally means “the fifth.” The name was traditionally given to the fifth son in the family, but today the name can pertain to any child regardless of the order in which they are born.

26. Noah

Noah is a Hebrew name associated with the Bible. The name means “ One who is calm and quiet.” The name has a solid sound to it, which may be appealing to many prospective parents.

27. Caleb

A name of Hebrew origin Caleb means “One who is like the heart.” You can almost picture a baby who is given Caleb as a middle name will grow up to be a kind and loving person.

28. Cody

The name Cody means “One who is helpful.” and although the name is of Irish origin it brings to mind cowboys of the old West.

29. Ryder

Ryder is another name that sounds like it is straight out of an old west novel and this name in fact, is actually of American origin. However, it is said that this name means “ Like a Knight.”

30. Denver

Denver was originally a name of French origin and referred to someone who came from “Anders.” However, when American parents choose Denver as a middle name, they may be naming their son after a city in Colorado.

31. Gavin

Gavin is a Welsh name and means “white hawk.” Although Hawks are considered birds of prey and have a fierce reputation some hawks are also quiet and gentle.

32. Jared

Jared is a Hebrew name and has two meanings. One meaning is “Sweet and loving like a rose.” and the other meaning is “descending.” Jared is a very strong sounding name that will go well with many first names.

33. Leo

Leo is a name of Latin origin and means “strong as a lion.” This short name combines well with longer names and has a nice ring to it.

34. Dezi/Desi

Dezi is also a name of Latin origin and it actually means “To be filled with yearning or sorrow.”

35. Drake

Drake is a name that means “dragon” and is of middle English origin. The name bestows a certain fierceness on the male carrying this as a middle name.

36. Trevor

Trevor is a Welsh name that means “one who lives on a large settlement or homestead.” The name has a sophisticated sound to it and goes well with short strong first names.

37. Tyson

Tyson means a “strong and fiery person.” The name is English and is not overly common nor so strange as to turn potential parents away from choosing the name for their boys middle name.

38. Damien

Damien is a Greek name and means one who “tames” The meaning of this name suggests a person who has a strong personality and a firm command of situations.

39. Boone

The name Boone means “a blessing” and is one of those names that is of French origin, but brings forth thoughts of strong and independent men who were the early frontiersmen who settled the United States. Quite possible because the name is associated with the famous Daniel Boone.

40. Wyatt

Wyatt is another name of French origin that has come to remind most people of cowboys of the old west. The name Wyatt means “brave warrior” and seems to be the name of a person you can depend on.

41. Tait

The name Tait is of Greek origin and means “Happy and Cheerful.” One might expect a boy with the middle name of Tait to be a joy to be around and someone who will keep others smiling.

42. Ian

Ian is a name of Scottish origin and means “God is gracious.” Ian is a pleasant sounding name that will go well with a number of first names.

43. Dakota

Dakota is a name of Native American origin and means “friend or ally.” It is also another name that brings thoughts of the old west to mind.

44. Guy

Guy is a name of German and French origin and simply means “wood” or “wide.” Guy is a name that is simple and fun and will match well those incredibly long first names.

45. Edgar

Edgar is an old English name that means “fortunate and powerful.” It also means “wealthy spear.” Edgar seems to be a name that has a sense of reliability about it.

46. Sage

Sage is a name of French origin and means “wise one” or “the spice of the prophet.” This name seems to have a bit of western flavor to it like so many other names on the list.

Sage is also a flowering herb making it a fantastic flower name for boys.

47. Logan

Logan means “hollow” and is a name of Scottish origin. The name has a strong sound to it and makes a good middle name or even a great first name.

48. Rowan

Rowan is a name of Irish origin and means “tree with red berries.”

49. Crew

The name Crew is of Welsh origin and means “Fortress by the water.” The name is unique enough to appeal to parents who are looking for a slightly different middle name for their son.

50. Hunter

Hunter is a name of English origin and simply means “One who hunts.” The name is both interesting and has a certain strength to it that makes it a name that has been increasing in popularity.

Final Thoughts on Splendid Baby Boy Middle Names

If you are looking for a cool middle name for your upcoming baby boy maybe one of these 50 boys middle names will hold some appeal.

30 Unique One Syllable Middle Names for Girls

Most parents who choose a one syllable middle name for their infant daughters do so because they chose a longer first name for the child. However, modern day parents typically want a middle name that is a little more unique than the traditional Ann, Sue, or Jo.

Unique One syllable girl names

Cute, Fun & Unique One Syllable Girl Middle Names

If you are looking for a unique one syllable middle name for your girl then here are 30 you may want to choose from.

1. Skye

The name skye has a romantic ring to it and reminds one of either clear sunny days or starry nights. The name itself is of Irish origin and the name is said to mean “sheltering” which is a lovely meaning for any female.

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2. Ayn

The name Ayn was made somewhat popular by Russian writer Ayn Rand. Oddly enough many parents chose Ayn as a 1 syllable middle name because they feel it is a unique play on Ann or Anne. However, the origin of the name is Hebrew and is said to have 3 possible meanings; “Prayer,” “God favors me” or “eye.”

3. Bay

Bay is a name of Old French and Latin origin and has several meanings bestowed upon it. Again this simple short middle name for girls seems to have a number of different meanings including “berry” “ a water inlet” or “Auburn Haired.”

4. Brooke

Although the name has been around a while it was Americans that made the name popular as a girl’s first or middle name. The name brings to mind a small stream that runs over pebbles or rocks. The name has a peaceful and serene sense to it, while still being somewhat unique.

5. Joy

The name Joy has an extremely happy sound to it and the actual meaning of the name is “Rejoicing.” The simplicity of this one syllable female name combined with the feeling of happiness it evokes could make this name a favorite among many parents.

6. Sage

As a 1 syllable middle name Sage has a kind of exotic ring to it some parents will like. Even better Sage means “wise one” which bestows a great meaning to the child’s overall name.

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7. Jett

Originally Jett was exclusively a male name, but recently it has been used as a name for females. Jett is a strong name which some claim means “Black Gem.” The name is definitely unique and actually quite attractive.

8. Bree

Bree is a name that comes from Irish and English origins with the generally acceptable meaning of “strength.” The name is both easy and sophisticated having an uplifting appeal to it.

9. Lark

The one syllable girls middle name Lark means “Songbird” and the name itself brings to mind someone who is cheerful and outgoing and extremely social. Lark is one of the nature names that seem to be growing in popularity with modern parents.

10. Rain

Rain seems to be purely an American name as well as another of those nature names that are increasing in popularity. The name itself means “Blessings” or “Blessings from above” which is actually exactly what a baby is.

11. Hope

Hope is a name of Puritan origin that was often given to baby girls. Although old fashioned the name reemerges every few years and is a lovely simple name that some parents may choose to use.

12. Lake

Another nature name that is gaining in popularity is the name Lake. Primarily given to boys it is now emerging as a girl’s name as well. The name Lake means “Still Waters.”

13. Kai

The name Kai (pronounced Kye) has many origins including Hawaiian, Scandinavian, Greek, Latin and Chinese. The name also has almost as many meanings as it does origins meaning “Pier of a harbor; Keeper of the keys; strong; unbreakable and more.

14. True

The name True is primarily given to females and this name means “genuine, real and loyal.” It is a nice sounding name that goes well with many first names.

15. Star

The name Star is of English origin primarily American and like the name Skye has a romantic sound to it. A star is a celestial body that shines brightly.

16. Bliss

Bliss is a name of Old English Origin and seen a reemergence in popularity in recent years. The name has a sweet sound and means “ Joy, Cheer, or Intense Happiness.”

17. Swan

Swan is another bird name that is becoming popular. The name gives the impression of elegance and purity and seems to go smoothly with a number of first names.

18. Jade

Jade is the name of ornamental green stone that has great value in Asian countries. The stone is said to bestow wisdom, clarity, courage and modesty on the possessor of the name.

19. Leigh

Leigh is often used in place of the more common middle name of Lea or Lee. The name means “Meadow or Field.”

20. Belle

Belle is a name of French origin and simply means beauty. The name Belle has many positive connotations such as Belle from “Beauty and the Beast,” Southern Belle, or Belle of the ball.” While used as a middle name Belle seems to have southern connotations it can be used by parents anywhere.

21. Blaire

Blaire is a name of Scottish origin and means “plain or field.” The American version of the name means “Trustworthy and honorable.”

22. Wynn

Wynn is a name of Welsh origin that has a sophisticated sound to it. The name itself means “ friend, white, fair, or blessed.”

23. Dawn

Dawn is a name meaning “daybreak.” and is the perfect middle name for a child born in the wee hours of the morning just as the sun is rising.

24. Snow

Another one of those nature names Snow is a perfect name for a little girl born in winter. The name has a sense of purity about it.

25. Dale

Dale is an old English name that was once given to males, but in more recent years has become a name for females as well as males. Dale simply means valley and is a short snappy name that combines well with a variety of first names when used as a middle name.

26. Fawn

Fawn was a popular girl’s name during the 60s and 70s and fell out of favor because many parents felt that the name did not give their child enough to live up to. Fawn simply means “young deer” and the name has an air of innocence about it that might find favor with some parents.

27. Fleu

Fleu is a name of French origin and simply means flower. The name has romantic flavor and brings to mind grace and beauty.

28. Lei

Lei is a Hawaiian name for a wreath of flowers that is normally placed around a person’s neck as a welcome or during a celebration. Like Fleu the name brings to mind beauty.

29. Teal

Color names for girls such as Blue and Gray have become quite popular. Teal is a color name for a girl that has a much more feminine ring to it than many other colors names.

30. Day

Day is a name of American origin and can easily be a name for either a boy or girl. The name day simply means daylight or sunlight.

Final Thoughts on Splendid Single Syllable Girls Middle Names

Remember the name you choose for your child is a name that your child is going to have to live with for many years to come, which is why many parents agonize over the choice of name for their children.

20 Masculine Flower Names for Boys

Many people believe that their baby’s personality is in part influenced by their name, which is why many parents name their boys after flowers. By giving a boy a flower name, parents not only seek to give their child a more unusual name, but also have the hope that the child will grow up to be gentle and appreciate the beauty in the world.

Of course when choosing a name for their son, parents don’t want a name that sounds girly or will get their child teased so here is a look at some great manly flower names for boys.

Unique Boy Flower Names

Cool & Unique Male Flower Names for Baby Boys

1. William

There is little doubt that William is considered a masculine name after all not only is William the name of a current British Prince, it was also the name of William the Conqueror. However, Sweet William is also a beautiful flower and makes a great name for any baby boy.

2. Basil

Basil is an exotic sounding name, like a character in a romance novel. It is also the name of a flavorful flowering herb used to season food. Although the name sounds a bit old fashioned it is a strong name that carries with it a bit of sophistication.

3. Sage

Another flowering herb, Sage is another of those great male flower names. This name reminds you a bit of the old west leading those who hear the name to associate with it with strength and masculinity.

4. Jared

Jared is a nice strong name that does have a certain popularity. However, it may surprise you that Jared is actually the Hebrew name for a rose. This is a perfect name for parents who want to give a manly flower boy flower name to their son that most people won’t know is a flower name.

5. Florian

Florian is Latin name that simply means flowering. While it does not pertain to specific flowers it still gives the feeling of beauty while retaining it’s masculine flavor.

6. Hawthrone

Hawthrone is a flowering plant that is also used for medicinal purposes. While you may not want to give your son the first name of Hawthrone, it would make a fine middle name for any parent looking for flower boy names.

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7. Oleander

The name Oleander is both sophisticated and somewhat playful. It is also the name of a flowering shrub that has beautiful flowers. This is a great name for those parents looking to give their son a name that is a little less common.

8. Ren

Ren is another among masculine flower names that is perfect for naming a son. The name Ren means Lotus in Japanese and the lotus flower stands for perfection and purity.

9. Rowan

Rowans are beautiful flowers that grow in dense clusters. While the flowers themselves may be somewhat delicate when viewed individually, the name Rowan certainly has a very masculine ring to it.

10. Ash

Ash is a flowering tree that is certainly suitable to be a popular boys flower name. The name Ash has a nice masculine ring to it and in addition the name is short which makes it attractive to many parents.

11. Arnit

A rather unusual, but strong sounding name for a boy this male flower name simply means beautiful flower. Arnit is one of those unisex names that can be given either to a girl or a boy and when given a girl actually means “mountain of strength.”

12. Crisanto

Not the common name, statistics suggest that only about 28,600 people in the world bear this exotic sounding name which means “Flower of Gold.” The name is of Greek origin making it even more exotic choice for some people in the United States.

13. Elm

Elm is a strong normally tall tree that bears lovely delicate looking white flowers that are actually quite robust. Bestowing elm as a middle name for your son will lend strength to his name.

14. Trevor

Trevor is a shorter version of the word shatrevar, which is a Persian word for flower. The name Trevor itself is a strong name and very masculine.

15. Yarrow

Yarrow is actually a strong fragrant herb that bears a bright yellow flower that reminds one of sunshine. Yarrow makes a great boy flower name that is both unusual and attractive.

16. Bud

Bud is most commonly used as a nickname, but it can be used as a first or middle name and is a masculine flower name simply meaning blossom. The appeal of the name Bud, is that it is a short simple name that is easily paired with longer more sophisticated names.

17. Oak or Oakes

The name Oak doesn’t refer to a flower, but rather refers to a tree that is known for its strength. The name is old English and has a powerful ring to it.

18. Gentian

The name Gentian is a take on an Illyrian King named Gentius. Gentians are brilliant blue flowers with fringed petals. The name itself actually brings forth visions of gentlemanly conduct, which many parents may find appealing.

19. Florent

This name is quite popular in Europe although far less popular in the United States where the name may seem to have a bit too much flourish. The name simply means flowering.

20. Moss

Moss is another of those names that is not a flower boy’s name, but is named for those soft dark green dark ground covering you often see in the woods or growing near the roots of trees. Moss is an old fashioned name for a boy that has a nice simple ring to it.

Final Thoughts on Good Boys Flower Names

If you are looking for a flower boys name that still has a sense of masculinity and strength then one of these options may be just the name you are looking for.

30 Unique Last Names That Make Even Better First Names

The idea of turning a last name into a first name in your search for cute baby names is certainly not a new idea since the use of surnames as first names dates as far back as the end of the Roman Empire. As the empire began breaking down it seemed that those old royalty names were up for grabs and no longer reserved just for the nobility.

In addition, some traditional last names actually have their origins in first names. For example the last name Johnson came about as a way to differentiate John’s son from Aaron’s son so it seems only natural for these last names to become first names once again!

Most importantly, choosing a surname for a first name can allow parents to give their child a unique name or bestow on them a baby name with a special meaning. Regardless of why you may choose to use a surname as a 1st name we’ve come up with a bunch of unique last names that make even better first names for babies.

Cute Last Names as First Names for Girls

For your convenience we have divided our list of names into cute girl’s names and cool boy’s names.

1. McKenna

One of the most Unique surnames turned into a first name for baby girls is the name McKenna is an old Scottish name from the County Monoghan where the family Mckenna was known as the “Lords of Truagh”.

As a first name the name McKenna is used exclusively for girls, however, ironically the meaning of this name means “son of the handsome one”. Newer naming books have substituted the word son in the meaning to child to make it more feminine friendly.

2. Quinn

Another cool last name used as a first name is Quinn. The name Quinn is of Irish origin and comes from the Gaelic O Cuinn meaning descendant of Conn.

Often given as a 1st name for a girl Quinn means counsel or intelligence.

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3. Reagan

The name Reagan is an Irish name and is Gaelic the name means “king’s child”. This baby name became very popular in the United States especially for girls after President Reagan made the name a household name. It’s meaning today is “Little Ruler.”

4. Luna

The name Luna seems to have always been both a surname and first name, but also makes a great one syllable middle name for girls! It has origin in Rome, Italy as well as Spain. Luna was the Roman Goddess of the moon and today the name Luna still means “Moon”.

5. Ryan

Ryan is an old Irish name that dates back to the County Tipperary in the 13th century. In most countries whfere this name is used as a first name it is given mainly to boys, however it has been a popular girl’s baby name since the 1970s and means “young royalty”.

6. Harper

The name Harper is of English, Scottish and Irish origin and is the occupational name for the player of the harp. The Harper was one of the most important figures in the Baronial Ball and the position was often hereditary.

As a first name Harper is most often given to girls and has the meaning “minstrel.”

7. Rowan

Rowan is a Scottish, U.S. U.K., and Canadian surname that was extremely popular between 1840 and 1020. It also has Norse roots as well as Arabic.

The accepted meaning of the name Rowan is “Little Red One”. However, it is interesting to know that in Norse the Rowan was a tree with red berries, and in Arabic Rowan is a river in Paradise.

8. Cassidy

Cassidy is an old Irish surname meaning curly-haired.

Ironically it is believed that Cassidy made the transition from a last name to a first name when baby-boomer parents began naming their little girls after the Grateful Dead song “Cassidy”. It’s a bit humorous to think that this name is “Dead head” name.

9. Peyton

Peyton was originally a name for place in Sussex England and later became a famous first name for new babies due to Peyton Randolph the 1st president of the Continental Congress and later the football player Peyton Manning. Later it became more popular as a girl’s name.

10. Bailey

Bailey is a name of Irish, English, or Scottish origin. As a first name it is usually bestowed by parents who want their child to have a unisex name.

The accepted meaning for the name Bailey is “Steward” or “sweet person” although it is believed that the Irish meaning is Legend.

11. Addison

Addison is a name of English origin, that is one of those surnames that started out as the first name Adam, then became a surname for the “son of Adam” and is now once more a first name.

Ironically while the name Addison means “Adam’s son” it has been used almost exclusively for females.

12. Riley

Riley is an old Irish name derived from the name O’Riley. It was primarily a male’s name until the 1990 when it became popularized as a girl’s name.

Riley can mean “rye field” or it can also mean “Valiant” which came from a man who died at the battle of Clontarf .

13. Arden

The name Arden has it’s origin in Ireland, England and Hebrew. The name Arden in Hebrew is another name Eden and means “Great Beauty”. In Celtic the term means “Lofty”

14. Lane

Lane is an English name that is believed to have its origins in Celtic.

It is considered a unisex name and works equally well for a boy or a girl, but we happen to feel it makes a great girl’s name. The name Lane means “Path.”

15. Whitney

Whitney is an old English name that comes from a location in Herefordshire. It can be used for a boy or girl and means “From the white Island”. 

Cool Last Names as First Names for Boys

1. Carson

Parents in the United States may choose the baby name Carson for their son based on the historical figure “Kit Carson” the independent frontiersman who was known for his bravery and strength. However, the origins of this name comes from the Scottish/English Borderlands and actually means “Son of marsh dwellers.

2. Cooper

One of the most playful sounding last names for first names is the name Cooper.

The name is of Dutch and English origin and actually means “Barrel Maker” Barrel Makers played a very important role in history as most goods at one time were shipped in barrels.

3. Duncan

Duncan is an old Scottish surname that has often become a 1st name and originates from 2 kings of Scotland. The name itself means “Brown haired man” or “Chieftain.”

4. Griffin

Griffin is of Welsh and Irish origin where there were Welsh princes of that name. Later it was an English surname as well and now it has become an interesting first name for boys.

The Welsh meaning of Griffin is “Ruddy” while the English meaning refers to the creature that has the body of a lion and the wings and head of an Eagle.

5. Landon

Landon originates in Cornwall and comes from the families that lived in Langdon or Longdon.

Landon means “Long hill” and is a great name for parents looking for a unique name for their baby boy.

6. Parker

Parker is a last name that can be used as a boy’s first name. It has English and French origins and the name quite literally means “Keeper of the Park”.

The name is quite popular in the United States where it has been ranked the 47th most common name for boys. Part of the popularity of this name is based on its association with Spiderman.

7. Stone

The surname Stone turned first name has its origins in Britain and the U.S. And actually means “Dweller by the stone”. Possibly the most well known person bearing the first name Stone is the commentator Stone Phillips.

8. Walker

Walker is a name of German origin that dates back to the 13th century. The name literally means “Someone who walks” and is taken from a German officer whose duty it was to walk a certain portion of the king’s forest.

As a first name, the name is great for a baby boy because it has a feeling of quiet strength.

9. Spencer

Spencer is a surname as a first name for boys that has its origin in Latin and Old French. This name means “Steward” who is a person in charge of someone’s land or property.

As a first name, the name Spencer seems to suggest trustworthiness.

10. Hunter

The name Hunter originally comes from the Scottish kingdom of Dalriada and simply means “One who hunts or gives chase”. Given as a first name the name Hunter has a strong feel to it, which many parents like.

We also love Hunter as a cool and unique middle name for boys.

11. Ross

The surname Ross may be of Scottish or German Descent and has become a fairly common first name for boys. The Scottish meaning of the name means “headlands” while German meaning is steed.

12. Grant

Grant is an extremely strong sounding name that is of English, Irish, Scottish or French origin oddly enough in regardless of origin the name Grant means “talls or great.”

13. Tanner

The name tanner is of German, Finnish, and English origin. The name has a different meaning depending on the country of origin.

In German this boys name comes from Danner and means “forest”. The Finnish meaning of the name is “Field or ground” and the English meaning of the Tanner refers to the “Tanner of skins.”

14. Grayson

Grayson is a family surname from Dumfriesshire near the English border. The meaning of the name means “watchful” or “Gray haired one” and when used as a 1st name Grayson has a sophisticated air to it.

15. Maxwell

Maxwell originated as a Scottish surname originating as a place name for Maccus meaning “Great” and wella meaning “Stream” with the combined meaning being “great stream” or Mack’s stream”.

The name has a strong outdoorsy feel to it, which parents who hope to instill a love of nature in their child may choose.

Final Thoughts on Good Last Names Used As First Names for Both Girls & Boys

These unique surnames that have also become first names offers some cool and interesting names for new parents to choose from. One of the best things about choosing one of these names is that any one of the names you choose has a lot of history behind it.

9 Best Stroller Fans That Will Keep Your Baby Cool

Finding stroller and car seat fans for babies is important for keeping your little one cool for long car journeys and outdoors while in their stroller. With so many options available these days we know it can be tricky narrowing down your search.

As a result we have created this list of the top fans for strollers!

After checking out our reviews below, you’ll be left with a better idea about the various features to look for and which fan to pick for your baby.

Our List of the Very Best Car Seat & Baby Stroller Fans

Our reviews of the best stroller fans is first and it includes a summary and the pros/cons of each option. A buyers guide is also available at the end that includes further details to help you make a good buying decision.




We liked how this fan has a system that lets it rotate at 360 degrees to keep your baby cool from all angles. The built in battery is also rechargeable and can last for hours for those longer trips outside.

While good for a car seat or stroller this and the other fans listed here can be used with a pack n play, shopping cart or crib if you’re baby needs some extra airflow in any of these cases.

  • Lightweight design
  • Easy USB charging
  • Clip no feature could be stronger

SkyGenius Mini Fan


The clip feature available with this fan makes it super easy for you to connect it to your baby’s car seat conveniently. It also has a lightweight and compact design that ensures you can have an easy time keeping it with you while traveling.

  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Low noise
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Not as durable as some were expecting

Anglink Compact Fan

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


6 pieces have been used to create the fan for this model which work well with the 4 speed options. As a result, you can provide your little one with plenty of air to be comfortable in their stroller.

  • Low noise
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Easily portable design
  • Battery life is a little disappointing

OPOLAR Compact Fan

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


The clamp design included with this fan ensures that you can keep it securely attached to your child’s car seat while traveling. We also liked how it has a 360 degree rotation system as it enables your child to stay cool from different angles.

  • Portable design
  • Various speed options
  • Battery life could be improved


Product Currently Out Of Stock!


A brushless motor has been implemented to this fan which provides it with plenty of power to keep your baby cool. We liked how the motor is powerful whiel also remainign quiet.

  • Easy USB charging
  • 40 hour battery life
  • Design could be more durable

HomeLifairy Portable Baby Stroller Fan


This fan is unique in that rather than a clip it comes with three flexible tentacles so you can more easily attached it to any part of the stroller. Constructed with high quality silicon and metal it is sure to last even through drops and getting roughed up.

This fan lasts for up to 8 hours when fully charged and takes about 3 1/2 hours to charge.

It also comes with 3 speed settings so you can set it to the power you need based on how hot it is.

  • Cute OctopusDesign
  • 2 in 1 Power Style
  • None that we could find


Product Currently Out Of Stock!


The rechargeable battery inside this fan can last for 2 to 6 hours depending on the speed setting that you use. You can also easily attach the fan onto your baby’s stroller by using the strong clip system.

  • Adjustable angles
  • Low noise
  • Some were hoping the fan would be more powerful

YXwin Clip On Fan


There are 4 speed settings available with this fan that let you pick the setting that’s right for your child. While being powerful, the fan also remains quiet by operating at 40db. It can also rotate 360 degrees so that your child can receive airflow more comfortably.

  • USB charging port
  • Narrow gap design to keep babies safe
  • Battery life could be improved


Product Currently Out Of Stock!


4 speed levels have been implemented to this fan which lets you pick the setting that’s right for your little one. You can adjust the speed settings easily be pressing the power button to cycle through the options.

When you’re using the highest speed setting, the fan can last for up to 5 hours. When you’re using the lower settings, it can last for up to 18 hours.

  • LED battery notification lights
  • Easily portable design
  • Charging port is located in an awkward position

Buyers Guide to Finding A Top Rated Stroller Fan

Now that you’ve taken a look through our review of the top stroller fans for babies, you’ll be able to pick the one that’s best for your little one. To learn more about these baby fans for strollers, you can check out our buyers guide below.

Important Features of Car Seat Fans & Stroller Fans


One of the main elements to consider before purchasing fans is to make sure that it’s safe for your little one. We recommend keeping an eye out for whether the fan has been made to prevent fingers from having easy access.

This will ensure that your baby won’t be able to accidentally get their fingers caught in the fan while it’s moving.


Ensuring that that fan you’re buying for your baby has enough power to keep them cool is important. If you’re out for long hot days where they’re in a stroller or journeys in their car seat, a fan that has multiple fan settings would be best.

It lets you adjust the speed of the fan and the amount of airflow that your child is receiving to remain comfortable.


Fans that have a rotation feature are best as it means your little one doesn’t have to deal with air being constantly blown in their face. Furthermore, they able to receive enough airflow while the fan is rotating so that they can be cool and comfortable.

Compact / Portable

Finding a fan that’s lightweight and compact will let you have an easier time when it comes to attaching it to your child’s stroller. A compact fan also means that you can keep your baby cool without the fan getting in the way or being a hassle to attach tocar seats.

A Long Working Time

Clip on fans for Strollers that have a long battery life are ideal for those times where you’re on longer car journeys or long walks with your baby. The battery life will also depend on the speed setting that you have the fan on. Using the faster fan settings will drain more battery compared to the lower settings.

What is Our Pick for the Best Stroller Fan?

This SkyGenius fan is our pick as the top baby stroller fan option due to how it has a compact and lightweight design and a clip system that makes it easy to attach it to your child’s stroller. It also provides plenty of airflow with high speeds while remaining quiet. Additionally it comes at a great value and incredible ratings!


That wraps up our review on what the best fans for strollers and baby car seats are and what they have to offer. Be sure to consider the unique features, pros, and cons of each option to pick the one that you think is best for keeping your baby cool this summer!

Top Baby Toys by Age
1 month old
2 month old
3 month old
4 month old
5 month old
6 month old
7 months old
8 months old
9 months old
10 months old
11 months old
12 months old

12 Best Pack ‘n Plays and Playards in 2024

Pack n’ plays are a parent’s best friend. They’re versatile, so depending on the model and the options it offers, it can be a playpen, a sleeping cot, and even a changing table!

Not only that, but some of them are also portable so you can take them with you on the road. With so many good options available, though, choosing one of the best ones can be challenging.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the best pack n’ plays on the market and what makes each one stand out.

Let’s dive in!

Our List of Top Pack and Play Playards

There’re many brands known for their quality children’s products, here are our favorites.


Fisher Price On The Go Baby Dome


This Fisher Price On the Go Baby Dome is a portable playard that folds flat with handles for easy storage or to take along with traveling. This play yard measures 31.38” X 5.38” X 22.” This playpen is a perfect place for your baby to nap, spend tummy time or simply sit and play with toys.

The Go Baby Dome sits off the ground slightly making it a great play yard to take to the beach since sand is less likely to get into the playpen. It also has a built in shade to block the sun’s harmful rays, and side netting to help keep out bugs and let in fresh air. It also comes with 2 removable toys for your baby to play with.

  • This baby play pen folds and unfolds easily
  • This baby play area comes with 2 toys that can be removed and replaced with other toys
  • The Go Baby Dome is nicely padded
  • Some parents have problems with the hood staying up
What age is this recommended for?

This Dome playpen is best suited for newborns through children who are 7 or 8 months old.

What makes this stand out?

The On the Go Baby Dome is a great portable playard for babies on the go, due to its ease of folding and unfolding, nice roomy size, and dome making it ideal to use outdoors as well as in.


Dream On Me Nest


This is a full size playard that measures 40” X 24” X 27 ½.” Made of a lightweight aluminum frame this playpen is easy to set up, take down and is durable. It also comes with its own storage/tote bag to make storing and traveling with the playard simpler and easier. The Dream on Me Nest also has mesh sides all around to provide your infant with airflow and a 360 degree view of what is going on around them.

This Nest is easy to clean simply by wiping with a damp cloth.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Roomy
  • Affordable
  • This playpen is not the best quality available
What age is this recommended for?

This playpen is suitable for newborns and children up to about 35 inches tall

What makes this stand out?

The really large size of this playpen makes it a room play area for babies.


Dream On Me Zodiac Playard


The Zodiac playard is a large play yard that measures 40” X 28.5” X 29.” It features a lightweight aluminum frame, locking casters and mesh sides. This playpen is easy to set up, easy to take down and comes with it’s own tote bag. It also comes in several finishes, has padded floors and arched corners for extra child safety. It wipes clean with just a damp cloth.

  • This playpen sets up quickly and easily
  • The mesh sides gives infants and young toddlers a view of what is going on around them
  • The travel bag is handy for taking the travel bag when traveling or when needing to store it
  • The sides of some of these playpens do not lock well
What age is this recommended for?

This playard is recommended for children ages newborn to around 2 or until they are 36 inches tall and able to crawl up on the sides.

What makes this stand out?

The Zodiac Playard is highly affordable making it a good choice for those on a limited budget.


Albott Baby Fence Kid Playpen


For parents who like to build their own playard this baby fence is a good option. It comes with 16 panels, 1 game board with turnable flowers and BB sound buttons, an accessory kit and manual. Parents can make this playpen as large or small as they would like and when all panels are used this playard will hold 2 to 4 infants. It stands 25 inches high.

  • This playpen can be used with or without a mat
  • It is a nice large size so it can hold plenty of toys to keep your child occupied
  • It’s great for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Some purchases found that this baby fence came with pieces missing
What age is this recommended for?

This baby fence is best suited for children ages 6 months to 3 or 4 years

What makes this stand out?

This playard can be formed into a square, rectangle or even octagon and parents can use as few or as many panels as they would like.

Portable baby playards give babies and young children a place to play wherever they are and gives parents peace of mind knowing their child is safely contained.


Baby Trend Trend-E Nursery Center


This nursery center is ideal to set up in your living room or at grandma’s house, with its foldable compact design.

It comes in 5 different colors and has a removable full-size bassinet and toy mobile, which is ideal for naps. The large wheels with brakes and one hand lock mechanism makes it easy to handle when one hand is busy.

A practical addition to this model is the parent organizer. You can use it to store diapers and other baby necessities. Also, it’s detachable, so you can easily remove it if you need to.

This sturdy pack n play isn’t recommended for trips, though, as it’s relatively heavy and not very easy to set up.

  • Removable full-size bassinet
  • Includes parent organizer for baby essentials
  • Toy mobile is stationary and not sturdy, may fall
  • Relatively heavy
What age is this recommended for?

Up to 15 lbs. and 25” tall

What makes this option stand out?

The removable parent-organizer makes your life easier, as you can store all the baby essentials. This provides easy access without having to go back and forth.


Lotus Travel Crib


This travel crib from Lotus is the traveling parent’s best friend. It’s lighter than almost all other playard options weighing only 13 lbs. It comes with a carrier with shoulder straps, so it’s the perfect travel playard. If you’re traveling by plane, you can even check it in at the airport gate!

Setting up the Lotus travel Crib takes 15 seconds, yes you read that right, thanks to its 3D folding technology. It also has a side zipper to allow you easy access to your child.

Safe and non-toxic, this is one of the few playards with Greenguard Gold certification.

  • Lightweight
  • Greenguard Gold Certification
  • Relatively expensive
  • The side zipper sometimes get stuck
What age is this recommended for?

Up to 2.5 years or 35” tall

What makes this option stand out?

The lotus travel crib is portable, compact, and very lightweight, making it the perfect travel companion.


Joovy New Room 2


As the name suggests, this playard from Joovy is a room. Or at least it feels like one for your child.

Almost 50% larger than other playards, this playard is spacious enough for one child to enjoy without feeling cooped in. It can even accommodate two kids, making it a perfect choice for twins!

This model is easy to assemble and comes in 2 colors, black and charcoal, not the most fun of colors. However, its size allows space for your kids’ colorful toys, so you can add a bit of color to it anyway.

This is a relatively heavy playard, though, so not your best option if you want a portable one.

  • Spacious can take more than one child
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not suitable for travelers
What age is this recommended for?

Infants and children up to 35” tall

What makes this option stand out?

Size is this model’s most significant advantage as it can accommodate up to 2 children at a time.


Regalo My Play Portable Playard


The Regalo playard is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Available in aqua color, this six-paneled model is designed differently than most traditional playards to give more space for your toddler to play.

Relatively lightweight, waterproof, and easy to clean, this is the playard for the outdoors. The nylon bottom protects your playard from rough surfaces. It also has a patented adjustable easy-fit system for effortless setup.

Moreover, it includes a safety lock, steel frame, and reinforced stitching, making it sturdy and safe for your little ones.

  • Excellent for outdoor use
  • Safety-lock feature
  • Budget-friendly
  • Doesn’t have a mattress
What age is this recommended for?

6 to 12 months old

What makes this option stand out?

This playard is perfect for outdoor use as it’s sturdy and easy to clean.


Summer Pop ‘n Play Portable Playard


This is the playard for the summer of your dreams. Great for both gardens and beach, this model comes with a canopy to help protect your child from the hot summer sun rays.

What sets this playard apart is the fact that’s made of water-resistant material that helps keep your child dry.

This playard is lightweight, portable, and compact. However, when you pop it open, it’s a whopping 14 square foot. And yes, all you need to do is pop it. It takes just a few seconds to set up!

  • Water-resistant
  • Portable and compact
  • Some reports of not being sturdy
What age is this recommended for?

From 6 months old up to 24 months olds, or when your child is 35” tall, whichever comes frost

What makes this option stand out?

Made of water-resistant material and comes with a removable canopy, it’s the perfect companion for your baby’s first beach visit.


Delta Children Play Yard


This one comes with a colorful animal design that’ll probably keep your kid mesmerized for hours.

Although it’s sturdy and easy to assemble, it’s not the best option for traveling given its heavyweight. It can also be used outdoors. The Delta play yard comes with a carry bag, which you can use for storing it.

This Delta playard is JPMA certified to meet or exceed all safety standards set by the CPSC & ASTM.

  • Relatively affordable
  • Colorful design
  • Heavy, not very portable
What age is this recommended for?

Up to 30 lbs. or 35” tall

What makes this option stand out?

This model’s colorful and sturdy design makes it both fun and safe for your kids.


4moms breeze GO Portable Travel Playard


The 4moms travel playard comes in a simple yet stylish design and an easy to clean mattress. It’s easy to handle, as you can set it up and take it down with one handed.

Even though it comes with a travel bag and easy setup, this model isn’t the best for travel since it weighs 23 lbs., a fine option if you’re okay with that but we just wanted to point that out so you know what you’re getting.

If you’re after a more robust option from 4moms we suggest the Breeze Plus which comes with one hand setup, a changer and a detachable bassinet.

  • Detachable bassinet
  • One-handed set-up
  • Relatively expensive
What age is this recommended for?

Up to 30 lbs.

What makes this option stand out?

This is a great quality playard with a minimalist design, so it would match most room decor.


Graco Pack and Play On The Go Playard

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


The Graco Pack and Play On the Go Playard measures 39 1/2” X 28 1/4” X29.” It comes with a removable and foldable full size bassinet. The bassinet has a toy bar with soft toys for the baby to bat at and grab. The playpen has automatic folding feet with wheels and a durable frame. There is a press button for folding This playpen also comes with a carrying bag for easy storage or travel.

  • You get a bassinet and playpen all in one
  • The bassinet comes with hanging toys on the bassinet
  • This playard is sturdy
  • Many parents have difficulty with the mat laying flat
What age is this recommended for?

This bassinet and playpen is recommended for children newborn and up. However, the bassinet is only suitable for children under 15 pounds and the playpen itself is designed for children 25 pounds or less and 35 inches tall.

What makes this stand out?

The main selling point of this playpen is that it also comes with a bassinet that can be used for your infant’s naps during the day and the fact that this playpen easily folds and fits into the carry bag.

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Pack n’ Play

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions we set related to this playards.

How can I pick the best pack n’ play for my child?

Depending on your usage and child’s age, there are several factors to consider. For example, if your child is younger, then you may want to consider the availability of a bassinet and changing table. Built-in sound and motion are also a plus.

On the other hand, if you’re going on a summer vacation, then an outdoor-friendly pack n’ play would be your ideal option. It would also be a good idea to consider its weight and how easy it is to set up and take down if you’ll travel with it.

Is it safe to buy a used pack n’ play?

When you buy a used playard, you have no way of knowing how well it was maintained. So, since safety is key, it’s not recommended to do so unless it’s from a trusted and verified seller.

What is our top pick for a pack and play based on price and value?

After reviewing our favorite picks, the Joovy New Room 2 made it to the top of our list. It’s sturdy and spacious enough to accommodate your child (or children!) and their toys.

If you’re looking for a pack and play with a bassinet, though, the Graco Pack ‘n Play Simple Solutions Playard is an excellent alternative.

Final Thoughts

Playards are a nice addition to your baby’s gear. They provide a space for your child to nap or enjoy themselves while awake if you’re busy getting some things done. What more could a parent ask for than something that keeps their baby entertained (and safe) while they’ve got chore to tend to!

We hope that our list has helped you narrow down your choices and pick the right pack and play for your exact needs!

Best Pack and Play Playards

10 Best Toys & Gifts for a 1 Month Old Baby in 2024

Finding the right toys for 1 month old babies can help them improve a wide variety of skills that are crucial to their overall development. But we know how difficult in can be in trying to narrow down the search to focus on the best toys for your baby, which is why we’ve put together this review.

We’ve made sure to include a good selection of items that are perfect for any 1 month old baby boy or girl so that you’re provided with variety and can have a better chance to find the toys that you think are best for your little one.

Our List of the Top 1 Month Baby Toys

In the review section below, you’ll find the main features, pros and cons of the best toys currently being sold for young infants. There are all sorts of options that make for great gifts for your 1 month olds whether you have a baby boy or girl. A helpful buyers guide is available at the end that includes more details to ensure that you’re able to make the best decision possible.


Fisher Price Rocker


Fisher Price’s Rocker comes with a vibration feature that can keep your baby calm if they’re agitated. The seat has a recline function that makes it easily adjustable to customize it to your baby.

A toy bar has also been included that can be easily removed and added for convenience. It features toys that enable babies to have a hands on playing experience.

  • Seat pad is easily washable
  • Kickstand included
  • Some of the materials feel flimsy

Crawl Toy By Skip Hop


This is an excellent developmental toy that encourages babies to crawl around with a range of lights and sound effects. As a result, the toy is more engaging and babies find it exciting to play with.

There are three levels of crawling features included. This is great for allowing your baby to work on each stage before progressing to the next.

  • Develops coordination & motor skills
  • Rubber teething features
  • Doesn’t work so great on thick carpet

Interactive Play Mat


There’s plenty of elements for one month old babies to interact with this playmat including detachable toys that allow for a hands on experience. This is great for their gross motor skills.

In addition to this, the set features a range of lullabies. Babies have been loving the soothing lullabies and it can improve their auditory learning senses.

  • Light up features
  • Quick set up
  • Projection feature could be more durable

Pelican Toy By Melissa & Doug


Babies have been having a blast with this toy due to how interactive it is. Your little one can move the toy around and press different parts to listen to the range of sounds that it makes.

In addition to this, there’s an opening and closing feature that your infant can have fun with. They can pretend to feed the pelican toy which is great for inspiring them to think more creatively.

  • Develops motor skills
  • Soft plush design
  • Doesn’t sit up on its own

Lounger for Newborns

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


We liked how this lounger has been made with a lightweight design. You can have an easy time picking the lounger up and taking it to different rooms or to keep it with you while traveling.

The materials have been made with soft fabrics that are safe for one month babies. So you can expect your newborn to feel comfortable and relaxed.

  • Machine washable fabrics
  • Gentle cradling angle
  • Some find their babies outgrow the lounger quicker than expected

Piano Gym By Fisher Price


This set provides babies with 4 different elements to play with. These activities include a keyboard, mat, and a variety of toys that are perfect for 1 month old baby boys or girls.

Therefore, babies can keep themselves entertained playing with this set for hours on end. While playing the piano, your infant’s motor skills and coordination can improve greatly.

  • 3 learning stages included
  • Soft materials
  • Some would prefer if the mat was larger

Crib Decoration Toy


If you were looking for something that you could place in your baby’s crib for them to play with, this could be a great option. It has been made with soft plush materials that are safe for babies.

We were also impressed with how there re built in rattles as well. Babies can listen to these rattling sounds and improve their auditory learning senses.

  • Colorful design
  • Sturdy bracket
  • Some aren’t fans of the music

5-in-1 Activity Plat Mat


With 5 different activities available, you can be sure that your little one will be able to keep themselves entertained playing with this mat for hours. There are 10 balls included that babies can use to play and develop their motor skills and coordination.

We also liked how the mat has been made with a variety of images. These are awesome for giving infants a visual feature to learn more from.

  • Easily washable
  • Play area is adjustable
  • Some would prefer if the hanging attachments were smaller

Teething Fox Toy


The materials used to construct this toy make it a great option for babies to use while teething. There’s also various textures available with the toy.

This is awesome for enabling your baby to interact with various textures and work on their tactile abilities. We also liked how there are rattles inside that babies can have fun with while improving their auditory learning senses.

  • Some would prefer if the toy was lighter in weight

Mini Teething Rattle Toy

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This toy comes with a rattle inside that babies can shake and have fun listening to the sounds. Furthermore, the toy has a range of crinkled materials that are great for your infants tactile abilities.

Furthermore, bright colors have been used to design the toy. This makes it more stimulating and encourages babies to play with it more often.

  • Machine washable
  • Soft materials
  • Small fibers on the toy become loose over time

Buyers Guide to Finding the Best Toys & Gifts for 1 Month Olds

While reading through our review, you will have gained a better understanding about what makes these toys so great for 1 month olds. If you were interested in learning more to feel confident about making a final decision, the sections below could be helpful.

What Toys Can 1 Month Olds Play With?

There are plenty of toys that your little one can play with, many of which can be found in the reviews above. When it comes to finding 1 month baby toys, we recommend sticking to the ones that have been recommended for that age range.

This is to ensure that the toy is suitable for your infant to play with. Toys that are recommended for older kids may be too complex for a 1 month old to use which can lead to them getting bored of it pretty quickly.

How Can I Play With My 1 Months Old Baby?

Many of the toys in our review are fantastic for you to use and play with your little one. Same of the other ways that you can play with your baby will be physical.

Providing your baby with toys that are colorful with different sounds and textures will be highly stimulative for them. You can hold these toys up in front of your baby, rattling them and playing any music or sound effects for them to come and grab it.

You can also have your baby follow you around with the toy in your hand as a way to encourage them to crawl. It’s also a good idea to regularly communicate with your baby while playing.

Encouraging them to have their own voice and interacting back with them is excellent for their cognitive development and understanding of language.

What Should I Be Doing With My 1 Month Old?

At 1 month old, your baby’s brain is like a sponge, soaking up all of the new information surrounding them. Providing your baby with stimulus in the form of sound and visuals is important for their development.

When your baby is born, they’re sight is pretty limited. To help with their sight development, you can use brightly colored toys or sets with projectors.

Encouraging your little one to move around more is imperative too. You want to make sure that your baby’s muscles are strengthening and that they’re able to develop their coordination by being active.

Final Thoughts on the Top Toys for One Month Boys & Girls

Now that you’ve had the chance to read through our review, you’ll be able to pick the toy that you think is best for your little one. The toys in our review are awesome choices for birthday and Christmas presents for 1 month old’s that improve their cognitive and physical development.

We hope that the details throughout our post have been useful in helping you to feel confident about finding the toy that your little one can benefit from and have the most fun with.

Popular Picks

Top Baby Toys by Age
2 months old
3 months old
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8 months old
9 months old
10 months old
11 months old
12 months old
18 months old

Best Baby Walker Toys for 2024 + Buying Guide

Finding the right baby walker for your little one can give them the confidence that they may be lacking in learning how to walk on their own. Walkers can be used as a tool to help your baby become more familiar with what it’s like to be up on their feet.

This article is a list reviewing what some of the top walkers are and includes their main features, pros, cons, and age recommendations. Therefore, you can simply read through the options and decide on the one that stands out as being the best where you baby is in his or her physical development.

Our List of the Best Baby Push Walkers

Below is our review section that includes some fantastic baby walker toys. After the reviews, you can find a buyers guide that contains more details surrounding the benefits of walkers, what ages should be using them, as well as the kinds of features to be looking out for.

Now that we’ve covered that let’s get on to our list of what this our the best walkers for babies!


Hape Wonder Walking Toy


We liked how there are a range of gears and knobs that your little one can interact with. It’s a fantastic way to help develop their motor skills and hand eye coordination.

With a variety of 5 different activities available, your child is sure to have a ton of fun while also improving their ability to walk. The finish used on this walker is also free from toxins for your child’s safety.

This baby walker toy would be a great a great 1st birthday gift for any 1 year old boy.

  • Rubberized wheels to protect floors
  • Durable wood construction
  • Some struggle to turn the walker around
What age is this recommended for?

12 months old to 2 years old


VTech Walker For Babies


VTech’s walker features a good selection of activities to keep your child engaged while improving their balance and taking steps in learning to walk. There are 5 piano keys that children can have a blast with pressing and listening to the sounds.

In addition to this, they’ve included light up buttons and shape sorters. These features are superb for your little one’s shape recognition, as well as their coordination and motor skills.

For more wonderful gift ideas check out these articles:

Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys
Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls

  • Bright colors
  • Pretend phone encourages creative play
  • Can be used on hard floors & carpet
  • Song can be irritating
What age is this recommended for?

9 months to 3 years old


Delta Children Jeep Wrangler Walker


Babies who have an interest in cars could have a blast learning to walk with this walker due to the Jeep Wrangler design. There are headlamps and a grille that make it look like the real thing.

We also liked how the steering wheel can be turned and babies can press the horn. Not to mention, engine sound effects are included, along with turn signals that light up. These are all awesome features that encourage children to play with lots of imagination.

  • High back seat for support
  • Converts into a push toy that babies can sit in
  • Storage available
  • Doesn’t work so well on carpets
What age is this recommended for?

6 to 24 months old


Bright Starts Safari Themed Walker


The safari theme used to design this walker comes with a range of animal decals for babies to look at. This can be a great way for your little one to become more familiar with animals.

Parents have been liking how there are 3 height positions available. This ensures that the walker can grow with your child so that they can use it for years. The toy station can also be removed for your baby to play with separately.

Consider this if you’re looking for a gift for a 1 year old baby girl!

  • Sound & light effects
  • Improves coordination
  • Sturdy design
  • Some babies struggle to move the walker at first
What age is this recommended for?

5 months old and over


InspiraSpark Walker For Carpet


There are no wheels available with this walker. Instead, they’ve included feet that have a spring-loaded design that enables children to push it along safely on carpets, wood, and tile floors.

Babies are able to have an easy time moving this walker around. Moreover, the tray has a large design that makes it easier for your little one to grasp when pushing it around. They can also use this tray to play and draw on.

  • Eco-friendly design
  • Improves balance
  • Some babies may be a little tall for this walker
What age is this recommended for?

12 months old and over


Bright Starts Ford Walker


This walker has been designed to look like a Ford F-150 which can encourage your little one to use it to play in more imaginative ways. They can also use it to stand behind and push, sit in the toy car and be pushed, or as a regular walker.

We also liked how the frame can be adjusted between 3 different heights. This is fantastic for allowing your child to continue playing comfortably with the toy walker as they grow taller.

  • Interactive sound & light effects
  • Movable steering wheel included
  • Difficult to fold down for storage
What age is this recommended for?

6 months old and over


Bright Starts Walker


We liked how there’s an electronic tray available with this walker that includes songs, lights, and sound effects. It’s super interactive for babies and encourages them to have fun while learning to walk.

They’ve made the back seat with a high design to make sure that your little one can remain comfortable. Furthermore, there are 3 height positions that can be adjusted to help your child grow with the toy and be able to use it comfortably.

  • Volume control available
  • Electronic tray can be removed
  • Can be tricky to maneuver
What age is this recommended for?

6 months old and over


Spoon Walker By Joovy


The tray included with this walker has been made with a large design that provides babies with plenty of space to play on. We liked how this tray can be easily removed and how the walker can be folded down for easy storage.

Your little one can feel comfortable with this stroller as a result of the soft seat pad. You’re also provided with 3 height positions to make sure your child can use the walker as they grow up.

  • Stair pads are anti slip
  • Over sized wheels for stability
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Wheels don’t have a locking mechanism
What age is this recommended for?

5 months old and over


Cossy Wooden Walker


There are 34 wooden blocks included with this set that provide babies with plenty to play with. The hands on approach to playing with the blocks is fantastic for developing their motor skills and coordination.

We also liked how high quality wood materials have been used to construct the walker. This ensures that your little one can use it for years to come.

  • Rubber wheels to protect floors
  • Brightly colored design
  • Some find it tips over easier on carpet
What age is this recommended for?

12 months old and over


Tiny Love 4 In 1 Walker


Tiny Love’s walker for babies comes with a 4 in 1 design that lets your child use it as a walker, jumper, a push along toy, or a separate activity center. With 20 different activities, your little one can keep themselves engaged for hours.

These activities are fantastic for developing their coordination and gross motor skills. You can also remove the activity center for easier storage.

  • Surface can be easily cleaned
  • Activities develop with your child
  • Adjustable heights
  • Not as sturdy as some were hoping
What age is this recommended for?

6 months and over


Fisher-Price Zebra Themed Walker


Babies can choose to sit or stand to play with the range of activities available with this walker. The hands on activities are great for your baby’s coordination and motor skills.

We liked how they’ve included 4 wheels as it provides your little one with a stable base while holding on and learning to walk.

  • Different textures for improving tactile skills
  • Exciting music & light effects
  • Brightly colored design
  • No locks available for the wheels
What age is this recommended for?

6 months to 2 years old


Melissa & Doug Alligator Walker


Melissa & Doug’s Alligator Walker makes noises when being pushed along the floor. This is an interactive feature that can improve your baby’s auditory learning senses.

In addition to this, there are various hands on activities for children to play with. Therefore, you can expect your baby’s motor skills and hand eye coordination to develop.

  • Sturdy wood materials
  • Anti skid wheels
  • Handle is easy to grasp
  • A little heavier than some were expecting
What age is this recommended for?

12 months old to 2 years old

Buyers Guide to the Finding Top Rated Baby Walkers

Now that you’ve got a better idea on what some of the best push toys walkers for hardwood floors, tiles, and carpets have to offer, you can start narrowing down your search to the ones that you think are best for your baby.

If you’re struggling on which one to pick, you’ll want to check out our buyers guide below. You can find more details on the age recommendations, why walkers are good for babies, as well as which ones are the best.

Are Push Walkers Good for Babies?

You may have heard that walkers are bad for your child is it takes time away from them being able to work completely independently. However, if you know how to implement a walker into your baby’s routine properly, it can have some great benefits.

For one, your baby is able to increase their confidence when it comes to walking. When babies are first learning to walk, it’s likely that they’ll fall over which can be dangerous. Providing them with a walker is an easy way to give them something stable to hold onto while they learn what it feels like to be on their feet.

Once they’ve built up their confidence and balance, they can have an easier time walking independently. In addition to this, it frees up parents from having to hold their child up all the time while they’re walking.

Many of the baby walkers for girls and boys that we’ve included in our review come with several activities. Babies can use these activities to develop their motor skills and coordination, as well as their color and shape recognition abilities.

Therefore, walkers for babies have more benefits that simple encouraging your little one to walk. There are also options where the activity centers can be removed for your child to play with separately from the walker.

Which Is The Best Baby Walker To Buy?

The best walker will depend on your child and the kinds of benefits that you would like them to experience. In our eyes, the top ones come with adjustable height features so that your child can continue using it as they grow.

Walkers that have interactive activity centers with music, lights, and things for babies to play with using their hands are also fantastic. They enable babies to work on multiple skills at once.

In addition to this, walkers that let you transform them into push along, sitting, and standing toys are worth considering. This is because babies are given various ways that they can use the walker at different stages of their development.

So, the best options would come with adjustable height features, an interactive activity center, and different modes such as push along, walk, and sitting.

What Age Should Babies Go In Baby Walkers?

The recommended age for your baby to use a walker is between 4 months and 18 months. This is because your baby needs to be developed enough to hold themselves up so that they can hold onto the walker and be properly supported.

Final Thoughts On Baby Walker Toys

That wraps up our review on the best baby walkers for 4 month olds and over. Be sure to consider the main features, pros, cons, and age recommendation of each option. That’s what will enable you to have the best idea as to which one is best for your baby.

Hopefully, you’re able to use the details in our review and buyers guide to make the most informed decision on the walker that’s right for your child. Picking the right one can help your baby develop critical skills while also improving their confidence in being able to walk independently.

Top Baby Walker Toys