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Best MP3 Players for Kids: Top Music Players

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Kids of all ages love listening to music so having their own MP3 player will allow them to choose the music they want to listen to anywhere anytime. Although sometimes choosing the best one for your kiddo isn’t always the easiest buying decision so we’ve spent hours researching and put together a list of some unique music players for children of all ages not seen on other sites.

Our List of the Very Best Kids MP3 Players

Our selections are based not only on these devices high ratings but also uniqueness, features, fun factor for kids and also their availability for quick shipping.


RHDT MP3/MP4 Player


This MP3/MP4 player has a slim design and comes with 1.7 inch screen and built in high speed USB 2.0 cables with a 35mm audio Jack Port. A 16GB Micro TF Memory card is included and you get 3 to 4 hours of listening on a single charge.

We love this one as a gift for any 8 year old boys!

  • Plenty of storage
  • Can download ebooks as well as music
  • Good sound quality
  • The menu system is not very intuitive
Recommended Age

This is best suited for children ages 8 years and up

What Makes This Stand Out?

The great sound quality of this combined with its ease of use makes it a good choice for anyone who enjoys music and more.


MotheEkidsr Sing-a-long Portable Device


This cute little MP3 player designed especially for young children connects via Bluetooth and comes with 24 built in songs. It also has 1GB of memory, a real working microphone, and built in rechargeable batteries.

Develop your 3 year old girls taste for music at a young age with this one!

  • Easy to use
  • Well Designed
  • Nice large buttons
  • Some of thesedid not hold a charge
Recommended Age

3 years of age and up

What Makes this Stand Out?

The built in microphone on this allows your child to be the star of the show since they can sing lead to any song they would like.


AGPTEK Music Player for Kids


This MP3 player for kids comes in your choice of pink or blue. Along with being to download songs for your child to listen to this device it also functions as a baby soother with sounds of waves and flowing streams, white noise and lullabies. You can also view video or listen to stories and more.

  • Decent sound
  • Easy for child to operate
  • Some parents have difficulty downloading music for their children
Recommended age

2 year olds and up

What Makes this Stand Out?

The buttons are easy for small children to work.


Vtech Kidizoom Duo 5.0 Digital Camera & MP3


This kid’s digital camera with built in MP3 is a child’s dream. Not only can the child take selfie and other pictures, they can also transfer their favorite music to the device. This camera/MP3 player comes with a wrist strap and headphones.

  • Easy for young kids to operate
  • Just change batteries instead of having to recharge
  • Poor picture quality
Recommended Age

3 years old and up

What Makes this Device Stand Out?

Kids get two two cool devices a digital camera and an music playing device all rolled into one.

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AGPTEK K1 Portable Child’s Music Player


This child’s MP3 Player has a 176*220 High Definition display and adjustable vision protection as well as volume protection for your hearing. Functions include; music playbook, variable speed playback, repeat FM radio, eBook and Video. There are also some games.

A perfect option for getting the 2 year old boy in your life started with music at a young age.

  • This device can record the child’s voice
Lightweight and easy to use
  • Some users find these players just quit working
Recommended Age

2 years of age and up

What Makes this Stand Out?

The small size of this makes it ideal for young children’s hands.


WiWoo Bluetooth Music Player for Kids


Inspired by cartoons cat, this Bluetooth MP3 player looks more like bunny than a cat. It features LED lights for ears and has built in Bluetooth and headphones. This music device can be used for listening to music, as an ebook reader and for games.

  • Simple for child to use
  • Charges quickly
  • Kids get a long play time per charge
  • Some units lock and won’t unlock
Recommended Age

2 years old and up

What Makes this Stand Out?

The Unique look of this device makes it a favorite of young children.

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MP 3 Player for Kids

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This music player for kids comes in your choice of green or red (The red player is slightly more expensive) The buttons are arranged in a cute bear paw design and this device comes with 8GB of memory. Parents can actually set up time to shut off the MP 3 so they can limit the amount of time their child uses this device. Child can get 25 hours of music per 2 hour charge.

A nice MP3 Player for a girl age 5 we think you’ll score big getting this as a Christmas gift for her.

  • Very child friendly
  • Easy to download music, photos, and videos
  • Some thought it felt cheaply made
Recommended Age

Best suited for 5 years and up

What Makes this Stand Out?

Parents can exert a lot of control over this to ensure their child uses it wisely.


Tenswall MP3 Player with Bluetooth

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This device is multi functional with functions including music play, Bluetooth connection, FM radio, E-book, video play, voice recordings and more. This device comes with earphones, USB cable, users manual and sports armband.

  • Good Sound Quality
  • Compact
  • Good Quality
  • There doesn’t seem to be anything users dislike regarding this
Recommended Age

Best suited for tweens through adult

What Makes this Stand Out ?

The armband combined with the compact size of this makes it ideal for tweens and teens who like to hike, job, or ride their bike while listening to music.


32GB Bluetooth Device

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This device comes with a pretty large 2.4 inch TFT screen and has 4.2 Bluetooth which makes for a more stable connection. Like many music players this one is multi functional allowing you to play music, FM radio, E-book photo browsing and more.

A top suggestion as a gift any 14 year old boy will love this as a Christmas or for his birthday!

  • Good sound
  • Nice amount of storage and you can add more
  • Easy to Use
  • Some people find it difficult to download music onto this
Recommended Age

This device is best suited for tween and teens as well as adults.

What Makes this Stand Out?

This device comes with earphones and an armband so you can listen to music while working out.


Music Player with 5.0 Bluetooth

This device is definitely for older children. It has a 1.8 touch screen that is easy to navigate. With Bluetooth 5.0 this player transmits faster than other models. Of course it is also multi-functional allowing for browsing photos, E-book reading and even functioning as a pedometer.

We love this option as a gift for that 12 year old girl in your life!

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Very compact
  • Poor Directions
Recommended age

12 years old and up

What Makes this Stand Out?

The Bluetooth 5.0 makes this device a cut above the rest.

Buying Guide to Finding the Best Children’s MP3 Players

If you are looking to purchase a buying guide for your child and aren’t sure what to look for when choosing a music player then this buying guide will give you some helpful tips.

Reviews are Helpful

Whether shopping online or in a brick and mortar store, it takes some time to check out reviews for various music players. Make sure to read the verified reviews and pay attention to both the positive as well as negative reviews.

Check for Warranties or Guarantees

MP3 players can run different prices, if you are considering buying an expensive one then check to see if there is warranty or guarantee so if the product does not work as it should you won’t be out excess money with no recourse.

Don’t Expect to Get More than You Pay For

If you buy an inexpensive product then you need to set your expectations accordingly. You should not expect a $15.00 music player to be as well made and durable as one that costs $60.00 or $100.00. Also an expensive device may not last long in the hands of a small child, so you are better off buying an inexpensive music player and replacing it as needed rather than buy an expensive music player and expect it to last.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an music player for young children or older kids then check out our list of the best MP3 players for kids above. We hope that this list has helped you narrow down your shopping options and save you some time.

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