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11 Best Slip N’ Slides for Summer 2024

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Are you interested in finding a slip and slide for your kids to use in the backyard? If so, you’ll want to check out our review to learn more about what the best options have to offer.

It can be tricky trying to pick a lawn water slide for your child as there are so many available that have various features. So we’ve laid out the main details, pros, cons, and age recommendation that some of the top sets have to offer.

By the end of our review, you’ll be left feeling more confident about which slip slides are best for your child and their friends to have enjoy for hours of outdoor fun.

Our List of the Top Slip and Slides for Kids & Adults

The section below includes reviews on the best options so that you can have a clearer picture when it comes to selecting the one that stands out to you as being the best. A buyers guide is also available at the end that provides you with more details that you may find useful.


Wham O Slip and Slide Wave Rider


This 16 foot slide works best when placed on at least a slight slope. It does have a bumper so water pools at the bottom for more of a splash when you reach the end of the run. This slide is wide enough for two kids to slide at once, which means racing can add to the fun.

This slide also comes with 2 boogie boards.

  • 2 Kids can use the slide at the same time
  • This slide comes with Boogie boards
  • This slide is really affordable
  • Some thought this slide was not well made
What age is this recommended for?

This slide is best suited for kids 5 years and up

What makes this stand out?

The affordability of this water slide makes it a great buy for people on a budget.


Little Tikes Slam and Curve Slide


Although this Slam and Curve Slide is not a traditional slip and slide the set of up it can be used as one by younger children. This slide has an inflatable rock wall that children climb to get to the slide. The slippery slide allows children to go down sitting, lying on their stomach or lying on the back. The slide ends in a splash pool. There is also a built-in basketball hoop and ball. It is 88 inches long and 71 inches wide. 3 Kids can play in the pool at once and will bear a weight of 350 pounds.

  • This slippery slide has several activities for kids to enjoy
  • Slide automatically has an a built-in incline so you don’t need a slope in the yard
  • 3 Kids can use this slide all at once
  • This slide rips too easy for the price
What age is this recommended for?

This slide is best suited to children ages 5 to 10 years.

What makes this stand out?

This slide provides young children with several fun outdoor activities.


Wahi Water Slide

Product Currently Out Of Stock!

The Wahi Water Slide takes slip and slides down to the basics since it is nothing more than thick flat plastic slick material. This water slide measures 50 feet long and 12 feet wide and must be placed on a slope to and you need to use your own hose or sprinkler.

This water slide is made in the USA and has a 265 pound weight capacity.

  • This slide is plenty long for even adults to use
  • It is suitable for all ages depending on how sharp of incline you place the slide on
  • This slide has a nice slick surface
  • There is nothing to blow up on this water slide
  • This water slide tends to rip where you attach the cards to hold the slide to the ground
What age is this recommended for?

This water slide is most suitable for children ages 10 years and up.

What makes this stand out?

This water slide is longer than most of the water slides with more bells and whistles.


Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Bouncer


This bouncer comes with it’s own blower to keep everything inflated and provides plenty of safe fun for younger children. This water slide measures 15.75” X 28.75” X 16.25” and comes with a safety net at the top of the slide to keep children from falling off the back. This inflatable bouncer features 2 slides with a splash pool at the bottom and a surprise dump bucket at the top. 4 Children can play on it at the same time and it has a user weight of 350 pounds.

  • Netting on top provides added safety for young children
  • This bouncer is easy to set up and take down
  • This bouncer comes with a blower to keep everything inflated
  • This kid’s water slide is not likely to last more than one summer
What age is this recommended for?

The Rocky Mountain River Race bouncer is best suited to children ages 3 years up to about 10 years

What makes this stand out?

The wading pool at the bottom of this slide allows for younger children ages 18 months to 2 years to play in the pool with parental supervision.


Little Tikes Wet and Dry 1st Slide


This Little Tikes wet and dry slide features both a slide and a slip mat to provide tons of summer fun for toddlers. Kids slide down the slide and glide across the the wet mat providing a fun and exciting way to cool off for toddlers. The slide can be used with or without the mat.

  • This is a great slide for younger children
  • The slide itself can be used with or without the wet mat
  • This slide and mat is highly affordable
  • The side rails on the slide often comes off in child’s hands
What age is this recommended for?

This slide with mat is suitable for toddlers ages 2 to 5

What makes this stand out?

The Little Tikes Wet and Dry slide and mat can be used together or the slide can be used alone.


WOW Sports 25 x 6 Foot Slide


A zig zag pattern has been implemented with the sprinkler system that goes all the way down the slide.They’ve fitted pontoons on either side of the slide that prevents water from leaking out. We also liked how high grade PVC materials to construct this set. It’s super thick which makes it durable so that it can last you for longer.

  • Mega sleds for softer landings
  • Double action hand pump included
  • Some of the tubes need to be reflated often
What age is this recommended for?

5 years old and over

What makes this stand out?

The two mega slides that come with the Wow Water Slide make sliding on this water slide faster and easier.


Super Slip ‘n Slide

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


Kids have been liking how they don’t need to use additional soap to make this slide more slippery. This is due to how it has been made with embossed PVC that’s slicker to slide across. Making it super easy to slip and slide with great speed!

You can easily connect a garden hose to this slide set to pump it with water that sprays out in a zig zag pattern. This provides the slide with plenty of water for kids to slide down smoothly.

  • Pontoons to keep water on the slide
  • Can be connected to other sets
  • Can be difficult to put away
What age is this recommended for?

12 years and over

What makes this stand out?

Made from super thick material this Super Slip ‘n Slide may hold up for the entire summer instead of just one or two days.


WOW Sports Bowling Pins Set


6 bowling pins are included with this set that can be inflated and set up across the slide. We liked how they have a ballast system as it keeps them upright so that kids can slide down and bounce into them over and over again.

The water sprayers that have been fitted all across the slide have a zig zag system that’s great for keeping the entire slide slippery. Therefore, you won’t need any soap to start slipping n sliding down this one.

  • Durable PVC materials
  • Pontoon connection to attach to other sets
  • Some notice the pump isn’t included in the delivery
What age is this recommended for?

6 to 12 years old

What makes this stand out?

With this slide you can become a human bowling ball. In addition, it is possible to combine several of these slides together for an even longer slide!


Shark Themed Slide


The shark theme used to design this set makes it super exciting for kids to play with and come up with pretend play scenarios. This is awesome for your little one’s creative thinking skills.

It also comes with two surf riders that can be inflated. Children can have a blast using the riders to slip down the slide and have fun outdoors for hours.

  • Climbing steps & handles for support
  • Padded landing mat
  • Built in water sprayer
  • Not as durable as some were hoping
What age is this recommended for?

6 years and over

What makes this stand out?

Young kids feel like they are coming right out of a sharks mouth and sliding to safety. Makes for great imaginative play while staying cool.


Inflatable Backyard Slide by TEAM MAGNUS


The high quality PVC materials used to construct this set is heavier and thick to ensure that it can last you for a while. In case of any punctures, they’ve included waterproof duct tape for quick repairs.

Kids have been loving the dual lane feature as it lets them race their friends. There’s a channel down the center that constantly sprays water to keep the surface slippery. A cushioned crash pad is available at the end to keep kids safe when landing.

  • Easy to roll up & put into storage
  • Large design at 31 x 5 feet long
  • Some were hoping the set would be sturdier
What age is this recommended for?

5 to 12 years old

What makes this stand out?

The bumper on this double slide makes it a great inflatable slide for racing


Soarrucy Water Slip and Slide

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This water slide is 15 feet long and has a zig-zag spray pattern sprinkler that runs the entire length of the slide (on one side). There is a bumper crash pad at the end of the slide. This water slide comes with a free wake board. It is sure to provide plenty of fun during the hot summer months.

  • This water slide is well constructed
  • Durable
  • Some users wish that the sprinkler ran water on both sides of the slide
What Age is this Recommended For?

3 years old and up with parental supervision

What makes this stand out?

This is a colorful water slide with a bumper at the end to provide more safety for children.

If you’re gift shopping and don’t like any of these slip ‘n slides check out these other toy recommedations of ours:

Buyer Guides to Choosing the Best Slipe and Slide for Your Child

After reading through our review above, you’ll be left with a better idea surrounding what some of the top options have to offer. Therefore, you’ll be able to pick the one that you think your little ones could have the most fun with. On a side note, many of the options in our guide make for a great adult slipe n slide if you’re looking to have some fun and play along with your kids!

You may be interested to check out our buyers guide below to learn more about these sets so that you can feel more confident when it comes to making a final decision.

Where Can I Buy a Slip n’ Slide?

You can find some of the best slip slides on Amazon. Our review above included excellent options that Amazon has to offer that have been highly rated by customers.

You can also find them at your local toy store if you’re so inclined.

What Can You Put On a Slip and Slide to Make It More Slippery?

Many of the slipe and slides come with a sprinkler system that enables you to connect a garden hose to the slip and slide. The sprinklers then provide the slide with a constant stream of water to keep it slippery.

Having said that, some people squirt dish soap down the slide to make it even more slippery. It can be a fun way to achieve more speed if you’re finding that the slide isn’t slippery enough with just the water sprinklers.

You could also have a hose set up at the top of the slip to provide it with more water for added slipperiness if you feel like the sprinklers aren’t doing the trick.

Is A Slip N’ Slide Dangerous?

One of the biggest elements that goes into the decision making process for parents when choosing these sets is the safety aspect. As long as you follow the instructions and using the slip n slide as it’s intended to be used, they can be safe and fun for your children.

However, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them while they’re playing as accidents can still happen during the slip phase of enjoying these.

How Do Slip and Slides Work?

Most of these can be connected to your regular hose in the backyard. The water from the hose goes through a tube inside the set and comes out in sprinklers. You’ll find that the sprinkler designs vary depending on the set that you’ve chosen.

Some have a zig zag design whereas others are straight. They’re designed to keep the surface slippery so that kid can slide down smoothly.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our review on what some of the top slip n slide options have to offer. Make sure to consider the main features, pros, cons, and age recommendations that each of the sets have to offer.

Your kids can have a lot of fun with a slip and slide in the backyard in groups with friends and family. We hope that the details found throughout our review have proven to be useful when it comes to picking the right set for your child.

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