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7 Best Kids Power Wheels for Girls & Boys

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Are you struggling trying to find a Power Wheel for your child? With so many different options available, we understand how tough it can be. That’s why we’ve created this extensive review after researching what the best options have to offer.

All you need to do is have a quick read below to learn more. A buying guide section is also available at the end to provide you with more useful information that will help you be well on your way to finding the perfect Power Wheels toy for your child!

Our List of the Best Power Wheels for Kids

If you’re after a Power Wheels for your child we’ve include all sorts of options that are great for all ages and driving on all surfaces. Specific ones are better for little kids on paved surfaces while some are best for older kids that want to experience off roading and grass driving.


Thomas & Friends, Thomas Train with Track


Boys love Thomas the Train Toys and this Thomas ride on train is no different. It’s powered by a 6v battery which enables it to travel up to 2 mph when it’s not on the track. In order to keep kids safe, it travels at 1 mph while on the tracks. There’s a total of 18 feet worth of track for kids to ride on with the vehicle toy.

We were impressed with the design of this one and how it makes sound effects and phrases. This is a highly interactive feature which stimulates your child’s audible learning senses.

Furthermore, the toy looks just like the Thomas character which your kids may love. As a result, they’re able to play with a lot of creativity. Kids are also able to use it easily due to the push start and stop button.

  • Exciting track design
  • Phrases & sound effects available
  • Safe speeds
  • Some find it difficult to assemble
What age is this recommended for?

12 months – 3 years

What makes this stand out?

The 18 feet of track that comes with this one provides kids with a unique way to play with their Power Wheel. It makes the riding experience more exciting and encourages creative thinking.


Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler, Blue


This Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler is available in a blue color which boys have been loving. It features a 12v battery that enables kids to use it to travel at speeds between 2.5 and 5 mph. There’s also a useful reverse function that can come in handy too.

In addition to this, the vehicle toy makes revving and motor sound effects. This works effectively to make the toy feel more realistic to play with, which inspires kids to play with it in more imaginative ways.

We also liked how they’ve used fantastic graphics to design the vehicle, as well as chrome wheels and accents. These design features add to the realism of this toy. A storage area is also available at the rear for kids to carry items and drive around.

  • Fun sound effects
  • Encourages creative play
  • 2.5-5 mph speeds available
  • No seat belt available
What age is this recommended for?

36 months – 7 years

What makes this stand out?

The sound effects and design of this Power Wheel makes it super exciting for kids to drive around in and encourages them to play with a lot of imagination.


Power Wheels Dune Racer, Red


Power Wheels’ Dune Racer in red has been constructed with a strong frame that includes high-quality metal materials. Therefore, you can be sure that it will last your child for a while to come.

It features bucket seats which have been specifically designed to be comfortable for kids. As a result, they’re able to drive around comfortably during longer play times. We liked how they’ve also implemented metal sidebars as they provide kids with additional support.

This one can travel at speeds between 2.5 and 5 mph, which is plenty to ensure that your child is able to have fun, while also being safe. Kids have also been loving how they can use the storage area that’s available under the hood to transport items around.

  • Durable frame
  • Comfortable bucket seats
  • Fun storage area under the hood
  • Charge can diminish a little over time
What age is this recommended for?

36 months – 7 years

What makes this stand out?

The bucket seats that are available with this toy keep kids comfortable while they play outdoors. Having a storage area under the hood is a lot of fun for transporting different items and playing creatively too.

What makes this stand out?

Kids have been having a blast driving around in this Mustang car toy due to how they can listen to the radio and pretend that they’re in a real car. It’s excellent for their creative thinking skills.


Basic Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler


This Jeep Wrangler has been created with a fantastic design that makes it look like the real thing. As a result, kids are provided with a more realistic driving experience which helps them to play with more creativity.

There’s a storage space at the rear of the toy car which kids love using. They can use it to put different toys and items inside to transport them around. This is another great feature that inspires them to play with more imagination.

It’s able to travel between speeds of 2.5 and 5 mph, which is plenty for kids to have fun with and be safe at the same time. A reverse function is also available and it can come in handy during different situations.

  • Realistic design
  • Encourages creativity
  • Great speeds available
  • Doesn’t work so well on gravel or sand
What age is this recommended for?

36 months – 7 years

What makes this stand out?

The realistic design of this toy makes it fantastic for helping kids to play with more imagination and develop their creative thinking skills.


BatmanLil’ Quad


The Batman Lil’ Quad has an excellent design which kids who are fans of Batman have been absolutely loving. Due to the graphics and colors that have been used, children feel like they’re Batman, which encourages them to play with a lot of creativity.

It can travel at a maximum speed of 2 mph, which makes it ideal for toddlers who are beginners to these kinds of toys. We also liked how they’ve implemented a push-start button as it makes it a lot easier for kids to use independently.

There are footrests that have been purposefully designed to ensure that kids are able to play comfortably for hours on end.

  • Comfortable
  • Awesome design
  • Encourages creative play
  • Louder than some were expecting
What age is this recommended for?

12 months – 3 years

What makes this stand out?

This is an awesome Power Wheels toy that enables kids to play with a lot of imagination and use on their own.


Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler


The Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler has an exciting design which kids who love Frozen have been having a lot of fun with. Due to the colors and graphics that have been used, you can expect your child to play with a lot of imagination.

We were also impressed with how there’s a radio that plays songs from the movie. Children have been having a blast with this features as it lets the sing along to their favorite songs while driving around.

There’s a storage area available at the back of the Jeep toy which lets kids drive around various toys and items. All of the doors can be opened and closed easily to make it more suitable for kids to use.

  • Music feature available
  • Awesome design
  • Inspires creative play
  • Smaller than some were anticipating
What age is this recommended for?

36 months – 7 years

What makes this stand out?

The design and music features that are available with this one make it a lot of fun for kids to play with and use their imagination for hours on end.


Disney Frozen Ford Mustang

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This Ford Mustang by Power Wheels is another option that has a fantastic Frozen design. There’s also a radio that plays songs from the movie that kids can sing along to. It’s excellent for improving their audible learning skills.

It’s able to travel at speeds between 2.5 and 5 mph. We found this to be plenty for younger kids as they’re still able to have a lot of fun while being safe. A reverse function is also available which can be very useful in certain situations.

We liked how they’ve implemented seat belts as they work effectively to keep your kids safe. A real cup holder is also included which is great for keeping your child hydrated while they’re playing outdoors on a hot summers day.

  • Exciting music feature included
  • Encourages creative play
  • Seat belts for safety
  • Traction isn’t so great
What age is this recommended for?

36 months – 6 years

What makes this stand out?

The music features and design of this one encourage kids to sing along and play with ton of creativity.

Buyers Guide and FAQ

So, that covers our reviews including some of the best power wheels toys that are available for kids. All of the information that you need to narrow down your search and find the one that’s best for you is available above.

However, you may still not be feeling 100% certain on which one to select. If so, don’t worry. We’ve put together this FAQ and buying guide to provide you with additional information.

What is the Best Power Wheels for Grass?

The Power Wheels Dune racer is highly rated and well suited for offroading making it our top pick for use in the grass. This 2-seater comes with thick treads on its wheels that are made for attacking rocky dirt roads and provides ultimate traction.

The Power Wheels ATV racer is another great Power wheel for off-roading. It comes with similar features as the Dune racer making is aother perfect candidate if you’re after a Power Wheels that can handle grass.

What Are The Most Popular Types of Power Wheels Vehicles?

After reading through the review above, you will have seen that there are a number of different kinds of Power wheels types available including 4 wheelers, trucks, jeeps, motorcycles, grave diggers, tractors, fire trucks, quads, and more. To ensure that you’re able to clearly distinguish between the different types and pick the right one for your child, take a look below.

4 Wheelers

The four wheeler options that we’ve included are awesome for helping kids to ride on rougher terrain with smoothness. These are great power wheels for grass and off-roading.


We’ve included a number of great trucks in this review, which are larger in size meaning more room for kids. The design and scale of these ones is what makes them a blast for children to play with.


The Jeeps options are similar to the 4-wheeler options as they feature awesome suspension systems and high-quality tires that let kids ride around on grass and rougher terrain with smoothness.


Children have been absolutely loving how they can ride on toy motorcycles, which is why we’ve reviewed a number of them in this post. Many of them come with additional stabilizer wheels that work to keep your child upright and balanced at all times.

Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes are also a ton of fun for kids to play with. There aren’t as many great dirt bike options compared to the motorcycles, but the one that’s in this review has realistic features that make it more exciting for kids.

Grave Digger

Grave Diggers are a fun type of ride on toy for kids that lets them role play and pretend to dig things up. They’re effective at stimulating your child’s creative thinking skills.


Tractors riding toys are similar to the grave diggers because they allow kids to pretend to be a farmer. As a result, they love coming up with pretend play scenarios and use their imaginative side.

Fire Trucks

The electric ride on fire trucks that we’ve reviewed in this post come with a number of interactive and realistic features. There are different sound effects, sirens, and even water hoses fitted.

They’re an awesome choice for providing kids with something to play with and be creative for hours on end.


You will have noticed that there are quite a few fantastic electric motor cars in this review. These range from sports cars to police cars.

The sports cars come with excellent designs that look like the real deal. We also liked how the police cars feature realistic sound and light effects. Both of them are effective at inspiring kids to play with a ton of creativity.


Gator ride on toys can be fun for kids to play with and pretend that they’re transporting things. They can be exciting toys that let kids play with a lot of imagination.

Dune Racer Buggy

Dune racer buggies can be a lot of fun for kids to drive around on surfaces that are off-road. The suspension, tires, and handling are all created specifically for rougher terrain which can be exciting.

What is the Best Power Wheels for Girls?

When it comes to finding a the best Power Wheel for girls, we recommend going with something that has bright colors or a Disney themed one like Frozen with girly colors. Parents have been finding that their little girls have the most fun playing with the ride on toys that have a pink or purple color.

What is the Best Power Wheel for Boys?

As far as boys are concerned, they tend to love the ones that have a theme. These include the fire engine and police cars. In addition to this, they have a blast driving the sports cars, motorcycles, and trucks as well!

Are Power Wheels Safe for Kids?

While reading through the different options mentioned in this review, you will have seen that many of the Power Wheels feature a parental remote control which makes them much more safe. The remote provides parents like you with complete control over the toy vehicle to help keep your child from losing control and wrecking. Of course, you have to be there with the remote to use this safety feature.

Can you Buy Power Wheels Replacement Batteries?

One of the issues that some people come across with these Power Wheels is that the battery diminished in power over time. This is especially the case if your kids are using it on an almost daily basis.

Therefore, it may be a good idea to keep spare batteries on hand. Sometimes, these ride on toys begin to slowly lose power, which is a major sign the battery needs replacing before it completely dies.

Super 6 Volt Battery and Charger Combo Pack

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Final Thoughts on The Top Kids Power Wheels

So, that wraps up our review on what the top Power Wheel are and have to offer. Be sure to read through all of the main features, pros, cons, age recommendation, and what makes each one stand out.

If you still weren’t feeling confident on the one that you think your child would enjoy the most, you can find some additional information in the buying guide. Hopefully, everything you need to go ahead and make a final decision can be found, right here!

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